Patricia Richardson has the hots for a big burly construction worker

Pat was late. She had an appointment in a downtown LA
high-rise office building to discuss a new TV show with
the producer. Since the end of “Home Improvement” her
career had slowed. She was anxious to find new work.

“Give it your best shot, Pat,” said her talent agent.
“This could be the break your looking for. You’re
perfect for the part. So, do yourself a favor and shop
for a new outfit,” he said. “You’re an attractive lady,
Pat. Play it up a little. I don’t have to remind you
know how things work in Hollywood.”

Pat did just that, treating herself to a new outfit. It
cost too much, but what the hell, if it helped her win
the job it was worth every penny. It was a business
dress, gray in color, with a three-button jacket. It had
a plunging neckline and was tailored to fit tightly
around her waist before flaring over her hips. The
matching skirt was cut to end five inches above the knee
and had a single pleat in the back. It too, was tailored
rather tight, molding around her butt, hips and thighs.
She wore it without a blouse. Deciding only to wear a
lacy black pushup bra. A pearl necklace around her neck
hung low between the lapels.

As she hurried down the crowded streets she was aware
that her breasts bouncing in the tight confines of the
dress. Pat smiled and thought, “This job is MINE!”
The traffic light turned green, and Pat Richardson
hurried across the intersection. She quickly walked
down the sidewalk, her black high-heel pumps clicking on
the concrete. Anyone observing the attractive brunette
would have noticed that her ass was wonderful, very
tight and round. The firm cheeks swayed back and forth
as she walked. Her long, trim legs flashed beneath dark,
gray panty hose.

She entered the building and hurried across the atrium
toward the bank of elevators. She reached the elevators
as the last person stepped out of one and she slid
quickly inside. Glancing at her wrist watch, see
realized that she would arrive on time-but just barely.”
As the door was closing, Pat saw a man approaching but
did nothing to keep the door from closing in his face.
The guy thrust his arm through the door just before it
closed. The arm worked back and forth and the elevator
door swung open.

“Oh shit,” Pat mused. “Come on, you idiot I’m going to
be late!”

She suddenly, as if noticing his predicament for the
first time she smiled and said, “Oh, sorry, I should
have held the door for you.”

“Hey, no problem,” the man replied. Pat noticed that he
was a construction worker; maybe in his early thirties.
He wore a tool belt around his waist. His T-shirt was a
armless displaying tanned muscular arms. He stood over
six feet tall and had a swarthy complexion. A long,
black ponytail hung down his back from under his safety

He tried to make eye contact with her, but Pat ignored
him, holding her briefcase and pretending to be
fascinated by the weave of the carpet in the elevator.
He had pressed for the 18th floor and she for the 19th.
The floors seemed to creep by.

Suddenly the elevator lurched, knocking him against the
side wall. Pat was not so lucky and fell to the floor,
landing hard on her butt. The elevator stopped moving.
Then for a second the lights flashed off, then came back
on again, only noticeably dimmer.

“What the fuck?” the construction worked exclaimed.
Catching himself, he quickly replied “Pardon my
language, ma’am. Let me help you up.”

Pat was on the floor, on her side, hands rubbing her
sore tailbone. “What’s happening?” she asked. “Christ,
this is all I need! Now I’m going to be late,” she

“Thank you,” she said, taking his large hand and
gingerly regaining her feet. Looking into his eyes for
the first time, it dawned on her that this guy was quite
a hunk.

“Ooohhh, my butt,” Pat muttered, continuing to rub her
delicious derriere.

Tony opened a little door in the wall of the elevator
and pulled out a phone. There was nothing to dial so he
just lifted the handset to his head. The line was
ringing. After six rings a harried male voice came on
the line. “Yeah? What do you want?” it asked.

“We’re trapped in one of the elevators,” he said. He
looked up at the row of lights that indicate the floor
you are on and noticed they were all dark. He couldn’t
remember how high up they were. He hadn’t been paying
attention. “I don’t know what floor we are near,” he
said to the voice on the line.

“Look, we seem to have a major electrical problem in the
building. Might have been caused by the remodeling going
on 15. We’re just not sure yet. How many people in your

“Just two of us,” he replied.

