Jennifer Lopez – Latina Heat

Another tiring live performance. These performances
always took a lot out of Jennifer. Dancing and running
across the stage for this amount of time was always

But besides being exhausting these dynamic performances
sometimes also had another effect on Jennifer. Because
she moves so much and so fast on stage for such a long
period of time, sometimes the latina’s “pipes” would
loosen up to the point where she needs a half hour of
“retreatment” into the ladies’ room to relieve herself.

So as soon as she got off stage, she went straight for
the girly potty room. She went inside, the usual sweet
scent of a ladies’ room penetrated her nostrils. She went
into a stall, closed the door, lifted her miniskirt and
lowered her panties. The wetness of the panties she had
grown accustomed to. The movements were causing the crack
of her ass to sweat and after two hours of dancing, the
panties were lodged completely into her brown crack,
soaking up all of the sweat present.

Jennifer sat down, and allowed her insides to do most of
the work. But for some reason this time it didn’t go too
well. Where usually the bowel movement was quick and
smooth. This time it was like it struggled against being
forced out. So Jennifer applied some pressure on her
lower body, but it wouldn’t help.

“This is going to be a long one,” she said to herself,
after which she heard the door to the ladies’ room open.
A woman, probably one of the dancers, went into the stall
next to Jennifer’s. The sultry singer and actress heard
the woman sliding down her panties, snapping the elastic

As Jennifer struggled to push the content of her guts
toward her backdoor, she couldn’t ignore the sounds being
made in the stall next to hers.

The lady was moaning, the crackling of a turd-sliding out
was loud enough to be heard, and Jennifer couldn’t deny a
smile as she heard a fart thundering in the hollow
sounding ladies’ room.

“Whoa, that sounded like a real birth,” Jennifer said
casually to the mysterious lady in the next stall.

“Like you wouldn’t believe,” a womanly voice answered.
“I’ve been holding this up for over half an hour.”

Jennifer knew the voice. It belonged to Natasha, a
stunningly beautiful black dancer, recently added to the

“Yeah, I can sympathize. I’ve been holding up myself. For
over an hour.”

“So you must be relieved to get rid of it then, huh?”

“I wish. For some reason it just won’t go as easily as it

Jennifer heard the girl wipe her privates, pull up her
panties and flush the toilet. Then she spoke again.

“You know, this might sound odd. But I have a successful
method on how to make it go more smoothly, if you’re
interested off course.”

“Well, I don’t want to spend my entire day in here. So if
it helps, I’d be happy to know what that method is,”
Jennifer said honestly.

“Okay. But in order for me to help, you’ll have to let me
in there.”

Jennifer unlocked the stall, and saw Natasha entering.
Once again Jennifer was in awe of the beauty of the girl.
Her chocolate skin was shiny from the sweat of the
performance. And her face resembled that of Brandy
Norwood, the R&B singer. Wide eyes and a wide smile.

“Can know.take a look to see if I can see the
problem?” the girl asked in a light innocent voice.

Jennifer felt somewhat awkward. Although she was a closet
bi-sexual. And had been in this position with several
guys and some girls, she still felt a bit weird. But the
girl wanted to help her out with her problem, so Jennifer
leaned back against the wall, lifted her legs, and placed
her feet on either side of the girl against the door of
the stall.

Natasha made no hesitation in dropping to her knees and
staring at Jennifer crotch area. Without Jennifer
noticing or realizing, the girl took pleasure in looking
at Jennifer’s great looking pussy. Shaven at the sides so
no hair would be visible in bathing suits, but hairy on
top and on the lips, lips that were long and thin.
Looking further down her breathing went faster as she
looked straight at Jennifer’s asshole. A dark, wrinkled
pucker that was pouting outward.

“This may sound a bit strange, and if you don’t want to
answer you don’t have to, you ever put your finger
in your anus, for instance when you masturbate?” the girl
asked while never taking her eyes off of Jen’s asshole.

“What? No! No.I mean, I’ve never thought about doing
that. Why do you ask?”

