Charisma Carpenter – The hotel ecstasy

“Did I do something ma’am?” he asks her in respect. Her huge tits are nearly in his face and he gets such a hard on.

“No, I have a job for you, and I need to talk to you in private. Come now please?” Kent walks behind the greatest pair of legs he has ever seen. She opens the door for him and she watches him walk into her office.

She walks past him and she sits on the edge of her desk, she crosses her long gorgeous legs, and she smiles down at him. “I need a favor.”

His eyes scan her beautiful black body and his imagination goes totally wild. Naomi continues to smile down to him. “What do you need?” he asks her.

“If you can get your eyes out from under my skirt you’ll know.” She smiles as she crosses her long and oh so sexy legs. “See something you like down there?”

“Are you aware you’re not wearing any…” Kent’s legs shakes, as he nearly cums as he looks to her cunt.

Naomi leans down and she looks into his eyes, “Kent I don’t even own a pair of panties.”

“You mean you…” he actually cums a little bit in his undies and he looks up to the beautiful African American woman before him.

“Don’t try and tell me you have never looked up my skirt before. I have seen you do it.” She smiles a soft and very sexy smile at him.

“Am I in trouble?” Kent begins to shake, as he looks to the beautiful Naomi Watson.

“For looking up my skirt? Hardly…” Naomi laughs a very sexy laugh and she looks to Kent. “If I fired every man who looked up my skirt I and some of the girls would have a lot of work to do.”

Kent looks up to the beautiful face of Naomi, and she smiles down at him. “You really like my legs don’t you?”

“Yes ma’am. Do not be offended please?” Kent looks down to her sexy knees.

“Glad to hear it. My next question is super important and please tell me the complete truth. Are you a virgin?” She smiles down to him, and he shakes some. “This has nothing to do with if I plan to keep you, so be honest.” She knows damn well that Kent is a virgin he shakes whenever any attractive woman talks to him.

Kent looks to the floor and he says in a very low voice, “Yes, I am a virgin.” His legs stop shaking.

“Please look into my eyes when I say this?” Kent looks up into her beautiful brown eyes. “It’s okay if you are a virgin. Understand?” she smiles to the very cute Kent Carter, and he nods. “Want to loose it?”

His eyes widen as he cums inside of his pants so hard. Kent’s face turns beet red, as he covers his pants. Thank god they wear black pants here or they’d have some bad rumors to come when he leaves. “I am so sorry!”

“Not the first time a man has came inside of my office, but I am not offering.” She crosses her legs, as a look of disappointment covers his face. “Maybe I should not sit on my desk when I make this offer?” she wants to fuck him so bad now.

“Trust me you and me having this conversation is a dream I have often.” Kent looks to her legs once more, and she bites her lip hard.

“Do you know who Charisma Carpenter is, Kent?” Naomi crosses her legs once more. God she is so wet. She wants to fuck him so bad.

“Yes, from both Buffy and Angel?” Kent begins to drool some more, and Naomi smiles at him.

“Yes, a very beautiful women who enjoys fucking virgins. Want a piece of her?” Naomi smiles to the handsome virgin before her. by all rights the handsome boy before her should have lost his already.

“Do I have to?” He asks so afraid he’ll embarrass himself before her like he has his boss.

“No, you don’t have to, but I’ll pay you five thousand dollars to do it.” Naomi smiles down to her handsome virgin before her.

His eyes widen at the thought of having five thousand dollars in his hand, and Naomi smiles down to him. “And any hot chick who comes in here shall pay you money to have sex with you if they wish to do so.”

“I’ll do it then…” His eyes look to her exceptional legs, and Naomi smiles at him.

“Want to touch them?” Naomi asks him with a smile. She takes a hold of his hand, and she leads him to touch her calf. His hand is excellent and she moans some, as it moves over her muscled calf. “You got excellent hands.”

Later that evening Kent meets Naomi outside of the hotel. She smiles down to him as she wears her long black evening gown. “Hello handsome. Are you ready for her?”

