Special Guest Star – Kat Dennings

“I missed this,” I thought I heard.

With my face buried in Kat Denning’s bursting cleavage, I could be forgiven for not hearing her right. Nevertheless, I chose to believe I heard her right and said, “Me too,” although I probably made it hard for her to hear me.

“Well, doy,” I heard a little better. At that point, I finally lifted my head out of her chest, and she used her lips to cover mine instead of talking some more.

I relaxed onto the ratty fake TV couch of Kat’s ratty, fake TV apartment set, while Kat laid on top of me. She was still in her yellow, red striped TV waitress uniform from 2 Broke Girls, the show we both worked on – although she did much more than me.

For this first day back on the set for Season Four, we were doing what we did after the first day of shooting in Seasons Two and Three. And a few days in between both seasons. And once or twice near the end of Season One.

Not only had the show survived this long, but so did our unspoken agreement to have….encounters like this every so often. It wasn’t extremely regular, and we usually kept from this when one of us was in an actual relationship – usually. But whenever we had a particularly great need for relief, here we were – pawing and fucking on the set after hours.

We hadn’t gotten to the fucking yet so far, of course. I was still too busy getting reacquainted with Kat’s tits, content to let them barely stay in her uniform. I was enjoying getting reacquainted with her luscious lips just as much, until Kat pulled away.

“You’ve been patient long enough. Let’s pretend that for a little while,” Kat stated, before lowering her zipper down that last little inch, so that her tits could fully come out. “The sooner you get to see my main event again, the sooner I get to know yours again.”

I knew she wouldn’t wait much longer for it, just like I barely could. So I reached out to squeeze and hold about 40 percent of Kat’s incredible tits, before she went down my body and took them away. Still, I wouldn’t be sad about it for too long.

Within moments, Kat unzipped my pants and reached right in without teasing. She quickly pulled out what she’d been waiting for, letting it stick up high in the air.

Kat had the greatest tits, fullest lips, deepest eyes, curviest figure and roundest ass I could ever hope to know. All I brought to the table was an 11-inch cock. I let her pretend that balanced it out, and let myself do it too.

“There it is,” Kat said, almost sounding like she was squeaking, which wasn’t like her. But I brushed it aside when she started brushing my cock with her hand – and when she brushed my head with her lips.

“Mmm….I could tell you what I’ve been practicing on this summer. But showing you should do the trick,” Kat teased. She showed me and then some by taking my balls into her right hand, thoroughly licking the shaft of my cock up and down, and then doing the same to my sides.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten the old favorites,” Kat assured. She licked me up and down a few more times before breaking out my favorite – and I hoped hers too.

With my cock lubed up, it was easier for Kat to trap it between her tits and start pumping them up and down. After a few thrusts, she kept her breasts still and let my head come out, putting her in position to stick her tongue out, lick and bat around my head with her tongue, then give it a deep suck.

I held my breath, nearly as much as I held my cock and cum back, as Kat suckled my head, squeezed her marshmallow tits harder on me and burned me up with a smoldering stare from her deep blue/green eyes. Then she came off and just circled her tongue on my head as she looked at me.

After stroking me with her tits a little while longer, she took them off and suddenly lowered her mouth halfway down my cock. She then fit at least four more inches in with less effort than I expected – it was certainly harder the first few times. I could have sworn she got one more inch down her throat – a new record – before sucking deeply and coming off.

“Jesus, you were practicing,” I gasped.

“Almost perfect, but not quite,” Kat said anyway. She then slid her tongue all over my cock again, quickly shoved it back down her mouth, then came off just as fast – leaving a trail of saliva running down it.

“Oh my God…..” I heard myself say. But upon further review, it didn’t completely sound like me. It sounded….

“Wait, that wasn’t you,” Kat said out loud. “And I was saving that for after you came, so….”

“Oh, shit,” we both heard – and it didn’t come out of either our mouths. It was feminine, but it wasn’t in Kat’s smart alack voice. It sounded squeakier and more nasal….almost like….

No fucking way.

“No fucking way! Kim?!” Kat asked out loud as I asked it in my brain. What’s more, she actually got up from the couch – without bothering to fit her tits back in the uniform – and rushed over to the tiny on set kitchen.

Behind the window nearby was a person who was apparently spying on us. The same special guest star that was in the actual episode hours earlier. One of the few women who had more downloads of leaked nudity than Kat did – only hers was more on purpose, and more graphic. And with a black guy who wasn’t the equally famous/infamous black guy she was married to now.

Yet none of that stopped Kim Kardashian from looking in on us anyway. And she couldn’t stop Kat from catching her and dragging her onto the set in full view too.

By then, I managed to get my cock back in my pants – and I thought I caught Kim watching the tail end of it. In fact, I almost heard another squeak from her before Kat spoke up. “What the hell, Kim K?” she demanded, before finally remembering to cover herself up too.