“Well, because my experience is that if you regularly
finger your anus, you will experience far less
constipation. You see, by fingering your.ass, your
muscles learn to relax when pressure is applied. And it
loosens up easier.”

“I never knew that. So what your saying is that.if I
finger my asshole, I should have no problem relieving

“That’s right. That’s why porn actresses have enemas
before doing anal. So that it doesn’t become a mess after
the guy pounds her hole so long.”

“I don’t know. I’ve never done this. I don’t know what to

“You know it’s actually quite nice, once you get used to
it. If you like, I could try.”

Jennifer thought about it and started smiling. “I would
like that.”

“Okay, first I wet my middle finger in my mouth like

“Then I lubricate the outside of your anus with my saliva
to make it slippery.” Natasha rubs the tip of her middle
finger all over Jennifer’s asshole, which contracts and
relaxes under the black girl’s touch.

“Then I enter.” Natasha now slides her finger all the way
into Jennifer’s ass to the knuckle. Jennifer closed her
eyes and couldn’t suppress a moan, she just couldn’t.
Natasha noticed and knew she gained the desired effect as
she started sliding her finger in and out with increasing
speed. At one point there were even faint sounds of
sloppiness as Natasha was really frigging Jennifer butt.
“UUUHMM, that feels good,” Jennifer moaned. “Please keep
doing that.”

“I intend to,” Natasha said with a husky tone in her
voice. “As a matter of fact, I think you’re ready for a
little something extra.” The ebony girl slid her finger
out of Jennifer hole, took a whiff of it, obviously
liking the smell, and stuck the digit, along with her
index finger into her mouth. After wetting the fingers
with lots of spit, she drilled them into Jennifer’s
shitter with one move, and started to rapidly fuck the
Latina’s ass with them. Natasha knew she had the singer
almost where she wanted her.on the edge.

“Oh shit.your fingers feel so good in my ass. Keep
fucking me with your fingers. That’s it. I never knew it
would feel this good.”

“Puffy never did this to you, huh,” Natasha asked with
irony, “He probably thinks it’s dirty. Well, fucking a
beautiful ass like yours with my fingers is never dirty
to me.”

Natasha started twisting her fingers around inside
Jennifer’s ass and felt her ass become more slippery. She
took her fingers out again and saw that Jennifer’s
asshole remained open for a short period. She then looked
at her fingers and noticed her fingernails had a little
bit of shit on them. She stuck her fingers in her mouth
and licked Jennifer’s shit from her nails.

“Now it’s time for your reward,” Natasha said and buried
her face in the crack of Jennifer Lopez’s ass. She lapped
over Jennifer’s pouting pucker and used a tongue full of
saliva to lube the latina’s shithole up. She then started
butt-fucking Jennifer with her tongue like a real ebony
butt slut. My God, how she enjoyed the sweaty, musky
smell and pure, bitter taste of Jennifer’s asshole.

Sloppy slurping sounds emanated from the tongue-asshole
connection as the black beauty licked and sucked away at
Jennifer Lopez’s ass with abandon. Jennifer looked down
at that dark face between her gigantic butt cheeks and
shivered at the sight of that soft pink tongue grinding
into the swollen rim of her rectum. She reached out and
ran her fingers through Natasha’s black hair, before
grabbing her by the back of her head and pulling her face
tight against the moist crack of her wide, beautiful ass.

“Oh my God. Natasha, you’re licking my ass so good. I
never knew a tongue in my ass would be this nice. Just
don’t stop. Keep fucking my butt with your tongue. Oh
yeah, that’s it.”

As Natasha kept drilling her tongue deep into Jennifer’s
anal orifice, she closed her lips over her pucker, and
started sucking on her ass with force. The smacking
sounds of her lips on the latina’s asshole filled the
ladies’ room, and it continued to do so for minutes.

“Shit, I feel something. Oh Natasha, I have to.I have to
fart. Your sucking of my asshole makes me have to fart.
Quickly, take your mouth off my ass.”

