Changes in Heather

The headlights from Heather MacAdams’ car cast long
shadows along the pine trees lining the dark country
road winding through the flat, furrowed fields of
central Mississippi. Although the surroundings were
lonely and deserted, the mood inside Heather’s large,
white Cadillac Escalade was buoyant and upbeat. Heather
and her friends, Natalie and Mary Catherine bounced
silently in their seats as the CD player pumped heavy
backbeats through the sound system, grooving to Gwen
Stefani at a nearly ear-splitting volume.

“…cause I ain’t no Hollaback Gurrrrllll…
Yeah, I ain’t no Hollaback Gurrrrllll…”

Only an hour or so earlier, the three girls had been
cheering loudly at a high school football game,
watching the Warriors win their sixth game of the
season, Heather leading the crowd as a junior member of
the cheerleading squad. After the game, they had piled
into Heather’s dad’s car and sped out past the city
limits to a ramshackle frame house in the country where
custom dictated the kids from the school would gather
to celebrate the team’s victory in a boozy haze of beer
and occasionally, marijuana smoke.

Heather’s boyfriend, Brian would have normally been in
the car with her, but tonight it was just the three 17-
year old girls in attendance. Brian played on the
football team, but had begged off the party, telling
Heather he and a few of his friends had planned a
hunting trip in the morning.

He told Heather he didn’t object to her going with her
friends, as long as she agreed to be home at a decent
hour. His placing limits on her activities after the
game had given her a warm feeling, making her feel that
Brian truly loved her and Heather felt lucky to be
dating a boy who wasn’t overly possessive but who still
felt concern for her.

Heather and Brian had started dating in the spring
semester of last school year and the evolution of their
relationship hadn’t gone unnoticed at school. In many
regards, they were the “it” couple and Heather’s peers
had gotten so used to referring to them together that
they sometimes jokingly said “Brian-and-Heather” even
when talking about them individually. Brian was tall,
lanky and good-looking and was the object of dozens of
schoolgirl crushes.

Heather, petite, blonde and athletic was a perpetually
smiling ball of activity at school, often described as
“cute” by everyone familiar with her slim figure,
surprisingly curvy for a young girl of 17. It was
expected by everyone Heather would captain the
cheerleading squad next year when she became a senior.

Both teens came from good, upper middle class families,
Brian’s dad was a local attorney and Heather’s father
was a successful real estate developer who doted on his
“princess” and didn’t hesitate to give her the keys to
his massive white Escalade or cut her slack in missing
a late night curfew occasionally.

Heather sped along the road, spitting dust and gravel
as she rounded curves, music blaring. The house at
which they would be partying was an old white frame
house, paint peeling and windows darkened with years of
dust and grime, but it was the regular Friday night
party spot for all the kids at school. Somehow or
another, a group of boys would finagle a keg of beer
and the teens would gather to listen to music, drink
and celebrate their team’s success and the exuberance
of youth.

There were already 40 or 50 cars parked in a grassy
field next to the house when Heather pulled in. The
girls piled out, laughing and ran toward the party,
Heather still dressed in her short, blue and white
pleated skirt and sleeveless top, emblazoned with
“Warriors” across the front. Her friends in jeans and
t-shirts followed close behind.

“Hey, Heather,” Whitney Brady called out. “Where’s your
better half?”

“Home in bed,” Heather replied. “Brian and his buddies
are going hunting tomorrow, so I’m here by my little
‘ol lonesome self.” She gave Whitney, with whom she
shared a second period science lab a hug as she
approached. “Where’s the beer?”

“Over there,” Whitney replied. “Help yourself.”

The three girls weaved their way through the crowd of
chattering teenagers, making their way to the keg.
Heather and her friends never brought anything to drink
to the parties they attended. Somehow, magically, for
certain girls there was always alcohol provided. The
girls were handed plastic cups filled with the cold,
foamy drink and then huddled to check out the crowd.

“Any cute boys here?” Natalie whispered
conspiratorially. “I need to find me a boyfriend.”

Mary Catherine laughed with a look of mild shock on her
face. “Ohmigod, Natalie,” she said. “Why don’t you just
stamp ‘available’ on your forehead?” In reality,
Natalie had never had trouble finding boyfriends, only
keeping them. She would date one boy for a month or two
but then mysteriously break up with him. Heather and
Mary Catherine teased her that it took that long for
the boys to find out Natalie “wasn’t even close to
being a virgin.”

Barraged by a thumping backbeat, the girls watched the
gathering of animated teenagers. Each of the school’s
most obvious cliques had collected in groups large and
small, smoking nonchalantly, drinking reflexively or
gesturing wildly. There were jocks and preppies,
druggies and rockers, brainiacs and pseudo-hipsters,
all inhabiting the same space but all ignoring the
presence of the others.

Natalie spotted the boy she called her “dream date”, a
tall, dark haired senior named Eric off to the side of
a staircase at the back of the house and gushed. “God,
there’s that stupid-shit Eric back in the back talking
to all his gearhead buddies,” she hissed. “I can’t
believe he’s here tonight!”

“I thought you liked him?” Heather said.

“She DOES like him, Heather, you silly bitch!” Mary
Catherine said, rolling her eyes. “She just calls him a
stupid-shit because he hooks up with practically every
girl at school except HER!”

Natalie stared hard at Eric, trying her best to will
him to come over and talk to her, to no avail. “Damn, I
can’t understand why he can’t see that I want to be the
mother of his children,” she said. “If I could just get
him naked, he’d be mine forever.” The girls laughed at
Natalie’s plight. Even when guys from school called her
day and night, she always fell hard for the one guy she
couldn’t have. She always found indifference incredibly

Heather looped her arm in Natalie’s and pulled her to
another part of the house, away from the object of her
desire. The girls rounded a corner and found themselves
at the opposite end of a hallway from a group of six
black teenaged boys, all members of the football team.
Towering above the group was 18-year old Marcus
Williams, the school’s star linebacker and the athlete
most coveted by local colleges.

“Oops, wrong turn,” said Mary Catherine, beneath her

“Oh, that’s Marcus,” Heather said. “God, look at him!
He’s a monster. Did you see him at the game tonight?
Those guys from Ravenwood were scared to death of him!”

“I can see why,” Natalie said in a low voice.

Heather laughed. “Listen to you two!” she said. “He’s
really a sweetheart. He’s in my fifth period American
History class and he’s absolutely a great guy! He’s
friends with all the girls in the class.” Heather
lowered her voice conspiratorially. “Of course, it
doesn’t hurt that he’s got a body like a Greek god…”

Heather’s girlfriends gasped and burst out laughing.
“Heather! I can’t believe you!” Natalie giggled.


Mary Catherine leaned forward. “I never figured you
lusting after the black guys at school! Wait’ll Brian
hears about this. You got ‘jungle fever’ or somethin’?”

“Yeah, Heather,” Natalie chortled. “Next thing you
know, you’ll be puttin’ spinners on the Escalade and
dressin’ like a rapper’s ‘ho!”

“I heard when he transferred here from Memphis,” Mary
Catherine said. “The rumor was he had three kids from
three different girls up there. He HAS to make it in
the NFL ‘cause they’re all depending on him for child

“You guys are such jerks,” Heather laughed. Still,
living in Mississippi she’d grown up with the racial
divide between black students and white students at her
school. Heather felt she’d always been on friendly
terms with everyone at school, but had always limited
her interaction with black students to friendly chit-
chat in class or in the hallways. To go much beyond
that was to invite ostracism from her friends.

“I need another drink,” Natalie said, draining her cup.
“You girls comin’?”

“I’ll go with you,” Mary Catherine said.

But Heather wasn’t interested in drinking much. “You
guys go ahead,” she said. “I’ll wait here for you.”

Heather’s companions left the hallway to push their way
through the crowd to the keg. Suddenly left without
conversation partners, Heather leaned against the
stairway banister and gazed out a window into the yard,
where other teens gathered in clumps, talking and
swaying to music.

After a few minutes, Heather turned to see if Natalie
and Mary Catherine were anywhere to be seen and she
caught a glimpse of Marcus Williams looking in her
direction down the hall. She caught his eye and he
smiled, teeth glinting white in the soft light of the
hallway. She smiled back and waived, mouthing the words
“Hi, Marcus!”

After a few seconds, Heather turned back to the window,
but when she looked down the hallway again, she saw
Marcus still looking in her direction, smiling. She
looked back over her shoulder to see if he was perhaps
looking at someone behind her, but there was no one
there. Marcus Williams was focused on Heather, looking,
staring, smiling.

A small shiver went through her and she blushed,
looking down at the floor. When she looked back up, he
was still watching her and Heather felt her face grow
hot. What was he staring at? Was her bra strap showing
or did she have something hanging from her nose? For a
few moments, Heather was confused and began looking for
her friends in the crowd again, thinking perhaps she
should move to another area in the house.

But before she could move, she looked up to see Marcus
slowly moving down the hallway towards her. Ohmigod,
she thought, is he coming down here to talk to ME?
Please, don’t let Natalie and Mary Catherine come back
to find me talking to Marcus Williams! He was so tall,
she thought his head would scrape the ceiling,
shoulders swaying from side to side as he moved closer.
Images of a black panther flashed through Heather’s
mind as he approached.

