The Greatest Bath – Katheryn Winnick

I’m laying on my couch, watching some boring ass documentary on whales, just trying to fall asleep. Sleeping hasn’t been the easiest since I broke my foot in three places.

What was the only good thing about my foot? Well, besides time off from being a fight choreographer for History’s “Vikings?” The best part was that my good friend, Katheryn Winnick, had made it her job to take care of me when she’s off set.

The front door opens and I can hear the click-clack of my self-appointed nurse’s heels in the hallway. “Ben?” she asks lightly, probably trying to see if I’m awake or not. She doesn’t want to be too loud in case I am.

“Hi, Katheryn,” I say with a dead voice.
Katheryn comes into view and pouts, her hands on her shapely hips. She knows there’s nothing she can really do to boost my mood. I’m a very active guy. I leave on my feet, but I had one taken from me during a training exercise.

“Sorry, Kat,” I say as I pull myself up to a sitting position. “I’m trying to keep my spirits up, but it’s hard,” I explain.

“I know,” she says kicking her shoes off and sitting next to me. I readjust so I can lay my head on her lap and lay back down. We’ve done this set up before, but her lacing her fingers through my thick black hair is new. I’m not complaining.

“Anything fun happen today?” I ask, looking up at her.

Katheryn laughs and I smile at her, waiting for the story now. “Me and a stunty were working together, right?” I’m watching her, trying to listen, but I can only focus on her lips. Her voice is low and sultry without her even trying. She’s just that naturally sexy.

“What about you?” she asks, a smile gracing her gorgeous features. “Where you able to do anything?”

“Eh,” I shrug, pissed because I wasn’t. “Nothing close to what I wanted. I really want to go back to work, actually.”

“Miss everyone, or do you miss the fighting?”

“Yes,” I say, my eyes completely on her instead of on the program I had been watching. “I miss my sword. I miss my armor. I miss the set. I especially miss telling the show producer how many mistakes they’re making.” This gets a good laugh out of the Canadian beauty.

“We miss having you there. It’s not the same without you. The fight scenes aren’t what they should be,” she tells me, her eyes flicking to the TV. “Have you eaten anything today?”

“Eh. A little,” I say, because it really wasn’t much.

“Do you want me to get you something?” I’ve taken her attention again.

“No, I’m fine. You don’t have to do anything for me.”

“Come on, Ben. I’m here to help you.” I’m the only man I know who would argue with the idea of Katheryn Winnick making me dinner. “You don’t want to watch me cook for you?” She knows damn well I would love to watch her do anything, let alone anything for me. “You can see most of what I’m doing from the couch.”

“Why do you insist on this?” I have to ask. “There have to be better things you can be doing with your evening,” I argue. “It’s not that I mind the company, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want to stop you from doing anything you’d rather be doing.”

Katheryn leans down and presses her lips to my forehead. “You’re really sweet, Ben. Now let me take care of you. You were there for me last year when I sprained my wrist, remember?” Of course she’s bringing that back. “You were constantly helping me. I can make you dinner. I don’t mind cleaning up a bit.”

“I have to bathe at some point tonight, so I can’t stop you from doing anything when I’m doing that,” I think aloud.

“Do you need a hand with that?” the goddess of a woman whispers into my ear and my blood stops cold. “What do you think about a sponge bath, hmm?”

“Please don’t tease me like that, Kath. It’s not fair,” I say with a weak chuckle.

“Is it teasing if it’s a real offer?” I can see it in her eyes that she’s serious. As if she’s removing any other doubt, she leans down again, but kisses my lips this time. “I think you deserve a little fun, don’t you?”

I want to tell her she doesn’t have to, because she doesn’t. But who would turn down a fucking sponge bath from Katheryn Winnick?
“Okay,” I give in.

“Okay… what?” she fishes. She wants to hear me say it.

“Okay. You can give me… you can give me a sponge bath.” She smiles ear to ear.

“I’m going to go set it up. You stay here and wait till I call you.” Just like that, she takes off, leaving me on the couch to think about the fate that will soon befall me.

“What about dinner?” I call as an after thought.

“Oh m God, I totally forgot!” she cries, running back in with a big blush. I need as much time as I can get to prepare myself mentally. This is kind of a big deal.

