Erotic story with Emily Ratajkowski

It was mid-afternoon and Adam was heading to his next interview. After his piece on Lucy Watson last week, both him and his editor loved what he had got out of her, for different reasons of course. Now, he was on his way to yet another ridiculously attractive girl and he again had no idea how he managed to get this job.

Emily Ratajkowski had burst onto the celebrity scene with her appearance in the video of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines. Now, after the red band version of the video put her on the map, her social media following shot up with most of them wanting to see her overwhelmingly sexy body on a daily basis. Her figure was simply sublime and the fact that he had a chance to talk to her about how 2015 went for her and what she had planned for this new year, was absolutely crazy. They had planned to meet at a restaurant in Mayfair (another benefit of interviewing crazy hot women). He arrived a couple of minutes later than agreed but as soon as he spotted her, he wish he hadn’t delayed.

She was wearing a pearlescent white dress which looked like a cloth you’d put over the garden table, with all the holes amongst the pattern. Luckily for Adam, there were enough shaded holes to see Emily’s skinny black bra underneath which firmly held her seemingly gorgeous breasts within.

“Hi, I’m Mr Bates” he said introducing himself, showing her his press ID card.

“Hey, how are you?” asked Emily.

“I’m very good thanks,” he replied, “I must apologize for my lateness”.

“Oh please, it’s fine Mr,” she paused, “can I just call you Adam instead?”

“Sure, no problem”.

They talked and talked over fine wine and food which he couldn’t even begin to try to pronounce. He began to get more and more comfortable as the interview went on for just over an hour. He noticed how the glare from the windows behind Emily shone on her and her face amplified in beauty. He let his mind run wild; imaging that cheeky smile turning into an unbelievably sexy orgasm face with his cock rammed into her…

“So do you have any more questions?” asked Emily.

“Err” Adam searched his dirty mind for that last question, “are you single?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Oh no, it’s just that my piece on Lucy ended with…”

“How dare you ask me about my private life like that? Who the fuck do you think you are?!”

“No no no, that’s not what I meant”.

But it was way too late. Emily Ratajowski had already left the table and had managed to draw the entire restaurant’s attention to his shocked and embarrassed face.

Adam slumped onto his sofa as soon as he chucked his shoes across the room in anger. Anger at the fact that he’d let this huge interview potentially damage a new job which he so dearly loved despite it only being a month or so in. He was also kind of angry at Emily for overreacting. It was one question, which frankly, wasn’t even out of bounds right? He knew he was going to get that dreaded phone call from his editor, swearing down the phone and firing his ass right there and then.

Five minutes later, the phone did ring.

“Hello” Adam answered.

“Hi there, is this Adam Bates?”

“Err yes, yes it is.”

“Excellent, I’m calling on behalf of Ms Ratajkowski”.

“Oh umm,, he suddenly a sinking feeling in his stomach, “I would just like to say that…”

“No need sir, you can tell Ms Ratajkowski yourself”.

“Erm I beg your pardon” said Adam, realizing he began to speak like Emily’s assistant.

“Yes, she has invited you to her apartment suite in London tonight where she will be hosting a party and Ms Ratajowski would love for you to stop by.”

“Wow, alright then.” Adam started to fluster like he did a few hours ago, “Sounds great.”

After getting all the relevant details and finding something half decent to wear, he made his way over to the party. However, when he entered the building, it all seemed rather quiet. Too quiet for a party, surely. He exited the lift door and walked over to her door and still, he could hear no music. He suddenly became extremely nervous but remembered how angry he was this afternoon. He needed to fix things and if it meant shouting down at one of the sexiest fucking woman in the world right now, then so be it. He knocked firmly on the door. He heard footsteps shuffling towards him and finally, the door opened.

“Hi” said Emily alluringly.

She hadn’t changed out of that eye-achingly teasing dress which she wore earlier that day. The suite behind her was empty. No party. No people. No music.

“Hey, I thought that there was a party?” Adam queried, stating the obvious.

“I was crazy at lunch today and overreacted”, admitted Emily, “I invited you over here to make it up to you personally”.

“Huh wow” uttered Adam, bewildered.

“Is there something wrong?” asked Emily.

She was leaning on the door in a way which made Adam want to sweep her off of her feet, press her against the wall and screw her hard. Her legs glowed in the low lighting of the apartment. Her brown silky hair came down to her shoulders and, thanks to her dress, he could see that those magnificent breasts weren’t being held as tight as they were at lunch today.