“’Zup, Heather,” Marcus said in a soft, low voice.

“Hey, Marcus,” she replied. “Great game tonight. Man,
those guys from Ravenwood looked like they were scared
to death of you!”

He laughed. “Their quarterback WAS,” he said. “I put
him on his ass a couple times and his knees were
shakin’ all night.”

Heather laughed at his joke, but glanced around
nervously to see if anyone was watching the two of them
talking together. Only the remaining black football
players at the end of the hall seemed to take notice.

“Where’s my man, Brian tonight?”

“Home,” she said. “He’s going hunting with his buddies
early tomorrow morning, so he skipped out on the party

“Man, I got to have a talk with that boy about his

Heather blushed again, then laughed. “Yeah, I lose out
again to the chance to kill small furry animals with
guns.” Marcus handed her a plastic cup filled with red
juice in it. At first, Heather was confused, then
slowly raised the cup and sipped. It was sweet with a
tart flavor that burned as it went down. Heather
coughed slightly but decided she liked whatever it was
better than the beer from the keg.

He smiled as she coughed and when Heather recovered,
the two chatted amiably about school, American
Literature, the team’s chances of making the state
football playoffs and the upcoming Christmas ball at
school. Marcus said he hadn’t asked anyone to the dance
yet and Heather teased him that getting a date
shouldn’t be hard for him.

“It shouldn’t be,” he said. “But it is.”

Heather laughed. “C’mon, Marcus,” she said. “You’re the
biggest stud football player at school. I know two
dozen girls who’d drop whatever they were doing at a
heartbeat to go out on a date with you!”

“Yeah?” he said. “Like who?”

“Lotsa girls,” Heather said. “You want me to find you a
date for the dance? I’ll be happy to. What kinda girl
you interested in, describe her to me.”

He smiled. “Cute, nice body, good personality, likes to
laugh,” Marcus said. He looked into Heather’s eyes and
continued. “Blonde hair, blue eyes, gorgeous smile,
long legs, full sexy lips and a tight, little ass that
looks great in a cheerleader’s uniform,” he said,
smiling. “Kinda like you, Heather.”

Heather blushed deeply, stammering. “M-Marcus,” she
said. “You shouldn’t say that. Somebody will think
you’re hitting on me!” She looked up at him, again
noticing his broad smile. I can’t believe he’s doing
this, Heather thought. I wonder if somebody put him up
to this? Or told him Brian and I are breaking up?

“I don’t give a damn what anybody thinks,” Marcus said.
“I just care what YOU think, Heather.”

“Marcus, I can’t go on a date with you! What would
Brian say?”

“This ain’t about Brian, Heather,” he said. “This is
about you and me. C’mon, why don’t you give me a ride
home in that big-ass Escalade of your daddy’s and we
can talk about this? I’m ready to get the hell outta

Heather slid past Marcus and started to move away, into
the crowd. “I can’t, Marcus. I’m here with my
girlfriends, I’ve got to go find them!”

Shaking, Heather moved into the crowd and in a few
minutes found Natalie and Mary Catherine. “I saw you
over in the corner talking with your new boyfriend,”
Natalie joked. “When’s the wedding?”

“Oh, shut up,” Heather said. “Like I said, he’s a nice
guy who was in my Am Lit class. We were talking about

“Then why’d you bolt away from him like a scared
rabbit?” said Mary Catherine.

For the next half hour, the three girls mingled with
the crowd, mixing easily, always finding someone
interested in conversation, but periodically, Heather
would glance over at the black guys huddled by the
stairway and there would be Marcus, watching her. Once,
he hooked two of his fingers together and mouthed the
words “you and me”, but he never approached her.

Still, Heather was drawn to look in his direction from
time to time. He stood there in baggy jeans and a loose
fitting black, short-sleeved shirt, but the clothes
couldn’t hide the definition in his muscles. His arms
were thick and sinewy, and his chest bulged under his

Heather thought she’d read where Marcus stood about
6’3″ or 6’4″ and weighed about 215lbs. Looking at him
tonight made her wonder if those statistics had shorted
him a bit. She’d looked over once to see him facing
away and his firm, round ass had made her catch her
breath. Where Brian was cute and soft, Marcus was
gorgeous and hard, hard, hard.

She wondered what it might be like to be alone with
Marcus. He was cocky in a cute sort of way, but she
wasn’t sure if he might try to take advantage of the
situation. It would be a risk, of course. If Brian
found out, he’d hit the roof and her dad’s reaction
would be even worse. Still, the curiosity of it all
lingered in her mind.

What would it be like to run her hands up and down his
rock solid arms? Would kissing a black guy feel
different? Would she be able to push him away if he got
too aggressive? Surely he wouldn’t push too far. After
all, she was the daughter of one of the best families
in town and he wouldn’t want to do anything to
jeopardize a college football scholarship, would he?

Heather quickly scanned the crowd and found Natalie and
Mary Catherine.

“Hey, I don’t feel so great,” Heather said. “I think
I’m gonna blow outta here. You think you guys can find
a ride home?”

They looked at here quizzically. “Aw, honey I’m sorry,”
Natalie said. “You want one of us to go with you?”

Heather smiled. “No, that’s okay,” she said. “Why don’t
you go over and tell Eric I bolted without you? That
way you can make him give you a ride home.”

Natalie’s eyes brightened. “God, I love the way your
mind works!”

Heather lost herself in the crowd and quietly emerged
in the hallway near the black football players,
motioning to Marcus to move closer, out of earshot of
his friends.

“You still need a ride home?” she said.

A broad smile washed over his face. “My Escalade’s
parked out near the road,” she whispered. “Wait five
minutes after I leave and I’ll meet you out there.”

Classmates called “bye, Heather” as she walked out of
the house and down the creaking front stairs. Heather’s
skin was tingling and she felt as if she were floating
on air, full of anticipation but worried about the
danger of being discovered, especially by those who
would be only too anxious to tell her boyfriend.

She unlocked and climbed into the Escalade, feeling the
coolness of the leather seats against her skin. Laying
back and closing her eyes, Heather waited, wondering if
Marcus would come.

She was startled by the passenger door opening and
looked over to see the broad, hulking figure of Marcus
climbing into the seat beside her.

“You ready to roll?” he asked.

Heather laughed and turned the key in the ignition.
Pulling the car into gear, the rear tires spit dust and
gravel as she pulled onto the county road, the sound of
music from the party growing fainter in the distance.

“Turn right,” Marcus instructed.

As the car accelerated, Marcus reached into the back
pocked of his jeans and pulled out a CD, popping it
into the stereo. Immediately, the car’s speakers
started vibrating as a heavy bass beat began flooding
the compartment. A barely understandable emcee began
rapping and Heather felt the seats begin to pulse. She
giggled to think it was probably the first time rap had
ever been played in her dad’s car.

“C’mon, baby don’t be shy..
I see that look in ‘yo eye..
You know it’s gettin’ serious
‘yo body’s awful curious..
‘ya talk about it with ya girlfriendz..
but, you don’t share it with ya boyfriend..
ain’t satisfied with anotha..
‘till y’all get naked with a brotha..
ya wanna find out if they bigga..
‘yo pussy pounded by the niggaz..
y’all be naked and ridin’
feel me slippin’ and slidin’
‘yo legs spread wide like a little ‘ho
I see the look on ‘yo face, ya start ta glow
Ya say ‘ooh, baby, I’m getting’ close!
I smile, realizin’ you another one of my ‘ho’s
I wonda what Daddy’d say if he knew what this big
nasty, black man is doing to his little princess…”

Marcus directed Heather through several turns, but with
each change of direction the surroundings became more
and more unfamiliar. After ten minutes, Heather began
to suspect something.

“Marcus,” she said, looking over to see that familiar
smile. “Aren’t we going away from town instead of
getting closer?”

Marcus started laughing, quickly covering his mouth.
“Damn, girl,” he said. “I think you right!”

Heather put on the brakes and the hulking SUV skidded
to a stop. She turned in her seat to look at him with
an angry stare, but after a few seconds both teens
burst into laughter. “God,” Heather said. “I’m such an
idiot!” Moments later the laughter subsided, Heather
and Marcus staring at each other in silence.

Ever since he had spotted her at the party, their
playful teasing had been building to this, the sexual
tension between the two of them slowly rising. Heather
was aware there was some kind of electricity between
them, although she wasn’t sure where it would lead, yet
she did nothing to stop it. She wondered if she had
indeed put herself in this position, alone with him, in
order to fuel the fire she felt. First, she felt she
had to test it.

“Marcus,” she whispered. “I have a boyfriend.”

“It’s okay,” he said, moving closer. “This is just a
you-and-me thing.”

He lifted his hand to caress her cheek, feeling the
softness of her skin. “If anybody finds out about my
being alone with you, we’ll both be in a lot of
trouble.” Heather said.

“Don’t worry ‘bout nobody else,” he whispered. “I know
you want this as bad as I do.”

Heather caught her breath as Marcus leaned forward to
kiss her, his hands grasping her bare arms. She went
limp, letting him press himself forward, feeling the
warmth of his lips and the scratchiness of his chin.
She didn’t resist him, instead letting his lips wander
over her cheeks and neck, listening to herself exhale
as he moved to kiss her ear. She shivered as the tip of
his tongue darted out, into her ear and he felt the
gooseflesh on her arms.

