Comic Con Virgin: Alison Brie and Olivia Munn

I was in a hurry more than usual as I ate my breakfast in the outdoor dining area. I even cut down on jacking off from Scarlett, since I wanted to eat fast and get in line for my last Comic Con panel.

Of course, I forgot that when I saw someone familiar eating nearby. This time, it happened to be geek favorite Olivia Munn. I’d seen her around the convention a bunch of times, but I’d been too occupied to greet her.

I pondered whether I had to time to greet her now – although ‘greeting’ celebrities had worked well lately. But I stopped myself from thinking that far. Not because I was still timid or that I wouldn’t want to do more than ‘greet’ Olivia, but because there wouldn’t be time.

However, if I didn’t waste any more time thinking to myself, there might be time for a regular meet and greet. Heck, it might even be funny to have one signature from someone who didn’t bang me later. What else could I do but laugh?

Resolved to just laugh, I got up, took out my ever present pen and notepad and headed to Olivia’s table. She was sitting alone, wearing a flattering white shirt and jeans, but I didn’t need to get bogged down in that. “Hi,” I got her attention. “Do you mind?”

Once she saw my pen and pad, she responded, “No, sure, of course not.” I took that to be a yes and handed her my tools – writing tools. As it predictably turned out, she turned to the page with both Scarlett and Cobie’s signatures. “Wow, you got lucky already,” Olivia commented.

I forced my face to stay still, or at least not blush, but it didn’t work completely. “Yeah, I guess so,” I admitted halfway. “In fact, I’m hoping to get luckier today,” I went on to change the subject, although getting “luckier” today didn’t need to sound dirty, for my sake.

But after leaving that kind of hint, I had to clear it up a little, so I explained, “I’m actually trying to eat fast and get to the Community panel. Welcome back Dan Harmon and all.” Olivia nodded in understanding as she signed my pad, and then I lit up and realized, “And see one of your old co-stars too!”

I had a long and obscure memory – at least in some areas – to remember this. But so did Olivia, as she deduced, “Ah, you’re anxious to see Alison.”

That would be beyond obvious to her if she hadn’t just met me. Yet in spite of all the sexy actresses I met and…..met this weekend, I was still anxious just to see Alison Brie at the Community panel. Maybe it was a sign that I was with someone who co-starred with her, and her boyfriend, in a recent “Funny or Die” Internet short.

“Yeah, I am,” I admitted to Olivia. “It’s natural to feel anxious over your biggest celebrity crush. At least I assume.”

That might have bordered on too much information, especially to a stranger. Those who knew me and had spying powers might wonder why Alison was still my biggest crush, even after my multiple encounters. But I had my answer from watching Community for four years [and loving it for three] and watching other examples of how ridiculously gorgeous Alison was, from top to bottom – not to mention the center.

“No, that sounds right,” Olivia played along. I imagined she heard more….detailed stuff about her from fanboys over the years. Which was well earned in my opinion, although the most I’d seen of her until today was in “The Newsroom” – as Aaron Sorkin’s only semi-competent female character on most weeks. But there were those leaked, ultra-graphic sexting messages from her a few years back….

I was wise enough not to bring up either memory to her. And I was disproportionately rewarded when Olivia said, “You know, I still text with her. I can let her know you’ll be there.”

“You what?” I asked, too prematurely to use good grammar. I recovered and asked better, “You’d do that?”

“Well, I’ll need to send her a picture too. In case I don’t describe you that vividly.” She got out a cell phone and asked, “Do you mind?”

“No, not at all,” I answered, then Olivia got up and stood next to me. She held up her phone in front of us, then we smiled as she took our picture together. Once it sank in, I remembered that for everything I did with Yvonne, Cobie and Scarlett – I never remembered to get a picture with them.

“One more for mine?” I quickly asked. Olivia didn’t go anywhere as I got out my phone, stayed next to her and aimed it at us. I got my finger in the right place, then impulsively decided to put my free arm around her. Yet she stayed still as I got a picture for my own personal use.

Once I saw my photo came out okay, Olivia showed me that hers – the one she was going to send Alison – did too. “Wow. Now I really have to make that panel,” I realized, then nearly rushed back to scarf the rest of my food. But I was courteous enough to thank Olivia first, then I went back and just took a few big bites before leaving my food behind.

The karma Gods gave me one last break for that, as I made the panel and got a pretty good seat. Which meant I wasn’t too far away from the cast, their fired/rehired boss Dan Harmon – or Alison.

She had on a dark blue outfit that showed a fair amount of leg, but didn’t cling extremely tight to her supple chest. But she still displayed her big, bright smile, sparkling blue eyes, cascading brunette hair, weird sense of humor in giving Ken Jeong a wet willie at the end, and reassuring words for fans about next season.