“No, it’s just that I was actually coming over here to be all angry and shit but, looks like I don’t need to be”

“You could still be angry”

“What do you mean?”

Emily grabbed his tie and dragged him inside. She slammed the door behind her and took Adam by surprise (to say the least) when she swung her arms around him and pressed her lips to his. He instinctively moved his hands towards her ass but then snapped back into reality and realized what was going on.

“Woah woah woah,” he exclaimed, “what the fuck!”

“I just feel really bad for nearly making you lose your job, plus I acted like a bitch at dinner and, honestly, you’re hot and I could sense you checking me out at lunch so…”

Adam interrupted her words by pushing his mouth to hers again, this time brave enough to use his tongue. Their hands were now going crazy over each other now that the thrill of sex. He found a zip on the back of her dress and hurriedly began to tug it down. Her dress fell to the floor and her stunning body was only covered by her simple black underwear. Her tits were screaming to be released from that bra. Her hourglass figure was so sexy. His hands travelled further down to her near-perfect rear end which he knew he would enjoy drilling later tonight. And from what he saw in the craziness of their lust, her legs looked so smooth and sublime.

“Follow me” she commanded, taking his tie playfully and pulling him along.

This gave him a chance to admire her body from behind and he still couldn’t believe that he was about to fuck her. Lucy Watson was astonishing enough but Emily Ratajkowski?! This was the best job he ever had.

“Here we are.”

She had led him to her bedroom which looked like it had everything you needed and didn’t need in a bedroom. Most impressively, a window panned across an entire face of a wall which looked out onto the streets of London which, at only 9 in the evening, were busy with people drinking at bars ready for another night out. Her bed was to their left as they entered the room and it was safe to say that he’d have a lot of room to work in. Now with Lucy, there seemed to be a sense of mutual control, so no-one really dominated each other. This time however, Adam was horny as hell and his confidence had risen so high, that he definitely wanted things his way.

“Yeah, you’re right, you nearly lost me my job and fuck yeah I was pissed,” stated Adam with intent, “So get down on your knees and start making it up to me” he demanded.

He unbuckled his belt and she brought his undergarments down to reveal his ever-hardening penis. She began to rub her hands up and down his erection and faintly lick his tip, allowing for his boner to grow. He looked down to see a perfect view of her sexy cleavage but obviously wanted more, so he arched his back down to remove her bra. Her boobs were released and Adam relished their returning presence. He cupped them in his hands and felt around her soft skin and nipples, loving every touch. Like any other sane guy, he thought Emily’s tits were fucking awesome; they were surprisingly, yet brilliantly, big for her figure and Adam had the privilege to see them up close and play with them. He then realised that Emily had already begun to take his cock into her mouth, sucking him off and enjoying the sensation of a dick in her mouth, touching all her tonsils wonderfully; the good sensation was mutual.

She was taking things at a normal pace and licked his shaft up and down but abruptly, she felt her hair being tied back and then her head ferociously launched onto his dick, causing her to jolt and shout due to the shock. Plus, when she looked up, she could sense that he wasn’t going to ease off the face-fuck. He kept going, planting deeper every time, causing great satisfaction. His pelvis smashed against her face and Adam groaned louder. Emily began to choke and yelped loudly under the sheer willpower, which fulfilled him very much. However, these were only muffles as her mouth was being penetrated thoroughly by Adam’s cock. He paused briefly to take in the moment and allow her some rest bite. It also meant he could have some fun by hitting her in the face with his dick & poking it slightly in and out of her mouth; Emily was being completely controlled. He went in again, his pelvis smashing against her face as she gagged uncontrollably once more.

“Ohh fuck, just stay there, keep your mouth wide open, I can see you’re loving this” he said, almost taunting her.

He kept going, occasionally making one hand free to feel her superb chest. Then, after holding his dick down her throat for one last time, a loud male moan signalled a climax. Some may have viewed this as quite a quick climax but to be honest, Adam couldn’t help himself with the position he was in. After spewing some of his load down her wet throat, he quickly removed it from her mouth & targeted her face. Emily tried to lap it all up; much to his surprise since she had just been roughly and royally face-fucked.

“Shit, that was crazy” Emily remarked.

“Keep sucking, clean this mess all up” Adam reminded.