“Marcus, what are we doing?” she whispered.

She felt his hot breath on her ear. “We doin’ what we
wanna do,” he said. “C’mon, girl, tell me how much you
wanna do this.” He pulled back and looked at her,
holding her face in both hands. “C’mon, you been
thinkin’ ‘bout this all night. You gotta tell me you
want it.” Again, he smiled that “ladykiller” smile of
his, looking deep into her eyes. That smile, Heather
thought, that smile gets me every time, if he ever
finds out that all he has to do is smile and I’ll come
running, I’m in trouble.

“Shut up,” Heather said, smiling as she pushed him back
into his seat, climbing on top of his lap. “If you ever
tell anybody about this, I’ll have your ass!” She
reached down and pulled the lever beside the seat,
pushing it back into a reclining position as he

Straddling him, Heather reached down and began
unbuttoning Marcus’ shirt, slowly revealing a thickly
muscled chest and his sharply defined abdomen. She
heard herself exhale as she laid open his shirt and
looked at his sculpted torso, running her hands over
him, feeling his hard body.

“Damn,” she said. “You are as fine as I thought you’d
be.” Heather leaned forward to lay on his chest,
kissing him deeply, their tongues swirling around each
other’s. In the background, she could hear the rapper

“L’il white bitchez like you, be hangin wit me all the
‘ya boyfriend won’t give it like you want it, so you
wantin’ mine
I hear you say ‘I need a brotha to get my freak on’
Well, hang on princess…I’ll ride you ‘till its dawn!”

Heather felt Marcus’ massive hands kneading the cheeks
of her ass. She whimpered softly as they kissed, then
she felt his hands sliding up her back until they
reached the back of her neck. Gently, he grasped the
zipper running down the back of her cheerleading
uniform and started pulling slowly downward.

She didn’t protest as she felt the cool night air
against the bare skin of her back, then felt him gently
pulling her top forward, off her shoulders.
Instinctively, Heather lifted her body, shrugging out
of her top. She watched as Marcus lowered his hands to
her side, then slowly moved upward, caressing her
breasts through her bra. She tilted her head back and
moaned, her breathing growing more rapid as played with
her breasts.

He reached down into her cleavage and with one hand
quickly unsnapped the French cut bra. She shuddered as
he pulled the bra apart, revealing her breasts and felt
him slide the garment down her arms, letting it fall to
the floor.

Heather’s breasts weren’t large, but they were full and
round, with dark red nipples that protruded stiffly as
she became excited. She was aware of the boys at school
watching her when she wore t-shirts or tank tops, but
was even more aware of how sensitive her nipples became
when touched, either by herself or on those rare
occasions when she let Brian touch her.

Heather wanted desperately to feel Marcus’ tongue on
her breasts and she leaned forward to bring them closer
to his mouth. He licked and sucked feverishly and she
could feel him begin to harden beneath her. She lowered
her head and began to kiss the top of his, feeling the
bristles of his hair against her lips, her shoulder-
length blonde hair cascading down around him.

Using the same dexterity with which he’d removed her
top, Marcus now reached for the zipper of her pleated
skirt, sliding it down until it was loose, then lifting
it up her torso. Heather raised her hands over her head
to allow him to lift it off her and he tossed it into
the back seat. He grabbed the side of the blue shorts
she wore under her cheerleader’s skirt and began to
pull them apart.

“Marcus, no!” she whispered, but he wasn’t listening.
In seconds he pulled the fabric apart, shredding her
shorts and tossing them aside. It took even less time
for him to pull apart the white lycra thong panties she
wore under the shorts. In less than a minute, Heather
was completely naked, the pungent musk of her sex
filling the compartment, sitting astride this massive,
muscular black Adonis, waiting for the inevitable.

Again, he smiled at her. “Yeah, you know what comes
next, don’t you Princess?”


“You been wantin’ that all night, ain’t ya?”


“Tell me how much you want it.”

“Please, Marcus,” Heather said. “Please don’t make me
talk like that.”

“Yeah, you gonna say it, ain’t ya?”

“Don’t you have what you want?” she asked. “I mean,
wasn’t it your plan to get me out of my clothes

He laughed. “Oh no! That ain’t the half of it!”

“Please, Marcus!” she whined. “This is soooo

He laughed again. “C’mon, Princess,” he said. “If you
gonna git what you want, you gotta gimme what I want!”

She hesitated, groping for the words that would please
him. “Please, baby!” she whispered in a low voice. “I-I
want your cock in me!”

“Yeah, that’s it… keep goin’!”

Heather looked down, ashamed, blonde hair framing her
face. She closed her eyes tightly and frowned as she
started talking in a quavering voice that exploded in

“I-I want you to FUCK ME!!”

“Keep goin’.”

“I want you to shove that big, gorgeous monster cock of
yours deep in my pussy and pump it in and out until I
beg for mercy…”

“Yeah, yeah… that’s it!”

“I want you to treat me like the horny, little white
bitch I am,” Heather continued, looking directly into
his eyes. She was becoming bolder now, getting into
their little game. She no longer seemed ashamed, but
was now brazen, shaking her hair back and rotating her
hips on his crotch.

As she spoke, her attitude changed, becoming more
aggressive, even taunting. “You like white pussy, don’t
you, baby?” she hissed. “You like taking a sweet,
innocent little cheerleader and fucking her with that
great big, nasty black cock of yours until she turns
into your own personal slut, don’t you?”

Marcus suddenly sprang from his seat, pivoting around
Heather until he was behind her, pushing her down onto
the reclined seat, his hand pressing against the back
of her neck. She heard him fumbling with his belt and
pants, pushing them lower and lower, freeing his
entrapped cock.

Heather looked over her shoulder to see his fully rigid
penis, so large it cast a shadow in the dashboard
light. Then, she felt Marcus reposition it between her
legs and she felt herself riding this massive rocket,
its length reaching halfway up her abdomen. She reached
down to touch his hot flesh, pressing its length back
against her until the shaft slid between the lips of
her pussy and rubbed her throbbing clit.

“Oh, god,” she gasped. “I can’t… Marcus, I can’t!
You’ll rip my insides apart!”

“No backin’ out now, Princess! I’m gonna blast a full
load way up in that precious white pussy of yours!”

He pulled back and Heather felt his massive cockhead
pressing against her vulva, poised and waiting to
enter. But he didn’t enter her, instead continuing to
rub against her with his penis. She began laughing as
she braced her arms against the back of the seat,
waiting to be entered.

“Ohmigod, that’s incredible!” she gasped. “C’mon, you
black bastard, quit teasin’ me with and stick it in! Go
ahead and fuck me! FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!!”

Still, he denied her, continuing to rub his cock
against her clit, laughing. “Nah, ain’t ready yet.”

Now, Heather’s voice turned high-pitched and little
girlish as she begged for relief from the delicious
torture of his teasing. “Baby, please….don’t make me
beg you to fuck me,” she whined. “I swear I’m gonna die
if you don’t let me ride that gorgeous cock of yours!
I’ve never acted this way with another boy… I don’t
do this for ANYBODY but you, baby! I’ve wanted you from
the first time I laid eyes on you at school…. and
just dreamed about the day I was gonna get you in my
pussy… AHHHHHHH!!!!”

Heather howled as he entered her, her scream turning
into a low, guttural moan as first the head, then the
thick shaft plunged deeper and deeper into her lithe,
young body. She was not a virgin. Heather and Brian had
been intimate twice before, but it was nothing like
this, primal and animalistic, like a rutting carnivore
with his soft, meek prey.

Once the length of his shaft had been moistened by her
sopping pussy, he withdrew to the cockhead and began
rhythmically thrusting into her. Words spilled out of
her between gasps.

“Oh… god… so… good… so…fucking…gooood!” she
said. “Never… had….cock…. like… yours.. baby!
Marcus.. you’re my…daddy….now…”

He sneered as he roughly violated her pussy. “Yeah, you
my bitch now, ain’t cha?”

Heather gathered her breath. “Oh, yeah, baby..” she
said. “You own my pussy, now. Any time you want…any
way you want it. I’m gonna give it up to you every day,
if you want!”

“Got that right!” he laughed. “You got to tell that
puny-ass white boy you seein’ to get the fuck out,
‘cause you a nigga bitch now!”

Their sex talk was suddenly interrupted by a noise.
Marcus quickly turned down the CD player and it took a
few seconds for Heather to realize her cell phone was
ringing. Marcus remained inside her but momentarily
stopped his thrusting as she reached for the phone.


“Heather, do you know what time it is? Are you on your
way home?” The unmistakable voice of Heather’s father
came thundering through the cell phone.

“Oh, hi, Daddy!” Heather chirped. Marcus was shocked by
the sudden change of tone in her voice. Nothing she
said betrayed the fact that while she was portraying
the sound of a happy teenager to her father, Heather
MacAdams was at the moment naked and bent over the
front seat of her father’s Escalade getting her pussy
pummeled by a cock belonging to the biggest, strongest
black stud in a six county region of Mississippi.
Marcus told himself right then that come hell or high
water, he was going to fuck this little bitch again and
he didn’t care who found out. It was too good to be a
one-time thing.