I bit back a disappointed squeak when she zipped back up, which perhaps made me glare at Kim even harder. She had a figure hugging white dress on, like the one she wore during taping – the one I tried not to stare at enough for anyone, especially her or Kat, to see. Given my rather blue state down below, I couldn’t afford to study it too closely here either.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Kim cried out, which kind of helped make my boner manageable. “I was busy on the phone, then I heard you guys, then I couldn’t look away….you know how it is, right?”

“No, enlighten us,” Kat shot back.

“Well….come on, you gotta know better than anyone, right? With that?” Kim gestured to me. “I know that’s the biggest white cock I’ve ever seen. I don’t know about you.” Somehow, that both helped and hurt my efforts to calm my erection down.

“You know, at least you knew you were putting on a show with a big cock back then! I didn’t get that kind of heads up now!” Kat pointed out. “Speaking of which, where’s that phone of yours? Tell me it’s still stuck on your own game and we’ll be a little better!”

“I finished it way before this, I swear!” Kim claimed. With that, Kat just huffed and sighed, more resigned than angry now. As for me, I was still just a quiet, trying not to be hard spectator.

Still, I spent all day seeing Kat Dennings and Kim Kardashian – two women whose famously busty, curvy, ample, hourglass figured naked bodies I knew intimately, for vastly different reasons – standing together. Seeing them stand together now, in my state, was wearing me down even more.

Especially since I already knew Kim liked what she saw. If only by white cock standards. Kat already showed how much she liked and missed it, and she didn’t look happy that she had to stop.

“You know, it’s our own fault we don’t meet like this more,” Kat started. “I got no one other than him to blame but me for going months without….that. But when you’re finally ready to see something like that again, you kind of want to get on with it! Without an audience! At least without one on purpose!”

“Oh, really?” Kim asked. “Well….does it matter to you that there’s a bigger audience for this?”

With that, Kim turned around, bent down and started rolling the bottom of her dress up. Somehow, someway, she got it up enough to completely uncover her….most valued asset. And it didn’t even have panties on.

“I know you’ve been staring at it all day. Now that you’ve seen it, it’s not important that someone else is too, is it? I mean, it doesn’t sound like you’re exclusive or anything!” Kim said.

“Wait a minute, I wasn’t….” I objected.

“And I wasn’t talking to you,” Kim stated, with her back and her bare, famous ass still turned to us. But if she wasn’t talking to me….and I was still confident I was discreet about checking her ass out…..then….

One look to a frozen Kat said it all.

“Okay, okay, you got me! But….come on, man! Look at it! The whole world has, but damn! You can’t blame them!” Kat said to me, I think. “I know, I know, but….if she’s putting it out there and she actually wants to, who am I to turn away? Who are any of us, really?”

“So….this is leading to what?” I tried to make sense of this again.

“It means don’t stop the show on my account,” Kim said. “Otherwise….” She paused to lower her dress and turn around, which made both of us squeal in disappointment.

I mean, we could have just looked it up online, but….seeing that ass in person was something that couldn’t be passed up. At least as long as the only person who’s technically supposed to see it in person wouldn’t be coming by.

“Look, you want to get him off, and you’ve clearly been waiting a while. So do it,” Kim offered. “Just don’t swallow his cum. I want to see what he has before I do anything else.”

“Should I have a say in this? Should Kat?” I asked her pointedly.

“Would you rather waste another minute running to the bathroom to take care of it? In your condition?” Kim asked. “Would Kat?”

For all of her questionable intelligence in a lot of areas, when it came to stuff she was familiar with – regardless of how shallow it was – Kim did know a thing or two, apparently. But Kat got my attention back when she lowered her zipper again and slid her arms out of her sleeves, bunching the top of her costume around her waist and showing her tits anew.

“I’m just going for it and getting it over with. But I guess I can’t risk staining this. Again,” Kat stated before getting the rest of the uniform off. Now she was left in nothing but black panties – and now I heard Kim make impressed noises too.

“Whoh, Kat….I mean, the tits are one thing, but….” Kim said, understandably. For all of the fame Kat got for her chest, her ass was….almost on a Kim-like level. Ironically, for all the justified hype over Kim’s ass, her own breasts were almost at a Kat like level – at least that’s how they looked online. In person….

In person, it was Kat that was unzipping me again, freeing my still hard cock and wasting no time getting it on the brink again. She loudly bobbed on it and let her lovely lips rub it as deeply as possible, before sliding my shaft all across and underneath her breasts.

“We had an unspoken deal, Kardashian, remember?” Kat reminded, getting some control over her back. In response, Kim reached back to unzip her dress, but walked to me and signaled for her with the rest.

As Kat went back to sucking my cock, I unzipped the rest of Kim’s dress and opened it up – her ass and her braless back just inches away from me. She then shrugged it off and dropped it, her fully naked body on display for both of us.

I’d be lying if I didn’t notice how Kat sucked harder and faster after that. I’d be lying if I said that was the only reason I was getting close. Yet I tried to focus on Kat’s usual perfect technique and perfect mouth, especially when she popped off, licked me all over and then pumped me close to her perfect chest.