I hadn’t had my fill quite yet, so when the panel was over, I stood outside the hall with the crowd for autographs and pictures. I was too focused to get any from the other cast members, which I would kick myself for later. For this moment, I waited patiently for Alison.

When she came out, I waited on edge for her to get to me. Once she got closer, turned her head and caught my eye, her large eyes seemed to get wider.

If this wasn’t a sign that Olivia kept her word, I really was pathological. However, I was let off the hook when Alison got in front of me and said, “Hi.”

“Did Olivia….” I asked, in lue of a hi or a fanboy gush. Nevertheless, Alison nodded and confirmed everything. Yet now that I had my moment, I actually had to perform it. “Well, um, I don’t want to keep them waiting.”

I handed over my notepad and pen, trusting her to sign while I got my phone set up for our picture. Once I was set, Alison handed back my materials, then stood shoulder to shoulder with me as I lifted up the phone. My free hand was full with the pad and pen and every second counted, so I couldn’t touch Alison, although the perfect picture would have to do.

“Thanks,” I said, making it two out of three times I lost my words with her.

“Sure. Hope you like what I signed,” she said brightly, then left to greet the fans next to me. For a second, I was let down that that was that, and not just because I’d been so spoiled this weekend. Regardless, she did hype up her signature.

I looked through my pad until I found Alison’s signature – as well as the words “Room 434. 30 minutes,” below it. At that point, I closed my pad and shoved it back in my pants, hiding the evidence of….something I couldn’t let hard core, potentially jealous fanboys see. After all, they’d probably jump to the same hard core conclusion I just did.

I left the crowd and found a more discreet place to look at….what she wrote. At the least, I never got this kind of advance notice for a….encounter. If that was what the invite was for. Maybe she just wanted to talk to a big fan, although that didn’t mean nothing else would come of it. But whether it was planned out or could come up later….fuck.

The next 25 minutes went by too slow. I wanted to get dressed up, although who knew if that would matter later. In case clothing was required the whole way through, I should probably look good. Yet I spent so much time in my own head – and so much time making sure my pants were comfortable – I didn’t actually move my body.

When I finally checked the time, I rushed to the elevator and went up to the fourth floor. It looked like I would still get there on time, in an Annie Edison-like display of punctuality. I then willed myself to stop thinking of Annie/Alison….displaying herself in ways unfit for TV. If only for a few minutes.

I got to the door for room 434, settled myself one more time, and knocked the door. It opened promptly – but not by who I was expecting. “Olivia?”

“You made it,” Olivia said inside Alison’s room – if this was Alison’s room. “Right on time. If Alison’s right on time, we’ll have to make this quick.”

I silently went into the room, while asking “What?” pretty loudly in my head. Since she mentioned Alison, I supposed I wasn’t sent here to hook up with Olivia instead of her. Was she supposed to….warm me up for Alison anyway? I was already pretty warm enough.

“Okay, here’s the setup,” Olivia promised answers. “You already know I did my dirty joke for Alison and Dave’s video,” she reminded. That video ended with Dave winning a “Blumpkin” – a blow job while taking a crap – from Olivia, to Alison’s comic disgust. I liked at least one part of that.

“Well, me and her got to talking during that shoot. And we talked at other places we were at together. Sometimes we’ve….done more than that,” Olivia confessed, allowing me time to imagine and infer. “But I have to fly to Singapore tonight, and she’ll be back doing Community soon. This is the last chance we’ll have to talk for a while, so….I figured we didn’t have to do it alone.”

A million words, phrases and impulses ran through my head, yet all I could say about it was “Talk?” I supposed it was the most pertinent question, though. But talk meaning….what I hoped was one thing. The both of them talking with me….

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Olivia went to open it for the second time, while I stayed flat on my feet – even when Olivia let Alison in.

“Hi again,” Alison said, her casual, pleasant greeting seeming out of place after Olivia’s last words. “What’d I miss?”

“I just bought him up to speed,” Olivia informed her….friend.

“Did you?” I spoke up. “Did you….” I scrambled to phrase this right. “Did you scout me for a three way?” I blurted, getting flashbacks of how Scarlett and Cobie scouted me – but they never finished it off together.

“Not at first,” Alison replied, which confirmed it without saying yes. I tried to scramble my brain around it and listen all at once, as Alison continued, “We got to texting after Olivia sent me your picture and told me you….liked me. We knew we needed to do something hot before we left, and we hadn’t done this yet, so….it seemed to fit into place.”