I watch Kat as she makes herself at home in my kitchen. She sheds her red leather jacket, leaving herself in a form fitting, sexy black sleeveless silk blouse. Her long, velvety smooth legs under a ruffled lavender skirt drive me insane. Her hair is still styled as Lagertha’s on the show. A 21st Century Lagertha is grinning at me while preparing pasta for us!

The entire time she works, I’m focused on her, my TV now off. “What?” she asks with a laugh.

“Nothing. I’m just watching,” I reply, my smile matching hers.

“Like what you see?” she challenges, but she knows. Instead of answering, I smile wider. “You’d like to see more?” she teases with a sultry look.

“Am I allowed to say yes?”

“Would I ask if you weren’t?” She’s so much fun. She’s so fucking cute. I watch curiously now as she reaches behind her. I can’t see what her hand is doing behind her back, it then becomes well known as she shimmies out of her skirt to reveal black lace panties. I have to stop myself from murming “holy fuck.” I actually do, though, when she flings the light purple garment at me.

“Any chance we can eat later? I think I want that bath now,” I tell her with a dry mouth.

“I was waiting for that,” she smirks and turns of the stove burner. She puts everything away and model walks back into the living room where I am. “Meet me upstairs,” she whispers in my ear from behind the couch I’m on. She kisses the side of my neck and moves through the room and disappears.

I stand myself up and grab my crutches. I hop my ass to the stairs and longingly look up. I hate these fucking stairs, but as I slowly up up each one on one foot, all I can think about is the Canadian beauty up there and what she’s about to do to me. As soon as I get to my room, I see her in unbelievable, splendid glory. She’s made herself more comfortable for her job at hand, wearing the sexiest black one-piece swimsuit.

“Are you ready?” Kat asks and saunters towards me.

“Oh yeah,” I say as she meets me in the doorway. She puts her hands over both of mine, one on each of the crutches and then kisses me hotly, mewling into my mouth as I groan. We separate once we’re satisfied enough for me to get into the bathroom.

Once we get inside, Katheryn closes the door and I lean my crutches on a bathroom wall. She comes over to me and slowly lifts the bottom of my shirt while I take a balancing stance on one foot. She keeps burning eye contact with me until she pulls it over my head. She licks her lips as her eyes focus on my muscled, hard trained body. Maybe I turn her on like she does me? Would she offer to do this if I didn’t?

I don’t have much time to think about it, because she snaps me back by running her warm hands down my chest and abs to my black warm up pants. They’re not doing shit to hide my giant fucking boner. She’s looking right at my freaking tent, and she looks more than pleased as she pulls them down, my boxer-briefs with them.

Katheryn sighs deeply and takes me in her soft hands, both of them ever so lightly twisting around my cock. “I like this. I can work with this,” she says as I’m struggling to stay on my feet. “Sit on the shower chair,” she orders. I do as told and she zips my leg into the dry bag I have so my cast doesn’t get soaked. “There we are,” she smiles kindly. “Let me adjust the water.” She does, and let’s me feel it with my good foot.

“Oooooohh!” I moan at the feel of the water. She knows my shower better than I do. “That’s perfect,” I say as I lean back and let the hot water run down my body. Kat moves behind me and washes my hair. I can do this myself, but I’m going to let her do what she wants. My head is too busy lulling side to side at her fingers’ commands.

“Does that feel good?” she asks as if she didn’t know. I only contendedly hum as she works shampoo into my hair. Once she’s satisfied with the lather, she tilts my head down and washes it out. She then straightens me back up and deeply inhales the scent of my freshly washed hair.

After my hair, the sexy Ms. Winnick goes around me and takes up my shower scrubby. She coats it in Dove Extra Men’s Care. I’m a Viking combat expert, but I like to take care of myself, too. Nurse Winnick starts gently scrubbing my shoulders and works her way down my back and chest, her hair soaked and her skin dripping with beads of water, her ample breasts so close to my face with the way she’s bent over me.

She continues down my body, over my abdomen and lower back until she finally reached my dick and balls, my taint. She takes her sweet time there, her impossibly blue eyes keeping me transfixed and daring me to challenge her will. When she’s had enough of fondling my package in the name of cleanliness, she stands up, turning her back to me while she rinses off the scrubby. I see it as my chance to lean forward on the shower chair and curress her still swimsuit clad, plump and delicious ass.

“Can I help you?” Katheryn asks, glancing over her shoulder with a knowing glow in her eyes.

“You should let me help you first.” I wriggle my eyebrows at her and she slyly smiles, her head tilted to the side a little.