“Sorry, but that makes you low priority, we got people
trapped in sixteen elevators. Just sit tight and wait.
The power may come back on. If not, we probably won’t be
able to get to you for a good hour or so. Just sit tight
and don’t try any of that heroic climbing out of the
elevator shit; that’s how people get killed in
elevators. Got it?”

“Yeah, got it.” he said. The line went dead in his hand.
He hung up the phone and turned to Pat, who was staring
at him anxiously.

“We sit tight. We’re low priority. Some sort of
electrical problem. We have an hour or so to kill. Are
you OK?”

“A little sore,” Pat chuckled. She said, extending her
hand “Hi, I’m Pat Richardson.

I’m here for an interview. Look’s like I’m going to be

“Yeah, I thought you looked familiar. Your on that TV
show with Tim Allen right?.” He said taking her hand.
“I’m Tony Russo. I’m one of the guys doing work up on
the 15. I hope my crew didn’t cause this.”

“Yes, that’s right,” Pat explained. “The show was called
‘Home Improvement.'”

“Yeah, that’s right,” Tony said. “It was a great show.
To bad it was cancelled. I’m a fan. Tell me Pat, may I
call you Pat?”

“Of course,” Pat said with a sexy smile. “But only if I
can call you Tony.”

Tony smiled and laughed.

“My goodness, She thought, “He is really a dish!”

“Man, this babe is really cute,” Tony thought. “Nice
tits . nice legs . and shit, what an ass!” He felt a
stirring in his trousers.

Well, Tony, any idea on what do you want to do for an
hour?” Pat asked.

Tony laughed again and said. “I don’t think I’ll touch
that one with a ten-foot pole.”

“Well, a ten-foot pole would be a bit much,” she said, a
mischievous grin dancing across her face. “What in the
world made her say that!?” she thought. “Was she nuts?
She flirting with a complete stranger.”

Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was she was
playing word games with him? Taking what he said in a
lewd way?. He tried to think of something clever to say
to keep the conversation going in the direction that she
appeared to want it to go. Tony began to pat the pockets
on his jeans as if feeling for something.

“It’s OK, I don’t appear to have a ten-foot pole on me

Pat just smiled.

“Well, Tony old man, let’s just see how far this sexy
bitch will go,” he mulled Throwing caution to the wind,
he began patting his pockets again. This time he reached
between his legs and gave his dick a good feel making sure
it pressed tight against his pants and gave Pat a good
look at its hardness. “Nope, no ten-footer here,” he

Pat stared at Tony’s crotch. “You’re hard,” she
whispered. “How did that happen?”

Tony knew it was now or never. This was about to become
either a very friendly elevator or a very cold elevator.
“Looking at your ass made me hard,” he said and he
grabbed his dick once again through his pants to add
emphasis to his words. “Thinking about your tight butt
was just too much for me.”

Pat seemed detached, as if watching the scene on a movie
screen. She heard herself say in a raspy whisper as she
eyed the outline of Tony’s dick. “What exactly were you
thinking about my ass?”

“Do you really want to know?”

Pat slowly moved her stare up from Tony’s crotch to look
him in the eyes. “Yes, tell me,” she said softly. She
slowly pushed a strand of hair behind her right ear as
her tongue momentarily escaped her mouth to travel
slowly around her lips. Pat turned her face away from
him and whispered, “Tell me all about it.” She was
trembling slightly in anticipation.

Tony moved forward and ran his hand slowly across her
cheek, firmly grabbing her face turning her averted eyes
back toward him. “I’ll tell you every dark desire I
had,” he told her, “but in return, you must do exactly
what I tell you. Understand? Everything, exactly as I
tell you. Deal?”

“Uh… I…” Pat didn’t know what to say. She could feel
dampness in her panty hose. The situation was
preposterous! Here she was, with a perfect stranger
ready to do whatever he wanted. Maybe it had to do with
the feeling of being trapped by the elevator. She felt a
need for someone to make everything better for her. Pat
needed to be taken care of. She needed there to be
someone in the elevator she could trust completely. That
need was showing up for her as sexual submission.