“You heard Kim. Cum for us,” Kat said. “You must have jacked off all summer….dreaming of showering my tits again. You can’t hold back anymore, can you? Even with an audience, you can’t do it anymore….she’s right, none of us can….”

With that, Kat smothered my tits again, gave my head one deep suck, then pulled back just in time for me to start spurting. The first strand just got on her neck, but she made it so the rest completely drowned her chest in cum.

By then, I assumed Kim had turned around for a better look, judging by the moans I heard behind me. But even the sight of her naked wouldn’t have distracted me from Kat this time. Not like this.

I missed this. Even if it turned out different than I expected.

Still, I was prepared for clean-up, like always. Since my pants were still on, I easily reached into my pockets with the tissues I brought for the occasion. Kat sat up as I gently wiped her breasts, rubbing my cum onto the paper and onto her.

Fondling her freshly drenched, even softer tits now almost made me tingle. From the latest sound Kim made behind me, perhaps I actually did. I then stood up on my feet, unsure of what came next, if anything.

Kim answered it for me by standing in front of me – showing her the naked front half of her. And it was….say what you will about her, but….wow.

Mommyhood, implant rumors and exaggerated features be damned. Kat set the bar so high for breasts, hips, hourglass curves and seductive figures….but this was one of only one or two women who could possibly get close to it. Kat’s brassy, funny personality would probably break any tiebreakers with Kim, but I assumed we weren’t using those here.

It certainly went out the window when Kim grabbed hold of my flaccid cock – flaccid for the moment. Kat seemed ready to object, but Kim beat her to it by saying, “After all that, you still need to get off too. I’ll bet he can still help with that.”

“Oh….damnit, he usually does,” Kat gave in. She then turned to me and said, “You really owe me now. Start by getting naked like the rest of us.” Yes, that did make it unbalanced.

As impressive as some of my features were, putting them alongside the likes of Kat and Kim seemed….intimidating. But I did owe them. So I finally got my shirt off and got those pesky pants and underwear out of the way, before I was made to lie down on the couch.

Kat bent over and removed her panties, giving me and Kim a mouth-watering view of her own impossible curvy ass. Kim then grabbed my cock and pumped hard, kneeling down beside the couch before she took me into her mouth. But I only saw it for a little bit before Kat sat over me and hovered her pussy against my face.

I missed the view of Kim sucking my cock back to life, but I could still feel it very easily. I had to settle for the view of Kat’s wet pussy humping my mouth, long overdue for its own release. Between my need to do that and Kim reviving me down below, it might not take much longer.

As I felt my cock stirring harder in Kim’s mouth, I felt Kat’s pussy drip on me as my tongue rapidly licked it up. I suckled everything in range and then burrowed my tongue deep inside her, to the sound of Kat’s moans and Kim’s muffled ones.

I reached up to grab Kat’s tits and rub them together, while trying to resist fucking Kim’s mouth. Before long, I heard a smacking sound as well. “Oh, fuck, Kim, really?” I heard Kat cry out.

“You’re one to talk,” I heard Kim say when she came off me. From the little I could see and figure out, it seemed Kim had gotten a hold of Kat’s ass as it rode my face. She was apparently squeezing and rubbing it while she returned to sucking me off.

“You can talk after you make me cum. Both of you,” Kat gasped. I tried to play my part by sucking and licking her deeper, while holding her tits for dear life. Kim played her part by massaging her ass and pushing it forward against my face, all while getting me harder and wetter.

Before long, I felt her go down to suck my balls, while I felt Kat’s groin hump my face faster. Kat’s moans got more incoherent, as did mine against her pussy. Between her breasts, her face fucking and Kim’s sucking, I must have been almost all the way hard by now.

Kat was much closer to release by now, if only because she hadn’t had one yet. But that was hopefully about to be corrected soon. “Oh, fuck me baby, I’m gonna cum….” she said, I assumed to me.

I rubbed my thumbs underneath her breasts and bit down on her pussy lips, rapidly licking in between them. Kim went back to sucking my cock and getting louder and deeper, which helped make me go louder and deeper on Kat as well.

“Fuck me, yeah…..make me cum, make me cum, make me…..cum!” Kat finished, right as she started finishing on me.

By the time I finished licking her clean and Kat stopped shaking herself on my face, Kim had brought my cock back to a maximum 11 inches. She just sucked it slower for a while as Kat caught her breath, then finally came off me to let me catch mine.

I could see Kim sucking me again, and now she could look at me with her deep, somewhat vacant but still sultry brown eyes. After one more suck and lick all over my head, she came off and then stuck her chest out.

She let a trail of saliva fall onto my head, then licked up and down until she covered me up with her tits. Kat had spoiled me for tit fucks, even with someone like Kim, which was somewhat disappointing until she sucked my head while moving her breasts up and down.

When she came off, she just breathed heavily on my head while fucking my shaft. “Oh, baby….” she moaned right on me, and I had to exhale instead of giving into temptation – and asking if this was cut out of her sex tape. Or tapes, if rumors about her making one with Kanye were true.

