Charlize Theron fanfiction and nudes

It was just after 10pm when Charlize Theron called to inform me that she was babysitting for a close family friend.

For the past few weeks the “Jessie” star and I had been flirting incessantly, but were not officially dating just yet. In fact, we hadn’t even closed the deal and had only gotten to first base with a little groping and making out.

Still. This was already proving to be particularly kinky considering Charlize was actually my kid-sisters sitter, and it was while sitting for our family that she and I had originally hooked up.

In any event the starlet was apparently seeing some boy who she claimed she had broken up with just so we could start seeing each other more exclusively.






Naturally I didn’t believe a word she said as I suspected she was still stringing him along while she now had her fun with me at the same time. Not that I was complaining of course since I had been dying to nail her from the moment we met.

Besides, all this sneaking around together definitely made things a lot more interesting, and I’m sure this wasn’t lost on her either. With that said, it was during this conversation that Charlize went on to tell me how much she missed me.

“I’ve really been thinking about you the last few days.” she pouted, before she went on to explain her current state of dress.

According to her, the TV star was alone in the house and scantily clad in nothing more than a white t-shirt and denim cut-offs, and had been feeling particularly frisky all afternoon.

Now curled up with a bottle of wine, she explained how she had the entire place to herself and how the home featured a large heated salt-water pool.

“You don’t say.” I grinned, knowing exactly what she was alluding to.

But to my surprise Charlize seemed fed up with all the usual games and suddenly insisted that I drop by and pay her a visit.

Naturally I refused, stating that I didn’t want to get her fired from her lucrative gig, but that was until she giggled softly into the phone and claimed that she now wanted me to come over so we could go skinny-dipping together.

The mere notion alone gave me instant wood.

“Please?” she begged through the phone. “I promise to make it worth your while. In fact I’m getting undressed as we speak.”

This of course was all the incentive I needed so I grabbed my keys and headed out the door on my way to the exclusive Toluca Lake address.

“Give me 20mins.” I told her, as she giggled sweetly into the phone.

“I can’t wait.”

Fifteen minutes later I arrived to the house and was immediately taken aback to find Charlize peering out from a side door where she waved me over.

“Quick.” she giggled.

As eager as I was I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks as I realized that she appeared to be dressed in nothing more than her bra and panties, no doubt preparing for her late night swim.

The actress smiled and held the door open for me, as I locked the gate behind me and rushed inside to greet her. Without wasting another moment Charlize pulled me into the house and literally threw herself at me, pressing her large natural chest against me.

In an instant we were kissing each other fervently as I squeezed her butt and fondled her tits, amazed at the feel of her soft bare skin. Playing coy, she then placed her finger across my lips and smiled seductively.

“Wait. Not yet.” she teased, before she took me by the hand and offered to give me a private tour of the million dollar home.

While the house itself was no doubt impressive, I couldn’t keep my hands off Charlize’s incredible figure before she stopped to ask me if I recognized some of the pictures on the wall.

To my surprise I suddenly realized that the house belonged to singer/songwriter and actress Hilary Duff.

“You are shitting me.” I exclaimed. “This is Hilary Duff’s place?”

“Yep.” Charlize grinned. “Isn’t it great.”

While I was left a little stunned by the news, Charlize then urged my shirt off and insisted that I strip down so that we could finally go for our late night dip. Outside we wasted little time diving into the pool where we swam in nothing but our underwear.

It was an exhilarating sensation swimming in complete darkness in the middle of the night, as the two of us ultimately made our way over to the adjacent spa-hot tub area.

There the starlet and I kissed each other more passionately as I now hungrily pawed at her breasts and ass while she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me in tight.

“God I’ve missed you.” she moaned between kisses.

We kissed each other for several minutes and took turns sucking on each other’s tongues, swapping as much spit as we possibly could. We simply couldn’t get enough of each other, and if not for our clothes I’m sure we would have started having sex almost immediately.

Nevertheless Deb ultimately urged me to take out my cock while I reminded her that if I did agree to such an action there would be consequences.

