Hilary and Lindsay Lohan saga

As Hilary walked through the door her mind was racing
with ideas of what Scott was going to do as well as
make her do. Needless to say nothing that was going
through her mind was anything she would ever want to do
with this guy. It wasn’t that he was that bad looking,
it was more of the fact that he came off as a spoiled
rich punk who took great delight in the fact that he
had power over certain people. More then once Hilary
had watched him verbally berate employees of the hotel,
just to merely do it.

And now he had power over her and there was nothing she
could do and she knew what ever he had planned for her
wasn’t going to be pleasant.

Taking a hold of her neck he turned the diminutive
starlet around so she could look him in the face.
Suddenly and without warning he grabbed a handful of
her golden locks and pulled her lips up to his and
began roughly kissing her. She slammed her hands
against his chest in and effort to get him away from
her. He quickly realized he needed to show her from the
get go who was the boss. Taking an even stronger hold
of her hair he pulled her head back and looked deep
into her eyes, “Let’s get one thing straight cunt, I
call the shots! You do what ever I tell you or else!”

All poor Hilary could do was nod her, but Scott wanted

“Sorry slut, but I can’t hear your head rattle, so
speak you whore!”

“Y-y-yes I’ll do what ever you say!”

Suddenly Scott found himself getting very hot and found
himself wanting to push the envelope even farther he
told Hilary “from now on whenever you speak to me,
whenever we’re alone that is, I want everything you say
to be followed by a certain word. And do you know what
that world is bitch?”

“No,” she replied.

“It’s master! Got it?”

Hilary found herself not being able to say anything at
all. Her silence only managed to anger the guy who had
her in his grasp in so many ways. Shaking her head he
screamed into her face and repeated “I asked you, do
you got it!”

Hilary muttered a defeated, “Yes I’ve got it.”

“Well then say it you stupid whore!”

Not really knowing how to respond she told Scott, “I’ve
got it master.”

“That’s better, before all is said and done I’m going
to have you trained into a good little fuck toy. And
trust me, you’re gonna love every minute of it.”

Scott gave her a brisk shove and she found herself a
few seconds later looking up at him from the floor
where she had landed. He walked over to where her music
box was sitting on the dresser. He looked at the small
stack of CDs and tried to find one that would be
perfect for what he had in mind. He quickly found the
right one. It was the first CD put out by Brittney
Spears. “how poetic he thought, one slut listing to the
music of anther slut.” He put the cd into the player.
He got ready to hit the play button but he realized
Hilary was not on her feet. Turning back to her he said
“on your feet bitch.”

She stood up and gave him the nastiest look she had
ever given anyone in her young life.

“Ok Hil I’m going to hit the play button and when I do
I expect you to entertain me with a hot little
striptease. I just know a whore like you can do that.”

The last thing Hilary wanted was to be naked in front
of this scumbag, but she knew she had no choice. So
when the music started she began dancing and swaying to
the music. She clearly was trying to prolong getting
naked in front of Scott as long as possible. Scott also
knew she was doing this and started to say something
but he liked watching her moving around so he figured
he would let her for awhile since he knew he could make
her strip pretty much any time he wanted.

After watching her dance and jiggle for a few minutes
Scott had grown bored and was becoming a little
impatient waiting to see some skin. It was time for her
to get naked as far as he was concerned.

“Ok Hilary that’s enough of shaking your ass, get your
fucking cloths off.”

She turned and looked at him, she knew there was no way
he was going to let her out of this. She stood in the
spot where she had stopped for a few seconds when she
heard him say “start with the shoes”, she leaned
forward and took off her right high heeled shoe and
then did the same to the one of her left foot. Once
they were both off her she stood there and looked at
him like a deer caught in the headlights.

“Come on cunt we can do better then that, I want all
your cloths off, now!”

Hilary slid her hand under her pink top and pulled it
up and over her head. Then she threw the top on the
floor. Her hands fumbled as she unsnapped her blue
jeans and lowered the zipper. Seconds later Scott saw
her tender white thighs as the pants came down her bare

As they got to her ankles she pealed them over her
ankles and soon they joined the top laying on the
floor. Now clad in nothing but bra and panties she
found herself in near tears. She knew pleading was
going to useless but she figured she had nothing to
lose at this point so she decided to try.