Heather told her father she had dropped off Natalie and
stopped in for a Coke before heading home. She assured
him she was alright and would return as soon as
possible. She promised she would be home soon and said
goodbye with a cheerful “Night, Daddy!” But as she
turned off the phone, she turned to look at Marcus over
her shoulder.

“God, you nearly gave me an orgasm when I was on the
phone with my DAD!” she laughed. “C’mon stud, you got
to finish me off while I’m still wet! I wanna feel your
big, hot load deep in my pussy!”

“Hope you on the pill, bitch,” he said. “’Cause I’m
gonna knock your ass UP!!”

Heather braced her arms again and Marcus continued
thrusting into her, this time more forcefully until the
vehicle began shaking with the force of his merciless
pounding. Heather grunted as his balls slapped against
her with each stroke and Marcus could see her skin
getting redder and her face more flushed with each
push. She was getting close to orgasm, really close.
Her eyes were closed and she was biting her lower lip.

“Unh… unh… unh,” she grunted. “Ohmigod, Marcus…
you’re gonna send me over the edge..!”

Marcus placed his hands on her hips and kept up his
steady, rhythmic pounding. He suddenly felt her body go
rigid as a high pitched squeal rose from her throat.
She relaxed as he slowed his pace, but kept pushing.
She seemed paralyzed by her orgasm and he felt the warm
wetness around his cock as her pussy flooded with
wetness. A few moments later, he noticed her breathing
getting rapid again and felt her start to ever-so-
slightly push back against him. He smiled as she
started to moan. He smiled as he realized she was
getting off again.

“Ohhhhh!” she purred, grinning broadly. “God, I can’t
believe you’re gonna do this to me again!”

He leaned forward, pressing himself against her back,
never missing a stroke in the process. Placing his head
next to hers, he began whispering in Heather’s ear.

“Mmmm, you like this, don’t ya, baby?”


“You want it deep up in ya, don’t ya?”


“You gonna be my bitch, ain’t ya, baby?”


“We gon’ do this again and again and again…”

“Oh, yes, Marcus!!”

“Monday, after football practice… you gonna pick me
up and gimme a ride home, ain’t cha, baby?”

“But… my friends might see me! They’ll get
suspicious! They might tell Brian!”

He laughed. “I don’t give a shit! You know you gonna
make it happen, don’t ya?”

“Ohmigod!….okay, okay… I’ll figure out

“Good girl…. cause when you drop me off, you comin’
inside my house for some fun, ain’t ya?”

“Marcus! If anybody sees me my reputation’ll be

“That’s okay….you’ll be getting’ what you want…”

Slowly, Heather felt the orgasm building inside her.
She always got what she wanted, she was getting it
right now and she had never felt anything with such
intensity in her entire life. Her second orgasm forced
her body to go rigid again, then collapse under the
weight of Marcus’ body and her brain flooded with
pleasure. The few times she had sex with Brian it had
been painful and not all that pleasurable. This was
different. This was unlike anything she’d ever felt

Seconds later, Marcus groaned and she felt his warm
stickiness filling her insides, pulsing up into her,
flooding her tingling pussy with his semen. It seemed
like his penis kept pumping forever, spilling spurt
after spurt of his musky white ejaculate deep into her
body, then dripping down the inside of her thighs. As
she relaxed, she felt him clinging tight to her, his
hard body pressing against her as his breathing softly
slowed. She tilted her head back and leaned up to kiss
him, and he pushed his tongue deep into her mouth.

They kissed for a long time and Heather felt him begin
to soften and contract, but even semi-erect he
completely filled her. When he finally pulled out of
her, Heather could feel the wet stickiness on her
thighs turn cold and as he rolled off of her, she
turned over on her back and lay on the seat, still
hyperventilating, eyes closed.

“Damn,” she said. “That sure was beyond anything I’ve
ever felt…”

They both sat back in the leather seats, neither one
saying a word, the music from the CD playing faintly in
the background. Heather heard Marcus beginning to move
and she opened her eyes to see him straddling her,
reaching down to cup one hand behind her head. She was
caught off guard as he began pulling her face closer to
his semi-erect penis.

“C’mere, baby,” he whispered. “I want you to take this
in your mouth…”

Heather was confused. What was it he wanted? Oral sex
after intercourse? She wasn’t sure if she should resist
his request or not.

He looked down at her. “You got to clean up the mess
you made, girl…”

As he drew closer, Heather inhaled the scent of his
cologne mixing with the musky smell of his sex.
Obediently, she reached up, took him in both hands and
guided him into her mouth. The salty, bitter taste that
resulted from their lovemaking filled her mouth and
although she expected to be repulsed, she was not.
Licking and sucking gently, she swallowed the sticky
coating that covered his cock and when she pulled it
out of her mouth, it glistened with her saliva.

She swirled her tongue around the head of his cock,
looking up to watch his reaction. As he stared at her
intently, she smiled and winked.

“Will you teach me how to be a really good little
cocksucker?” she asked.

“Princess, I think you got skills you ain’t even used
yet,” he said. “You just need the right man to bring
‘em out of you.”

He reached down and began gathering his clothes,
pulling on his boxers and jeans, then his shirt.
Heather gathered what was left of her cheerleading
uniform and quickly discovered that although her
pleated skirt and top were still intact, her thong
panties and cover-up shorts were unwearable. If she was
able to sneak back into her house without being spotted
by her parents, she would be doing it without anything
under her skirt.

Heather started the Escalade and pulled forward in a
hail of dust and gravel. She quickly found the county
road leading back into town and in a few minutes was
pulling down a sidestreet into the neighborhood where
Marcus lived, a long stretch of shotgun shacks with
peeling paint and wooden porches lined with old
couches, refrigerators and kitchen chairs. Even at 1
a.m. on a Saturday morning, the street was surprisingly
full of people and they stared at the unique site of
the giant Escalade slowly moving down the street.

“Do you want me to drop you off at your house?” she

“Nah, keep goin’,” he said. “My uncle owns a drive-in
liquor store down on the corner. Drop me off there.”

As she pulled to the end of the street, she rounded a
corner to see the bright lights of the liquor store. In
front of the store was a large, unpaved parking lot
filled with cars. Heather gasped as she saw what
appeared to be a crowd of 75-100 black people, nearly
all of them men, crowding the parking lot, laughing and
joking, many of them drinking from containers covered
by brown paper bags.

“Marcus!” Heather gasped. “I can’t pull in here!
Practically the whole town’ll see me droppin’ you off!”

“Don’t worry,” he laughed. “They won’t say nothin’
without my say-so.”

Heather slowly pulled into the parking lot and felt a
chill as hundreds of eyes stared at her. Marcus
casually told her to wait a second, got out and walked
around to the driver’s door. Heather rolled down the
automatic window.

“I really enjoyed being with you, Marcus,” Heather

“Me, too,” he said. “I want you to do something for me,


“I want you to get out here and give me a hug and a
kiss goodnight.”

She hesitated. “I can’t do that!”

“Yes, you can.”

“Marcus, I’m barely dressed!” she protested. “Besides,
I look like something the cat drug in and I’m not ready
to advertise to the whole town that I dropped you off
at 1 a.m. looking like I just had sex with you!”

“I told you,” he said. “Nobody in this neighborhood’s
gonna talk about anything I do without my say-so! They
all scared of me ‘cause they know I can kick they ass.
Now, get out here and gimme my goodnight kiss, girl!”

Hands shaking, Heather opened the door and slid out,
careful not to jump down lest she expose herself to the
crowd. As she emerged she heard a few remarks from the
crowd, but couldn’t tell who said them.

“Damn, girl!”

“Yeah, y’all know what THEY been up to!”

She looked at Marcus, their eyes locked on one another.
For a few moments, Heather was able to block out the
rest of the world and she stopped caring what anyone
else might think about what she was doing. She only
cared what Marcus thought. Her arms reached up and
wrapped around Marcus’ neck as he pulled her close to
him. As he leaned down to kiss her, a murmur rippled
through the crowd.

Their kiss lingered, longingly, tenderly, Marcus gently
rolling his head back and forth as his tongue probed
her mouth. The catcalls from the crowd grew louder.

“She be wantin’ THAT!”

“Girl, he musta give it to you GOOD to be thankin’ him
like THAT!”

Heather ignored them as she continued kissing Marcus,
pressing her body tightly against him as she held on to
his neck. She didn’t notice as his hands sliding slowly
down her back, lingering briefly, then down to her ass.
Gently, he reached for the hem of her pleated blue and
white cheerleader’s skirt and slowly lifted it, inch by
inch until Heather’s firm, white bottom was exposed,
visible to the gazes of the drunken crowd. Heather was
oblivious until she felt the cool night air against her
soft skin. She paused briefly while kissing him, then
smiled and resumed. In the end, she didn’t care. It
didn’t matter who saw her bare ass as long as they
understood. She was Marcus’ bitch now.