I had only mentioned this considering how adamant she was about “taking it slow” (her words).

“Just so you know.” I cautioned. “If I take off my pants we’re going all the way right?”

To my surprise she responded confidently.

“Well I guess you’re all out of excuse huh.”

With that said she then sat back in the water and fished out my cock, gripping it firmly with her fist.

“Mm. I’ve been thinking about this all day.” she told me as she proceeded to stroke my cock to life.

“You have huh?”

“This is exactly the way I wanted it to be for our first time together.”

“Actually. I envisaged something totally different.” I told her. “I actually imagined taking you on a bed.”

Charlize grinned as she leaned over to whisper into my ear.

“Who knows. Maybe if you’re lucky that may still happen.”

The actress then explained how Hilary wasn’t scheduled to come home until much later that evening, and how she was hoping that I’d give her a ride home later where she’d sneak me into her bedroom so we could finally fuck each other senseless.

Kissing my neck, the busty actress teased me some more.

“Mm. I’ve been dying to suck your cock all night.”

“God damn it.” I moaned. “You’re such a tease.”

“Yeah. But you like me that way.”


“You like it when I’m a bad.”

“Fuck yeah.”

“Well. Today I’ve been a real bad girl.” she playfully pouted.

“Oh really. How so?”

“Today I haven’t be able to stop playing with myself, thinking about you.”

A moment later I pulled the bra away from her chest to expose her large round breasts. Her tits were so soft and perky that I almost moaned out loud with glee, as she was finally left to straddle me in the pool completely topless.

This of course was followed by some very passionate kissing and groping which quickly intensified. Things were getting extremely hot and heavy when we suddenly heard one of the neighbors get up to take out the trash next door.

Frozen with fear, we both panicked for a moment before Charlize claimed that one of Hilary’s neighbors was in fact “The Ghost Whisper” herself Jennifer Love Hewitt, who she had apparently met for the first time earlier in the day.

“Do you think she heard us?”

“I think it’s safer if we take this inside.” Theron suggested, as I huffed in frustration and tried to will my erection down.

Grabbing our things, we headed inside and while I assumed Charlize wanted to move to the sofa so we would continue to fool around, she instead skipped up the stairs which led to the master bedroom.

There she showed me Hilary’s incredible bedroom and adjoining bathroom suite which included a large tub and a state of the art walk in steam-shower.


“I know right.” Charlize giggled. “It’s like having your own private gym.”

The TV star then invited me into the large marble shower where we finally stripped completely out of our clothes and spent the next 20mins just exploring and washed each other’s bodies.

I took this opportunity to step back and marvel at her gorgeous 19-year-old figure, before I dropped to my knees and twirled her around and brushed my lips all over her bare bottom, inviting her to bend over for me.

While Charlize giggled shyly and tried to persuade me to get up, I simply ignored her pleas and proceed to eat her teen peach from behind which caused her initial whines of protest to be replaced with moans and whimpers.

“Wait. Stop.” she initially giggled. “Rob. Oh..Stop. Ugh. Oh-God.”

To my amusement it didn’t take long for her to get right into the swing of things and raise one knee up on a nearby ledge, permitting me to gain further access to her tight little cunt.

Charlize Theron now stood there with her legs spread wide as I ate her pretty little twat and slithered the tip of my tongue across her bunghole.

“Ugh. Stop. We can’t..Oh.” she resisted half-heartedly. “Fuck. Oh. Don’t stop. Oh. That good.”

With that said the teen star then pulled me out of the shower, both of us still drilling wet, and directed me over towards the large bed where she pushed me to the mattress.

While I was briefly concerned about getting the carpet and bed wet, Deb seemed to be on autopilot and now just wanted to ride my cock.

“I need you inside me.” she panted. “NOW!”

In an instant the starlet moved to straddle my hips and eased her teen pussy down over my rod, where once impaled she proceeded to grind her hips back and forth.