“Please Scott don’t make me do anymore, please I can
give you money, anything, but please not this.”

“What’s the matter sugar, what its ok that you screw a
male hooker, but I’m not good enough for you to up some
pussy too? Oh and I believe I made it clear you were to
address me with a name, if I don’t hear that name you
will be severely punished.”

“No, no that’s not it. It’s just I-I-I’m just not
attracted to you, master.” She knew the moment that
statement came out of her mouth that she had made a

Scott couldn’t help but laugh. “Shit bitch you think I
care if you’re attracted to me? Hell I’m not looking to
date a little whore, you don’t date whores, you just
fuck them. And that’s what I intended to do, fuck you.
I’m gonna fuck you up one side and back down the

Hilary’s eyes preceeded to start tearing up. But Scott
was having none of it. “Sorry Blondie, cool the
waterworks, nothing is going to keep me from seeing you
naked. No more then anything is going to keep me from
drilling my dick inside of you. Now get the rest of
those cloths off before I get mad.”

Reaching behind her back Hilary took a hold of the hook
on her bra and seconds later it was unhooked and she
slid it off her shoulders for Scott to see her bare
breasts up close and personal. She was getting ready to
take off her panties when she heard him tell her to

“Come here sweet cheeks.”

She walked up to where he was sitting in the chair. He
told her to place her hands together and put them
behind her head. Once she did as she was told she felt
him slid his thumbs into the top of her panties and she
felt air hit her ass as the garment came down over
thighs and down her legs. Once they had got to the
middle of her thighs and let go of them and watch as
they descended down her body. Soon they were laying in
a heap at her feet. He told her to step out of them.
Once she had he picked them up and put them under his
nose and inhaled deeply.

“Bitch you got one sweet smelling pussy, I hope you
don’t mind but I think I’m going to keep these as a
souvenir. Turn around.”

She turned till her tiny butt was staring him right in
the face. Suddenly she felt his lips brushing against
her ass as he began kissing her rump. If he didn’t
disgust her so much she might be enjoying this.

He slid his hand between her thighs and he slid his
finger into her pussy and began giving her a fierce
fingering. She knew he was trying to get her wet so he
could fuck her. Man there has to be a way out of this
she thought.

After screwing her with his finger for several minutes
he felt her cunt getting wet. He thought it was funny,
as much as she didn’t like the idea of him touching
her, she still had no control over her fuck box getting
into what was going on. But he still thought he could
get her even hotter.

Scott stood up and took hold of Hilary’s dainty little
hand. Even though he wasn’t very big physically, his
5’8″, seemed to tower over her small body. He knew he
could easily manhandle her and do what ever he pleased,
the fact that she had no choice but to say yes to
anything he wanted just made the whole thing more
intense. With her hand in his he walked her over to the

“Get on your knees slut”

She slowly crawled onto the bed in the position he
wanted. Behind her she heard him moving around and she
glanced back just long enough to see him removing his
cloths. “God he’s really going to fuck me and there is
nothing I can do to stop it” she thought to herself.

Once he was naked he got behind her and placed his
hands on her small ass. He told her to get on all fours
and she did as she was told. He got down between her
legs and seconds later she felt his tongue lightly
licking her pussy. Over and over his wet tongue lapped
at her young cunt. Soon he was pulling the lips of her
pussy wider and his tongue was going deeper and deeper.
As much as he disgusted her there was no denial that
this felt good.

Soon she found herself letting out some small moans. He
knew how to eat a mean pussy and he the muff diving he
was giving her was getting her off. But not content
with merely fucking with her he thought it would be fun
to throw it in her face that he was “making” her enjoy

“So tell me you little whore, having fun?”

Hilary tried to fight back the tears as she realized he
knew that he was getting to her. But she couldn’t.

“Come baby admit it you like the way I’m eating your

She tried to shake her head but found no way to do so.
Soon Scott was really going to town on her pussy and
licking it harder. He wanted to make her cum so she
would have to admit she enjoyed the pussy eating. She
didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. But when he
slid under her with her snatch just above his face and
preceeded to pull her down onto his mouth she didn’t
resist. Moments later she let loose with a yelp and
started cumming like a gusher. He found his face
drenched in her pussy juices.