“I’ll do whatever you tell me to do,” she said looking
Tony in the eye. Her brown eyes sparkled and radiated a
lust that Tony found intoxicating.

“Turn around so I can see your sexy ass,” Tony ordered.
Pat did as requested.

“Push you ass back toward me.” Once again, Pat did as
she was told.

“Lift up your skirt. Show me your ass,” Tony commanded.
Pat tentatively reached back behind her. Then grabbing
the hem of her short dress, she raised it up over the
round globes of her ass cheeks. She was trembling.

“God, your ass is beautiful,” Tony said as he eyed her
firm butt. Her pantyhose and panties covered the tight
cheeks, but it was still a sight to stop Tony’s breath.
His throat was suddenly dry but Tony managed to say,
“Take off the pantyhose… and the panties.”

Pat slid off her shoes and then pulled her pantyhose
down and off. She then lowered her panties as well. She
tried to put them in her purse, but Tony grabbed them
first and thrust the panties up to his nose, inhaling
deeply the smell of her pussy. He then stuffed them into
a pocket in his jeans. Pat lifted the back of her dress
again, exposing her bare ass to Tony’s lustful gaze.

“Put your shoes back on. They lift your ass up so
nicely,” Tony whispered into Pat’s ear and she
immediately complied. The heels of the shoes did raise
her ass up at a delicious angle, affording Tony an even
better view of Pat’s wonderful rear. Tony stood
mesmerized by the beauty of her butt; its smooth
perfection, its tight contours. His dick felt like it
was going to explode in his pants.

Pat looked back over her shoulder at Tony, and cooed,
“So please tell me, what were you thinking about.”

“I thought about running my tongue up along the crack of
your butt, like this,” Tony said as he lowered himself
to the elevator floor behind Pat’s upturned ass cheeks.
He removed his hard hat and moved in close to her rear.
He snaked his tongue deep into the crack.

It was even better than he had fantasized. Tony washed
Pat’s ass crack in strands of saliva, from her rectum up
to the dimple above her tailbone. His tongue dug deep
into the crack of her butt, tasting a multitude of
flavors. He probed back and forth and up and down Pat’s
sweet ass: a little sweat, a touch of soap from her
morning shower, a little bit of wetness from her nearby
pussy, and the overpowering musty, funky taste of her

Tony nibbled at her right cheek, ran his tongue from her
dimple to mid-crack and then over to her left cheek
which he took a small bite at, catching a bit of skin
and eliciting a moan from Pat.

“Oh Tony,” she gasped. “I think this isn’t the first
butt you’ve tongue fucked.”

Tony grunted and tongued one beautiful cheek and then
the other, but he couldn’t help from repeatedly
returning his attention to her ass crack. She tasted and
smelled so wonderful he had to keep burying his face
between her lovely cheeks, inhaling the pungent aroma of
her beautiful ass. Each time Tony’s tongue headed toward
Pat’s asshole, a deep, throaty moan or a raspy sigh
would escape from her lips.

“You like my tongue in your ass don’t’ you?

Pat just pushed back and rotated her hips.

“I’ll bet your tool time husband doesn’t eat your sweet

Pat smiled to herself.

“Hold your butt open for me,” Tony ordered and Pat
immediately moved her hands back around to her cheeks
and spread them wide apart. Tony pushed down on her back
and Pat bent over at the waist, bringing all of her ass
and the pink, puffy lips of her wet pussy into view.

Tony looked at Pat’s puckered brown hole and felt the
pre-cum begin to drip from his cock. He moved his face
into her shit hole, lightly blowing as he did. His
breath mixed with his wet saliva dripping down her crack
and the coolness sent chills down Pat’s spine. Tony
stuck out his tongue and began to do circles around her
brown rosebud, getting it wetter and wetter. At first he
just lightly pressed the outside ring of her sexy
asshole with his tongue, relaxing her. Soon his tongue
was darting into her butt, trying to push past the tight

The wetter he got her ass, the more light tonguing he
gave her ass ring, the looser it became. Tony alternated
pressing into her butt and planting his lips around her
asshole and kissing it, adding a bit of sucking to the

Pat was about to jump out of her skin. She was acting
like the cheapest slut she could imagine, bent over at
the waist, spreading her ass wide open for a man she
didn’t even know, thrilling to the things his tongue was
doing to her ass, and loving it. She would do anything
he wanted, perform any bizarre sexual act, any
perversion he requested. Her moaning was getting louder,
coming from deeper within her. She wanted it nasty, she
wanted it dirty, perverted, she wanted to be used like a
piece of meat, like a fuck toy, like the anal slut she
knew she was deep inside.