“Oh. Yeah.” We both moaned in unison, as I couldn’t help but glare up and marvel at the way her large tits jiggled enticingly.

To her credit Charlize accepted my length without any issues and picked up the pace and rode me hard and fast and seemed to grow increasingly louder with each stride.

She then cried out and came all over me but I was not yet satisfied so I grabbed her firmly by the ass and slammed her sex down over me again, filling her teen cookie to the brim.

“UGH! S-Shit.” she grunted loudly, as I proceeded to fuck her for all I was worth.

“Yeah. Yeah.” I growled rowdily. “Who’s pussy is this?”

“Ugh. Yours.” she moaned back. “Oh. God. Always yours. Don’t stop!”

We screwed in this delightful way for several minutes until I eventually felt my balls tingle and announced my orgasm.

Charlize responded by leaping off my hips and plunging to her knees and offering me her mouth, allowing me to shoot my wad directly across her thick luscious lips.

Having unloaded all over her face and chin, the actress ultimately got up to clean herself off while I decided to get up from the bed and snoop around a little.

With my cock still out and swinging freely in the breeze, I stumbled across a large chest in the corner of the room and looked inside to find a substantial stash of sex paraphernalia, including toys, photos, cuffs, and x-rated videos.

Noting this, Charlize emerged from the bathroom and insisted that I put it all away, but not before I noticed a handful of very naked pix of Hilary Duff and her sister Haylie in some very compromising situations.

From what I could gather they were pix of the girls while at some kind of wild swinger party in Las Vegas.

“Holy shit.” I gasped, as Charlize too paused for a moment to marvel at the photographs.

“Is that who I think it is?”

“Wow. I never would have imagined she’d have photos like these.”

Meanwhile it was at the bottom of the chest that we noticed several large toys, including a large strap-on device which made us both laugh.

“I wonder who she uses this on?”

Reaching inside, Charlize then spotted the large Hitachi Magic Wand which she claimed she had always wanted to try.

“Well. Go ahead.” I snickered. “Here’s your chance.”

“Nah. I couldn’t do that.” she replied in more of a question than a statement. “Could I?”

“Absolutely.” I told her. “Besides. Who’s ever going to know.”

Charlize paused for a moment as she contemplated my proposal.

“C’mon. You have to admit.” I added. “It’s got to turn you on knowing you’re using Hilary’s personal vibrator.”

As though trying to convince herself, Charlize finally snatched the device from my hand and walked back towards the bed and looked around for a wall socket.

A minute later she lay back on the bed with her legs spread wide and proceeded to grind the end of the “massager” against her teenage clam.

To our surprise the device seemed to have an immediate effect on her and before long she climaxed loudly, shaking uncontrollably as her orgasm washed through her.

“Wow. Pretty good huh?”

“Fuck. Me.” she gasped breathlessly. “I want one!”

I guess you could say Charlize wasn’t the only one who was incredibly aroused by the incident.

Just the mere notion that she had creamed all over Hilary’s private sex toy turned me on to no end, and before I knew it I was beating my cock to the vision of her lying there on the singers bed.

“Mm. Yeah.” she purred. “Keep doing that.”

“Doing what?”

“Beat off to me.” she smirked, as she proceeded to switch the device back to full speed and pressed it against her sex again.

“Oh. Oh God baby.” she moaned erotically, her voice shaking. “It’s gonna make me cum again.”

“Do it.” I encouraged her while whacking off. “Cum for me babe. Cum all over Hilary’s toy. Cum for us you little slut!”

Hearing this language, Charlize flashed me a scathing look but before she could respond appropriately she suddenly climaxed again, her eyes rolling into the back of her head and her legs shaking wildly as she came.

Caught up in the moment I marched over to the side of the bed and jammed my hard cock into her moaning mouth, shocking and delighting her at the same time.

The “Jessie” star now moaned lustfully with a mouth full of cock as I reached down and twisted her erect nipples, while she kicked her knees wide open on the bed and furiously fucked the device.