The faster she came the harder he licked. She found
herself grinding her pussy down on his face. It was
tough to say at that point who was getting into the act
most. After a few more minutes of Scott eating Hilary’s
cunt he pushed her tiny body up and off of him.

“So how did you like having me eat you?”

She gazed up at him with a glare. The look provided all
the answer he needed. She may not have liked the idea
of him having his face between her legs but she
couldn’t deny the fact that she enjoyed it.

“Well Hilary that was just the tip of the iceberg.
Before this day is through I promise you your going to
be thoroughly fucked and I mean fucked raw.”

Hilary groaned and wondered what he had in store next.
She didn’t have to wait long for his next move. By now
she had rolled over and was sitting on her cute little
ass. Scott stepped forward and grabbed her ankles and
with one quick pull she was laying on her back. He
wasted no time before he was on top of her. He took
hold of her wrists and she found herself pinned to the
bed. Looking up into his eyes she saw nothing but lust
in them. It hit her how this was going to be one long

“Hey babycakes give me a kiss.”

It was one thing to have to have him inside of her. She
knew she had to endure that, but to be forced to lock
lips with him made her ill.

“Come on fuck puppy give me kiss, unless you want me to
get nasty!”

Knowing there was no alternative she raised her head up
off the bed and tried to kiss him. He responded by
quickly slamming his mouth down on her and she soon
felt his tongue sliding down her throat. He kissed her
roughly. He was slobbering all over like a hungry dog
and she felt nothing but nauseas by this. Eventually
his mouth came off hers and made its way on her neck.
He began running his tongue up and down it, making her
feel even more sick.

He let go of her wrists and took hold of her breasts in
his palms. He viscously squeezed them causing her to
let out with a small moan of pain. The sound only made
him get hotter at the idea that he may be hurting her
some. He continued to mash his mouth down on hers and
ramming his tongue down her gullet. She began to gag on
his tongue in throat as he seemed to be trying to drive
it down her esophagus as far as it would go.

Soon he had went from squeezing her tits to brutally
tweaking her nipples, this hurt even worse as she
screamed around the tongue in her mouth and tried in
vain to push him off her. He had no intention of
stopping what he was doing till he had his fill though.
But then he decided to try a little something else. He
took his mouth off of hers and lowered his head.
Seconds later Hilary felt her nipples in his mouth as
he started sucking and licking them. At first she had
to admit to herself it felt rather good. He began
running the end of his tongue just over the tips of
them. The feeling ran chills down her spine.

As her did this he was also busy constricting the heavy
part of her tits in the palm of his hand. Then the more
sadistic portion of his personality suddenly took over.
He knew she was getting into this and he wanted to make
sure she knew he could also cause her pain whenever he
wanted too.

So without warning he stopped caressing her nipples
with his tongue and placing his mouth over her right
tit he cruelly bit down. Hilary let out with a scream.
He quickly let go and she felt him seize her left
breast with his teeth and do the same thing. He
shrieked again.

He laughed as he looked down on her and said, “Keep in
mind cunt, I can do anything I want to you and at any
time. I can cause you pleasure and I can cause pain at
any moment. You’re my private fuck toy from here on out
and don’t forget it whore.”

Hilary began crying harder even at the realization that
what he said was true, he owned her and there was
nothing she could do to stop him.

Scott then rose off of her and taking hold of her
wrists he pulled her up into a sitting position. He
placed his hand under her delicate chin and pulled her
head up so her she was looking directly into his eyes.

“Ok Hilary, you know what my mouth is capable of doing,
now it’s your turn.” After he told her that he took
hold of the back of her hair with his right hand and
pulled her head back ever so slightly. Then with his
left hand he began to feed his cock inside her moist

“Now bitch lets see how well you can suck my cock.”

Since Hilary had some experience giving head she knew
what to do. She started to slid her lips up and down on
his shift sucking ever so gently. While she didn’t want
this guy’s penis in her mouth she knew she couldn’t
avoid it so she figured she had best do what he wanted
and try and get this over as quick as possible. She
began blowing him harder in an effort to get him to cum
and hopefully get this ordeal over with.

“Come on whore play with my balls.”

Hilary began to massage his nut sack as well so she
could get him to blow his wad. By this time so was
taking his full length of his rod into her jaws and
sucking furiously.