Heather drove home that night, the entire lower half of
her body tingling from her experience with Marcus. She
slept late on Saturday and for much of the rest of the
weekend she stayed in her room, lying on the bed
staring at the ceiling or out the window. Her mother
thought she might be ill, but didn’t ask, thinking
sometimes teenagers are simply moody and need to be
left alone.

Monday morning, Heather dressed for school and drove
away from the house in the white Escalade like usual.
She wondered what it would be like when she saw Marcus
for the first time after their time together, how they
would react to each other. She went to her classes and
chatted with her friends like she always did. She sat
with Natalie and Mary Catherine at lunch in the
cafeteria and although they asked her if she was
feeling better, no one queried her about what she’d
done or where she might have gone after the party.
After lunch she was walking back to her locker when she
passed Brian in the hallway.

“Hey, babe, what’s up?” Brian said as he drew closer.
“How was the party Friday night?”

Heather smiled and opened her locker. “Not bad,” she
said. “But I had a headache and left early. Nat and M-
Cat went with me, but they had to find their own rides
home. How was the hunting trip?”

“Not bad. We bagged a lot of doves. Got a little drunk.
Nothing serious.”

Heather rolled her eyes. “You boys. I have no idea what
you all do when you’re out there in the woods…”

Brian laughed. “You don’t know… and you don’t want to
know. See you after school?”

She hesitated. “Uh… not today. I’ve got a report due
and need to spend sometime doing research.”

He kissed the top of her head and wandered off down the
hall. Heather turned her face to the locker and
wondered if anyone could see her blushing right now.
She closed the locker and walked quickly to the wing of
the school housing the industrial arts classes. When
the bell rang, she stood and watch the line of
students, nearly all boys, file in for the first class
period after lunch. Trailing the end of the line was
Marcus, who smiled broadly when he saw her waiting for
him, nervously watching both ends of the hall in case
she was spotted by her girlfriends.

” ‘Zup, girl,” he said as he approached.

“Hey!” she replied, cheerily. “Uh… am I… like…
supposed to meet up with you after school… or

“Yeah, that’s the plan,” he said. “…if you up for

“I’ve got cheerleading practice, but that should be
over before football practice ends. Where do you want
me to wait for you?”

“How ‘bout right outside the stadium?”

She frowned. “Ohmigod, Marcus, get real! I can’t wait
for you someplace that obvious!” Pausing, she thought
to herself, then her face brightened. “Okay… I’ve got
it… there’s a gas station over on 4th Street behind
the stadium. It’s got an alley behind it. I’ll wait for
you there.” She handed him a slip of paper with her
cell phone number on it. “Call me if you’re not coming
or if you’re gonna be late, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be there right on time.”

Heather daydreamed through the rest of her classes and
when the bell rang for the last class period of the
day, she headed for her locker, picked up her gym bag
and went to the girl’s locker room to change for
cheerleading practice. She mustered her usual
enthusiasm for all the routines, but her mind wandered.

She hardly noticed that the squad’s faculty advisor
Mrs. Mattioli had brought a guest to watch the girls
practice their jumps, flips and pyramids. The guest, a
well dressed woman in her 30’s sat on the bleachers
during practice and said nothing, not even interacting
with Mrs. Mattioli. She did take notes however and when
practice ended an hour later, Mrs. Mattioli called
Heather over to introduce her to the stranger.

She told Heather her name was Sherene DuBois and she
was the cheerleading coach at Ole Miss.

“I’ve been watching you girls practice,” Sherene said.
“You’re very athletic and very talented, Heather.”


“Have you given much thought to cheering on the college

“Well, I haven’t thought much about college yet,”
Heather said. “I’m just a junior, but I’d love to cheer
on the college level… especially at some place like
Ole Miss.”

Sherene smiled. “Well, that’s a realistic possibility
if you keep making progress. I’m going to stop in and
check on you from time to time to see how you’re
doing… making sure you stay in shape and don’t get
too flabby…” She laughed as she placed a hand on
Heather’s shoulder. “I don’t think there’s much danger
of that, though.”

Heather laughed as well. “As long as I stay away from
the French fries.”

“Just remember, Heather,” Sherene said. “At Ole Miss,
we provide scholarships for cheerleading. That’s means
if you keep getting better, you could wind up with a
free education at a very prestigious school.”

Heather took a deep breath. “Yeah, I know that. That’d
be absolutely a dream come true! Especially for my

They laughed and exchanged pleasantries before heading
in different directions. Heather walked back to the
girls’ locker room and changed back into her street
clothes, a denim skirt with a cotton top under a red
sweater. She didn’t chat with any of the other girls,
but dressed quickly and walked to her car. She looked
around to see if she’d been spotted by anyone she knew.
Man, she thought, this thing with Marcus is making me

She drove out of the school parking lot and quickly
traveled the four blocks to the gas station. Pulling
into the alley, she stopped the car and waited,
listening to the radio. She hoped no one spotted her
and asked her what she was doing there, sitting
silently. Once or twice a pedestrian walked past the
alley on the street and looked her way, but each time
she ducked her head so they couldn’t see her face.

Time passed slowly as she waited for Marcus. 15 minutes
turned into 20, then 30, then 45. She was rapidly
growing frustrated when she saw his tall, muscular
frame at the entrance to the alley. He walked slowly
down the alley in that familiar loping stride of his,
broad shoulders swaying. Even from a block away,
Heather could see that ‘ladykiller’ smile and it sent
shivers down her spine. When he got closer to the car,
he opened the door and climbed in.

“Well, it’s about damn time!” she said with mock
indignation. “How much longer did you expect me to wait
for you?”

“I knew you’d be here,” he said. “You my girl.”

She started the car. “Where to?”

“Head for the ‘hood,” he said. “Go on back to that
liquor store we was at last Friday.”

“God,” Heather said. “We’re not gonna have a repeat of
THAT, are we?”

Marcus laughed. “Nah, we just gonna park your car in
the alley behind the store. That way it won’t cause
suspicion, my uncle can watch it and we can’t walk to
my house.”

In a few minutes, Heather had made her way to the
street corner where she and Marcus had brazenly kissed
in public and she had flashed her bare ass only two
nights before. She hoped they wouldn’t run into anyone
who was there that night, but admitted to herself she
wouldn’t be able to recognize anyone who watched their
encounter anyway. She pulled the big, white SUV into
the narrow alley and parked.

Heather grabbed her purse and started down the alley
with Marcus. As they emerged onto the street, he placed
his arm around her shoulder, pulling her close. He
wants people in this neighborhood to see us, she
thought, he wants everyone to know we’re a couple.

“How far do you live?” she asked.

“Couple houses down.”

They stopped in front of a peeling, shotgun frame house
and walked up the sidewalk to the creaking wooden
steps. Pulling back the screen door, they entered a
small, dark living room with bare floors and a frayed
couch and easy chair.

“Have a seat.”

Heather sat on the couch. “Is your family home?”

“Nah, my mom works late shift. So does my sister,” he
said. “’Sides, we ain’t gonna hang here. We just
stoppin’ here before we walk down to my friend’s

“Oh, okay.”

“I figured you’d need a place to change clothes

“Change clothes?”

“Yeah, my friend don’t like girls comin’ to his crib
all casual and shit,” Marcus said. “He likes girls to
dress up and stuff.”

“But, Marcus,” Heather said. “I didn’t bring a change
of clothes! What I’ve got on is all I’ve got!”

“That’s okay,” he said. “I’ll give you something of my
sister’s to wear. She’s got a lot of dresses.”

“Marcus, I don’t know…” she said. “Did you ask your
sister if I could wear something of hers? Girls don’t
usually like sharing their clothes with other girls
they don’t even KNOW!”

“It’s aight.”

“Well, should I look for something?”

“Nah, that’s okay,” he said. “I’ll get something for
you.” He walked down the hall to his sister’s bedroom.
Heather could hear the sound of hangers scraping and
clothes rustling. After a few minutes, she heard Marcus
call her. “C’mere, girl!”

She walked down the hall to the dimly lit room. The
furniture was old and shabby, like the living room, but
it was obviously decorated with a girl’s touch. The bed
and dresser were cheap white French provincial and the
walls were decorated with posters of rappers and R&B
groups. On a shelf sat a trio of basketball trophies.
He handed her a hanger with a shrunken mini-dress of
electric blue. It was made of some kind of stretchy
material, either spandex or lycra. Heather gasped.

“Marcus, this is something a girl’d wear to a club or
something,” she said. “I can’t go out on the street in
the middle of the afternoon wearing this!”

“Sure, you can,” he said. “No big thang.”

“No, it is a big thing,” she protested. “I can’t go out
in something like this.”

He walked closer and cupped her chin in his hand,
leaning over, he kissed her tenderly.

“You can do it,” he said, softly. “You’ll look so
beautiful. Just wait’ll you see yourself.”

She hesitated. “Wait outside in the living room.”

He left and she closed the door behind him. Taking a
deep breath, she pulled the red sweater up over her
head. Her hands shook as she undressed, sliding off her
cotton top, then unzipping and stepping out of her
denim skirt. She looked at herself in the mirror, clad
only in bra and thong panties. She reached for the blue
mini-dress and pulled it over her head and shoulders,
struggling to pull the tight, stretchy fabric down over
her body. My god, she thought, Marcus’ sister must be a
tiny, little thing.