“Well, we’ll see about that soon,” Olivia commented. When I got how she was talking about “fit into place” I did my best not to get flustered in front of them.

“Then I saw you at the panel. Hanging on our every word, laughing at them, cheering for me and Annie. Olivia figured you’d be devoted enough to help close this out with a bang. Was she wrong?” Alison asked, as I saw her sweet eyes turn more….aroused.

“I don’t want her to be,” I admitted.

“But we don’t have all the time in the world to prove me right,” Olivia broke in. “We gotta fit in the good stuff while we can.” With that, she worked on getting her jeans off.

“I know you’ll wanna do most of this with Alison. But since I got this going, you can remember I’m here too, right?” she asked, as she kicked off her pants and then threw her shirt off.

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” I agreed, taking in Olivia in a white bra and panties, which was a sexy contrast to her darker skin. Her chest wasn’t as well defined as Alison’s, but her bra showed off a level of cleavage and two round shapes that would make many others pale in comparison.

Her long black hair landed over her shoulders and just above her breasts, and her face had the same kind of innocent, but naughty look Alison had – although Olivia’s sultriness was more obvious at first glance.

The best proof of how beautiful Olivia’s body was, was that it kept me distracted while Alison stripped to her bra and panties. But that ended when Alison walked into view, just after her blue bra did.

My cock could have broken out of my pants then and there – better that than doing other things too soon. But that was still a danger, given Alison’s exposed legs, hips, curves, cleavage and knowing smile. However, the true impact came when I took in both of them in their bra and panties.

Comparing the exotic Olivia and the paler Alison side-by-side was breathtaking, as they oozed their own different brand of sexuality. It was easy by reputation and Internet buzz to classify Olivia as the naughtier, more seductive one, even before seeing her pose like this. Alison’s TV characters helped give her a sweeter, more innocent persona, with naughtiness underneath the surface – despite her colorful sex stories in interviews.

But now these women and their different, yet equally seductive styles were on display for me. And if they’d….displayed with each other before, who knew what they could have taught the other? Or me? On that note, I found it very unfair and uncomfortable that I hadn’t shown them anything yet.

I quickly unzipped myself and pulled my cock out, then bothered to unbuckle my pants and take off my shirt. As my pants were down, I heard Alison mutter, “Well, okay,” while I put my shirt over my head. By the time I was naked, the mostly naked Alison and Olivia were strutting towards me – with Alison dropping to her knees first.

“You said we should hurry,” Alison seemed to tell Olivia. Her mouth then turned its full attention to me – and my cock.

She went halfway down on the first swallow, then popped me out and took my head back in. Her tongue lashed my slit as my throat was clogged up with groans and other incoherent sounds. A few escaped when Alison licked down my shaft and briefly got to my balls, then licked back up and took me halfway down again.

The only difference between this and my fantasies was that Alison didn’t have a bra on in my head. And yet as I looked down her cleavage, then down at Alison’s sexy doe eyes looking up at me, I knew my imagination hadn’t measured up.

It certainly didn’t have Alison coming off as Olivia dropped to her knees next to her.

She got even more of me down her throat the first time, then pointed my cock upwards and took my balls right into her mouth. Her tongue jiggled them around, before it and her mouth came off and immediately bobbed up and down my shaft.

More incoherent noises came out as Olivia’s aggressive blowjob went on. I was about to grab onto her head, until she backed off and handed my cock back to Alison. But it provided little relief, as she sunk all the way down my cock and moaned. I could only stop my knees from buckling back further, while my hands had no clue what to do.

I figured they were making me go off quickly now, so I could last longer inside them later and save time. Yet if that was the case, Alison would have kept sucking me dry. Instead, she took her mouth away, put it against my balls, and just kissed them. In fact, she kept kissing them gently as she pointed my cock up, and Olivia then came to suckle my head even softer.

Four soft lips and two silky tongues were soothing my aching cock, even if kissing and licking it wasn’t making it less hard. Still, I wasn’t ready to come on the spot, even when Alison released my balls and licked the right side of my shaft, with Olivia licking the left.

The two beauties slid their tongues over to my head, going back and forth in licking it. Alison’s lips then glided over my right side, with Olivia following on the left. At that point, Olivia’s lips wrapped around my head and suckled it gently like a newborn – although Alison’s mouth wasn’t as slow on my balls.

Alison noisily suckled my balls, while Olivia made softer humming sounds on my head. They both popped off at the same time and changed position, as Olivia’s head went over to my balls and gave them a gentler treatment. In contrast, Alison bobbed up and down the top of my shaft and put on another noisy show.