“Yes ma’am.” He tries to control his shaking, and she leans down and she looks into his eyes. Her so can see her huge tits as she does.

“Listen, relax and have fun. I have fucked her before and she is totally cool.” She notices he’s looking down her top, and she smiles at him. “See something you like?”

“I was just…” He looks up into her amazing brown eyes in fear.

“You sure sucked the shit out of them this afternoon, so don’t worry. How did you enjoy eating my pussy?” the look on his face suggests that he totally zoned out by the time he got to eating her out, and she smiles at him. “Don’t worry kid, I kinda had to get your feet wet a little bit. Go now and have fun.”

She walks to the limousine before her and a handsome man takes her hand and he kisses it. She kisses his cheek softly and he helps her get inside of it. She crosses her incredible legs, and Kent notices she is wearing black stockings not that she needs them. He did put some major hickies on her legs. he still can’t believe that she let him do that to her.

Naomi smiles at him as the man she’s with closes the door and pays attention to her. Kent shakes his head as he turns and he walks into the building. He wants to fuck Naomi so bad. He looks to the desk where Jenna Hancock the nighttime manager sits, and he shows her the keys to Naomi’s office.

He was told that she would not give him any shit for what he’s going to do, but to stay out of her hair. Jenna gives him a look suggesting that she is not thrilled with what he’s doing, but she does not get up or anything. He lets himself into her office and he picks up the towels to take to Charisma.

As he heads up Naomi’s secret stairway he sighs some because he half expects the beautiful and very sexy Charisma Carpenter from both Buffy and Angel to kick him out or something.

He unlocks her door and he walks inside of her room and he whistles at how nice it is. Kent then hears the shower turn off. “Is that for me or are you breaking in?”

Kent looks at the shower door and he sees a beautiful and butt ass naked Charisma Carpenter before him with a smile. She is soak and wet and she taps her foot. “Are you going to dry me off before I slip and fall?”

He quickly rushes over and Kent begins to dry off her exceptional body. At first he’s a little uneasy but the more he dries her off the braver he gets. He eventually dries off her pussy with his soft towels and she moans.

“You know you are naked right?” Kent asks her incase Charisma might be a drug user or something.

She looks to Kent and she asks, “Do you mind my body? Does it offend you?” Charisma looks to him like he’s nuts or something.

Kent blushes some as his eyes go over her incredible body. “No, I will be thinking of it for the rest of my life.”

Charisma smiles at Kent and she asks, “What will you think of my tits, legs, or ass?”

“Your legs are so incredible.” His eyes scan her sexy legs, and she bends her left leg flexing her thigh.

“With or without stockings?” she walks away from him in a model strut, and she looks to him.

“I’d kill to see you in black stockings!” Kent nearly shouts, and Charisma grins at him.

She walks to the dresser and she takes out a pair of black stockings, and she shows them to Kent. She then walks to the bed and she slides one on very slowly her sexy brown eyes look to him, as she slides both of them onto he legs.

Charisma then crosses them and she looks to Kent. “Sit beside me, please?” Kent walks to her and he sits beside of someone who is totally naked, and his hard on stands up. She looks down to it with approval. “Nice package, you must be a total virgin. Have you even kissed a girl, yet?”

Kent leans in and he kisses her with great passion and she kisses with back with powerful lust. His hands gently touch her huge tits and Charisma moans as he does. Kent continues to touch her huge tits gently and she opens her eyes.

“They are not fragile, kid. Play rough with them?” Charisma smiles at him as she takes her own hands and she plays with her tits nice and rough. She then takes his hand and she leads it to her tits. “Hurt me now?”

Kent puts his shaking hands on her large tits and he begins to play with them nice and hard. Charisma moans hard, as he does it and she closes her eyes. She lies on her back and she looks up to him as he plays with her tits. “You can touch other things you know?”

His hand moves up her inner thigh and she moans hard and she closes her beautiful brown eyes. His hand continues to move up her inner thigh and she asks, “Can you fuck me now?”

