Comic Con With Morena Baccarin

It was day 2 of the con, as I made my way over to the convention center and wandered around getting to know the various stall owners and celebrities, including one Olivia Munn, when I felt someone try to sneak up from behind and attempt to surprise me.

Truth be told I had half expected it to be Kristen Stewart considering the previous day’s events, and knowing how flaky she was, I braced myself for something bad to happen when I turned around to find myself face to face with TV actress Morena Baccarin.

“You’re busted.” I said, as the stunning actress giggled.

“Drats, foiled again!” she replied before introducing herself to Olivia.

“I hope he didn’t use the same line on you as you did me?” Morena teased, causing Olivia to stop and flash me a cynical look.

I was clearly embarrassed by this comment and reminded the dark haired vixen that when we met each other the previous morning I didn’t use any “lines” on her. Unfortunately for me Olivia was then interrupted and called away, leaving Morena and I to amuse ourselves. Naturally, Baccarin decided to take one last dig.

“oops, did you strike out again?”

“No thanks to you.” I quipped before matching her inviting smile.

“Better luck next time, I guess.” she teased.

“If there ever is a next time.” I remarked as we both watched the onetime “Attack Of The Show” host wander off into the distance while we admired her perfectly proportioned ass.

“Hmm. I have to admit she really does have a great body.” Baccarin added insult to injury.

“Oh thanks. Now you noticed?”

Sharing a giggle, the actress then seemed eager to get together for lunch and we soon found a private place to sit and talk and catch up on the day’s events before she mentioned a private party after the convention later that evening and invited me to come.

While I was naturally skeptical about the affair, Morena explained how a whole bunch of celebs were apparently set to attend the private affair which was apparently being hosted by Aussie actress Yvonne Strahovski, and held in her luxury suite on the top floor of the hotel across the street.

“What tonight?” I scoffed. “I’ll probably be passed out in a gutter somewhere by then.”

“Trust me. You’re not going to want to miss it.” she tried to convince me. “Did I mention her suite has a pool?”

“So drinks, celebs, and a pool party?” I grinned. “okay, count me in.”

A few hours later the party seemed to be a great success and appeared to have a good celebrity turnout.

I was also delighted to see that the ratio between guys and girls was 3-1 with most of the guys either being gay or just plain geeks who were totally out of their league.

As it was with most Comic-Con parties, it started out very geek orientated but soon turned into a very booze induced affair, as I took it upon myself to help the sexy host make sure that the bar was well-stocked and that the drinks were flowing freely throughout the evening.

It didn’t hurt that Yvonne almost immediately took a liking to me and openly flirted throughout the night, promising to make it up to me for all my hard work. Noting this, Morena playfully teased me for it as she suddenly found herself vying for my affections.

“Hmm. I think she likes you.” she remarked at one point.

“Oh really.” I replied sarcastically. “What gives you that idea?”

“Just the way she looks at you.”

“What?” I laughed. “What are you talking about?”

“Trust me. It’s a female thing.” Morena claimed. “Call it women’s intuition.”

“Well. I think if she plays her cards right the feelings might be mutual.”

“Oh really?” Morena quipped, faking anger. “So what. I assume your new plan is to get everyone drunk and take advantage of them?”

“With that in mind. Would you like a refill?” I snickered, before the actress and I laughed and cheered to our new found friendship.

After a couple of hours, a few of the guests were fueled up with enough “liquid courage” to finally announce that they would give the swimming pool a try.

Like dominoes, everyone quickly followed suit and began to strip down into their bikini’s before diving in. When it finally came time for Morena to slip out of her clothes and hop into the water, almost everyone stopped and glared at her in wonder, clearly amazed and impressed as she easily possessed one of the most extraordinary bodies at the party.

There she asked me to hold her glass while she boldly removed her loose-fitting dress so that she was now left to stand in nothing but her form-fitting two piece bikini.

A few of the girls in the pool responded to this display with woof whistles, to which Morena gave them a quick smile and sauntered over to the entrance of the pool and in the process granted me a superb view of her South American ass as she dipped into the water.

I could hardly believe my good fortune as we soon discovered that not only did her bikini seem to be a little on the skimpy side, but it also appeared to be transparent in the water, giving everyone an incredible peek at her thick dark nipples. Morena had to have known that the bikini she wore was essentially see-thru, didn’t she?

The more I watched her carry on in the pool the more I was convinced of this. Watching her slowly dunk herself within the body of water caused a certain stirring in my loins, and I realized that I’d better get in the pool with her if I didn’t want the others to notice me pitching a tent in my pants.

Flicking off my shirt, I quickly dove into the water and swam over to where Morena stood as the party raged on around us. Having consumed so much alcohol throughout the evening, I wasn’t surprise when the onetime “V” star soon announced that she had to go to the bathroom to pee.

