The Secret and Dirty World of Alex Mack

Alex Mack lay in bed. Her sister Annie was sleeping
next to her naked worn out after one of their many
“midnight snacks” that they had been having so often
these days. Alex was fantasizing about so many of the
cute guys at her school. She often did this after her
interlude’s with Annie or Ray. She fiddled with her
cunt, dreaming that she was getting her brains fucked
out by some big stud. While she dreamed about a bunch
of guys, her thoughts often came back to one – Jake

Jake and Alex’s lockers were right next to each other
in school and they often talked between classes. Sooner
or later, Alex and Jake both realized that they liked
each other. The only problem was that it turned out
Jake was going out with Annie. Jake had wanted to break
up with Annie to go out with Alex, but Alex had felt
too weird about a guy breaking up with her sister for
her at that time. It didn’t matter in the end since
Jake broke up with Annie. Jake had told Annie that he
had found some else, but never told Annie who that was.
Annie still did not know that it was Alex who Jake had
fallen for. Alex’s mom, Barbara had known, but never
told anyone else. Jake had come by one night, trying
to convince Alex to go out with him, but Alex had to
rebuff him. Jake told her though, never to forget him.
Alex never had.

Alex thought about trying to get back together with
Jake. Sure it had been six months since Annie and Jake
had broken up, but there was a chance that Annie would
never have to know. Alex thought about Jake shoving his
cock up her pussy, fucking her brains out for hours.
She started to masturbate harder at this thought. She
knew that if she could get together with Jake, she
could make it happen. Annie stirred beside her.

“Getting in a little solo work?” she giggled.

Alex didn’t respond, but Annie didn’t need her to.
Annie slowly moved from Alex’s side down to the foot
of her bed to situate herself in front of Alex’s
glistening pussy. Annie slowly removed Alex’s hands,
licking the love juices from them. Annie then quickly
inserted her tongue into Alex’s pussy, swirling it
around. She licked and licked at the outside of Alex’s
cunt, flicking her tongue out at Alex’s clit every few
seconds. Alex moved her hands to Annie’s head, driving
it deeper into her pussy. Alex started to moan with
pleasure. Annie responded by increasing her tongue
action on Alex’s clit.

“Fuck me Annie, come on fuck me” she moaned. Annie
then stuck a pair of fingers up Alex’s pussy and
started to finger fuck her. Annie then moved down and
started to tongue Alex’s asshole. This was all too much
for Alex she felt an orgasm explode inside her. Annie
licked at the juices that flowed out of Alex’s pussy
while Alex glowed and rode the wave’s of the orgasm.
After the orgasm had subsided, Alex knelt down and gave
Annie a hot French kiss, slipping her tongue into
Annie’s mouth to meet hers. ‘Yep’ Alex thought ‘I am
definitely going to see if I can find Jake’.

* * *

Alex moved through Danielle Atron High School’s
crowded hallways, trying in vain to get to her locker.
This would normally be the time she avoided going to
her locker so as not to talk to Jake, but today she
had it all planned out. She would go to her locker and
talk to Jake. Hopefully he was in school today so she
could get this started. She turned a corner and her
locker was in sight. Her heart jumped to see that Jake
was there as well. Her face started to glow slightly
as it always did when she was embarrassed, so she had
to hide it against the wall. After it had subsided, she
quickly moved down to her locker to catch Jake. Jake
didn’t notice her right away, so Alex started putting
her books away. Then Jake saw her.

“Alex!” Jake said surprised and happy at the same
time “How are you doing. I haven’t seen you in such a
long time.”

“Hi Jake” Alex said “Listen, is there somewhere we
could go so we can talk?”

“Ah yeah, we can go to the park or something if you
want” Jake replied. School was over.

“Great. I’ll meet you there at say 3:30 near the
playground?” Alex suggested.

“Sure. What do you want to talk to me about?” he

“I’ll tell you when I see you there. Remember 3:30.”

“Right, 3:30.”

Alex grabbed her backpack and started off down the
hallway to meet up with Ray.

* * *

Alex walked to the park and thought about what would
happen in the next few hours. Annie was due to come
home until late tonight; she was studying at the
library today. Her mom and dad were going out to
dinner, leaving Alex alone to make her own dinner and
take care of herself tonight. She planned to get Jake
to come home with her and then let love take it’s
course. She saw Jake a few yards away, standing by his
car. Alex summoned up all the courage that she had, and
walked up to Jake.

“Hi Alex. What did you want to talk to me about?”
Jake asked.

“Hi Jake. Listen, you know that I wasn’t crazy about
you breaking up with Annie for me. That’s just too
weird. I couldn’t go out with you then because if Annie
had seen us together, she would never have spoken to me
again.” Alex said.

“I guess I can understand that. I put you in a tough
spot and I’m sorry. It’s just I really like you Alex,
and I wanted to go out with you.”

“It’s been six months since you broke up with her.
You told me that I shouldn’t forget you. I never have.
I like you too Jake. I think that if we are careful
about it, we can find some way to go out.” Alex said.