Her eyes widen as his hand touches her pussy a little hard and she exhales really hard. Charisma’s head goes back and her chest expands as he continues to massage it so hard. “Do you like this?” Kent asks her.

“God yes!” His fingers really explore her clit, and it drives her totally nuts. Her eyes roll back as her large chest heaves so hard and she exhales. He then slides a finger inside of her and she clamps down on it so hard.

Charisma gives him a steamy look and she asks, “Care to put your dick inside of here?” he moves his finger inside of her so hard, and she moans so loud. “I just came a little!”

Kent pulls his finger out of her and he tastes it. “Tastes good.” He then stands up and he removes his pants. His penis stands out from under his boxer shorts.

“Like Sponge Bob, huh?” Charisma smiles at his boxers. “Patrick looks so huge. Can he cum out and play?” she sits on her knees and she pulls down his underwear, and she looks up to him. “Impressive. You are under twenty also right?”

“Yes, oh god what are you going to do?” his erection has not been this big before except when he saw up Naomi’s skirt.

She runs her tongue up it, and she smiles at him, “Suck you dry.”

“You know I won’t last too long.” His eyes roll back and he drools some, as she licks him again. She inches him slowly into her mouth and she looks up to him.

Charisma’s lips are so incredible as they suck on him so hard. Her tongue moves over his dick with such experience, and he asks, “This ain’t the first time you have done this have you?”

She looks up to him and she smiles as she pulls him out of her and she asks, “You don’t have to try and not cum so hard. You look like you might pop something. We have got all night.”

The beautiful actress puts him back into her mouth and her incredible tongue moves over him with such enthusiasm. His body begins to shake as he begins to loose control, and her hand moves up his inner thigh. She grabs his balls and she milks him hard as she lets go of his mouth.

Kent looks down in horror as he cums right into her face. “OH MY GOD! I am so sorry!” he picks up his shirt, and he hands it to her.

“Kid, its no big deal, so relax.” She takes his hand, and she makes him let go of the shirt. Charisma stands up and she looks into his eyes. “Give you one hundred bucks to lick it off?”

Kent looks into her beautiful brown eyes and he shakes his head no, “I can’t. I am so sorry.” He continues to look at her. No way he can even lick his own cum off of her face.

Charisma then smiles to him and she laughs a little. “Never met a guy who said yes to that. How about five hundred?” She looks into his eyes for a moment, and she shouts, “Oh my god you are thinking of doing it!” she shakes her head. “I am going to shower. Order some food and drink for us. Yes, you can order beer.” Charisma then walks into the bathroom leaving Kent alone.

He walks to the bed and he picks up the phone and he orders room service. About a half-hour later Charisma does a cartwheel out of the bathroom and she begins to cheer. “HEY! Who has a big dick? Kent does Kent does! Whose cum tastes like ice cream? Kent’s does Kent’s does!”

His mouth hangs wide opened at her awesome looking S&M Cheerleader outfit. She smiles wide at Kent and she asks, “Are you going to cum or clap?”

Charisma stands up and she bows as he claps hard. Her cheerleading outfit is made of leather and she wears black pantyhose underneath it, and her skirt is so short. “Are you going to tell me I am hot or are you going to just sit there and drool? By the way never drool on my head again. God, you and body fluids.” She rolls her eyes at him drooling on her head.

“You are so hot and sorry about the drool. You took your chances too. I am a true virgin.” Kent feels a little bad about both cuming in her face, and drooling on her head. What’s next he pees in her mouth?

“Yes, I am half surprised I showered alone.” Charisma smiles at him, and then someone knocks on the door. “Yay, the food is here!” She does a cartwheel to the door and she opens it.

“Room serv…” Sandy looks to the beautiful Charisma Carpenter in her cheerleader outfit and her mouth opens. “Holy shit.”

“Holy shit? Is that what Kent ordered?” Charisma smiles at the pretty young girl before her, and Sandy shakes her head no.