“Okay,” she easily gives in and steps closer to me. She keeps one foot on the floor and puts the other foot on the edge of the tub. She pulls the crotch of her swimsuit aside and shows me the most perfect, gleaming cunt I’ve ever seen, decorated with the neatest little blonde landing strip above it.

I lean forward, framing her warm vulva with my hands. I trace her nether lips with my fingers before sparating them so I can see the whole cookie pot. Kat gasps as I cautiously test her waters with the tip of my tongue. On first lick, she’s d
Delightfully tangy and strong.

I give two more light traces before I really dive in, pressing my nose to her little clit while my tongue laps and wriggles upside, side to side inside of her. She moans, groans, mewls and cusses as I snack on her juicy peach. She presses my face into her hips and humps into me, her hands in my hair, smothering me in golden puss and delectable nectar.

Her shapely hips buck wildly as I drill her coin slot with my tongue that can’t seem to get deep enough. She’s not even speaking English anymore as she rides my face, but maybe something Nordic she’s taught herself from interest the show has generated. If the amount of gushing fluids running in my mouth and down my scruffy bearded chin is any indication, my Viking is about to come soon.

With a few more deep strokes of my tongue, a few nibbles to her clit, she erupts and spasms under my torture until she can barely stand. She uses her hands to steady herself on the wall of the shower and on my round shoulder as she catches her Haggard breath. Once she has her awareness and body back to her own mind, she sinks down to her knees and pulls her swimsuit down, finally showing me her exquisite skin, generous breasts and proud, pink nipples. She slides the top down past her flat stomach and keeps it around her waist.

Katheryn looks up into my eyes as she rubs my thighs, slowly getting closer to my stick shift. “Now it’s my turn. I know you’ve been down, and I want to make you feel good, even if just for a little while,” she coos as one of her hands finds my balls and the other wraps around my dick. “Is it okay if I make you feel good, Ben?” I can only nod, causing her to smile before she presses my cock to my belly and dives tongue first at my taint, sending electric shock waves through my entire nervous system.

“You’re going to kill me,” I tell her as I hang onto the shower chair for dear life as she licks me from the underside of my balls down to just short of my asshole. I feel her smile against my skin.

“I want to help you, not kill you, silly,” she says as she rubs her cheek on my throbbing shaft. “I want this, you want this, so just enjoy,” she orders seductively before she kisses my rod with her pink lips. “We only have so long before the water gets cold, so let’s not waste any more time.” I wonder what she means until she’s fully on her knees and leaning forward. She engulfs my proudly standing pole between her firm but pillowy tits and starts sinking, then pushing up. She gets a rhythm going, and I just have to sit here and let her work!

Katheryn Winnick is hot as fuck, breathing deeply while titty jacking my sword, spitting down on my tip as if the shower above us isn’t keeping things hot, wet, and gliding. I’m doing all I can to fuck up into her chest, but my position can only do so much, but it seems to be enough. She decides that it’s time to go on to the finalĂ© by taking her matching gifts away, but replaces it with her goddess’s hot mouth, sinking down without needing my help. I do pump up into her anyway because I want to feel that gag reflex. Even when it hits, she keeps on me, her nose in my light dusting of pubes and her drool running down the inside of my thighs and down my back.

She finally comes up for air and takes in a gulp of air, and goes back down with a snarl, her hand working my testicles like a bag of marbles. My broken foot is out of the tub, my other leg wrapped around her back while I hammer my hips up into her stuffed mouth, my hands holding tight to her professionally braided and styled hair. She’s taking it like a fucking champion, going as far as she can, sliding up and down hard as fast, sucking hard and slobbering like her life depends on it.

“I don’t have much left. I’m going to bust any second,” I warn her through gritted teeth. She doubles down, if that’s possible. She squeezes my balls harder and I pull myself further forward involuntarily. I realize too late that I just gave Katheryn something to exploit, something I didn’t think she would do. But she does it! With her mouth full of cock, her hand full of my rocks, she sticks a free finger up my fucking asshole! She pistons in and out. She’s ass fucking ME with her finger! Between that new sensation and the strongest oral game I’ve ever gotten, I finally explode, load after load rocketing up into her hot mouth, mixing with her own thick saliva. She swallows what she can and removes her lips from my dick. She licks up whatever she didn’t initially guzzel, watching me the whole time.

“There. How are you feeling now?” my favorite nurse asks.