Luckily, I stayed quiet as Kim sucked my head again, then came off. “Okay, now you’re ready for Kat,” she told me.

“Me? You’re actually letting me fuck my own guy first? How generous,” Kat quipped.

“He’ll get to me later. First, you’re gonna get to me too. Bend over and lie on the couch arm,” Kim told her. Kat frowned, but took my hand and got me to get up.

The couch was vacant long enough for Kat to get on, settle her groin on the left couch arm, and have herself bend over with her glorious ass lying in view. Before either of us asked questions, Kim got on the other end of the couch, put herself on all fours and put her own glorious ass right into Kat’s face.

“You’ve been thinking about this all day. I can tell you worked him good after thinking of him all day too. Now what about me?” Kim proposed.

Kat groaned, then turned her head to me as I got behind her. “Well….come on, you know if there’s an ass to go gay for, that’s it! Besides, it won’t just be her working on me. Right?” she asked, trying to shake her ass on the arm.

“What kind of question is that?” I asked, and would have even before I saw that. On that note, I stood between Kat’s open legs, put both hands on her succulent round cheeks, and inserted myself below them.

As I started to slowly fuck Kat, letting her adjust to my size as usual, Kim pushed herself back to smother Kat’s face. Kat had to lean on her elbows and hands in her position, so she couldn’t squeeze and touch Kim’s ass like it seemed Kim got to do with hers. Nevertheless, she leaned forward and went to work on her pussy.

I started fucking her deeper while Kim pressed her ass on Kat, as we seemed to be fucking her on both ends. I heard Kat moan and try to suck Kim off, then I watched her go higher and try to nuzzle her face and lips against her ass.

She kissed as much of her ample right cheek as she could, followed by her left, until she went in between and practically motorboated her ass. I sensed she was going back to licking her pussy as well, so I balanced it out by putting myself completely into Kat. The quicker and harder thrusts only made her moan onto Kim more, which made her moan clearer in return.

Kat ate much of Kim’s rear out, while I watched Kat’s jiggling rear press back on me. I grabbed hold of it and played with her cheeks too, jiggling and rubbing her ample buns together like I would her ample tits. Following that, I grabbed her hips and fucked her faster, just to see her ripple.

“Oh, baby, harder….” I heard Kim call.

“Mmm, fuck yeah, fuck me….” I heard a more muffled Kat say.

“Lick me everywhere, make me cum,” Kim called. Perhaps me fucking Kat in this position wouldn’t really help her do that.

But Kat persevered by suddenly lifting her hands up and grabbing Kim’s obscene hips, which kept her from falling on her stomach. She held on for dear life and ate Kim out from behind harder, and I felt safe enough to fuck Kat from behind harder.

Kat bucked her ass back on me and bucked her mouth forward on Kim, devouring her pussy and squeezing her hips for all they were considerably worth. I even thought I saw her head move up a little harder too. “Oh fuck, oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum…..I wanna be licked hard until I cum….” Kim cried.

I went into Kat all the way and fucked her rapidly, making her moan right onto Kim. “Fuck, baby….baby, I’m gonna cum….I wanna cum all over your face….” Kim declared.

I began slowing down my cock, letting my hands roam Kat’s ass again – and even brushing the center of it. Kat’s head went up and down over Kim’s ass next, leading to Kim yelling, “Shit, I’m cumming…..shit, I’m fucking cumming!”

Kim arched her ass even higher as I watched Kat take everything she was giving her. I stopped myself to try and watch what I could, which wasn’t much from this angle – the only downside to an angle like this behind Kat.

But finally, I sensed it was time to pull out of her, which I did. In short order, Kim got off all fours and laid back on the right side of the couch, and Kat finally turned over to lie on the left side. I let them catch their breath and ignored my own throbbing, as I had for much of the day already.

“I think….we need a bigger place to lie down,” Kat offered.

“I guess the fake, ratty pull out bed, then?” I guessed before Kat did. It looked like she was on the same page, as she got on her feet, walked over to me and kissed me – with Kim’s various tastes fresh on her mouth.

I didn’t have much time to savor it before Kat walked away. I watched her move and wiggle from behind as she went to the wall and pulled out the fake, made to be barely standard pull out bed for the show. But it would have to be standard enough for us, since like Kim said, I wasn’t wasting time looking for another location to cum now. I doubt Kat was either.

Kim got on her feet and said, “All right, Kat….it’s my turn to owe you now. That’ll balance out me trying out this cock for a while, right?” she asked as she grabbed my still potent erection.

“Don’t have any high ground to say no now, do I?” Kat figured. “But I’m taking some high ground anyway.”

Seeming to understand, Kim laid down sideways in the middle of the bed, her legs handing off the left side of it – perfect for me to get between. Getting the idea, I stood in front of her, let her legs wrap around me and entered Kim Kardashian for the first time.

Meanwhile, Kat sat up and hovered over someone’s face for the second time. She sat on Kim and let her eat her out, in a more comfortable position than she ate her out. Kat rode her while I fucked her, and this time I got to see Kat’s ass do the humping from behind.