Watching her like this, I don’t mind saying that it was without doubt one of the most erotic things I had ever seen.

“You like that baby?” I groaned down at her, as she sucked my cock while furiously masturbating with her legs spread wide.

As incredible as this moment was, suddenly we were both ripped out of our revere as all hell broke loose as we heard someone exclaimed from behind me.


To our dismay we both gasped and looked over by the door only to find Hilary Duff standing there with her hands on her hips, steaming mad.

“Oh. Shit.” I huffed. “Busted.”

“What the fuck are you doing in here?” Hilary hissed, before she marched over and ripped the Hitachi right out of Charlize’s hand.

“Nothing!” Charlize quipped. “Nothing. I swear.”

“Ugh! You little bitch!” Duff snapped. “I trusted you!”

As the two of us froze with fear and waited to see what Hilary would do, our worst nightmares were then realized as another female voice was soon heard from the doorway.

“Hilary? What’s going on in there?”

Shocked into silence, I looked over at the door only to recognize another familiar face, this one belonging to country singing sensation Carrie Underwood.

“They trashed my place.” Hilary whined. “They broke into my room and trashed all my stuff.”

“What?” Carrie gasped, as Hilary went over to the chest to see what we had rummaged through.

“Please! I can explain.” Charlize almost sobbed as I stopped her from getting up from the bed, suddenly concerned for her well being.

“Who the fuck is this?” Carrie then directed at me, as we attempted to cover ourselves up and explain who I was.

“You little slut!” Underwood snapped as she quickly became aware of the situation and grew more and more furious.

“Who the HELL gave you permission to go through her things?”

Not knowing what to say, I then tried to put my shirt back on only to see Carrie reach over and snatch it away from me and tell us both to stay put.

“I can’t believe you did this to me.” Hilary almost sobbed. “I’m calling the cops right now.”

“No! Please don’t.” Theron replied. “We’re really sorry okay?”

Pausing for a moment, we then watched as the country singer leaned over to Hilary and whispered something into her ear, before she wandered over to the large bed and pulled Charlize back by the hair and reached down to fondle her natural tits.

“Whoa.” I muttered. “Take it easy.”

“Just because you’re pretty doesn’t mean you can get away with shit.” Carrie told her. “We’re still going to punish you.”

“Please.” Charlize pleaded as tears now welled in her eyes. “I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again. I swear.”

“Damn straight it won’t.” Carrie grinned as she squeezed and played with Charlize’s erect nipples.

“Ha. Look at her.” Hilary chimed in. “The little whore seems to like it.”

“Hmm.” Underwood smirked. “I might be drunk right now, but I could swear you’re nipples are getting hard Charlize.”

“Damn straight.” Duff slurred, as I suddenly realized just how intoxicated both ladies appeared to be.

“Hmm. Is this turning you on Deb?”

“You do realize how much trouble the two of you are in right now.” Hilary directed at me.

The ladies then gave us an ultimatum, telling us that we could either take our punishment with the two of them OR take our chances with the cops and the paparazzi outside, who as luck would have it had followed them from the restaurant.

“Make you choice now slut.” Carrie hissed, while pulling on Charlize’s long dark mane and causing her to wince in pain.

“Ugh! Please. Stop.”

“HEY!” I finally snapped. “Do what you want but don’t you dare hurt her. Understand?”

Both Carrie and Hilary paused before they looked at each other and apparently found this amusing.

“Trust me sweetheart.” Underwood replied. “What we have in mind, is far from painful.”

“Yeah.” Duff agreed. “The opposite in fact.”

“Please.” Theron relented. “Let him go. You can punish me all you want. But just let Rob leave.”

“Oh. Really?” Carrie scoffed. “So now you think YOU can give US ultimatums? You little slut.”

“Well. What’s it going to be?” Hilary asked me directly. “Do you want to leave?”

“Nah.” I ultimately shrugged. “I think I’ll stay and take my chances here.”

“Are you going to do whatever we say?” Hilary remarked as she moved towards me. “And not pussy out on us?”

