Rhian Shugden’s meltdown

As I sat in front of my new air conditioning unit I breathed a sigh of relief as the welcome cool draft helped beat off the stifling heat. Yet again England had been subjected to a so called plume of desert heat from Egypt and London had seem the highest ever temperatures in modern history.

Being a young and virile type of guy of twenty six I had missed having sex during the uncomfortable and oppressive air as it only took the merest of physical exertion to turn me into a puddle of sweat.

Now, as I laid on top of my cooling bed, under the fan, I began to work up an erection so that I could have a welcome one off the wrist.

I closed my eyes and recalled that similar Summer in London of 2017. That Summer had been memorable in several ways. I had sold off my Father’s inherited tool company for a tidy sum. I had moved from Manchester to the Capital. And I had moved in with a famous glamour model, who I had met at the Formula One British Grand Prix.

Her name? Rhian Sugden.



It had been a baking hot weekend that August, and the South showed little change in the stifling high humidity and above normal temperature.

As I looked out of the apartment window I saw that the grass had turned yellow and straw like from the lack of rain.
At twenty three I had a tight body and I had taken to staying in the buff indoors in am attempt to keep cool. And also, it turned Rhian on to look on my naked bod when she came home. Our sex life was something else, and we fucked each other day and night.

“Hi, babe.”

I turned to see Rhian enter the bedroom in a white string vest and white panties.

Immediately my cock became as stiff as a poker and the busty blonde lowered her sparkling brown eyes to my proud eight inches of rigid meat.

“This crazy heat has gotten me so fucking horny.”

“I know, Frankie. Me too.”

As she spoke Rhian shrugged her vest off over her fine long hair and let out her mouth watering jugs.
The thick blanket of warm air caused a distracting trickle of moisture run down between her stupendous 32G sized tits.
Not only were her boobs incredibly huge but her impossibly tiny waist made them appear even larger than they were.

“My panties are swimming in sweat. Look.”

With that she stepped out of her underwear and held them up.
My eye dropped to her newly shaven twat and my boner bobbed up and down as if nodding in agreement with her statement.

Rhian hugged me and her slender hands grabbed onto my hard ass as she gave me a sweet and lingering kiss.
Her desirable loins ground into my hard on and her bosom rubbed on my hairless chest.

“Fancy a quickie?” She asked casually, as if wondering if I might like a cup of tea.

“Do bears shit in the woods?”

I cupped her hefty rack and weighed them up in my eager hands. Rhian put her hand on the back of my head and pulled my face into her sweat dappled cleavage.

The blonde beauty trembled and gasped as I flicked my tongue over each of her erect nipples.
Her hand slipped between our writhing bodies and she grasped my full length in her hot palm.

“Let me taste that salt, lover.”

Rhian slid down my front and her face came to my crotch level. I tilted my head back and rocked on the balls of my bare feet as she snaked her pink tongue over my purple glans that emerged from my tight foreskin.

My shaft ached and throbbed as she expertly dribbled saliva down my big blue vein and then proceeded to loudly slobber on my knob.

I played with her golden locks as she crammed her mouth down onto the first three inches of my dick and let her right cheek bulge out in a most obscene and filthy manner.

“Oh you fucking minx!”

I cried out in unadulterated pleasure as Rhian teased me by releasing my cock with an audible pop before diving back down again with a yummy sound. She did this over and over and my eyes blinked back sweat as she sent me to heaven and back.

Pop! Smack! Pop! Smack!

I had two choices. Either cum down her throat or stop her amazing fellatio.

I pulled her up, somewhat reluctantly,
She stood up and gave one of those grins that meant she was in a playful mood.
She sat on the edge of the bed and pushed her mammoth globes together and drooled a vertical line of spit down the deep homemade valley of flesh.

“You know what to do, or shall I draw you a picture?”

Little bitch!

I hurried over, my entire body dripping in perspiration, and nestled my length in that slippery nest of boobs.
I half knelt, half hovered on my haunches as I started to give her a wonderful tit fuck.

No one to just sit back and watch, Rhian began to call the shots and squeezed my upright dick with those wonderful breasts.

Sometimes she slid back and forth with both tits, sometimes with the left one going up my shaft, as the right went down.
The skin on my pulsing organ shifted likewise and I had never had such a stiffness in all of my years.
What an erotic contrast, I thought. My rod of steel and Rhian’s soft and succulent pillows of fun.

So deep was her tunnel of tits that I actually lost sight of my cock until the bell end emerged at the very top.
When that happened the famous model tongued the smooth head with throaty chuckles.

I never knew how I managed to hold back ejaculating as I continued to thrust up into those jiggling mammaries.
My balls consistently tapped the underside of the perfectly rounded boobs and Rhian responded with her cute high pitched giggles.

I had to stop and I used a handy towel to wipe my chest and back from the sweat.
Rhian slid up the bed, leaving a tell tale wet line up the damp sheet and looked me in the eye as she ran her middle finger up and down her moist slit.

“Fuck me, Frankie. Fuck me now.”

I shook my head and drew in the sultry air and lowered mu bulk onto her curvy frame.
I pawed at her huge and damp breasts as I leaned in and didn’t stop until my rock hard cock was deep inside her hot box.

Delirious with lust, embroiled by the suffocating heat, I bucked up into the soft female in an ever increasing tempo.
Steam virtually rose up from our over heated forms as I gave it to her good.
Her hands held onto my broad back, still slick with my well earned sweat, and her legs crossed over my upper thighs.

“Harder, babe. Fuck me harder!” She pleaded and I grunted an affirmative as I pumped her clenching pussy.

I crouched over her jerking body which remained glued to mine as our fluids combined, and our skin oiled up.
Rhian held on tight as her sought after climax caused her cunt to squeeze my boner until I had no more willpower to hold out.

My cock twitched several times as I felt that sublime sensation of my cum coursing through my dick and I flooded her until her overstuffed muff oozed out and down the crack of her ass.
We remained locked together before we finally untangled ourselves and took a mutual shower.

We separated when Winter came that same year, realising it was only the sex that we had in common. But after that I became big tit man, and only had time for women who are top heavy, so to speak. But so far, nobody has come close to having such a spectacular pair of tits as Rhian Sugden.