“Are you serious?” Jake asked “You really want to try
and go out?”

“I gave this a lot of thought and I had a lot of fun
hanging out with you Jake. I think it would be stupid
if we didn’t at least give it a try.”

“Alex, you don’t know how happy that makes me” Jake
said, joyously “You know, I’m going to have to kiss you

“I was wondering when you would” Alex said.

Jake leaned down and brought his lips to Alex’s and
softly kissed her. Alex opened her mouth and let her
tongue slowly slip out to meet Jake’s. Alex’s probing
tongue met Jake’s, surprising him. He didn’t resist
though, drinking up the kiss. Alex slowly broke the

“Let’s go back to my house. We can talk there and not
be out in this hot sun.” Alex said.

“Sure. I think that I can still find it.”

Both Jake and Alex got into Jake’s convertible. Jake
started it up and pulled out of the park. Jake made
small talk, trying to keep from looking nervous, but
he couldn’t hide it very well. Alex responded politely
each time, thinking about what she would do when she
got home with Jake.

“I take a right here, right?” Jake asked.

“Yeah, it’s the second house on the left.” Alex

Jake turned the corner and Alex took a survey of the
front of her home. No cars, no bikes – perfect. Jake
pulled into the driveway and both he and Alex got out.
Alex pulled out her key and went inside, leaving the
door open for Jake.

“Annie!? Mom!? Dad!?” she yelled into the empty

“I guess nobody’s home” Jake said, turning to close
the door.

“Perfect” Alex said.

Alex made her move then. As soon as Jake turned back
towards her, Alex immediately started kissing him,
sending her tongue flicking around in Jake’s mouth.
This surprised the hell out of Jake, but he didn’t
make any move to stop her. He kissed her fiercely back,
sending his tongue out to lock up with Alex’s. Alex
pulled off Jake’s jacket and threw it in a corner.
Still locked in the savage French kiss, they made their
way to the couch. When they reached the foot of the
couch, Alex shoved Jake roughly onto the couch and then
took off her sweater. She then pulled off her T-shirt,
exposing her bra to Jake.

“Alex, you don’t have to do this you know.” Jake said

“Don’t worry, I want to.” Alex replied.

Alex again started kissing Jake. She shoved her
tongue roughly down into Jake’s mouth. She met Jake’s
lips and kissed him passionately. She pulled back and
Jake pulled off his shirt. Alex ran her hands down
Jake’s lean stomach, bending down every few seconds to
kiss him. Alex reached Jake’s jeans and she slowly
undid the button and pulled the zipper down.

“Geez Alex, you sure you want to go this far?” Jake
said, a bit scared but really turned on.

Alex responded by removing Jake’s shoes and then
pulling his jeans off, leaving him only in socks and
boxer shorts. Alex then reached back and unbuttoned
her skirt, letting it fall to the ground around her
ankles. Alex again reached back and undid her bra,
letting it fall near her skirt. She stepped out of
them and got down between Jake’s legs. She slowly
removed his boxer’s, and grasped his stiffening cock.
Alex slowly took Jake’s dick into her mouth, slowly
licking the head. Jake stiffened with pleasure. Alex
continued, wrapping her tongue around Jake’s cock.
Jake started groaning lightly. He had gotten head
from a few of his other girlfriends, but never like
this. Alex continued rolling her tongue around Jake’s
dick. After a few minutes, she slowly bent her head
down and throated Jake’s dick. It was a good nine
inches, bigger than Ray’s, so she had to work hard
not to choke on it. Alex started bobbing her head up
and down on Jake’s dick.

“That’s right Alex. Suck it.” Jake said “Suck me off

Alex did just that. She increased the speed of her
sucking and Jake began to groan more. He placed his
hands on her head and used them to move Alex’s head up
and down faster.

“Aww fuck Alex. I gonna cum” Jake groaned.

Just before Jake shot his wad, Alex pulled Jake’s
dick out of her mouth and jacked him off. Jake shot
his long stream of gooey cum on Alex’s face. Alex’s
face is covered with the salty/sweet cum and she
leaned down and cleans off Jake’s dick. She then did
her best to lick the majority of Jake’s cum off her
face. When Jake recovered, he knelt down and locked
in a passionate French kiss.

Breaking the kiss, Alex said “Let’s go up to my
bedroom. It’ll be better to fuck on a bed.”

Alex and Jake climbed the stairs naked, probing at
each others bodies. Before they got to the top of the
stairs, Jake picked Alex up and cradled her in his
arms and carried her to her bedroom. Jake then set
Alex down on the bed and then knelt at the foot of the
bed and began to work on Alex.

Jake kissed Alex up and down her legs. Jake’s foot
hit against something under the bed. Jake pulled a
small box from under the bed and opened it. Inside he
found several pairs of handcuffs, keys, and a vibrator.

“Alex, you are one naughty girl.” Jake said.

“Then I guess you’ll have to tie me up then, won’t
you?” Alex replied.