Tony continued tonguing her tight asshole. He was
running his tongue up into her ass and then squirting
his saliva up into her, where it would mix with the
delightful juices of her butt. The taste was
indescribable and Tony was wallowing in the smells and
tastes of her delicious rear. But he had other needs. He
took two fingers and began to roughly probe her hot,
juicy pussy.

“OOOOhhh,” Pat gasped sharply. The fingers were
unexpected and course and it hurt when they first began
probing her hot cunt. But she was so turned on, her
pussy so wet, that the intruding fingers were
immediately coated with her slippery juices and even the
roughness of his fucking fingers felt instantly

“Ohhhh… Yes… fuck my pussy with your fingers Tony…
fuck my pussy baby,” she hissed. Tony was only too happy
to finger fuck Pat’s delightful cunt, for the time
being. His fingers made wet, squishy sounds as they
delved deeply into her moist pussy. Tony’s tongue was
still glued to Pat’s asshole, which was getting looser
by the second. Tony pulled one of his fingers from Pat’s
twat and let it snake down lower where the fingernail
raked across the hard, exposed nub of her clitoris.

“God!! Yesssss!” Pat moaned. Tony’s other finger was
rewarded with a gush of cuntal juices, and Pat’s asshole
clenched tight around Tony’s probing tongue, then
relaxed completely, allowing the tongue free access to
her wet rectum. Tony had to force his face from her
lovely ass as he got to his feet. He quickly undid his
tool belt, unbuttoned his pants, slipped down his shorts
and slammed his dick into Pat’s dripping pussy.

“Fuck… yes, fuck me! Oh, Tony, pound my pussy.”

“Oh, baby, you know that’s only the start… don’t you?”
Tony ground his cock into Pat’s hot twat. The question
hung heavily in the air.

“Y…y…yes,” she answered expectantly.

“You know where this dick is going, don’t you baby?”

“Yessss,” she hissed.

“Tell me where it’s going. Tell me where you want this
big dick.”

“I want it … I want it in my ass. Fuck my ass with
your big fat dick, Tony. Stick it in my hot asshole…
ohhhh God! Butt-fuck me Tony, butt-fuck me!”

“Anything you want, sweetheart.”

Tony slowly slid his dick, slick with Pat’s cunt juices,
from her grasping twat. He hefted his cock up rubbing it
along her crack, from cunt to asshole. “This is what I
was thinking about, baby, I was thinking about fucking
your tight asshole.”

“Oh… do me, Tony, please, fuck my ass. Shove your cock
up my shit hole.” Pat was having a hard time maintaining
control. She was shaking so much her knees were almost
knocking together. She both wanted Tony’s dick in her
ass. She NEEDED a hard cock plunging in and out of her
rectum. She could never get enough. She wanted that dick
in her ass, she craved that dick in her ass, she needed
to have that dick plowing into her ass. “God, stop
toying with me Tony, fuck my ass, god damn it… FUCK MY

Tony stood on his tiptoes and leveled his dick at Pat’s
puckering hole. He pressed forward and Pat jumped
slightly when she felt the head touch her rosebud. “Here
is comes baby.” Tony pressed forward and his greasy
dickhead slid easily into her well-lubricated ass. Pat
fell forward, bracing herself against the wall, bending
slightly at the knees. This lowered her hole and made it
easier for Tony to shove his dick all the way in her
ass, his balls slapped noisily against the lips of her
dripping wet cunt.

“Oh shit!” Pat screamed. “Yeah you mother fucker! Give
it to me! Pat’s experienced, sucking rectum swallowed
Tony’s cock in one long gulp. He was amazed at the ease
his nine-inch dick, penetrated Pat’s butt, his dick was
sliding easy and quick. He was fucking her butt with
abandon. She looked back over her shoulder and saw
Tony’s eyes were glassy, yet filled with lust.