Even though Scott was enjoying the blowjob the blonde
starlet was giving him he decided it was time to kick
in the humiliation factor. He put his hand on the top
of her head and slid his meat out of her mouth.
Gripping his cock by the base he began rubbing it all
over her face. Nothing had ever disgusted Hilary more
in her life then this act. She knew she couldn’t get
him to stop so she shut her eyes as hard as she could.
But Scott was going to make damn sure she was going to
know what he was doing at every moment.

“Open your eyes cunt!”

She did as he ordered, and when she did the sight of
the bulbous head of his meat came swinging at her. He
began smacking her cheeks with his penis. Seconds later
Scott saw water on his meat as Hilary started crying at
the new humiliating act being perpetrated on her.

“What’s the matter buttercup? Don’t we like getting are
faced hit with my dick?”

She opened her mouth to say something, but the second
she did her jaws suddenly became filled once again with
his love-stick. But unlike before he wasn’t having her
suck him but rather he was giving her a good fierce
face fuck. Over and over he jabbed his cock in her
mouth and down her throat. Soon he was slamming it in
her oral cavity and each time he did she felt it touch
the back of her throat. She was glad her gag reflex had
kicked in.

Soon he was doing nothing but giving her one fierce
face fuck. Time and again his fuck stick would be
slammed into her mouth. He was pumping her jaws for all
he was worth and it wasn’t long before he felt an all
to familiar stirring in his balls and he knew he was
about to blow. At first he considered letting her know
that she was about to swallow cum. But then he figured
he instead he would just give her a surprise.

Seconds later he stiffened and began filling her mouth
with sperm. Her eyes got very wide when he exploded
with his love juice. Determined she was going to take
it all he grabbed her head and held it fast.

“That’s it Hilary swallow it you little whore, you know
your loving it. Take it just like you did with the

It was all she could do to gulp down his load and keep
from puking. She knew he had complete control over what
was going on and there was nothing she could do but
accept what ever cruel punishment he was going to deal

Scott was very close to being done ejaculating so he
thought why not throw in one more act of humiliation.
He pulled out his meat and as Hilary looked up at his
cock she only had time to blink for a second before she
saw another wad of cum escape. But this time it hit her
right between her eyes. Then suddenly out came another
one that smacked her on her left cheek. Scott couldn’t
help himself but to laugh at the sight of his sperm
running down her pretty face. For years he had dreamed
of this sight and now it was here.

He knew no more cum would be shooting form his meat but
he wanted to debase her a tad more so he one again
began rubbing his cock all over her face and rubbing
the sperm all over her cute features. Then he deiced to
go for a real kicker. “Ok Hilary, use my sperm for a
facial cream.”

At first she didn’t think she had heard him right so
she just sat there and looked up at him. “Excuse me but
did you not hear me? Or are you just to fucking stupid
to comprehend? Use my sperm as facial cream.”

She slowly drifted her hand up to her face and touched
the sticky liquid, just as quickly as her hand went up
she brought it down. Then she saw his eyes flare and
she knew he was getting mad.

“Now listen you ignorant little bitch I’m going to say
this only one more time, use my sperm a face cream, in
other words rub it into your face.”

Once again he was going to thoroughly humiliate the
girl. She almost wondered if it was worth all this. But
in her heart she knew that she was not only the one who
was at risk. Soon she began to run her fingers into the
nasty wet fluid and rub it all over her features. It
didn’t take long before the cream was mixed with a new
volley of tears. After watching her go to work on her
face few several minutes he had grown tired of it and
he grabbed her shirt from the floor and slung it at
her. “Just wipe the rest of your face off cunt.”

He thought it was best to take a small break in order
to rest and recuperate for a few minutes before he tore
into Hilary for another round of screwing. He laid down
next to her and knowing she would hate it he forced her
to lay next to him to snuggle, like they were lovers or

“I gotta tell you Hil, your mouth felt pretty good.
You’re a rather talented cocksucker.”

She could only manage to look up at him with a look of
total disgust on her face. She was trying to imagine
what else he was going to do with her or make her do.
Either way she had to do what ever he said. If she
didn’t she knew he had the power to destroy her. She
was truly his slave.

They laid there for several minutes as Scott got his
energy back and readied himself for another round of
fucking with his play toy. Sooner then she would have
cared for she felt him slid his arm out from under her
head and watched as he rose up onto his knees. Looking
down at her he smiled and asked her if she was all set
for some more cock.