Eventually, both of them got on the same page when Olivia attacked my balls. When both women came off me again, Olivia proceeded to gobble down my shaft, with Alison kissing it whenever Olivia had to come off. Once Olivia went all the way down and slowly came up, Alison licked every inch that her partner’s mouth exposed, then gave my head a brief but powerful suckle when Olivia was off.

At that move, I stopped my inane groans and finally used English again. “Fuck!” I started. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Alison and Olivia gave satisfied chuckles, then Alison took my cock back and rubbed the head against her exposed cleavage.

“Is this what you wanted all this time?” Alison asked me, using an irresistibly gentle tone.

“Some of it,” I gasped out. Olivia interrupted by taking my cock and rubbing it over her own breasts.

“Well, we want our money’s worth too. If we let you cum, you’re gonna have more later, right? And it’s gonna be an even bigger load, right?” she demanded, fitting my head in her cleavage. “I’m gonna get so wet on my flight, remembering this load of cum. But it’s a long flight, so I need two hot batches to think about. So does Alison.”

“Yeah, I do,” Alison confirmed, taking my dick and giving it a regular, slow but teasing blow job – while Olivia finally unhooked Alison’s bra. Afterwards, Alison lowered her cups and I felt Olivia take my cock back in her mouth, although my eyes stayed locked on her partner’s perfect tits.

“These aren’t the only ones you should cum on,” Alison snapped me out of it, then unhooked Olivia’s bra as she sucked me off this time. Olivia then took her cups off, but kept my cock in her mouth as I gazed down at her smaller, but quite firm and perky chest.

Alison sat on her knees side by side with Olivia, as the two took quick turns sucking me off. Olivia soon took me all the way back in, but didn’t suck me down. She kept me down her throat, giving her own sexy doe eyed look up at me, which made me throw my head back and place my left hand on her head.

When Olivia came off, she took me back in and suckled down a little less, then repeated the pattern until she just had my head in. Once she came completely off, my right hand went onto Alison’s head as she took my cock back.

I had a hand each in two soft, gorgeous sets of hairs, as their even softer, gorgeous lips put their final touches on me. The two trailed their tongues down and each licked one testicle, then went up and each licked the undersides of my head, as their hands started palming my balls.

It was a miracle I lasted this long, but at long last, I finally admitted, “I’m gonna cum….make me cum, please.” Perhaps that was too much, yet Olivia abided by sucking the left side of my shaft. Then Alison gave one last suckle and deep hum on my head, their hands teasing my balls the whole way.

But their mouths left me right when I was ready. In their place, Alison put her hand up to my base and aimed my exploding cock right at her tits. I coated the ample flesh with my first several spurts, then Alison pointed me at Olivia’s tits the rest of the way.

When I was done, I shook my head clear and focused on the two wet pairs of breasts below me. Each tit had at least one drop of cum on it, although Alison seemed to give herself the most. Olivia didn’t seem to mind, and neither did I – although Olivia was the one who went down and licked my cum off Alison’s breasts.

Afterwards, Alison returned the favor and licked Olivia’s boobs clean from my spunk. Perhaps with images like that, it wouldn’t take long to get hard again after all. But for the moment, even that wasn’t going to get me going.

“So…..what do we do until he wakes up?” I asked, gesturing to my flaccid cock.

“Well, I don’t know about Alison, but I’m still too sleepy,” Olivia said. I almost felt offended, although when they got up, turned around and headed for the bed, their swaying, panty clad asses helped sooth my nerves. And it helped me figure out how they wanted me to wake them.

Alison and Olivia laid on their backs next to each other, but I sat on my knees in front of them instead of lying between them. This put me in position to reuse my old opening move – though it was new to them. The bigger difference was that I could put two hands on the front of two crotches.

My left hand went between Olivia’s legs, as my right settled between Alison’s. I teased the front of their panties, then slipped a finger into each of them. After synching it up just right, I started to massage them both with an index finger. Finally, I pulled their panties down so I could make room for my thumbs.

As I tweaked and rubbed both women, I watched them relax and sink into the bed. They moaned softly, needing to relax from our first round as much as I did. I saw them stretch themselves and felt them clenching around my hands, before I turned my attention to Alison.

Her eyes were closed, but her mouth was parted as she started grinding against my fingers. I gazed down to her breasts, which seemed completely clean after what me and Olivia did to them. But even if they weren’t….

I bent down to Alison’s chest, trying to keep my hands on both her and Olivia at once. I did manage to kiss her left breast without having to move my right hand off her. What’s more, it seemed Olivia had done a pretty good job of cleaning my cum off.