“Who’s in charge now,” she thought, and began to milk
his cock with her butt muscles. As Tony pulled back she
squeezed her butt cheeks producing tremendous pressure
on his dick. And when he thrust forward again, Pat
expertly released her grip and slammed her lovely
derriere back on to the lunging prick.

His eyes bulging and his mouth agape, he staring at her
ass, watching his cock sliding in and out of her wide
open butt. “I’m a slut, I’m a slut, I’m a fucking slut,
’cause I love this,” Pat thought. “I wish I had a
videotape of this to show Tim!”

Tony had fantasized many times about fucking a woman’s
ass, but every time he tried it had turned out badly. He
couldn’t believe how wonderful her hot butt felt against
the stoking shaft of his dick. He knew he had gone too
fast, but he couldn’t stop himself, her ass had beckoned
to him and he had responded. He had to possess her ass.
It was his to take and with his hard cock he was marking
his territory. This ass was his for the fucking, now and
forever. “Your ass is mine, bitch! MINE!”

“It’s all yours, lover. You can have it anytime you want
it.” The steady sawing of Tony’s dick was causing a
wonderful friction in her ass. The heat felt so good,
she never wanted it to end. “Ohhhh… butt-fuck me
baby… fuck my ass.”

Tony was working up quite a sweat pounding Pat’s ass.
The perspiration was collecting in the hair flowing down
in front of his eyes. Drops of sweat fell and dotted
Pat’s ass cheeks. Tony dug one hand down into Pat’s
sopping pussy, cruelly shoving three fingers into her
pink fuck hole. His middle finger snaked out of her
velvety sheath and by flexing it, Tony could rake his
fingernail against Pat’s clit.

Fingers in her cunt, nails scraping her clitoris, a dick
plowing through her butt. It was all too much for Pat.
The warmth of her orgasm was flowing from her pussy out
to the rest of her body. Her cunt was gripping tight
against the fingers shoved into it. Her ass was flexing
wildly, making love to the dick sliding so hotly in and
out of it, coaxing the cum out of Tony’s balls. “Oh God,
I’m right there, Tony… I’m cumming, lover, I’m

The pressure on Tony’s dick was fantastic. Pat’s butt
was grabbing his shaft like no cunt ever had. It was
exquisite. Her convulsing cunt and ass was too much for
him to stand. He wanted to hold out longer, continuing
to fuck her wonderful back door, but it was not to be.
“Here it comes, baby… take my cum in your ass.”

“Yes, Tony, give it to me… give it to me! Cum in my
ass, baby, cum in my ass!!”

Pat’s tight butt coached the hot juice from Tony’s
balls. He could feel the jism beginning its journey up
the shaft of his cock, shoved deep within Pat’s clasping
bowels. Pat could feel Tony’s dick expand in her butt
and she tightened her sphincter, giving his dick on last
love squeeze before his scalding hot sperm blasted into
her asshole, coating her insides with sticky love broth.
Tony could feel the thick streams of his cum coating the
inside of Pat’s ass.

His dick was on fire with feeling, suddenly so tender.
The squeezing of Pat’s butt was exquisite pain to Tony’s
cock, but he loved every sharp pang of it. Finally his
dick stopped erupting, and Tony fell forward, against
Pat’s back, his prick still buried in Pat’s butt. His
hand reached down and lovingly, lightly stroked Pat’s
sopping pussy and clit. He kissed the back of her neck
and nibbled at her left ear, breathing heavily into it.
“You… have the most wonderful ass… I… I have ever

“Thank you, Tony.” Pat contracted her ass muscles,
giving his cock a few last loving squeezes before it
slipped noisily from her rectum. They slowly got their
clothes back on, trying to get each other presentable.

Ten minutes later the elevator began to move and luckily
no one was there when the doors opened, to see the look
on their faces or to smell the heavy aroma of sex in the
air, as they departed the elevator.

Pat found a ladies’ room and freshened up. The power
outage caused her to reschedule the interview. As she
drove home she reminded herself to have her new “lucky”
outfit dry cleaned before the rescheduled interview.