This immediately rang alarm bells in my head as I realized that this was finally my opportunity to make my move. As I watched her step out of the pool and towel off, I too hopped out of the water and covertly followed her into the luxury suite.

Inside, Morena stepped into the bathroom while I waited patiently outside in the hall, and when she finally emerged a minute later she gasped with surprise to find me standing right against the door blocking her exit.

“Oh. Hey.” she smiled sweetly through bloodshot eyes.

At this point I was scantily clad in nothing but my swimming trunks and my muscular frame took up a large portion of the doorway.

The striking actress was a little surprised by my appearance and tried to side-step around me but I mirrored her actions and grabbed hold of her by the waist, causing her to almost melt in my arms as her head tilted back to accept my kiss.

Our lips met with a fire and intensity that neither of us had expected, and after what seemed like an eternity Morena composed herself and gave me a gentle push away.

“Err. Wait.” she whispered reluctantly. “I have a boyfriend.”

“You do?” I slurred disappointedly. “Sorry. But I couldn’t help it. I guess I’m a little more drunk that I thought.”

“It’s okay. Really.” she giggled sweetly. “It was sweet. It’s just… bad timing I guess.”

With that said Baccarin started to walk back out to the pool area to join the others as I locked myself away in the bathroom and banged my head against the mirror.

“WTF!!” I hissed inwardly. “If she’s got a boyfriend then why flirt and invite me to the fucking party?”

I couldn’t remember feeling so stupid or embarrassed, and looking myself over in the mirror I decided to throw caution to the wind and get myself laid by one of the other ladies at the party.

Back outside, the party roared on as Morena and I exchanged awkward glances at each other from across the pool. To say things were awkward now would be an understatement.

To my amusement this was around the same time that Yvonne offered me a drink and seemed very pleased and interested in me, talking and laughing and generally enjoying my company.

Fortunately for me, despite her claims I could tell that it was starting to really piss Morena off and at one point I thought she was going to come right over and bitch slap Yvonne and throw her into the pool.

I guess I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t getting a little kick out of the whole love triangle bit.

“By the way, do you know her?” Yvonne remarked in her sweet, sexy Australian twang.

“Yeah. Why?”

“Well. She keeps looking over here.” she claimed. “And something tells me she’s not particularly interested in me.”

“You never know.”

Yvonne and I laughed, before I explained the situation.

“Yes well. We kind of arrived together.” I admitted. “But as it turns out she apparently has a boyfriend.”

“Huh. What the hell does that mean?” Yvonne quipped in her blunt, no nonsense accent.

I simply shrugged my shoulders as I helped myself to another gulp of alcohol.

“Sweetie. We ALL have boyfriends.” The Aussie starlet grinned before downing her drink. “So I don’t know what her excuse is.”

“That’s exactly what I thought.”

“Oh well.” Yvonne smiled seductively at me. “Her lose I suppose.”

“Maybe.” I grinned back as the sexual chemistry between us was undeniable at this point.

Ultimately it got pretty late in the evening and many of the guests began to pair off and leave. By 2am there were just a dozen or so people left, most of them totally drunk and/or high.

It was around this time that Yvonne invited the remaining revelers inside to watch an exclusive sneak peak of an upcoming episode of “Chuck.”

There, we soon discovered that there only seemed to be seating for about 6 or so guests, so while Yvonne and I snuggled up on one of the large recliners several others got comfortable on large pillows scattered around on the floor. One of these people was Morena.

About twenty minutes into the show Yvonne got up to attend to some issue outside by the pool, leaving me seated alone.

This was when I saw Morena sit up and clutch her neck and complain about being a little uncomfortable on the floor. With that said she then came over to my position on the seat and playfully pouted.

“Are you still ignoring me?”

“Me?” I scoffed. “You’re the one who’s avoiding me.”

“SHHH!” we suddenly heard one of the geeks scold us.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Morena asked, alluding to the empty seat beside me.

I looked around for Yvonne but she was obvious preoccupied outside.

“Trust me.” The “Homeland” star added. “She won’t mind if I take her place.”

We both knew that was a lie, but nevertheless Morena helped herself to the seat and then asked to borrow a blanket from a nearby guest which she draped over my lap.

The large chair provided just enough room for the two of us as we both went back to watching the video, but not really paying any real attention to it.

As the show went on I kept thinking back to the kiss in the hallway, and how she had briefly reciprocated before declining my advances. As I inched closer to her in the seat I saw my opening and casually placed my arm around her shoulders, snuggling up to her and making her giggle.

I mean at this point I figured that I really had nothing to lose, and I’m fairly confident that Baccarin realized this and to her credit simply decided to play along.

“What?” I finally spoke defensively. “What’s so funny?”