Slowly, she pulled the dress down, pulling the gathers
and wrinkles tight until the shiny blue fabric
stretched tight over her breasts, tummy and ass.
Heather inhaled deeply, and tugged furiously on the
bottom hem of the dress, trying desperately to pull it
lower. The dress barely covered her ass. The spaghetti
straps on her shoulder couldn’t hide her brassiere and
the plunging neckline and back made her white bra
obvious to anyone who bothered to look.

Biting her lip, she dropped the shoulder straps and
lifted her arms out of the dress, then unhooked the bra
and dropped it to the floor. Heather pulled the dress
back up and looked at herself in the mirror. Through
the thin material her nipples were clearly visible and
when she turned to look at the rear view, the open back
of the dress dropped to her waist, just covering her
bottom, and the cleft of her ass was apparent.

I can’t go out like this, she thought, can I? A dress
like this would’ve normally been worn with heels but
she didn’t have any and wasn’t willing to rifle through
the closet looking for a pair of shoes belonging to
someone else, that was just gross. So, reluctantly,
Heather slipped on the flat, strappy sandals she’d worn
to school that day. Checking herself out in the mirror,
Heather thought she looked ridiculous.

No, she said to herself, that just won’t work. Quickly
looking through the closet, she found a pair of long,
stiletto heels and slid them on her feet. They were a
little bigger than she would normally wear but she was
able to stand up in them and walk around a bit. As long
as she didn’t have to walk too much, they would work.
Heather brushed the hair back from her face and reached
for the door knob.

She walked down the hallway to the living room and when
Marcus saw her he bolted upright in his chair.

“Da-yumn, girl!!” he said. He walked over and gave her
a hug, then took Heather by the hand and led her out
the front door. The heels clicked against the wooden
porch as they walked to the sidewalk. Marcus put his
arm around Heather again and they started down the

“I don’t think I can go very far in these shoes,” she

“Don’t worry, it’s just a couple of houses down.”

Cars driving down the street slowed to watch the odd
couple, the hulking black teenager with his arm around
the petite blonde white girl in the sexy club dress.
Several cars honked and one driver rolled down his
window, calling “hey, girl! I know you ain’t from this
neighborhood… why don’t you let me give you a ride
back home?” guffawing as he pulled away.

Marcus led her up the walk of another shotgun house
similar to his. There was an old couch on the porch and
a rusted refrigerator. Through the screen door, Heather
could here the sounds of rap music and men chattering.

“Is this where your friend lives?” she asked.


He pulled open the door and led her in. The living room
was bare except for a round wooden table and five or
six chairs around it, filled by black men playing
cards. The far wall was also lined with chairs and
three other black men sat along the wall, smoking.

They looked up as Marcus entered and each man’s eyes
grew wide as they spotted Heather behind him. The room
soon echoed with the whoops and catcalls of men whose
interests had been piqued by a beautiful and sexily
dressed young white girl. Heather blushed deeply.

“Da-yumn, Marcus!” one man said. “Where’d you get this
FINE lookin’ young lady from?”

“Yo, baby,” called another. “We ain’t got no extra
chairs, but you can come sit on my lap, hah…hah!”

Marcus smiled broadly. “Niggaz, y’all sit yo’ asses
DOWN!” he said. “This is Heather and she and I are

“Yeah, I bet you real friendly with THAT sweet, young

“C’mon, baby, lemme git you somethin’ to drink?”

“Oh, no thanks,” Heather said. “I’m fine.”

“Yeah, you got THAT right!”

Heather stood nervously, hands behind her back as
Marcus chatted with the men in the room. They were
obviously gambling on cards at the table and that made
Heather a little nervous, but everyone in the room
seemed to be very respectful of Marcus. After a while,
she saw Marcus whisper to one of the men and motion to
the back of the house.

The man nodded yes and Marcus walked back over, taking
Heather by the hand. Silently, he led her down a
hallway to a small room whose windows were covered by
red sheets. Propped against a wall of the room was a
large, full-length mirror and in the center of the room
was a large, bare mattress and box spring. He closed
the door behind them and turned to Heather.

“C’mere, Princess.”

She meekly moved closer to him and as he wrapped his
arms around her, Heather melted into his chest. She
tilted her head up and they kissed, mouths open,
tongues probing and Heather moaned softly. Marcus
reached down and began pulling the mini-dress up over
her head. Compliantly, she lifted her arms to make it
easier for him to undress her.

As he slipped the dress over her head, her breasts
sprang free, nipples pointed and red. She shook her
hair free and he sat on the bed to lower her panties,
reaching between her legs with one hand to feel her
wetness. She gasped and pressed his head against her
flat tummy.

He leaned back and she began unbuttoning his shirt.
After sliding it off his shoulders and tossing it to
the floor, Marcus lifted his hips so she could unbuckle
his baggy jeans and slide them over his muscular hips
and legs. Kneeling, she reached up and hooked her
fingers in the waistband of his boxers and pulled them
down as well, his semi-erect penis bobbing free.

Mesmerized, Heather wrapped her hands around his cock
and caressed it. It was so beautiful to her and she
loved looking at it, touching it. She shivered to think
of what his fleshy organ could do to her when he pushed
it inside her. I’m addicted to his body, she thought,
all day long I can’t stop thinking about it, thinking
about lying naked next to it, giving myself over to its

“God,” she said looking up at him. “You are one
incredibly sexy man.”

“And you belong to me.”

“Do you have this power over every girl at school?”

“No. Only you. You’re the only one I want to have the
power over…”

He reached down with one hand and cupped it behind her
head, pulling her closer to his cock. Heather kissed up
and down the length of its shaft, then rubbed the head
against her cheeks, letting her blonde hair splay
across his lap. His sac was hard and tight, the skin
crinkly against her cheek.

When she turned her head, Heather caught a glimpse of
herself in the mirror, naked, kneeling, Marcus’
powerful thighs straddling either side of her body. To
Heather, she looked like she was kneeling at an alter,
an alter of black male sexuality. She was worshipping
Marcus’ cock, praying that she would do the things that
would please him and make him want to fuck her again
and again and again, giving her orgasm after orgasm.

Heather held Marcus’ cock in her hands and marveled at
its size and strength. She could wrap both hands around
it and the head still protruded from her grip. The
shaft was thick and lined with veins, pulsing with life
as she touched it. Heather thought it was the most
beautiful sight she’d ever seen and she couldn’t
imagine living her life without touching it, tasting
it, feeling it pushing deep inside her pussy whenever
Marcus wanted her.

Heather and her girlfriends had seen pictures of men’s
penis’ in magazines like Playgirl, but none of them
could compare with Marcus’. It was gorgeous, perfect.
It almost gave her an orgasm whenever he took his pants
off and she first glimpsed it. The anticipation of what
her black lover could do to her with his lovely piece
of hard, jutting flesh was almost too delicious for her
to imagine. I won’t be able to live without this man’s
cock, she thought. I want him every day and I can’t get
him out of my mind.

Heather opened her mouth and lowered it down on his
penis, feeling his hot skin slide into her mouth,
deeper and deeper until the head of his cock reached
the back of her throat. She rubbed the underside of his
penis with her tongue, slowly withdrawing until her
lips were wrapped around the head and her tongue danced
in and out of the hole. She slid her hands up to his
rippling abs and lowered herself down on him again.
This time he let out a groan and placed his hands on
either side of her head.

“Suck it, Princess,” he hissed. “Suck that big, black
nigga cock…”

She moaned again as he filled her mouth, tasting the
mixture of saliva and fluid leaking from the tip. She
felt the bitter tang in the back of her throat and he
gripped her head more firmly, pushing down, then
releasing, then pushing down again. Heather relaxed and
let him guide her rhythm as she fellated him. His groan
became louder, then became a growl. He pushed faster
and released faster and Heather thought for a moment he
might be close to coming. He looked down at her with a
sneer on his face and began shouting.

“Ahhhh, yeah,” he yelled. “Suck that nigga cock,
bitch!! Show me you wanna be my bitch and take my cock
in yo’ sweet, little white mouth!!”

She heard the voices in the other room erupt into
laughter, but she didn’t care. Sex with Marcus meant
the rest of the world disappeared for Heather. Still,
she looked over at the mirror just in time to see the
door slowly open and a crowd of grinning black men
peering through the door. Suddenly, she pulled off
Marcus, but he grabbed her in a flash and guided her
head back down onto his lap.

“Don’t worry ‘bout them, Princess,” Marcus whispered.
“It’s just you and me.”

Heather resumed bobbing up and down on his cock, as the
crowd entered the room. She felt a surge of adrenaline
shoot through her body as the men watched her giving
head to her black lover. She enjoyed performing for
them, just like she enjoyed performing for the crowds
as a cheerleader. She smiled and looked back at Marcus,
bobbing more aggressively than ever.

“Can’t nobody suck a black man’s dick like a white
girl,” one man said. “Marcus, you trained her up good.”

“Yeah, baby… ain’t y’alls first time, is it, girl?”

“Da-yumn, girl!

“Nigga, y’all be stretchin’ that po’ lil white girl’s

Heather slowly lifted her mouth upward on Marcus’ pole,
pulling off with a pop and giggling as a string of
saliva and semen stretched from the tip of his cock to
her lips. As she back further away, the string dripped
onto her chin and breasts and the men laughed as she
wiped it away.