Like Kat did, I couldn’t resist reaching over and fondling Kat’s ass while she sat on someone. It was hard to do that and keep fucking Kim, but I did my best. I did have to stand up straight before long, my eyes darting between Kat’s jiggling ass and Kim’s jiggling tits behind her.

I had more than a handful of Kat’s ass so many times, but Kim’s tits were a rarer opportunity. So I reached down and grabbed as much as I could of them, rubbing her nipples with my thumbs while cupping her flesh. “Mmmm, fuck….” Kim muffled on Kat’s muff.

Kim repeated that a few times as she ate Kat and I started fucking her faster. “Oh, baby….oh give me that cock…..oh, I want that cock and that ass….” she groaned out. “I want that big fat cock pounding me and that big fat ass riding me….”

“Okay….you heard her,” Kat conceded. Following orders, she turned herself around, taking her ass from my view and putting it right in Kim’s face. However, now her face, tits, full frontal body and her pussy were back in my view.

Kat was already getting stimulated enough by Kim, in one hole or another. But I had to lend a few hands anyway. Doing so while still trying to fuck Kim would be difficult – yet just fucking another woman without also lending support to….a friend would be really bad form.

Leaning forward, I placed my left hand on Kat’s pussy, trying not to run into Kim’s tongue. My right hand grabbed onto Kat’s chest and rubbed her right nipple, giving her three forms of stimulation – though two were from me.

Yet Kim then grabbed Kat’s ass with her hands, and seemed to be tickling her in between. So we were even, then. Nevertheless, it just made me fuck her harder.

Somehow, I managed to put both hands between Kat’s legs to rub her, since Kim seemed to be working on her ass now. Kat just groaned and bounced harder on Kim’s face, but still thrust herself against my hands when she could. But after Kim’s tongue went back on her pussy, my hands returned to her nipples.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, you’re gonna make me cum first….” Kim said against Kat.

“He better. Then I want to see him cum all over you,” Kat said back. “Oh, that’s gonna make me go….or maybe the finger and tongue in my holes, I don’t know! Something’ll make me go by then….just make it quick, both of you….”

“Yes, yes….” Kim agreed, thrusting her hips harder against me. She then took her hands off Kat’s ass and put them on herself, and I felt like I had to join her. My cock and all our hands worked to get Kim off, while her tongue went everywhere to bring Kat closer.

“Fuck, here I cum again….” Kim announced, tightening on me and warning me to bear down. I looked up at Kat, who was watching hungrily below, which didn’t entirely help my resolved. Neither did Kim clamping down and exploding on my cock, for that matter.

I gritted my teeth and endured, waiting until it felt like Kim was done. The second she was and the second our hands got away, I used my considerable will power to pull out of her. With my cock freshly wet, I had all the help I needed to pump myself the rest of the way.

One look at Kat’s eager face — and writhing body on Kim’s face – and then another look at Kim’s bouncing chest was the final clincher.

As Kat practically made me promise, I aimed at Kim’s boobs and got a direct hit. She shook herself on Kim while watching me drench her tits, groaning at the sight and at Kim’s own oral work. In between everything, I vaguely saw Kim’s tongue work faster on Kat and somewhat heard her say, “Hurry up and cum, please….”

Finally, Kat gasped loudly and gave Kim her wish. By then, my cum was settling and oozing down on Kim’s chest, while Kat’s entered Kim’s mouth. I didn’t dare touch anything or anyone, however, as I really wasn’t capable of doing anything but watching.

Eventually, Kat finished and took her ass off of Kim, allowing her to finally see what I put on her chest. After letting her admire it for a few seconds, Kat crawled back over and took hold of Kim’s tits, rubbing my cum onto them with her bare hands.

That was the last bit of sensory overload I could take for the moment. Turning around, I caught my breath and rebooted my mind, in an almost half-hearted attempt to get my head on straight. But once it was, we’d probably have to actually face what we did.

Inevitably, I had to turn back around. By then Kat had gotten on her feet herself, and was now standing in front of me, both of us equally naked.

Well-adjusted people would probably have to have a serious talk about our status, and what it said about being suckered into a threeway with Kim Kardashian. Whether it made us more or less well adjusted by not passing it up, well….there was a case for both.

I studied her body language to get any early hints of her mood, now that the euphoria had worn off. But as per usual, it turned more into a study of her body. But hell, in case we were going to have a talk that wouldn’t go well….

Even after fucking Kim Kardashian, I didn’t even check on her as I looked Kat over. Even after fucking another woman, the one I normally fucked was still first on my mind and libido. And even after unloading so much cum tonight, looking at Kat’s full, busty, sexy figure and lovely face in all their glory was still making me feel like I might have reserves after all.

At least some of that seemed easy for Kat to read on my face, if I read hers correctly. After a look down at me, she finally spoke, “Oh, fuck, get over here….”

I walked the first few inches toward her, yet Kat reached to grab my cock and pulled me the rest of the way. Her lips quickly met mine, sliding over them and slipping between them just the way I loved. She briefly broke off and I put my hands on her waist as I began to join in.