“I guess.”

“Because you know we can still call the cops at any time.” she added. “Especially if the two of you decide to be…difficult.”

“We will. We promise.” Charlize suddenly spoke for the two of us. “We’ll do whatever you want I swear!”

“Hmm. Good.” Carrie smirked, as she continued to fondle Charlize’s tits. “That’s what we like to hear, isn’t that right Hilary.”

To our surprise the ladies then conferred with each other briefly before Carrie turned around and insisted that Charlize suck my cock again, and illustrate exactly what we were doing before they had interrupted us.

With wide eyes the “Jessie” star reluctantly agreed and proceeded to suck my dick tentatively as I watched Carrie wander over to the “Pleasure Chest” and hand Hilary some sex toys and paraphernalia including some French Ticklers, Lube, and her trusty Strap-On.

“I told you tonight was going to be special.” Underwood giggled before they turned their sights back on us.

While Charlize pleaded for forgiveness, I also noticed the way Carrie began to lick her lips and eye my cock more lustfully.

“You. What’s your name again?” she quizzed in her sexy southern accent.

“Err. Robert. But people call me Rob.”

“Well Rob. That’s some pretty impressive hardware you have there.” she directed at my cock. “Are you two dating?”

“Yep. I mean…nope.” I stammered nervously. “I mean…kind of. We’re just friends.”

“How old are you sweetie?”

“I just turned Twenty-Two last week.” I told her, as she smiled and gave Hilary a knowing look.

“Hmm. A cock like that seems like such a waste on a girl like her.” Carrie said, referring to Charlize.

“What should we do to them?” Hilary asked her friend.

“I think you know what I’d do if this was my house.” Carrie commented. “Seems to me like a simply case of Break-n-Enter.”

“Huh. Break-n-Enter?” Charlize repeated. “But she hired me to housesit tonight.”

“And which part of that made you think you could invade her privacy bitch!” The American Idol blared back at her.

“Seriously.” The singer than added. “I think you know what needs to be done here Hilary.”

Suddenly, Carrie reached down between Charlize’s smooth thighs and brushed the side of her index finger against the teenager’s sex.

“Hmm. You’re really wet right now too.” Underwood grinned. “Don’t deny it.”

Charlize simply nodded as we both now wondered just what the older women had in store for us.

“I like the look of your boyfriends cock.” Carrie added. “Mind if I give it a try?”

As the songbird spoke, she reached down and grasped my erection causing me to moan aloud.

“Mm. I think he likes that.” Duff remarked from behind her.

“Hmm. You like that don’t you? You little pervert.” Underwood smiled down at me. “You like me jerking this thick hard cock.”

Carrie then proceeded to berate Charlize some more before she finally moved to kneel beside us on the bed.

“Here.” she directed at Theron. “Let me show you how it’s done.”


“You fucking child stars have no idea how to give good head. Watch and learn young lady.”

Confused by her demeanor, both Charlize and I looked at Hilary for guidance who simply smiled back at us, clearly permitting what was about to happen.

“Trust me. She’s really good at it.”

I moaned a moment later as Carrie gently licked the head of my cock and then swallowed me whole, and proceeded to pump my shaft with her delicate fist.

“Holy..Shit.” I let out, as Charlize lay there beside me watching intently.

“Hey. Don’t be rude.” Carrie remarked. “Kiss her.”

Following her instructions, I leaned over and kissed Charlize on the lips as Carrie Underwood now sucked my dick, while Hilary Duff watched on.

We continued in this fashion for some time before Carrie ultimately pushed me back onto the bed and without warning moved to straddle my hips.

“I think it’s time I took this cowboy for a spin don’t you?”

I barely had time to respond much less resist as I realized Carrie was still wearing her high heeled shoes and sexy evening dress which she hiked up quickly as she mounted me.

“Don’t just lie there and watch.” she managed to hiss at Charlize. “Play with yourself.”

