Marie Osmond nude and blacked

Marie Osmond lay resting briefly in the Marriott Hotel
bed, still breathing fast and in the afterglow of her
powerful orgasm after she’d just finished fucking the
young black man she’d contacted through the escort
service where she lived in Los Angeles. The shapely
brunette in her early 40’s had moved to Los Angeles for
the television show which she co-hosted with her
brother, Donnie, and over several months she had become
increasingly curious about some of the sexual topics
and themes discussed on their show.

The result had been Marie leaving her kids for the
weekend with her brother and his wife while she’d
booked a room in the L.A. Marriott under an assumed
name to protect her reputation. All she needed was some
snoopy entertainment journalist finding out that the
famous Marie Osmond, darling of America, had been
shacking up with some male hired stud in a hotel room.
Marie had finally gotten up the courage to call the
escort service and an hour or so later, a young man
named Bryce had shown up and given her the first taste
of no-holds barred sexual experience that she’d had in
her entire life.

When Bryce had fucked Marie to climax and had pulled
his cock out and shot his plentiful cum load all over
her upper body and breasts, Marie knew she’d
experienced something that she didn’t want to have end.
She’d gone to take a bath after her “date” left and
while Marie was soaking and then ended up masturbating
her pussy to another sexy urgent orgasm, she’d decided
she wanted to experience something

It had been nearly midnight when her second “date” of
the evening arrived at Marie’s hotel room. His name was
Philip and he was exactly what Marie had asked for –
that was the luxury of an escort service – you could
arrange for precisely the man you wanted. Marie had
asked that they send him a sexy good-looking muscular
black man between the ages of 25 and 35.

During the evening after she’d been very hotly and
sexily fucked by Bryce, Marie had decided to act on a
sexual fantasy that she’d cherished and thought about
for years but always been unwilling to act on. During
the first tryst with Bryce, Marie had been the pliant
one, allowing him to make all of the assertive moves in
their encounter. But with Philip things changed
drastically. The two of them had quickly undressed each

Philip picked Marie’s beautiful naked body up in his
strong muscular arms, laid her back on the bed, and
climbed on top of Marie’s lustfully horny to join her.
It had been no time before Philip was rubbing the huge
engorged head of his cock in Marie Osmond’s wet, hot
pussy lips and then as he pushed forward, saw his
cockhead begin to spread her cunt lips and begin to
slip inside her tight cunt. Philip had strongly pushed
his hips forward, vigorously taking possession of
Marie’s still-tight hot cunt.

He knew how aroused and horny Marie was by her actions,
her aggressiveness with him in the bed, and how wet and
ready her cunt was to be fucked. As soon as he was
inside her, he began to pour his hard thick black cock
in and out of Marie’s undulating pussy. Philip was
proud of himself as he really threw himself into
fucking this gorgeous brown-haired woman lying there
underneath him, impaled on his strident driving cock.
Quickly Philip found Marie thrusting back at him,
meeting him mid-stroke and as eager to pleasure him as
he was to help her reach orgasm and satisfaction.

Marie Osmond, a mother of seven children and soon-to-
be-divorced wife, wasn’t new to the sex act, but she
was very new to the experiences she’d had on this one
special evening. Marie had already experienced more
orgasms than she’d had in all of her 40-something years
of life. And she planned to have some more before this
night was over.

Marie regained her normal breathing rate and her heart
slowed back to semi-normal when she sat up from where
she was lying on the bed after their hot sexy fuck and
she saw the length of Philip’s beautiful black manmeat
lying there on his thigh. She couldn’t resist. Marie
had sucked on Philip’s large piece of manhood when they
first got naked but he couldn’t let her suck him to
orgasm since he was so horny. Now Marie was determined
that she was going to taste some more to this virile
young man’s dick.

Leaning closely over Philip’s groin, Marie took the
limp shaft of his cock in her soft firm hand and lifted
the head of his dick, touching the tip of her tongue to
the now semi-soft head of his dick. She flicked her
tongue out, tasting the glob of cum that was oozing our
from his juice hole and then she lowered her head,
taking the whole head of his cock into her mouth.

Marie at first tentatively took the tip of her black
lover’s cockhead in her lips, tasting his warm cum and
her own pussy juices on the end of his love tool. But
she wanted more and she quickly took the entire crown
of his cock inside her lips, washing and sucking on the
now growing tip of his manhood as she closed her lips
around it and sucked firmly on it.

With her hand wrapped around the shaft of Philip’s cock
shaft, she felt the girth of his cock beginning to grow
rapidly, responding to the sensual feel of her wet, hot
mouth beginning to suck on his cock. Without even
thinking, Marie found herself also start stroking this
hot man’s thickening cock shaft up and down, working
her hand snugly around the thickness of his cock.