My hands went everywhere they could on Kat’s body, as if we hadn’t even done anything yet. They briefly cupped her breasts and ran over every shapely curve on her waist and hips. But I soon went lower, going gently in case Kim did too much of a number on her.

She still felt wet, although that could have been residue from earlier. Nevertheless, my fingers brushed her lips to get some new moisture down there. Judging by how Kat opened her mouth and used her tongue to open mine, it was starting to work.

I broke off to catch my breath only as long as necessary, quickly going back to suckle Kat’s luscious lower lip. Kat lightly nibbled on my top one in return, and the jolt made me more aware that I was getting somewhat hard again in her hand already. But it might take a while longer this time.

I broke off again, searching for ideas on how to hurry this likely last round along. Then our audience came back into view.

Kim was now standing next to Kat, still fully naked like the rest of us. I briefly registered that she still looked turned on — before seeing both her and Kat in my eyesight, standing together with every seductive part of them laid bare, shorted the rest of me out.

As I let myself feast on Kim again, it dawned on me that I barely really kissed or touched her yet. Thinking about that while Kat was right there wouldn’t be wise under any other circumstance – but we were beyond that at this point. Yet if there was still some reluctance from any of them….

On impulse, I reached over and put a hand each on their stomachs. I slowly took them down and before long, I had a finger tracing each set of pussy lips. The tips of my index fingers were inside them by the time they walked forward and surrounded me.

Kim was the one who kissed me first, which instinctively made me shove my finger further into her. Her upper lips felt kind of spicy – or perhaps it just felt that way because they were new to me – while her lower lips got wetter and tighter on my finger.

As Kim’s mouth started covering mine, Kat used her own to glide against my right ear. Both their lips suckled on a part of me while both my hands did their best to fuck them simultaneously. I had it almost down pat by the time Kim broke from me and Kat took her turn kissing my lips.

For the next minute or so, the ladies took turns kissing my mouth, and the one who wasn’t was kissing some other part of my head. I pulled back and pecked them back and forth myself, curling a finger into both of them in the meantime. I started adding another on them when I started kissing down Kim’s neck and chest.

Without being phased by how my cum was on her tits moments ago, I kissed them as best I could. Nevertheless, I was started to regret having my hands full by now. However, Kat stopped me and made it a little easier.

Using her own hands, Kat pushed her tits up and put them right into my face. She motorboated me on her own as I tried to suckle anything I could. When she put her breasts down, Kim then went forward and pushed her own breasts onto my face, practically tit-fucking it.

Kat and Kim kept holding their tits up right in my face, almost pressing both sets together. I made myself remember to keep finger fucking them, all while going back and forth kissing, sucking and nuzzling all four ample breasts. Even when I was just resting between on pair of boobs, the other was being rubbed against my head.

Overcome, I fucked each pussy hard and deep, hoping it made us all somewhat even. But as they groaned and I sucked on so much flesh while banging so much pussy, I really wanted to tip them over.

Inspired – at least I hoped it was inspired – I fucked them both hard enough to hopefully leave juices on their fingers when I pulled out. Either way, I then reached around and put a hand on each of their heart shaped asses – placing my wet fingers in between both sets of juicy buns.

“Oh Jesus, of course….” Kat groaned. I made sure to suckle her nipples extra hard as I let my right index finger tickle her asshole. If Kim could do it for her, I convinced myself it was only fair.

Kat didn’t say or do anything to resist, though I didn’t look up and check her face to be sure. But when the tip of my finger got into her ass, I turned my face to Kim’s chest next, devouring her tits as my left finger entered her worshipped behind.

“Okay….do it,” Kim gave official permission. Carefully, I let my fingers start going deeper into their backsides, while still sliding my face on everyone’s breasts. I knew I couldn’t stay there much longer, though, since no one’s pussy was being filled anymore.

So as a final buildup, I opened my mouth wide and took in as much of Kat’s left breast as possible. She moaned and try to push her flesh even deeper, but it was already hard enough to breathe by then. After batting her nipple around with my tongue, I moved over to give the same treatment to her right breast.

Kim knew what was coming by the time I got to her, so she shoved her left breast into my open mouth herself. I fucked each ass a little faster while giving Kim’s tits gentle and hard sucks and nibbles. Finally, I reached the impossible and had my fill of these breasts.

Carefully, I knelt down on the floor and kept my hands and fingers on their asses in the process. Once that was settled, I did exactly what I did to their breasts, only on their pussies. I went back and forth to eat them up while still fucking their asses at the same time.

Now that their hands were full, Kat and Kim laid them on my head to push me deeper when I got to one of them. Their asses were bucking back against my hands, and bucking forward against my mouth when I reached a pussy.

“Oh, baby, fuck me,” Kat said, borrowing one of Kim’s common phrases. “Fuck me back there and over there….oh, yeah, you make me wanna get fucked everywhere….”

“Oh God, that’s it….” Kim said for some reason. But it became clearer when she leaned over and actually kissed Kat full on her full lips for the first time.