Theron hesitantly opened her legs and proceeded to rub her teen sex as we watched Carrie direct my shiny cock towards her pussy where she slowly impaled herself.

As this went on I glanced over and Hilary who appeared to be getting undressed and the notion alone of seeing her naked caused my cock to throb with excitement.

“Oh.” Underwood purred erotically. “That’s a nice big cock.”

“Yeah?” I boldly responded. “You like it?”

“Mm. I love riding young cock.”

I simply moaned in reply as she sat down over me and allowed me to fill her completely.

Grinding her hips in a circular motion, Carrie rode my cock for several minutes before Charlize was then instructed to take my meat-stick and clean it with her mouth, which she happily did before Underwood slipped it back inside her velvet hot cunt and rode me some more.

“Fuck. Me.” I moaned inwardly, as I felt her accept my entire length and was genuinely surprised by her stamina.

While Carrie happily bounced over my prick, I watched in awe as Hilary finally disrobed down to her birthday suit and walked over to the bed with the large strap-on device swinging from her hips.

She immediately confronted Charlize with it and proceeded to fuck her from behind.

The entire room quickly broke out into moans and whimpers as the four of us proceeded to orgy, and it was during this time that it seemed the dong itself was too big for Charlize to take, with her moaning and pleading for Duff to go slower.

But Hilary ignored her pleas and drilled her harder from behind, smacking her luscious round ass and pulling her by the hair and causing her to cry out.

“UGH! Please.” Charlize yelped. “Oh. God. You’re too deep!”

“Take it!” Duff hisses from behind her. “You like my thick cock inside you? You fucking nosey little bitch!”

“Yes. Oh. Yes.” The teen star cried. “I..I love your big cock inside me Hilary. Ugh!”

“Mm. Yeah.” Underwood purred while still riding my cock. “Fuck that stupid bitch. Make her cum!”

Meanwhile I was then taken aback to feel just how wet Carrie appeared to be. The entire incident clearly excited her and the more she watched the other two carry on the more animated she became.

We continued in this fashion for several more minutes before the ladies suddenly decided to switch it up a little. Without warning Carrie climbed off me and took the Strap-On from her friend while Hilary came over and abruptly devoured my cock, whole.

Despite myself, I couldn’t help but moan out loud as the singer-actress swallowed my sword and keenly dragged her tongue along my shiny length, the same length which had been buried inside her BFF just moments earlier.

Still. As mind blowing as this was I was then doubly shocked as I felt Hilary slowly dip her lips even lower and proceed to lick and massage my taint with her tongue.

“Holy. Fuck.” I moaned to the action, which appeared to make her smile and only encouraged her to be even more daring.

A moment later my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt her finally lick my ass, all the while as Charlize cried out loud as Carrie Underwood now aggressively fucked her with the Strap-On device.

“UUNNGHHH!! Please!”

“Mm.” Carrie smirked. “You are a tight little slut huh. Take it. Take it you little cunt!”

My mind reeled at the sudden turn of events, as I now found myself in the middle of a mind blowing orgy. Noting this dazed expression on my face, Carrie suddenly slapped Charlize’s butt very loudly and smiled at me.

“Hmm. I bet when you woke up this morning you never imagined you’d have Hilary Duff’s tongue in your ass.”

“Hell no.” I simply moaned as I watched the angelic singer rim me some more.

Judging from her eagerness and technique it clearly wasn’t the first time she had dabbled in such a lewd act.

“Yeah. That’s what I love about her.” Carrie added. “Duff might look innocent. But deep down she’s a real nasty little bitch!”

While Underwood spoke, Hilary didn’t miss a beat and continue to tongue my bunghole with her tongue while she reached up with one hand and stroked my length at the same time. It was an incredible sensation.

“What about you?” The country singer then directed at Charlize. “You ever eat his asshole out?”

Theron simply moaned and shook her head while biting her bottom lip, still trying to become accustomed to the large rubbing phallus buried inside her teen pussy.

“No? Well that’s why it won’t last.” Carrie claimed. “You need to make your man happy or he’ll stray. Isn’t that right Hilary?”