Philip’s cock had quickly grown back into an impressive
erection with Marie’s sensual attentions to it. Philip
even began to buck his hips up off the bed in rhythm
with Marie starting to bob her head up and down on his
cockhead, as she stroked her hand along his shaft. Her
fingers wouldn’t even wrap all the way around his big
thick cock, but she had a good grip on his manmeat and
it was responding quickly to her stroking and suck

Marie could taste a slight saltiness as Philip’s pre-
cum began to leak out of his horny cock again, and she
could also feel wetness beginning to grow between her
legs as she grew very intensely horny for another ride
with her stud.

This good-looking woman with her pretty brown hair and
sexy womanly body looked even hotter with her mouth
stuffed full of his explosive hot cock, Philip thought
to himself as he lay there and allowed Marie Osmond, TV
star, to have her way with his manhood. He knew what he
had in mind for them to do next but he allowed her to
make the moves for now, then he’d direct her if he
found she wasn’t moving matters in the way he wanted
them to.

As Marie continued to suck on Philip’s now totally hard
cock, he moved around where he could reach her pussy
with his hands. He gently pushed her legs apart,
allowing him to see the beautiful outer lips of Marie’s
just-fucked pussy. He could see ample wetness leaking
out from between the lips and he reached down, wetting
his middle and index fingers in her pussy juices, then
he slipped the tip of his second finger in between
Marie’s cunt lips, and began to slide it in between

A strong lusty moan broke from her lips evening though
her mouth was full of his big length of cock meat as he
pushed his finger ever deeper inside her hot pussy.
Philip wanted to work his “hot date” up to a fever
pitch again before he allowed her to ride on his cock
another time.

He began to slide the single finger in and out of
Marie’s clasping cunt, then he wet his middle finger as
well and began to fuck her hot cunt with his two
fingers. Then he managed to work three fingers inside
her tight pussy lips and had all three of them working
in and out of Marie’s cunt, giving her almost the feel
of being fucked – but nothing even close to what it was
going to feel when she had Philip’s cock slip inside
her for their next fuck.

Marie pulled her mouth off of the black man’s cock and
began to undulate her pussy back and forth on the trio
of fingers Philip was filling and emptying her cunt
with. She continued to jack his cockshaft up and down,
and moaned and whispered breathlessly how good his
fingers felt as they fucked her pussy.

Philip realized that his extreme horniness hadn’t
diminished any at all even though he’d already allowed
Marie to suck on him and then he’d fucked her before
cumming all over her naked body. He couldn’t believe
how much he needed to fuck a woman, any woman who was
handy, and right now that convenient woman happen to be
Marie Osmond. He knew without doubt that she’d reap the
benefits of his desire but he knew that he was going to
get sexual satisfaction as well several more times
before this night and this “date” were finished.

“Marie, you suck my cock so good, lady,” Philip said as
he began to move his body around in relation to hers
again, “but I really want you to let me eat your pussy
now. Right now. I want you to know what it’s like to
have your hot pussy eaten by a real man, Marie. Would
you like that?? A good pussy licking from me?”

Marie caught herself almost deciding again that what
she was doing was totally wrong since she’d really
never had her pussy eaten before. But just as she
started to protest or just remain silent, she nodded
her head, “Yes”. She didn’t feel words were necessary.
Her actions spoke louder than words ever could. Marie
spread her beautiful fleshy legs apart somewhat at
first to allow Philip access to her naked cunt, then as
she felt his mouth and lips touch her wet sensitive
flesh, she began to moan in anticipation of the intense
pleasures this man was about to give her.

“Ohhhhhhhh, yes, yes, oh stick that tongue inside me,
baby,” Marie begged her virile black stud as she felt
his tongue lick up and down her bare snatch and flick
across her erect little clit. Marie reached down to
Philip’s head and placing her hands on the back of his
head, pushed her hot pussy up into his face, pulling
his lips as close to her needy pussy as she could get

Philip loved the sexy pungent taste of Marie’s pussy,
her juices were flowing plentifully and his tongue was
dividing her pussy lips, stabbing in and out of her
cunt, in and out, in and out. He reached underneath her
bare ass and squeezed her asscheeks as he made sure his
face was securely in between her legs.

He loved sucking out her pussy juices, and stimulating
her pussy to higher and higher arousal. He wanted Marie
so hot to fuck him this time that she would totally
lose any inhibitions to fucking his cock and would give
them both one of their wildest, hottest fucks of their
lives. Marie soon began to moan more loudly and thrash
around vigorously on the bed underneath his hot mouth
and tongue.

“Oh, fuck, Philip, fuck!!! What are you doing to me?”
Marie moaned and begged him. “Are you going to fuck me
again or just drive me insane from that hot sexy mouth
of yours?”

Her black lover didn’t need any more encouragement than
that. As Philip moved up from Marie’s thrusting groin,
he kneeled momentarily there between Marie’s splayed
legs, reached down to stroke his nine inches of rock-
hard cock that jutted up at about a 45-degree angle
from his groin, and reached down to take some of her
pussy wetness to ensure his cock was lubed and ready to
penetrate her hot pussy.