But Natasha didn’t budge. She kept on sucking right until
an enormously loud, wet-sounding fart simply blew her
lips off Jennifer’s pucker. The odor of the hot gas
penetrated the black dancer’s nostrils and had her so
over the edge, excitement-wise, she lost control of her
calm self and started yelling.

“That’s it, you fucking slut. Fart in my face. Fart that
smelly shit right in my face. I love to smell that shit.”

Jennifer needed a few seconds to understand what drove
Natasha to enjoy something like this, but soon understood
that the sheer depravity of it, the perverted nature of
all of this, is what drives someone like Natasha wild,
and Jennifer decided she was starting to like this nasty
stuff as well. She could never deny to herself that she
immensely enjoyed the feeling of someone sucking her ass.
And knowing that same person actually gets wet smelling
her farts.

Natasha had turned down the volume of her voice again and
plainly spoke to Jennifer.

“Now that you farted, it means that it won’t last long
for the rest to come.”

The beautiful black woman again started drilling her
fingers in and out of Jennifer’s swollen poopchute, and
noticed the grimace of wanton lust on the latina’s face.

“You horny bitch. You sure like this, don’t you? Helping
you take a shit, my ass! You couldn’t wait to feel my
fingers and tongue up your ass. You probably farted in my
face deliberately. Blowing that shitty hot gas into my
face as I sucked on your shithole. Tell me! Tell me you
were dying to have me come in here and eat out your ass.”

“Oh God. You’re so right. You’re so fucking right. I
heard you shit, and smelled it. And I loved the smell of
your fart. I was so hot imagining what you would look
like taking a shit. Seeing the turds being pushed from
your black ass. I love this. I love your fingers in my
butt. Your tongue in my butt. And I loved farting in your
face. It’s so nasty. It makes me feel so hot and nasty
doing that. I would love it so much to shit here as you
watch my ass. The thought of you watching my asshole up
close as I shit drives me crazy. Will you do that? Will
you watch me shit?”

Jennifer was shivering on the toilet bowl as she spewed
the most perverted, depraved language. She had never
talked like this. The nasty black dancer had brought out
a side in her she never knew existed.

“I wanna watch you shit, Jennifer. I wanna see those
turds popping from your nasty brown hole. Here, watch
this, Jennifer. Watch as I pull my fingers from your ass
and enjoy the taste.”

Right after the final words, Natasha slid her fingers
from Jennifer’s ass, and showed them to Jennifer.
Jennifer saw Natasha’s fingers, coated in her shit, and
then saw the ebony woman starting to lick her fingers.
Looking straight into the celebrity’s eyes and with a
wild, wanton expression on her face, Natasha licked the
layer of dark-brown cr�me right off her fingers, casually
taking her tongue back in her mouth now and again to
experience the taste, and letting the sticky shit slide
down her throat. After she had completely cleaned her
fingers, she looked at Jennifer with a serious

“You’re ready. Now push your shit out. Here, spread those
legs wider so I can have a nice look, raise those knees.
Support yourself and let me hold those ass cheeks spread
for you. Now do it.”

Jennifer never felt so utterly exposed in her life;
sitting there on a toilet bowl with legs spread and knees
raised, with a black woman’s face mere inches from the
sweaty crack of her ass. But the depravity of it, the
nastiness, it made here feel so damn lewd, so hot.

Jennifer pushed, and pushed, and an earth shattering,
meaty fart blew from her pucker, right into Natasha’s
face, who squealed with joy. And then, it rolled.
Jennifer felt the warm content of her bowels slide down
towards the opening.

Natasha was still lingering in the mind-blowing smell of
Jennifer Lopez’s fart, when she saw a thick brown turd
sliding slowly out of her ass. The crackling sounds were
almost deafening to her as the pungent scent of
Jennifer’s shit filled her nostrils.

