Film Star

Would it be possible to find yourself in this position? A
business dinner and meet a famous film star. You make is
acquaintance with the utmost confidence. Confidence that
is shattered when you become the powerful man’s sexual
plaything, and then it gets “worse” and you’re given to
his bodyguards to do with what they will… Would it be
possible, would it?

You have been invited to a business dinner at a large
company headquarters. It is a black tie event and will
consist of over a hundred people attending at the company
headquarters to be served champagne and a buffet style

You dress for the occasion; high strapless heels, a black
lace g-string and a low cut almost backless black evening
dress that flows down to your ankles but is split on the
side almost to your g-string.

Your hair and make-up are immaculate and a full body wax
has ensured that your skin is as smooth as a babies… a
touch of perfume and you are the most stunning person at
the function.

At the function you quickly notice that a number of
celebrities are there including a famous film star and
his team of four extremely fit looking bodyguards.

As the night progresses you notice that the film star is
paying you a lot of attention and this flatters you.
Eventually one of his bodyguards takes you aside and asks
you to follow him… which o course you do

You leave the function and walk to the lifts… on
entering the lift he produces a key that allows access to
the penthouse floor… nothing is said as the lift
ascends but your excitement mounts in time with the floor
lights, finally it stops on the 33rd floor and using the
key again he opens the lift doors and stands aside to
allow you to pass.

Hesitantly you enter the is large with views over
the whole city.seated in a high-backed chair is the film
star flanked by his remaining bodyguards; the other joins
him after leading you by the elbow to stand in front of

Nothing is said but you can feel the eyes of all five on
you… his with interest, the bodyguards with undisguised

Finally he speaks, “You’re a bit full of yourself, aren’t
you?” You try to reply but he cuts you off. “No don’t
speak whilst you are here. I, and these men here intend
taking you down a peg or two.if you resist we shall
simply force you.if you complain we will all testify that
you attempted to blackmail me and I will have no option
but to report it to the police.”

Your mind is racing what will they can’t be that
bad, after all they are all quite good looking, your
hand, your head, in a show of submission but say

“Good, now show me what my friend has brought me… take
off your dress.”

You remove your dress, slipping the straps from your
shoulders and letting it slip to your ankles, you are
secretly pleased as it momentarily clings to your erect step out of it and without being told to slip
your g-string slowly over your hips and down to your
ankles, stepping out of both you stand naked in front of
all five males…

“Hands behind your head and legs spread wide.”

You comply, thrusting your breasts forward. God your
nipples are hard and you can feel the juices starting to
wet your thighs.

“I knew you’d be a slut, but by the end of the night you
are going to be a sore and sorry slut, we intend using
every orifice you have and any hesitation or complaint on
your behalf will be dealt with by this,” stretching out
his hand one of the bodyguards handed him a thick leather
strap four foot long by two inches wide.

Rising from the chair he walks to you and using the strap
begins to caress your breasts, nipples, buttocks and
pussy.he cool leather sending shivers through you.

“Bend, legs straight and wide apart..push that cunt out
where we can see it.”

You are taken by surprise by the harshness of the command
but obey feel your cheeks tighten and splay
apart revealing your inner lips, which are glistening

“The slut is hot… turn round show them how wet you are
slut… feel her… lubricate that anus for later.”

The four bodyguards eagerly step forward pushing thick
fingers into your pussy and coating them in your juices
before ramming them into your first it burns and
sends shocks of pain through you but gradually your
sphincter relaxes and accommodating them almost becomes

“Warm her up, ten strokes each and anybody who spares her
misses out on fucking her.”

He hands the strap to the first of the body guards.who
strips off his jacket and shirt revealing a well toned
torso.standing to one side he measures the strap then
drawing back his arm he brings it whistling down until it
curves round both your cheeks landing with the sound of a
gun shot .you let out a loud groan as the others stare
intently at the broad red welt that is forming across
your naked bottom cheeks..again and again at regular
intervals the strap rises and falls… until your
buttocks feel as if they are on fire…

Finally the first ten are over. You remain bent as the
sound of a zip coming down causes you to look behind you.
Your assailant has shed his trousers and is sporting a
huge erection.closing in on you he begins to caress your
burning buttocks before slipping the head of his cock
into your pussy.

Holding you by the waist he steadies himself and then in
one motion thrusts his cock in up to the hilt, holding it
there and drawing the heat from your ravaged buttocks
into his thighs.slowly withdrawing to its full length he
again slams it to the hilt then passion takes over and he
begins to thrust faster and faster, plunging in until he
can hold back no longer.

With an animalistic grunt he embeds himself and begins a
series of contracting spurts that fill you with hot cum.
Exhausted he slumps over you before regaining his
composure and slowly withdrawing from you leaving his cum
to dribble out of you and coat the inside of your thighs.

By now all of them are naked and when you look up you are
faced with four fully erect cocks… they decide that
your punishment can wait as the one with the biggest cock
lies on his back and you are led over to him.told to
squat down on him.even with the coating of cum and the
initial fucking he is a tight fit… but you gradually
ease him in settling down until your lips are coating
his balls in his friends cum.

You are grabbed by the hair and dragged forward where a
second cock is forced into your mouth… whilst you
struggle to stop gagging you feel your butt-hole being
probed then a flash of pain as a cock finds the entrance
and forces it’s way in… when all three orifices are
filled the film star takes up the strap and tells you he
will lash your breasts alternatively until all three have
deposited their cum into you.

As the cock thrusts into your mouth you instinctively
recoil .impaling yourself on the twin shafts in your cunt
and anus… they in turn force you forward gagging on the
oral intruder. To add to your misery the strap lashes
each breast in turn turning them into fiery globs
swinging on your chest. Mercifully they are all overcome
with the erotic energy in the room and within seconds of
each other they begin to grunt and spurt, forcing you
into spasms of your own as your cunt, anus and mouth
contract and drain every last drop from them…

Exhausted you all collapse in a heap at the film stars
feet. He watches for a minute then instructs the
bodyguards to carry you to the bathroom, wash and clean
all trace of them from you, and then bring you to him in
the bedroom where you will spend the night alone… with