She obeyed and sucked him dry, allowing him a breather. Her eyes were tantalising and she oozed hotness. He sensed that this was the point where the female would usually take the wheel for a while, but not this time. He grabbed and picked her up by the neck, plunged his tongue into her mouth for a while with spectacular passion and then tossed her onto the bed behind her. She was taken aback but was still enjoying every moment as he ripped off her pants and before she knew it, her legs were wide open and his dick was making its way into her.

“AARRGGHH FUUCCKKK” she yelped with tremendous volume whilst instinctively grabbing the bed sheets with her hands, in reaction to Adam going instantly deep inside of her.

He pile drove her against the headrest whilst placing his hand behind her neck for stability. They looked into each other’s eyes yet she couldn’t help but cry out loud at his fast, heavy thrusts into her vagina. Her body juddered as Adam screwed her with considerable speed and force but after a while, he slowed yet deepened himself into her damp pussy, allowing him mouth time with her tits.

“FUCK” Emily cried.

He looked around him and saw an office chair accompanying a desk. Already, his mind had the image of her ass being impaled by his dick. He decided to wrap things up with a last deep thrust, gazing deep into her eyes as he did so, feeling the connection between them right now. She was being pleasured to the max and he knew it, he could tell by the mixture of joy and a little bit of pain on her face, merely down to his roughness.

“Get up and go to that chair, I’ve got to fuck that beautiful ass of yours” Adam commanded.

“If you insist” teased Emily.

They embraced as she rose, their kissing now a tad more relaxed and more pleasurable. Emily knew exactly what was going to happen and bent herself down so her pelvic area was at ninety degrees on the chair, leaving her ass exposed. Adam came towards it and spanked it hard, loving the sight of one of the finest asses out there. It really was a view to appreciate and he was going to make the most of it. He pulled her hair back and began to insert his dick into her ass. The tip was first to enter and both parties grunted and groaned in response. The rest of his dick followed and the tight sensation was amazing. He ramped it up and used his other free hand to steady himself and throw the occasional slap. They both groaned and cried in delight, loving every moment. He attempted to go to the max and tugged her hair back as hard as he could whist penetrating her ass as fast as he could, the result was tremendous.

“ARGH SLOW DOWN A BIT” she pleaded, seemingly caving in on Adam’s attitude this evening.

He didn’t take any notice and carried on at his own pace. The sound their thumping created was brilliant and he was in one of the dream positions: Emily Ratajkowski bent over a chair with his dick spearing her ass and his hands either slapping her cheeks or tugging on her long, brown hair. He was being rougher than usual and he loved every second. Then, he had another light bulb moment.

“Ahh, fuck, thanks…” she let out prematurely.

She thought that he had listened to her but she was wrong by quite a distance. He dragged her over to the window and stood her up against the glass pane, her boobs pressed tightly together on the cold surface and her face pressed sideways against the window. Emily felt his penis enter her rear end once more and she looked out to see the street below, anticipating heads turning towards them.

“Let’s see how many people notice you loving my cock in you” Adam whispered.

“Fuck, your job means a lot…. ARGH” she said before being interrupted

He really wasn’t going to slow down and she was beginning to accept it; not that she wasn’t enjoying it at all, it was just different she guessed. The intensity of this however was thrilling; having even a few people look up to see him fucking one the fittest girls in the world right now was fucking great and he wanted to give her all he had before he was going to blow again. He grabbed her ass-cheeks and ploughed into her ass, both savoring it. He smothered her neck and played with her brilliant rack. He again felt closer to the edge and was about to cum once more.

“Get ready for this” he warned

Before she knew it, his load burst into her ass and they both sighed heavily.

“AHHHH FUCK” she exclaimed.

“OHH Yes, yes, yes” he said, relieved.

He made sure it was all out before wiping his tip around her ass, making sure her body was remembered for future wanks. She turned round and they kissed again. Almost instinctively, their hands met at her clit, making sure that she came over the line too. Adam even went to the effort to go down on her, mainly so that he could caress her oh so smooth thighs and feel them shudder as she came. The mood was now a lot more relaxing.

“Shit, we should do lunch more often” Emily joked.

They were both getting dressed as some chat filled the time they shared.

“Definitely, I’m sure my editor will want another feature sooner rather than later” he said.

“Can’t wait” she replied seductively in that sexy, fuck me voice.

Good thing he just did…