Alison opened her eyes, so I watched them darken as I playfully nibbled her nipple, then opened wider to take her areola in my mouth. Yet after a few seconds, I was interrupted when Olivia tapped me on the head. I thought I stopped playing with her, and I probably had, but she instead stated, “Move over.”

I couldn’t move over without getting my hand off her pussy, but Olivia didn’t give me much choice. I had to go over and line my face up with Alison’s right breast, while Olivia started kissing the left one. To multi-task, she fingered Alison’s pussy in my place – but I had room to put my left hand on Olivia’s ass and resume fingering her.

We each kissed and suckled on a breast as Olivia worked over Alison, and I worked over her in turn. “Mmmm….you’re both so good,” Alison said gently.

“You earned it today. But I guess you’d know better than me,” Olivia said to me while I still suckled her right tit.

I broke off and confirmed, “Yes, of course. Looks like she and the show’ll be back on top after all,” teasing as I finally cupped her breast with my right hand.

“Oh….the bottom isn’t that bad right now,” Alison praised as me and Olivia kept working on top of her. We both suckled down her breasts at once as I pumped my finger in and out of Olivia, but I decided to take a break.

Since Olivia had the tit work down pat, I moved my mouth up her chest to kiss the soft flesh of her neck. Alison arched her head back to give me more room, where I licked and nuzzled her and moved my right hand from her breast to her hair. And when Olivia left her left breast to kiss up her body, I went higher and kissed her lips at last.

Her lips moved over mine as diligently as they had moved on my cock and balls. That didn’t faze me in the least as I brought my tongue into the mix. Alison moaned into my mouth, whether it was more from me or Olivia kissing and fingering her.

“You like that?” Olivia whispered into Alison’s left ear when we broke. “I knew I picked a good one.”

“So far, so good,” Alison gave me half credit, but in a teasing way.

“Is that all?” I played along. “If you knew half the things I had in mind with you over the years….”

“What’s to stop me now?” she challenged. I had no answer – not with words.

I gave her one more kiss before going all the way down between her legs. Olivia was still fingering her, but I added my tongue into the mix without letting her move.

I licked up the entire right side of her pussy, with Olivia’s finger and hand still blocking the front. However, she took them away soon enough, which gave me a few seconds to rub my whole face and month against Alison. Yet I only had several seconds to myself down there before Olivia returned, so I had to move while she licked her left inner thigh, leaving me with the right.

Undeterred, I trailed my tongue back towards Alison’s opening, and Olivia did the same. Mine got there first and wiggled around inside, then Olivia matched me. Inspired by how both of us had Alison on our tongues, I leaned over and placed mine on Olivia’s next.

Olivia gave an approving groan as she kissed me right back, our tongues colliding against each other. When we heard Alison gasp a neglected groan, we both thought ahead to use our fingers on her. Soon our lips and tongues broke, yet the taste and sensations still overwhelmed me – especially since Olivia helped make this happen.

I showed my appreciation by just kissing her again, our lips and tongues going slower. My left hand went onto Olivia’s full, round breast, keeping it there even when I broke off to eat Alison again. Before long, both me and Olivia licked her up again, although we were looking at each other with seductive, teasing eyes – at least Olivia was.

We went back and forth kissing Alison’s pussy and each other, yet I eventually focused on Alison again by putting two fingers into her. As she cried out, Olivia licked her up and fit in a finger of her own, bringing it up to three inside her.

“Oh fuck….don’t stretch it out too much,” Alison somehow asked. “I still wanna be a tight fit for you….”

“I’ll bet you do,” Olivia egged on. “You want that hard dick pounding one of your holes again, huh? You think you left enough in there for an encore?”

“I sure hope so,” I commented.

“Then let me check,” Olivia stated, taking her finger out and briefly kissing me before bringing her hand down to stroke my cock. It looked pretty erect again, yet Olivia still helped it along by cupping my balls.

This made me jam my fingers deeper inside Alison, which made her buck against them. I added my tongue again just as Olivia pumped the bottom of my shaft.

“Don’t you let her make you cum,” Alison ordered. “You want to save that cock for me, I know it.”

“You first,” I qualified, as Olivia put her finger between my balls.

“Sure feels like there’s enough cum again,” Olivia praised. “Let’s make sure you’re really churning.”

I was confused, but my multi-tasking only left so much for my brain to figure out. So I just kept working on Alison, brushing aside how Olivia wasn’t on me at the moment.

But I couldn’t brush aside how she seemed to be spreading my legs from behind.

I turned my head away from Alison’s pussy, noticing Olivia’s head was near my ass. Her knees were on the floor in front of the bed, and she was bending down until she got her tongue on the back of my sac. I instinctively arched my back as Olivia went lower – but I didn’t dare to think she could….