“Absolutely.” Duff agreed.

With that said Carrie then withdrew the rubber dong from the moaning teenager and grabbed her by the hair and directed her to kneel beside Hilary between my legs, where she urged her in joining the singer in eating my ass.

A moment later I the combined assault almost made me blow my fucking wad, especially as they took this opportunity to share a lustful tongue-kiss.

At one point I had both Hilary and Charlize flick their wet tongues across my balls and bunghole while Carrie leaned over and drooled a long strand of spit right across my shaft and stroked me in her fist.

The scene in that room was one of absolute debauchery.

“Mm. Yeah. You dirty little whores.” Underwood growled down at the other ladies. “Eat his fucking ass.”

A minute later the girls seemed to separate as Duff grew increasingly aroused with every passing moment and finally got up and insisted that I take her from behind, demanding that I FUCK HER in the ass!!

“Huh?” I almost gasped at the notion.

“I need you in my butt..NOW!” she insisted, as she bend over and essentially offered me her derriere.

“Jesus.” I quipped as I quickly moved to mount her and carefully guided my skin-flute towards her tiny starfish.

“Are you sure about this?” I confirmed, wondering if I had imagined the whole thing.

Hilary simply responded by looking back over her shoulder and flashing me a seductive glare.

“Stick it in my ass Rob.” she affirmed. “Hurry up before I change my mind. I want you to fuck me in the ass right now!”

We both moaned as I slowly entered her back passageway, and I proceeded to ass-fuck the onetime “Lizzy McGuire” star.

To my surprise Carrie then seemed frustrated by it all and finally leaned over to kiss Charlize hard on the mouth, their tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths as Theron was pummeled with a sex toy in the missionary position.

This culminated with the singer finally throwing the device away and moving to straddle Charlize’s face on the bed where she began to grind her bare sex against the teenagers mouth, urging her eat her pussy.

“Come on bitch!” Underwood growled. “Put those pretty little lips to good use and eat my cunt!”

Charlize reluctantly obliged and proceeded to eat her flawless clam as I picked up the pace and now railed into Hilary’s anus.

“Ugh! Yes. Yes. Yes.” Duff grunted as my balls slapped against her cunt.

Ultimately, I pulled out of Hilary’s derriere as she suddenly flipped around and now offered me her perky tits.

“You can slide it between my tits if you want?” Duff suggested, as though it was something she regularly did.

Not one to disappoint, I happily accept her offer and began to tit-fucked the multi-talented starlet as the other girls then came over and knelt beside her on the floor.

With Charlize now knelt in the middle of the two celebrities, the ladies treated me to a three-way BJ and seemed impressed by Theron who now attempted to show off her deep-throating skills.

As expected this combined assault pushed me over the edge as the ladies begged me to cum.

“Come on.” Carrie teased while erotically tongue-kissing Hilary on the mouth. “Give us that load you son of a bitch!”

“Yeah.” Hilary agreed. “We want to see you shoot that hot fucking load all over us.”

No sexier words had ever been spoken.

A moment later I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. While the first spurt shot out and struck Carrie Underwood directly across the bridge of her nose, the second and third splashed over Hilary’s luscious lips and chin and trickled down her neck and breasts.

I grunted out loudly as I unloaded my wad all over the singer-actresses, only to watch Charlize hungrily kiss Carrie on the lips and then lick and clean up the mess from Hilary’s throat and tits with her tongue.

“Oh. Yeah.” Carrie moaned contently. “That’s the stuff. So hot and sticky. I love it!”

“Mm.” Hilary purred as she felt Charlize lick at her gleaming flesh. “Good girl.”

It took me a moment to catch my breath before I chuckled hysterically and fell back to the bed still trying to come to terms with what had just happened.

“So does this mean Charlize gets to keep her job?” I panted.

The older ladies both looked at each other and grinned.

“We’ll see.” Hilary replied. “I’m sure something can be arranged.”