Jake took two pairs of handcuffs and took them an
attached them to Alex’s arms. He then attached them to
the head of Alex’s bed, holding her down. Jake leaned
down again and started to work on Alex’s breasts. He
brought one of Alex’s nipples into his mouth and sucked
on it, eliciting little moans from Alex. Jake gently
bit Alex’s nipples, bringing them fully erect. Jake
then moved over to Alex’s other nipple and sucked on
it. After a minute, Jake again moved to the foot of
Alex’s bed and knelt down between Alex’s legs.

Jake gently kissed Alex’s cunt lips and licked at
Alex’s snatch. Alex squirmed with delight at the
pleasure she felt streaming through her body. Jake
lapped at Alex’s cunt and licked all over the surface
of it. Jake flicked his tongue out at Alex’s clit,
making Alex let out a quick moan. Jake pulled back
though and ran his arms all over Alex’s body, moving
over every inch of Alex’s flesh. He teased her breasts
and ran his hand quickly across her pussy. Jake’s dick
was rock hard again and was ready to give Alex the
fucking of her life. Jake brought his cock up towards
Alex’s pussy and pressed the head right against Alex’s
cunt lips.

“Do you want it Alex?” he asked smiling.

“Yes” she whimpered.

“Tell me how much you want it Alex. Make me believe
that you want it.” Jake said.

“I want your cock in me right now you stud. If you
don’t fuck me right now, I think I’ll never be the
same again. Fuck me!”

Jake was convinced and he gently pushed into Alex’s
cunt. Jake slowly moved his whole nine inches into
Alex’s pussy until it was totally enveloped. Alex let
out a huge moan that filled the house.

* * *

Downstairs, Annie unlocked the door to her house.
Tired, she had finished studying at the library early
today. She just needed to get some rest tonight. She
dropped her books on the front table and noticed that
there was a lot of clothing strewn about the living
room, and not all of it appeared to be Alex’s. Just
then, she heard a huge moan echo throughout the house.
‘Hey’ Annie though ‘Alex got some stud and is hogging
him all to herself. I’m going to have to go see about
that’. She began climbing up the stairs.

* * *

Jake started thrusting in and out of Alex’s pussy.
Alex was already really hot and extremely wet. He hoped
that no one walked in on them. He didn’t think that
anyone would take very kindly to him fucking Alex. Alex
moaned as Jake increased his pace, moving his cock in
and out of Alex’s pussy faster and faster.

“You better not cum in me” Alex said, pleading “I
want you to shoot your spunk all over my face so that
I can, uhhhhhh, lick it off.”

Jake nodded his head, but didn’t say anything. He
was concentrating on Alex’s glistening cunt at the
moment and didn’t have time to acknowledge her request
with a verbal answer. He again started to increase his
pace. ‘I hope I can hold out’ Jake said to himself ‘I
don’t think I can keep this up much longer.’

* * *

“That little bitch” Annie said to herself, peering
in through a crack in the door seeing her sister and
her former boyfriend fucking on Alex’s bed. “That
little bitch. She stole Jake from me and now she has
the Gaul to come into our room and fuck him in her
bed.” Annie was furious. She had liked Jake, but he
had broken it off a while back. He said that he had
fallen in love with someone else. Maybe it was Alex,
maybe it wasn’t, but that fact was that they were
still on her bed, fucking each other’s brains out.
Despite her protests to the situation, Annie was
getting very hot. The thought of Jake slamming that
huge rod in her pussy gave her the chills.

“Well, I’ll let them finish, then see if he has any
room for another good fuck.” She quietly closed the
door and slowly took off her skirt and blouse. She was
wearing a sheer blue crotchless teddy, complete with
garters. ” Jake�s bound to notice me now.”

* * *

“Oh Fuck yeah Jake!” Alex moaned “Ram it home! Make
me cum!” she cried.

Jake again sped up the pace and started to feel his
balls smack against Alex’s ass. He was about ready to
come, but was determined not to come before Alex did.
She had given him the best blow job of his life and he
wanted this to be the best fucking of her life.

“Come on you stud, make me. . Oh My God” Alex moaned.

Alex’s mouth formed a perfect “O”, the sexiest site
Jake thought he would ever see, as she felt her orgasm
hit and her body began to glow. Jake didn’t even take
notice. Alex’s cunt started to flow with her juices as
she came all over. She began to glow from the effects
of GC-161. At the same time, Jake felt his balls ready
to explode and he pulled out of Alex’s pussy and jacked
himself off. Jake felt his dick spurt the hot, gooey
cum all over Alex’s face as she was herself, riding her
own orgasm.

Both lay flat on their backs for a solid minute as
they rode their orgasm all the way out and recovered
from the wild ride. Jake never noticed Alex’s glowing.
Both started waking up and Jake crawled over and undid
Alex’s bonds.

“Alex” he panted “that was the best sex I think I’ll
ever have in my life.”

“Ditto” Alex said and then moved up and locked in a
passionate kiss with Jake.

While Jake and Alex were kissing, the door opened.
“Well looky what we have here” Annie said, strutting
into the room in her crotchless blue teddy “Looks like
we have a pair of very naughty people.”