“Marcus, can I climb on top?”

A whoop of approval came from the men in the room and
Marcus slid further back onto the mattress as Heather
slowly rose to her feet. Marcus pirouetted around so
that his head faced the room and his feet faced the
wall. Heather was momentarily confused but as she
walked to the side and climbed onto the bed, she
understood. Marcus wanted her facing the room as she
rode him. She straddled his body and positioned his
slick, wet penis at the entrance to her pussy. Then,
she slowly lowered herself down on him with an audible

The petite blonde teenager threw her head back and
clutched her breasts with both hands as Marcus’ thick
cock disappeared deep inside her. Staring at the
ceiling, Heather cried out and if Marcus hadn’t known
better, he’d have thought it was from pain instead of

“Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod…!!” she gasped. “Oh,
Marcus, I just LOVE it when you fuck me!!” She leaned
forward, bracing her hands against his chest, tousled
blonde hair obscuring her face. Heather slowly lowered
herself forward and they kissed, mouths wide open,
hungrily devouring each other at both ends. After
minutes that seemed like hours, she raised her upper
body, still braced against him, and slowly began to
raise and lower her body, grunting with each stroke.

“Unh… unh… unh…”

One of the black men took a few tentative steps forward
for a closer look, then approached the side of the bed,
standing only inches away from the lusting teenagers.
Slowly, he leaned forward until his face and Heather’s
face were separated by inches.

“Yeah, you like that, don’t ya girl?”


“This boy yo’ first nigga?”

“F-f-first and only…”

“He yo’ first man…?”


“But he yo’ best man, ain’t he?”


“And you gon’ give up that other white boy you been
seein’, ain’t ya?”


“You gon’ have this nigga’s baby?”

She hesitated. “M-m-maybe…” The men in the room
hooted with laughter and Heather looked at Marcus. A
smile was on his face. He reached up and caressed her
cheek and she leaned down and kissed him again.

“You know how niggas’ treat dey women, don’t ya,

She smiled. “He treats me real good.”

“Oh, yeah, he’ll give it to ‘ya ever day if ya’ want,”
the man said. “But y’all got to give him what he want

She looked over at the man. “He’s gonna get whatever I
got to give,” Heather said. ” ‘Cause he’s my daddy and
I love him.”

“So, when he tells you to wear them slutty dresses out
in public, you don’t mind?”

“No, I’ll show my body to whoever Marcus tells me

“And if he says ‘bitch, fetch my dinner and get me a

“I’ll do it.”

“And if he says ‘bitch, I want you to fuck my nigga

“I’ll smile and say ‘yes, daddy’”

“And if he says ‘bitch, bring over some of yo’ prissy-
ass white girlfriends for me to fuck?’”

Heather smiled. “I’ll say ‘with pleasure’… my
girlfriends will all be anxious to fuck Marcus anyway
when they hear me braggin’ about what a gorgeous, sexy,
hot-fuckin’ stud he is….”

The men laughed and hooted. “And what if he wants to
see you and yo’ girlfriends goin’ at it together?”

She looked Marcus straight in the eye. “Anything.
Whatever brings Marcus pleasure, brings me pleasure.”

In a flash, Marcus lifted Heather off his crotch and
spun around behind her, pushing her down on all fours
into the position they both loved the best. He guided
his cock up between her legs and pressed it against her
belly, sliding back and forth between the lips of her
pussy, creating warm friction against her clit.

Heather was face to face with the men watching her and
the unbelievable pleasure she felt between her legs
nearly brought tears to her eyes. She closed her eyes
and bit her lower lip as she began to anticipate what
he would do next. Incredibly, the thought of his
beautiful, thick, rock hard penis penetrating her
sopping pussy was enough to bring her to climax before
he even entered her.

“Oh, Marcus….you beautiful, gorgeous stud, I just
wanna fuck you forever….promise me you’ll always give
me your cock…. always punish my pussy with that big,
fuckin’ thick monster of yours…oh, God….ohhhhh,

She dropped her head and closed her eyes, letting the
orgasm wash over her, feeling her skin tingle and her
pussy tingle and the top of her head start to explode.
Moments later, she felt the tip of Marcus’ cock
pressing against her pussy and he reached down to
spread open her pussy lips with two fingers, then
slowly pushed into her. The inner walls of her vagina,
having just experienced orgasm were hypersensitive and
she bellowed out.

“OHHHHH, GODDDDD, MARCUSSSSSS!!!!” Heather cried. “Oh,
baby, you’re gonna tear me apart!! Give it to me, my
gorgeous black stud!! Oh, sweetie… you’re gonna turn
me into a slutty little whore, aren’t ya? Mmmmm, I’m
gonna spend all day long just thinkin’ ‘bout the next
time you fuck me, baby.”

One of the men leaned closer, his face right in front
of Heather’s.
“Yeah, tell me how much you love that nigga cock,

Heather looked straight at him. “Oh, yeah,” she said.
“I can’t live without my strong, black man. He fucks me
sooooo good! Please, don’t make me give up his cock!”

Marcus’ pace picked up and he began to thrust more
aggressively into Heather’s pussy, the sound of his
balls slapping against her clearly heard in by the men.
She could feel the orgasm rising in his body as he
leaned forward on top of her, his face beside hers,
whispering in her ear.

“Mmmmm, yeah!” he said. “Here it comes, baby… I’m
gonna fill you UP!!”

He groaned as he came, his body pressed against hers,
frozen in stillness, then whispering. “I love you,

Heather smiled like a cat, purring and contented.
“Mmmmm, I love YOU, Marcus…”


The next two weeks were a rush for Heather. There was
the routine of classes and cheerleading practice, but
two or three times a week after school, she would
disappear into a swirl of primal, sweaty sex with her
black lover.

She made excuses to her friends, her parents, even
Brian regarding where she was going when she
disappeared for several hours and no one ever
challenged her. No one ever challenged sweet, little
blonde girls from good families like Heather. Heather
secretly wondered if that was why she enjoyed it so

She still ate lunch with her girlfriends in the
cafeteria and gossiped about boys and cheerleading and
diets. Occasionally, Heather would be walking down the
hall at school and she’d pass one of the black guys on
the football team.

He’d flash a knowing smile at her and Heather wondered
whether he suspected her affair with Marcus, but she
never asked Marcus or the black guys. A couple of
times, she feared something was up. Like the time she
walked to her car in the student parking lot and three
black football players were standing next to it.

“So, this is yo’ ride?” one of them asked.

“Yeah, this is it,” Heather replied, cheerily.

“Funny,” another said. “I been hearin’ you like to ride
black ‘stead a white…”

They laughed uproariously and Heather sped out of the
parking lot in a panic. She called Marcus on her cell
phone and asked him if he’d been telling other people
about her, but he swore he hadn’t. He admitted he
couldn’t vouch for his friends who watch them that
night, but promised to have a talk with them and
explain that Heather could only continue seeing Marcus
if they kept things secret.

A week later, Heather was driving home from school when
her cell phone rang. She looked down and the call
number was blocked, but she answered the call anyway.
She didn’t recognize the girl’s voice on the other line
but she could tell she was young and could tell she was

“Hi, is this Heather MacAdams?” the girl asked.

“Yeah, this is Heather. Who’s this?”

“Uh, you don’t know me, but I wanted to call and ask
you something.”

“What do you wanna ask?”

“Well… uh… okay,” she said, trying to stifle a
giggle. Heather thought she heard other girls giggling
in the background. “Uh…do you take big, fat nigger
cocks in your ass… or just your pussy?”

Heather panicked. “What?” More laughter in the

“I mean… does your boyfriend know you’re fucking
Marcus Williams? He should. Everybody at school does.”

“That’s a lie!!” Heather screamed. “Who is this?”

“And Heather?” she continued. “When you suck Marcus’
cock, does he shoot a really, really big load down your

“You BITCH!!”

“Does Marcus have the biggest black cock you’ve ever
sucked?” she hissed, the other girls cackling behind
her. “Or are there black guys on the football team
you’ve sucked who are even bigger….?”

Heather quickly shut off the phone. An hour later when
she turned her phone back on again, it rang moments
later. Again, the number was blocked, but Heather
answered. It was a different girl on the line this
time, taunting her with a leering, high-pitched voice.

“Oh, Marcus,” she teased. “Fuck me with that big,
massive black cock of yours!”

“LEAVE ME ALONE!” Heather screamed.

“Tell me, Heather,” the girl laughed. “Should we expect
to see your belly growing big and fat before the end of
the school year? Will you and Marcus be having

Heather was mortified. She had no idea who the girls
were, but she knew she couldn’t avoid going to school
and risk confirming their suspicions.
Heather continued with her routine, but friends could
tell she was troubled. Natalie and Mary Catherine tried
to offer sympathy and to draw her out, but she avoided
them, fearful they would learn her secret. She glanced
suspiciously at the faces in the hallways at school,
looking for sneering glances or knowing smiles, any
clues to the identity of the girls who called her.