As Philip poised there above Marie’s lewdly naked body
underneath him, he took in the amazing beauty and
voluptuousness of this woman’s body. Her breasts were
very sexy, full and the contrast between her breasts
and nipples made his cock get even harder. He loved a
white woman’s tits, especially when the woman’s nipples
were a dark color compared to the rest of her flesh.
Her pussy hair was bushy and very dark as well – now he
knew for sure she was really a brunette and not
something her fancy hairdresser had made her appear to
be. He liked that about Marie – she seemed to be very
genuine and honest with him about who she was and about
what it was that she wanted so badly tonight here in
this hotel room from him.

It appeared that she wanted the very same things he
wanted – to fuck and suck and enjoy as many strong hot
orgasms from his being with her that she could – and
she was willing to pay good money for that privilege.
Philip sometimes couldn’t believe his good fortune to
not only get to fuck different women every night, but
that he got paid quite well for the privilege of doing
that. Wow!!!

Philip wrapped his big muscular hand around his long,
steel-hard cockshaft and lowered the sleek pointed tip
of his huge snake-like hose of cock straight toward the
waiting mouth of Marie Osmond’s seething pussy. Without
hesitating any longer, he aimed the very tip of his
manhood right at the split of her cunt lips and pushed
forward, again wedging his hotly penetrating cock in
her wet pink pussy lips, and pushed his body forward
powerfully, filling her tight clasping pussy with his
thick cockmeat as quickly as he could shove it deep
inside her cunt.

Marie let a deep sigh as she felt the hardness and heat
of her stud’s cock strike her waiting pussy and then
begin to forcefully take possession of her hungrily
waiting cunt. Philip thrust his strong hips forward,
watching as his shaft of black manmeat disappeared
inside Marie’s naked splayed thighs. The heat and
tightness of her already twice-fucked pussy was still
amazing. She must do exercises to keep her twat so
snug, especially after having seven children.

Philip reached up and cupped both of Marie’s large
upthrusting breasts in his big firm hands as she
wrapped both her legs around his back and passionately
took his cock inside her more quickly and as deeply as
he could reach. Marie had suddenly come to a crucial
decision in her own mind – she knew Bryce and Philip
weren’t supposed to ejaculate inside her pussy.

To keep from complicating pregnancies, they were
required to withdraw their cocks at the last moment and
cum outside their client’s pussy. But Marie had
decided, totally against all reason, that she wanted
this sexy hot black hunk’s hot white cum load inside
her pussy. She wanted him to fuck her as hard and as
lustily as he could and then spew his nuts full of cum
out deep inside her horny pussy.

Marie began to urge Philip on, told him in definite
terms how hard and fast she wanted him to thrust his
big thick cock in and out of her eagerly fucking cunt.
She wrapped her arms around his back, mashing her big
tits against him and when he bent his head and sucked
her left nipple inside his lips, she started to cum
around his pistoning manhood.

“Oh, fuckkkkkkk, Philip, yes, yes, you sexy big fucker,
suck on my hot tit,” Marie moaned and begged him as she
began to bounce her full sexy asscheeks off the bed,
meeting his fuck thrusts with her own gyrating rhythm.
“Ohhhh, honey, where did you learn how to fuck a
woman?” Marie asked as she allowed him to have his way
with her, and as she freed herself to enjoy this sexy
hot black man’s cock ravishing her pussy, filling and
emptying her sex-hungry cunt.

Philip began to long-stroke Marie’s clasping,
unbelievably wet, hot pussy. He loved it when his dark
black shaft slid inside this horny woman’s cunt and
then reappeared as he made his out-strokes. In and out,
in and out, mashing his curly pubic hairs against her
bushy brown pubic thatch.

Marie began to have her second orgasm of this session
underneath Philip’s driving cock and then Philip knew
his own climax was about to explode from his loins. He
told Marie he’d need to pull out and cum all over her
stomach but she looked him in the eye, smiled sexily
and said, “No, Philip, it’s not going to happen that
way. I want your seed inside me.” She wouldn’t allow
him to free her legs from around him and Philip decided
if that was her wish, he’d let her have his cumload
right where she wanted it.

As Philip felt his nuts begin to explode, he stopped
his fucking motions in and out, leaving his cock buried
inside Marie’s cunt. His cockhead was touching the
deepest reaches of her pussy, and when he started
spurting his thick seed, he could feel it shooting out
and up inside the mouth of her hot womb.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, fucking cum for me, Philip,” Marie
moaned, realizing that she was receiving his hot seed
inside her body.

As Marie and Philip lay there in the bed in the
aftermath of their coupling, Philip reveled in what
this night had been like for him and he noticed that
Marie had a mysterious, pretty satisfied smile on her

Two Months Later

Marie woke up and felt really strange. Strange?? Well,
no not really. She knew exactly what she was feeling
the moment she swung her legs out of the bed. Morning
sickness. She was pregnant and it could only be from
one man – her stud lover, Philip.

Marie reached down and rubbed her belly. What would
everyone think?? Pregnant again – and this time with
the product of her night of hot passionate fucking with
her sexy black hunk, Philip. She reached for the phone
to call his escort service so she could arrange another
hot sexy night “date” with Philip and then call to book
her “usual room” in the Marriott.

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