“I am so sorry. Usually, when I see you in something like that dad knocks on the bathroom door.” Sandy then wheels the cart into the room. Sandy is not surprised to see Kent naked inside of the room. “Can you sign please?”

Charisma signs it and she asks, “Want to join us?”

Sandy shakes her head hard and she looks to Kent, “I have been caught doing this before, so please be careful.” Her eyes move over her exceptional body, and Sandy tries not to drool.

She moves in real close to Sandy and Charisma brings her in for a kiss. Sandy kisses her back with real passion and he hand moves over her tight ass. Charisma gasps some as Sandy grabs it hard. While the beautiful actress holds her she begs her, “Don’t make me, that bitch said I would be fired if I was caught again munching carpet.”

“Tell you what then. Her time is very short here and next month when I come back you and me can have some fun munching carpets. Okay?” Charisma smiles at her, as she makes her statement.

“Okay, love too.” Sandy then looks to Kent, and she blushes hard. “Have fun Kent, she’s a heck of a kisser.” Then Sandy leaves the room.

Charisma turns back to a buck-naked Kent, and her eyes go to his large hard on. She can’t help but smile at it. “Yes Master?”

“Get on your knees now!” Kent shouts to her, and she falls onto her knees. He walks over to her and he asks, “You like to seduce people, huh?”

“Kinda live for that, Master. Do you like to fuck slutty cheerleaders?” Charisma can’t help but giggle at how cute he is. He is trying so hard to be in charge.

“Maybe I do! Stop laughing!” Kent shouts at her.

“Get your huge dick out of my face, or I’ll suck you dry once again.” Charisma smiles up to Kent. It’s so hard to take him seriously.

“Get on the bed then!” Kent shouts down to her, and Charisma stands up and she looks into his eyes.

“Yes, Master did I being on the floor turn you on so bad?” She smiles, as she looks into his eyes.

Kent kisses her with passion and she kisses him back with equal passion, and she leads him to the bed. She falls onto the bed, and she parts her legs for him. “Fuck me, please Master?”

He sits between her fabulous legs and he starts to kiss her inner thighs. Charisma closes her beautiful brown eyes and she gasps, as he does it. She gets so wet as he kisses her inner thighs and he stops and he removes her underwear.

Charisma closes her eyes and she sighs hard as his fingers play with her pussy. She reaches back and she unhooks her top and she begs him, “Please fuck me, now Master! I beg of you to do so!” she looks up to him, and she parts her legs so far apart.

He takes out his large erection and she helps him slide it inside of her. She thrusts her head back, as he works himself inside of her. “Uhhhhh!” she closes her beautiful brown eyes. “Give me a moment please?”

Kent sits there inside of her and she takes some time to adjust to his size. To him this is an act of torture because he is inside of one of the most beautiful women alive, and not fuck her. She then sits up, and she looks into his eyes. “Very good, move now?”

He begins to move himself inside of her nice and slow, and she moans so hard as he does it. Her hips buck into him so hard, as he moves inside of her nice and slow. Kent looks into her beautiful eyes with passion, as she fucks him back so hard. “Having…uuhhh!” Charisma’s beautiful body cums, as she looks up to Kent.

“You okay?” Kent asks her, as he grunts some. He does not want to cum because he wants this to last so long.

Her sexy legs wrap around him so tight and she pulls him deeper inside of her, and she moans so hard. Charisma’s legs are so long and sexy and her tits are so fucking large that this is like a dream to him. He fucks her so hard, as he looks into her incredible brown eyes.

Kent’s eyes then widen as he feels her hand on his nuts. Charisma smiles up to him. “Now you are going to cum inside of me. Don’t worry… uughhh!” she cums around him once more, and she looks up to him. Kent attempts to pull out of her as he begins to orgasm, but she uses her strong legs to pull him back inside of her. “I’m on the pill, so cum!” She screams this like a woman possessed, because she loves men to orgasm inside of her.

He cums inside of her hard as his body shakes, and her head goes back and she orgasms so hard around him. Her chest heaves as she looks up to the handsome man on top of her and she smiles. “Great job.” She kisses him softly. She then smiles up to him as she asks, “Care to wrestle to see who sleeps in the wet spot?”