I froze at the sight, as any sane man would. However, my hands and mouth froze too, and I soon saw what an error that was. When I got them working again, Kim made it so that Kat’s mouth was getting full and fucked, just as I was tongue fucking her pussy and finger fucking her ass.

We made her get it from all possible holes, until Kim broke from lips and dove for her breasts. I was still fucking Kim’s ass, yet our attention was mostly on Kat now. She cupped her tits up again, only this time it was to shove them in Kim’s starving face.

“Oh Jesus mother fuck, you gotta be….” Kat gasped. “God….Kim Kardashian is eating my tits….and you’re filling up that big fucking ass of hers….and mine….” The combined sensory overload was really getting to Kat now.

She almost seemed to spasm on my face, which gave me a clear signal. I doubled my efforts to lick her out thoroughly, while pumping that big fucking ass of hers even harder, all as Kim slobbered over her big fucking tits.

“Oh….oh God, eat those fucking tits….rim out that pussy and ass….fucking drain me!” Kat demanded. “Give it to me again and again and ag….ugh, is this fucking happening?!”

It was as good a question as any. But if this wasn’t real, the feel of Kat giving out and unloading all over my mouth again was an incredible simulation.

Even after all the loads from earlier, we worked up this big final batch from her. I was the one actually rewarded with it all, however, but that was a matter of position. Heck, if Kat had this much left, then Kim….

The second Kat finished, I took my mouth back over to Kim’s pussy, eating it again as Kat was still more than fresh in my mouth. The combined taste was unleashing another big burst in me, both in front and in back of Kim.

I heard Kat catch her breath as Kim was getting louder. Now that Kat was finished, I took my finger out of her ass and brought it over to Kim. I pulled my face back and let the left index finger that had been in Kat’s ass go right into Kim’s pussy, fucking it while my right index finger kept sodomizing her ass.

“Fuck, fuck, one more time….oh baby, so good….” Kim hissed. “Please, please….oh shit, never mind! Get back there and eat me now, let me fucking fill you up! Fuck, here I cum!”

Taking the hint, I removed my right finger and put my mouth back on her right on time. After circling my tongue all over Kim’s pussy – and the various tastes on it now – Kim humped herself on my face until she gave out one last time too.

I didn’t know how Kim was still standing after that, given that I could barely get myself up. When I did, I almost immediately fell onto the bed, but managed to turn on my back afterwards. My still erect one last time cock was up in the air and visible, yet it didn’t register at first.

But Kat found a fool proof way to bring it to my attention.

And when she took her mouth off my cock five seconds later, Kim tried it out too.

“This has been a thorough spontaneous threeway,” Kat said after Kim freed her mouth from me. “It’s just missing one thing, though. Our tits have gotten all your cum so far….I say whatever you got left needs to go higher. I’m not waiting any longer for it now,” she declared before taking my head between her lips.

“As long as you save some for me,” Kim said in the meantime. “I made this thing happen, I’m taking more of the risk. So I deserve to drink you dry too.”

“You didn’t even know you wanted it till an hour ago. I made plans for it a lot longer,” Kat argued after popping off. Yet Kim just licked me up and down and suckled on my side, which kind of tilted things in her favor.

Even then, I knew it wasn’t safe to agree with that in front of Kat, though. Fucking another woman in front of her was one thing to allow, but taking her side in an argument was far riskier. Especially when their mouths had more productive things they could do.

“Fine,” Kat decided on her own. “Let’s just get it out of him and we’ll go from there.” On that note, she took a deep breath and descended right down my shaft. She had been practicing indeed – enough to finally take that final pesky inch into her mouth.

Both of us couldn’t breath at the moment, for far different reasons. Kat came up halfway through and swallowed, as Kim bent down to lick the bottom of my cock. But Kat had to come off, leaving Kim alone to run her lips over my shaft.

She bent down deeper to take my balls in, leaving my cock unattended. Kat just watched, then took another breath and plunged down yet again. When she got all the way down, every single inch of my cock and balls got lathered and sucked on for a brief second, before they both needed air.

Kat got herself right between my legs by herself, leaving Kim to sit on my left. Before Kim had a chance to do anything, Kat took me with both hands and started stroking. As she bent her head down and let her lips barely brush my head, she had my full attention.

“I told you I missed this,” Kat said softly, her voice and breath adding another jolt to my cock. “Even after all this….it’s still not enough. I still need to feel that big cock twitch and shoot down my throat. I should have licked your cum off my tits like after last year’s premiere….but you still got enough to make up for it now. Don’t you?”

Kat covered the bottom half of my cock with her hands, then sucked and bobbed down on the top half. Once again, every inch of me was covered and being worked on in some way, just by Kat this time. She shook her head and hummed, then slid her lips up and just let her tongue bat on my head.

After coming off, she said, “Okay, Kim….go right ahead,” almost like a dare.

Kat still kept her hands pumping me on the bottom, as it was Kim’s turn to suck me on top. When Kat removed her top hand, Kim lowered her mouth down to her bottom hand. Kat’s free hand then went to my balls, jiggling them as she squeezed me and Kim sucked me.