“You’re so cute.” she remarked, referring to my nervous behavior.

“What do you mean?” I whispered into her ear.

“You’re pretty determined tonight aren’t you.” she smiled back.

I glanced around the dimply lit room and found that all of the guests had passed out. Noting this I slowly slid my free hand across Morena’s midsection and began to lightly caress her bare skin with my fingertips.

I smirked smugly to myself as I felt her immediately respond to this action, squirming and trembling to my touch. I then watched for any reaction so as to stop in case I had over stepped my mark, but she didn’t object.

In fact she simply closed her eyes and snuggled up even closer to me, nuzzling her face into my neck and almost encouraging me to continue. This reaction told me that it was now or never, and as I continued to caress her firm belly I slowly worked my way up to her bikini top.

There I gingerly played with the outline of her bikini before I finally built up the courage to slide my hand over the top of her left breast and again waited for her reaction, if any.

To my surprise Morena’s only response was to smile softly, and without taking her eyes off the screen she rotated her body so I could get a better angle at her breast.

Without wasting anytime, I carefully slid my hand inside her bikini top and worked my way between her ample breasts, spending several minutes on each nipple. There I lightly tweaked and pinched each bud with my thumb and forefinger, and soon had them standing at full attention.

“Hmm. Are you enjoying yourself there?” she whispered rhetorically as I continued to have my seedy way with her body under the blanket.

I simply nodded without taking my eyes off the screen as I felt her hand embrace mine and silently stop me from continuing. But by this stage I was so incredibly aroused and emboldened that you couldn’t pay me stop.

Taking a deep breath, I then slowly slid my hand back down Morena’s taut belly and worked my way towards her bikini bottoms. To my complete shock, the actress did not object and actually shifted her legs a little before my fingers gingerly brushed along the outline of her sex.

Looking around the room, Morena ultimately draped her left leg over my own while her right leg dangled over the side of the chair. Noting this, I made my move quickly before her conscience could snap her out what we were attempting to do.

I finally slid my hand under her bikini bottoms and brushed my fingertips along her clean-shaven mound. I smirked smugly to myself as I felt her tense up and catch her breath in her throat, as I lightly flicked her tiny love button a few times which caused her to sigh.

Ultimately, I couldn’t resist the temptation to just bury my fingers inside her wet cunt which at this point noticeably radiated heat against my hand.

Throwing caution to the wind, I then added a third digit to the mix and impatiently plunged them inside in one swift action, taking her breath away. To my delight the actress was so wet that I effortlessly filled her pussy with three whole fingers, and now twirled them around inside of her.

Morena immediately wrapped both of her arms around my single arm, embracing me in a vice-like grip as I probed her keenly. She began rotating her pelvis around to match my exploring digits and within minutes I had her on the verge of climax.

Unfortunately for us Baccarin knew that she couldn’t allow this to happen, especially with so many people in the room with us. Instead, the onetime “Firefly” star grabbed my hand and whispered into my ear hotly.

“Not here.” she purred erotically. “Can we go back to your suite?”

Without wasting a single moment I immediately stood up from the chair and helped her up.

Still holding her hand, I then led her over the throngs of sleeping bodies on the floor and out the front door and down the hall straight towards my suite.

Truth be told we didn’t even make it inside before she abruptly kissed me on the lips and I keenly reciprocated, the two of us carrying on against the door like two love sick teenagers.

It was only the chime of the elevator down the hall that broke us out of our reverie. She was after all scantily clad in nothing more than a transparent robe which barely concealed a two piece bikini underneath, and high heeled shoes.

“Quick.” Morena giggled. “Let’s go inside before someone sees me like this.”

“So.” I replied. “Let them see you. I think you look incredible.”

“Yeah. You would.” she giggled as she placed her hand on my stomach and urged me into the room.

We kissed each other again and I felt her hand dip down and grasp my hard cock through my pants. Considering we were till fooling around in the middle of the hallway, it was a pretty bold move on her part especially considering how recognizable she was at the event.

“Hey. Be careful what you wish for.” I joked, as she grasped my cock and refused to let go. “Cause you might just get it.”

Morena seems to go all serious suddenly and looked me dead in the eyes. “I want you. Now.”

A moment later I opened my hotel suite door and it was now Morena who took me by the hand and lead me straight to the bedroom where she pushed me onto the bed.

I now lay there with a huge grin on my face as I watched this absolute beauty pause for a moment before she proceeded to strip for my benefit. The Brazilian born actress removed her robe and bikini top and tossed it aside before she suddenly lunged at me, kissing me hard on the lips.

She began pawing at my shorts trying to rip them off me, and soon we were both lying naked in a firm embrace with our lips trying to quench the fires that had been stoking for each other all weekend.