“Considering your shoulders are down, and I am on top of you I win.” He smiles down at her. Charisma blinks up at him, and then she smiles.

“You wrestled, huh?” Charisma’s legs are still wrapped around him. “Or you still do? I like my men young and raw.” She tightens her legs a little bit around him.

“I turn seventeen next month so yeah I do. I got a shot at state this year. I wrestle 145 class.” He smiles down to the beautiful woman underneath her and she smiles.

“You get no cheerleaders, huh?” Charisma smiles up to the handsome man above her. “That’s so sad.”

“Yeah, you know what if we had cheerleaders we spend the entire match looking up your skirts and not wrestle.” Kent smiles down to the beautiful Charisma.

Charisma smiles back up to the handsome Kent. “Trust me with all of you handsome men wrestling, and becoming all sweaty you’d all end up wrestling with us later naked.” She looks into his handsome eyes, and she asks. “Want to learn to eat pussy?”

“Should I lie?” Kent looks into her beautiful eyes. Charisma looks up to him. “I ate Naomi’s pussy this morning.”

Charisma smiles at him and she asks. “Tastes good, huh?”

“Yes, it does. I am sorry if this upsets you.” Kent looks away from her expecting her to get mad at him or something.

“I’m not upset. You have any idea how hard it is to find a real virgin in LA?” Charisma smiles and she shakes her head at him. “Care to compare my pussy to hers?”

Kent moves down her beautiful and amazing body, and he takes a good look. “God you are perfect.”

“I am fat like a pig. Thank you for not oinking when I showed you my naked body.” Charisma smiles at him, as he looks over her body. “What are you doing?”

“Looking for any fat. I sure don’t see it. Lift less weight when you work out if you are concerned about muscle mass.” Kent leans down and he begins to lick her pussy nice and rough. Charisma moans nice and loud as he eats out her pussy. When she cums he’ll see his first massive orgasm.

The next day Kent walks towards the Hotel Savannah and he has that silly smile most men have when they loose their virginity. Last night he snuck out about six a.m. to make sure no one else knows what he did. As he walks to the building he sees the beautiful Jeanna Hancock outside of it and she’s crying hard.

“Miss Hancock, are you okay?” Kent looks to her with concern, and she looks up to him. Tears are in her eyes.

“No, Naomi just fired me. Am I alright?” Jeanna looks to him, as she wipes her tears. “Your pal Charisma told her some lies that your little dike friend told her.”

“Sandy did not mean anything…” Kent starts to defend his friend.

“She meant for me to be fired. That kid ruined more marriages than anyone I have ever worked with. She’s such a little dike slut.” Jeanna takes out a cigarette and she lights it. She really needs one right now.

“I know she’s a Lesbian but you can’t…” Kent continues to defend his friend.

“What would you say if you married a hot twenty three year old woman; and when you got back from you massage Sandy was eating her out like she was a taco?” Jeanna takes a long drag from her cigarette.

“I’d likely watch?” Kent says, as he blushes some.

Jeanna laughs some as he puts out her cigarette on the wall, and she looks to Kent. “Most men love Lesbians until they marry one. Then they quickly change their tunes. Sure this guy was in his sixties and he should have guessed, but I had to listen to him bitch and complain, because Sandy did not even bother to take off her uniform. Go inside Kent, Naomi is so happy you’ll likely get laid once more.” Jeanna puts her cigarettes back into her pocket, and she looks to Kent. “Nice working with you, kid. I am going someplace else.” She hands him a card. “Need work call me.”

Kent takes his time as he looks to her sexy ass as Miss Jeanna Hancock leave the Savannah Hotel perhaps forever. Kent sighs some as he asks himself. “What would have happened if I was not with Charisma last night?”

He walks into the Savanna and he walks into Naomi’s office and she smiles at him. “Kent, I would like you to meet my new nighttime manager, Sandy Klein.”