She just looked at him blankly. Wanting to once again
show his domince he decided to take control of the

“I asked you question Hilary, when I do that I expect
an answer.”

“Yes master.”

“Yes what whore?”

“Yes I’m ready for some more action.”

“Bitch I want to hear you tell me what you want me to
do to you. I want to hear you beg.”

As humiliating as this was she knew she had to do it.
“Please master, fuck me.”

“Fuck you where?”

Not really knowing how to answer that she just said,

“No babycakes, I want to hear you beg me to fuck all
your holes and I want to hear you say them. Tell me to
fuck your cunt, your mouth and your ass and make sure
its believable, got it?”

“Please master, fuck my cunt. Please fuck me in my
mouth and please put it in my ass.”

He raised up and looked her in her pretty face and
found himself trying to choose what hole to take this
time. Since he had already plugged her mouth he thought
it would be fun to bang her pussy.

He reached down and took a hold of her ankles and with
one sharp yank she found herself sprawled onto her
back. He wasted no time in grabbing her wrists and
pinning them to the bed. Looking down at her he said,
“So baby, you ready for some dick?”

She knew what he wanted to hear and thought it best to
fed his ego so no further harm would come to her.

“Y-y-yes master, I’m ready. Please fuck me.”

He lowered himself down on top of her and swiftly
slammed his mouth down on hers. Almost immediately she
felt his tongue in her mouth. Seconds later he let go
of her wrists and seized her petite breasts in his
hands and started squeezing them roughly. While he knew
she was hating every minute of this he was having a
grand time. Not only was he getting the opportunity to
fuck one of the hottest young bitches in Hollywood, but
she was being forced to give in too anything he wanted.

And he knew what he wanted next. It was her hot young
puss wrapped around his crawling king snake. He was
going to give her a screwing she was never gonna
forget. He took his penis in his hand and slid it deep
in her twat. So let out a small moan as he did so.
Since her cunt was still wet from the licking he had
given her a few minutes before it went in with no
difficultly. He began pulling it out a little at a time
before shoving it back in.

It wasn’t long before he began to build up a rhythm and
was fucking her harder and harder. He was soon
hammering her pussy with a vicious aggressiveness. His
meat would be slid out of her a little ways before
being hammered back in. it was of little concern to him
if she was enjoying the act or not. All she was to him
was a stuck up slut he was going to take down a peg or

He would repeatedly drill his cock in her as hard as
possible just to hear her cry out in small moans. But
after awhile he discovered he wasn’t satisfied with
small sounds, he wanted the whore beneath him to let
loose with some real screams of pain. In addition to
screwing her as hard as he could he began jerking his
hips from side to side which caused her to really wail
in pain. She found herself silently wishing he would
blow his wad and get his meat out of her.

Eventually he raised up and stopped fucking her for a
few seconds and she found herself wondering why. Soon
it came to her that he was going to change positions
slightly. He slid his somewhat muscular arms beneath
her thighs and seconds later she felt her legs crushing
down on her chest as he was jamming his fuck stick in
her twat again. He humped her like that for what seemed
like hours.

He knew he was close to cumming and he was determined
to explode with as much sperm inside her hot cunt as he
could. He forced her legs against her chest even harder
as he began spewing thick wads of sperm in her. For a
few seconds it hit him about how great it would be if
he knocked her up. “Wouldn’t that be the shits!” he
thought to him self “this cunt caring around my kid.”

Seconds after the thought went through his mind his
sperm exploded into her burning cunt. Over and over his
thick cock hammered her tight little cunt. Looking down
at her and realizing he was fucking one of Hollywood’s
hottest young stars seen him over the edge. He
proceeded to give her fuck-box a screwing it would
never forget. He couldn’t decide what he enjoyed more,
fucking her pussy or fucking with her mind.

He knew is she was hating every minute of what was
going on, and that just got him off more. After popping
his cock in her a few more minutes he soon knew he had
no more sperm to shoot out. The huge smile on his face
he slid his meat out of her and dropped her legs on the

“So sweet cheeks, how to my cock feel, I just know
slutty ass loved every minute of it.”

Knowing full well he was going to have to rest for
banging her again he lay down his side next to her and
wrapped his right arm around her body she curled up in
a fetal me position.

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