Rolling her onto her back, I took charge of the situation and slowly kissed my way down Morena’s neck and throat before I worked my way across to her chest, spending several minutes on her succulent breasts.

There I eagerly sucked and suckled on her incredibly erect nipples before I began moving down the flat of her tummy and softly kissed around her hips and belly region.

I then finally made my way down to her gleaming wet pussy and spread her legs wide with my hands as I proceeded to softly spear my tongue along the full length of her hairless mound, which immediate brought moans of approval from her.

“Oh. Yes.” she panted breathlessly, as she reached down to grasp my hair and began to move her pelvis in a circular motion against my face.

Brushing the back of my knuckles against her slit, I then inserted two fingers into her sex and curled them up and put immediate pressure on her G-spot as I attacked her clit with my tongue.

Morena moaned out loud and came instantaneously, bucking her hips and filling my mouth with her sweet, warm nectar.

“UGH!! Oh. Fuck.” she cussed out loud as she came abruptly, and locked her legs around my head to grind her pussy against my chin.

I eagerly slurped up and devoured every morsel inch of that dripping wet pussy before she finally released her grip and literally crumpled back onto the mattress in hot wet mess, lying there lifeless for a minute with her legs splayed wide.

“Oh. Wow.” she purred softly, while slowly regaining her composure. “That was fantastic.”

“Did you like that?” I remarked rhetorically as I gently caressed the inside of her soft, smooth thighs. “I’ve wanted to do that to you from the moment I first laid eyes on you.”

Morena giggled to this comment before she pulled me up to her level and kissed me passionately on the lips.

“C’mon.” she whispered a moment later. “I need you inside me. Now.”

In an instant, I found myself at eye level with her gorgeous face and used my knees to push her long smooth thighs apart while I placed my now throbbing member against her gleaming wet sex.

Morena tensed slightly with anticipation as she draped her hands around my neck and initiated another deep kiss.

With our lips now locked in heated exchange, I slowly inched forward and carefully buried the mere tip of my cock inside the stunning 32-year-old actress, marveling at how utterly hot and wet she was.

So much so that I was able to push all the way inside her in one single motion, filling her completely before pulling back.

“Unnghh.” she let out involuntarily, as my balls pressed against her bunghole. “So. Deep.”

I then slowly pulled my hips back only to slam down into her again, causing us both to grunt aloud. We now moaned in unison as I felt her sex squeeze and massage my meat stick like a velvet glove.

I took it slow at first to enjoy the splendid sensation before giving her another dozen or so rapid strokes and then really picking up the pace. To my delight the sound of her sopping wet cunt could be heard as my balls now slapped against her tiny butthole.

The sexy South American then appeared to snap, and without warning pushed me over to the side and immediately moved to straddle me in the middle of the bed.

“Ugh!!” she suddenly grunted. “I can’t take this anymore.”

There my eyes soon rolled into the back of my head as she hastily impaled herself over me and began to rotate her hips so that her clit was grinding at the base of my pubic bone.

It only took all of two minutes for her entire body to shudder wildly with a second orgasm before I pulled her down to me and kissed her hard on the lips again.

At this point I was absolutely rock hard and moaned out loud as Morena proceeded to rock her hips back and forth and repeatedly rode my cock at a short rapid pace.

Caught up in the moment, I suddenly pulled her off me and quickly directed her to roll into her tummy, placing her into a doggy-style position.

The “Serenity” star smirked mischievously to herself as she posed on all fours and essentially invited me to take her from behind. I swiftly placed the end of my stiff cock against her dripping wet minge and slowly buried my wick.

“Oh. Yes.” Baccarin moaned, as I first worked the full length of my manhood in and out of her quivering quim with slow deliberate thrusts, before I reached over and buried her head into the mattress and proceeded to drill her mercilessly, spanking her thick luscious butt in the process.

“Oh. Oh. Fuck. Yes. Yes.” she hissed back at me. “Spank me. Spank me baby. I’m a bad girl.”

“Yeah? You are?” I replied before treating her butt to another series of strikes.

It was at this point that she took my breath away as I watched her reach down between her legs and urgently twiddle her throbbing clit as I continued to pound away at her glorious backside.

“Yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me.” she grunted aloud. “Do it. Do it. Do me hard baby.”

I happily obliged and quickened my pace, and now slid my turgid cock deeper and harder with each and every thrust.

With one final last thrust I slipped my cock out of Morena’s soaking wet cooze and began to shoot my sticky load all over her butt and spine and essentially covered her magnificent booty in fine sheets of semen before I collapsed beside her on the bed.

“Wow. You did well.” she panted through a grin while patting my butt.

“This Comic-Con business is gonna kill me.” I remarked breathlessly, before we both chuckled and drifted off to sleep.