Three days later, she was in the parking lot after
cheerleading practice when she saw Brian approaching
her. His face was red and he was clearly angry. As he
drew closer, he stopped fifteen feet away from her and

“Is it TRUE?”

“Brian, I don’t know what you’ve heard, but…”

“Are you FUCKING Marcus Williams?”

“Brian, how can you ask me something like that?”

“Do you love him?”

“Brian, somebody’s started this awful rumor about me to
get back at me for something… I don’t know what, but
it’s not TRUE… not a word of it!!”

“Are you SURE??”

“Yes, Brian…. believe me, it’s all a vicious lie!!”
She walked closer, tentatively. He didn’t move, but he
seemed to be calming down.

“Why would they start a rumor like that?”

“I don’t know why girls do things like that….” she
replied, tears welling in her eyes. “Girls are such
hateful bitches.” Brian’s shoulders drooped and he
pressed his hands to his face.

“God,” he said, his voice cracking. “I hate myself for
suspecting you, but… but…” Heather walked closer to
him, then looped her arms around his shoulders.

“They’re lies, Brian,” she whispered. “All lies.”


Later in the school year, Sherene DuBois appeared again
at cheerleading practice and Heather made a special
effort to appear energetic and enthusiastic as she
worked through her routines. When practice ended, Mrs.
Mattioli motioned Heather over to the bleachers and
Sherene greeted her warmly with a hug.

“You’re getting even better, Heather.” Sherene said.

“Thanks,” Heather replied. “I’ve been working hard and
Mrs. Mattioli is a really good teacher.”

Mrs. Mattioli smiled. “Heather’s way beyond anything I
could teach her,” she said. “She’s just got this
natural way with a crowd. People love to watch her.”

“I’ll bet they do,” Sherene laughed.

“Well, I’ll leave you two alone to chat, okay?” Mrs.
Mattioli winked at Heather as she walked away.

“Have you thought any more about college, Heather?”
Sherene asked. “I mean, not just Ole Miss, but college
in general?”

“Well, not really,” Heather said. “Of course, I’d love
to go to Ole Miss, but, well… I’ve just got to keep
working hard and doing good in school.”

Sherene smiled. “Well, I may be able to help you
there,” she said. “I had a talk with our athletic
director last week and I told him about you.”

“Really? About me?”

“Yes, and I think that even though you’re still a
junior, we’re prepared to offer you a full scholarship
to Ole Miss, complete with room, board, books and fees.
Would you like that, Heather?”

“Wow,” Heather gasped. “I didn’t even know they offered
scholarships to juniors!”

“Well, historically, we don’t” Sherene said. “But we’ve
concluded you’re a very special young woman, Heather.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, when I say special, I mean in a variety of
ways,” Sherene looked directly at Heather, leaning
forward, speaking in a low voice.

“I don’t understand.”

“Um, when I say ‘special’, I’m specifically referring
to your relationship with Marcus Williams.”

Heather stammered. “My relationship? Uh….I… don’t
have a relationship with Marcus.”

Sherene reached out and touched Heather on the arm.
“Heather,” she said. “I know you and Marcus have been
intimate for almost six months now.” Heather blushed

“I… I… don’t know what you’ve heard, but…”

Sherene chuckled. “Heather, honey, don’t worry about
it. Surely you don’t think you’re the first white girl
whose ever fallen for a small town’s black football
stud, do you?”

“I-I… haven’t…”

“Of course, I can’t say I blame you,” Sherene said. “I
mean, just look at Marcus! That chest and those arms
and those abs and, of course, that gorgeous black ass
of his! If I were your age, I’d be getting’ him in the
back seat of my daddy’s car and pullin’ my ankles up to
my ears, too!!”

Heather stared at Sharene, shocked and incredulous.

“Believe me, Heather, I was probably 28 before I had my
first orgasm! You should feel lucky! You’re
only…what… 17 and you’re off fucking a gorgeous man
who I’m SURE could make any girl cum, am I right?”

Heather stared at the ground, then looked up at Sharene
and burst into laughter, relieved to be able to finally
share her secret with someone. She leaned forward and
put her hand on Sharene’s leg. “Sharene, he is
INCREDIBLE!!” she gushed. “Sex with Marcus is like
fucking a MACHINE!! His body is so incredibly hard and
that smile is so sweet and his COCK…. well, let’s
just say I’ve been stretched a lot wider than I was six
months ago!”

“Honey, I can just imagine,” Sharene whispered.

“Can you believe,” Heather continued. “I had multiple
orgasms the first time Marcus and I had SEX! TWICE! He
worked me over like a rag doll! I could barely walk
after fucking him.”

Sharene laughed. “God, that’s sooo hot!” she said. “And
I just love the way he looks out for you, too!”

Heather looked puzzled. “What do you mean?”

“Heather, honey,” Sherene smiled, placing her arm
around the young girl. “You’re a very good cheerleader
and you might’ve gotten this scholarship on your own,
but there are a lot of cute, young cheerleaders out

“I don’t understand..?”

“Heather, in a couple of weeks, Marcus is going to sign
a letter-of-intent to play football at our university,”
Sherene said. “Our school was competing with schools
from across the country who wanted Marcus to play
football for them. He was one of the most sought-after
recruits in the country, but he signed to play at Ole
Miss and do you know why?”

“No, why?”

“He signed on the condition that we offer you a
scholarship as well,” Sherene said. “He wants you at
the university with him.”

Heather’s head was spinning. “What..?”

“Heather, once you graduate from high school, your four
years at Ole Miss are going to be a breeze!” Sherene
said. “You’re only two duties are going to be to cheer
for the football team and fuck Marcus Williams. You
don’t have to pass a class, you don’t have to GO to
class if you don’t want to. Just let Marcus do whatever
he wants to that tight, little body of yours and keep
him satisfied. You’re already doin’ that, aren’t ya?”

“Well, yeah, I guess…”

“So, it’s no big deal! We’ll find the two of you an
apartment off campus and you can move in together, the
boosters will provide you both with cars. You’ll live
under the same roof, sleep in the same bed, all we ask
is that when he wants you to spread your legs, you do
it enthusiastically, like the great little cheerleader
you are!!”

“That’s it?”

“That’s all, honey,” Sherene said. “You’ll just be
Marcus’ personal little white piece of property. And
who knows, if he plays well and makes it to the NFL,
maybe he’ll even take you with him!”

Heather looked dazed. “Gee, this all seems so

“I just have one word of caution, Heather honey.”


“Well, young guys… especially young black guys…
when they go off to college and taste their first bit
of independence as well as fame and status as football
players… well, they tend to get a little rowdy. You
understand what I’m saying?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

Sherene laughed. “No, I don’t think you do,” she said.
“Boys on the football team are sought after by lots of
girls on campus, and they tend to get this attitude of
‘I can do whatever I want’.”
“But, Marcus isn’t like that…”

“Yes, I know, honey but… well, the black players like
to experiment with girls, especially cute young white
girls like you.”


“I’m just saying… don’t be surprised if Marcus wants
you to try new things… you know, like bringing other
girls into bed with the two of you… and, well…
wanting you to have sex with his black friends… stuff
like that.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’ve seen it happen before,” Sherene said. “A
sweet little white girl like you latches on to one of
the black stud football players…. before long, he’s
got her hanging out in black bars off campus, wearing
tight little dresses that show practically everything
she’s got… and… uh, a lot of times, they want their
girlfriends to be involved in group sex.”


“But, it’s okay,” Sherene said. “I really wouldn’t have
offered you the scholarship unless I thought you’d be
able to handle it. I mean, my guess is Marcus is
already pushing to do things you wouldn’t normally do,

Heather nodded.

“Like what?”

“Well… uh… we, like….well, we meet after school
over at a friends house in his neighborhood… and he
likes to show me off . He gives me really sexy dresses
to wear and he parades me in front of practically the
whole neighborhood. At first it was kind of
embarrassing, but after a while I started getting into
all the men in the neighborhood leering at me, but
afraid to touch me ‘cause they knew I belonged to
Marcus. And one time, he well… he let a bunch of his
friends watch us have sex together.”

“And you were okay with that?”

“Well… yeah, it was weird at first… but I really
like pleasing Marcus, so when I saw that it turned him
on… it turned me on, too. I mean, I know boys look at
me when I’m in my cheerleading uniform, but I used to
be afraid of showing too much. Now, I kind of like
showing off my body.”

“That’s perfect,” Sherene said. “So what do you say
Heather? You think you could make Marcus happy at

Heather looked up at the sky. It would mean everything
about her life would change. It might get very
complicated, explaining to her parents about her
relationship with Marcus and she’d have to break up
with Brian and a lot of her girlfriends back home
probably wouldn’t have anything to do with her. But she
would belong to Marcus.

She would be his girl and a good portion of the time,
she would be Marcus’ slut, doing all kinds of degrading
sexual things just to keep him happy. Very quickly, her
reputation as a ‘good girl” would be in tatters. She
turned to look at Sherene with a broad smile.

“Yeah, I want this,” Heather said. “When Marcus found
me, he took a little girl and turned her into a woman
who is very open about her sexual desires. I gotta
feeling I’m only beginning to understand all the things
Marcus Williams can make me do.”

Sherene and Heather hugged. They both understood that
changes in Heather were just beginning.