Kent looks to a grinning Sandy in total shock as he says. “Congrates,” his eyes look over her management uniform and her body. Both she and Naomi have hicks on them.

“Maybe we should have waited for Kent?” Sandy says with a chuckle.

Naomi shakes her head and she says, “If Kent were here I would not have needed you.” She then smiles at Sandy, and she laughs.

“You taught him how to eat pussy, huh? That explains why Charisma skipped out of here this morning. God damn she is so hot!” Sandy has that look in her eyes.

“Her pussy tastes really good, too. Right Kent?” Naomi looks to Kent and she smiles.

“Heck yeah.” Kent blushes as he looks to Naomi, and then Sandy.

“Watch his reaction to this.” Naomi smiles, as she looks to Kent. “Whose pussy tastes better, mine or Charisma’s?”

Kent gets a look of deer in the headlights and he looks to Sandy, “Don’t ask me, kid.”

“You do!” Kent blurts out at Naomi and she drinks her water, and she shakes her head.

“After ten minutes of pausing he blurts something out for me. Words of advice say the person who asks you does without any pauses. Some women do not react as well as I do.” She looks to Sandy. “She eats much better pussy than Charisma.”

“Yeah, right. Like I am buying that for a moment.” Sandy smiles at her. “I can tell by the look on Kent’s face that she sucks great dick. How, don’t ask me.” Sandy shudders a little bit, as she looks to Kent. “Naomi, do most men have holsters for their dicks?”

Naomi looks to Kent and she smiles. “Actually, Kent has one too big for a holster.” She smiles slyly at Kent.

“Are you fucking him? God damn boss!” Sandy smiles at the beautiful Naomi, and then to Kent. “Can I have her when you are done?”

Kent looks to Naomi and she smiles at him, and then Kent shrugs his shoulders. “Ask her not me.”

Naomi smiles at Kent as she looks to Sandy, “Do a good job Sandy, and yes, we’ll fuck like badgers. Can you excuse Kent and I, please?”

Sandy eventually leaves the room and Naomi looks to Kent, “Do me a huge favor and never speak of what you now do? You are now social director.” Naomi then stands, and she takes his hand. “I got something to show you.”

Naomi Watson leads Kent out of her office into the backroom that is not a backroom at all and his eyes widen and he says, “I knew it!”

“You did, just how did you come to find out?” Naomi looks to Kent, and she smiles. He’s a smart boy indeed.

“You can…um hear stuff… when I mope the hallway out here. You and Pete were…” Kent stops, and he smiles at the smiling Naomi.

“Pete was a big strong boy from Russia, and well one day he had the guts to kiss me.” Naomi smiles at Kent as she unbuttoned her shirt. “I had to screw him.”

She takes off her shirt showing Kent her huge tits, and she smiles at him. “Can you blame me?” Naomi walks all over the room, and Kent stares at her huge tits and her long and sexy legs.

Kent gets some courage and he walks to her and he removes her bra from her chest. Naomi smiles at him and she asks, “Has fucking Charisma given you courage?”

“I think it has besides you have taken off your shirt.” He leans in and he kisses her tits and Naomi moans so hard, as she closes her beautiful eyes.

His excellent lips move over her large chest and Naomi moans so loud as he does it. His hands cup her incredible ass as he does. “Lie me down on the bed please?” Kent lies her down on the bed and Naomi looks up to him. “I hear you know how to remove underwear? Do it to me?”

She arches her tie ass up as Kent grabs her panties and he pulls them down. His hands trace over the outside of her legs like he did for Charisma the night before. The beautiful star wore so many outfits Kent thought he might pre-cum from undressing her.

“That was nice. I feel like a woman not an incredible piece of ass.” She then smiles at Kent. “And yes, I bought some panties to let you do this to me.” Naomi then parts her legs, as she removes her skirt. Right in front of Kent is one of the most incredible pussy’s he’ll ever see. “Never seen a black pussy before?” Naomi smiles at him. “We all feel the same thing.”