Soon enough, Kat removed her other hand and let Kim try to deep throat me. Like Kat, Kim had obvious practice, and it didn’t take her long to fit me all in. As she came off for air, Kim went back down and sucked my balls, right as Kim deep throated me again.

Kim popped off next while Kat stayed on my sack. Just as Kat came off it, Kim stuck her tongue out and dug it into my slit. She teased a drop of pre-cum out and swallowed it, then made a show of putting her lips up and down my head and underside.

“Baby, don’t hold back,” Kim said. “I know you wanna hold on, but there’s only so much you can do. Trust me. We’re doing all this for you, you might as well give us what we want. We want all that cum you’ve been holding out on us….right in our mouths….do it, baby….”

It was still going to take a while, I could tell. Regardless, Kim’s head sucking and Kat kissing up my shaft helped. It also did a lot to see both Kat and Kim kissing each side of my cock, taking turns sucking and licking my head.

However, Kat took back command and circled her tongue around my head. “Fuck me,” she urged. “You know I can take it. Shove it in and fuck me like its my tits and pussy….even my ass, too. If she didn’t interrupt, there might have been time for….” She let that sink in before repeating, “Just fuck me….”

Choosing to trust that she could take it, I arched my hips up and pushed myself into Kat’s mouth, which quickly closed around me. Steeling myself, I started fucking her full mouth as she wanted, with Kim reduced to jerking off the bottom of my cock. But when Kat came off, I kept thrusting and fucking Kim’s hand.

Kat put her mouth back and took my thrusting cock, swallowing and then letting her tongue trace my veins. She came up and I went back to just fucking Kim’s hand, yet Kim acted quick to bob down and get her mouth fucked before Kat did. She let her tongue get me extra wet, then removed herself and got out of the way as Kat took me back.

Kat licked me and the traces of Kim up, before I finally had to stop thrusting. Kim still kept jerking me, though, as Kat settled for gliding her lush lips over my tip. “I can tell it’s almost there,” she said right on me. “You ready to hand it over?”

“Uh….” I tried to start, but couldn’t even add the “huh”

“You sure?” Kim played along, teasingly kissing my underside as Kat bent down to kiss the bottom of my shaft.

“I’m….” I couldn’t finish again.

“Come on, we want to see you do better. See you shoot it right in our mouths….” Kat said against my shaft. “I’m almost there, babe….” She promised, kissing up my cock very slowly while Kim’s tongue slid over my slit.

“Let us taste what a big white cock is made of,” Kim hoped. I was glad they were working together now, at least. I was extra glad when Kat’s lips reached the top, and hers and Kim’s almost met as they sucked me from both sides.

Finally, their heads went back as they each jacked my shaft off. Kim gave Kat room to lean down and slowly put her mouth on my head, her big eyes burning into me as her lips covered me, but didn’t suck. She kept them still until giving me one big suck, moan and lick, coming off right as I groaned extra hard.

It was then Kim’s turn to bend down, stop right before sucking me, give me a smoldering look from her seductive eyes and then swallow me down. That almost got me then and there, but I held on to see her come off, Kat come back to give my head a steamy, noisy kiss, and then see and feel Kim do the same.

After Kat and Kim finished their simultaneous kisses, I knew I was only seconds away from going off, and perhaps not having enough left for days. The only question was how they would finish me, and whether they’d both do it. However, Kat won out.

She did it by taking her tits, pressing my cock between them and letting my head stick right out. With one big squeeze of them, she bent down and softly asked, “Now cum for me,” before slowly sliding the tip of my tongue on my head, then covering it with her ready lips.

She took her tits off me just in time to fit more of me in her mouth – right as I finally had to cum deep down her throat.

To her credit, Kat only took the first few spurts, before coming off and letting Kim take over. A spurt got on her face, but she took my cock in her mouth and swallowed the rest. After Kat swallowed what I gave her, she went to Kim’s face and licked my cum off it as she took my remaining spurts.

And that was that. Kim came off me and gave an appreciative hum, Kat looked satisfied, and I probably looked ready to die with a smile. When I closed my eyes, however, I merely started falling into a dream like sleep.

The next thing I knew, I was all alone when I opened my eyes again. I was still naked, but now I was the only naked one in the room. It was mainly by default, though, with Kat and Kim gone.

After that, the next thing I noticed was my phone on the bed. A phone which apparently got a new message from Kat during my nap.

Instead of a message or a voice mail or thank you, however, the message was a picture. A picture of me sleeping on the bed, naked and with my cock on full display.

Given their history with naked phone pictures, I saw the irony in them sending me one of my own. I doubted Kim could risk keeping one of me on her phone, though, and Kat probably shied away from leaving anything R-rated on hers now.

But if they did – if Kat did – it might help her get through the wait for next time. Assuming there was anywhere to go from here.

I’d be willing to bet things would get more creative the more we dragged it out, though. At least something would around here – special guest stars or no.