The latina singer groaned aloud as she looked at the
black dancer’s face, and pushed a long turd all the way
out, until it broke off and plunged into the bowl,
leaving a brown shitty ring on the rim of her asshole.
She was completely in the same mind state as Natasha now,
as she whispered: “There’s more where that came from. But
I want you to SUCK it out.”

Natasha looked into Jennifer’s eyes with a surprised
grin, as if she won a lifetime achievement award and
didn’t expect it.

“Suck it out? Oh Jesus. That’s so hot. I’d love to suck
the shit from your ass.”

“Well then. What are you waiting for?”

That was Natasha’s cue. She fused her open mouth to
Jennifer’s greasy brown asshole and sucked hard on the
latina’s pucker. Slurping sounds filled the stall and
Jennifer groaned increasingly louder as she felt the
ebony girl sucking on her sloppy butthole. Natasha
enjoyed the bitter taste of the sticky shit that she
sucked into her mouth.

“Oh Jesus Christ. That feels so fucking good. I don’t
care anymore if anybody hears me. JUST KEEP SUCKING MY

Natasha complied and kept slurping away at Jennifer’s
dirty ass, when all of a sudden she felt a spongy, warm
nugget slide from Jennifer ass into her mouth.

She looked Jennifer straight in the eyes as she moaned
and ate the latina’s shit.

“Oh God, yes! Eat my shit. Do you like it? Do you like
the taste of my shit? Better savor the taste, because it
was the last piece.”

Natasha chewed the brown piece and after squashing it
enough, swallowed it.

“You done with that,” Jennifer asked huskily, “then open
your mouth, because I’ve something for you to drink to
wash your mouth. Open up for mommy.”

Natasha was wondering what the sultry singer meant, but
opened her mouth as she had her face inches from the
latina’s steaming crotch.

“Oh yes, I feel it coming. Get ready.”

And when that last word was uttered, Jennifer let go of
her bladder, and a steady, yellow stream of warm piss
arced from her pisshole straight into Natasha’s face.

The black dancer squealed in delight as she felt the
smelly warm liquid splash her face, and moved her face so
she caught the forceful stream straight into her mouth.
The hissing sound of the piss leaving Jennifer Lopez’s
cunt and it hitting Natasha’s tongue and roof of her
mouth was like music to their ears. Natasha swallowed
wave after wave of Jennifer’s salty piss and continued to
let her tongue be drenched and her mouth be filled.

“Christ, you look so hot drinking my piss,” Jennifer
whispered as a thunderous fart once again crackled out of
her brown asshole.

All good things come to an end, and this includes the
content of Jennifer’s bladder, as the stream decreased in
its strength and it lowered until the last spurts just
gushed over the crack of Jennifer’s ass.

“Now please clean me,” Jennifer said.

Natasha continued her earlier job and again lapped
through Jennifer’s crack, licking the piss from it and
licking off the remainder of shit on the swollen rim of
her bulging asshole.

After about 2 minutes Jennifer was squeaky clean and
pulled her panties up as she looked Natasha in the eye.

“You made me fell better than I have ever felt. Nobody
has ever gone this far to give me a good time,” Jennifer

“It always was my dream to pleasure you,” Natasha
responded, “I just had to grab this opportunity. My
wildest dream was to suck your ass, and you made my
fantasy come true. And I just want you to know, Jennifer,
that if you ever want me to give pleasure to your pussy
or ass again, you just have to tell me.”

“Natasha, I would like it very much if you want to be my
buttslut. We can have crazy times together on the road.
As far as I’m concerned, you can taste my ass whenever
you want, because I just love the feeling of your soft,
wet tongue fucking my butt.”

“Oh Jennifer, you just made me happy. But I have a
question. Would you like to service certain body parts of
mine just as I service your ass”?

“Just name it,” Jennifer said in anticipation.

“Tell me, Jennifer, would you like to suck and lick my
toes from now on”?

“Natasha, as far as I’m concerned, you can fuck my ass
with your big toe, and I’ll clean your toe with my

Jennifer Lopez and Natasha would have many crazy, lustful
adventures from that point on.

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