Cuban Holiday with Emma Watson 1.

Ah, Cuba… Sun, sand, island time… It was just what I needed. I was enjoying being pretty much anonymous at the resort, even with the relationships I had built during previous stays. My little bit of Spanish had served me very well, and the resort folks recognized that I was just there to relax, and not be waited on hand and foot like so many of the other guests. The benefits were many, from food and drink to local tours and inclusion in some of the after hours activities with the staff, my own little familia cubana. A little respect goes a long way.

So I wasn’t really expecting anything when I made my way back to my room after breakfast the second day and saw the back of a very shapely brunette who looked like she was trying to get into my room, and being quite vocally displeased about not being able to…

“God DAMN it! It figures, I walk all this way and now I have to go back because the key doesn’t work.” The English accent was obvious, but with the number of expats vacationing on the island, it wasn’t a surprise.

“disculpe, seƱorita, puedo ser de…” She jumped and spun around so fast I had to take a step back to avoid flying arms and sunglasses…

“Holy shit”, this to myself as we both regained our composure. Emma Watson rearranged her sunglasses and ballcap that had come askew in her fright.

“Oh, you startled me! I am trying to make this keycard work, with no luck, I’m afraid.”

“Well, I think I know what the problem may be”, I said with a smile. “You’re trying to get into my room.”

“Oh, shit, sorry… I…” She waved her hand and keycard in the air with frustration.
“I think you’re probably right next door, over there”. I pointed to the next door a few feet further along the balcony.
She left her luggage in front of my door and moved to hers, where the keycard miraculously chirped merrily and the lock clicked as expected. “Thanks, I’ll get out of your way…”

“No trouble, enjoy your stay!” I let myself in and left Emma standing on the balcony watching my door close in her face. The look was almost funny. She clearly had expected some sort of fan reaction like she gets everywhere else when the lights shine on her.

“It’s 5 o clock somewhere”, I mumbled, as I grabbed a couple beers from the minifridge and headed out onto the room’s balcony. You couldn’t beat the view, with the renewed gardens and the birds, and the oversight of one of the resort pools and swim up bar. The hurricane had been terrible, pretty much scraping this part of the island clean, but the resort had been very lucky to survive the direct hit. Over the last couple years, they had worked very hard to get the grounds back to the beautiful state they had been in previously. With the warm ocean breeze and the muted music from the pool in the background, I settled in to one of the chairs with my open beer and it’s backup waiting patiently on the table. “Huh, Emma Watson.” I wouldn’t have expected to see her here, and definitely not alone. I thought she was seeing some stockbroker or British bigwig back home. Hardly conducive to hiding out in Cuba. But the island was pretty popular with tourists from the UK.

“Mum, I told you I am fine, please don’t lecture me.” Her voice faded in and out as she was clearly pacing in her room while talking on the phone. “I needed a break, and I needed it where nobody could change my mind about it, that’s why I didn’t tell you. No, I’m not going to say where I am, just that I am safe, and I’ll be back in a week or so to start up all the chaos again. I love you, tell Daddy the same, and I will talk to you soon. No, I am not going to call him. He made his position very clear when I caught him with his whore. That ship has sailed. I have to go, Mum. Bye.”

The chair scraping on the concrete was how I knew she was outside. The balconies were all built together along the length of the building, with just a thin decorative wall between suites.
When she sighed deeply, I said “Hello again, you sound like you could use a drink… Beer?”
Emma wasn’t crazy about the idea that I had been listening apparently, as she ignored my disembodied hand holding the sweating beer can around the partition, and instead said rather coldly “No thanks, and I’d appreciate if you didn’t listen in to my conversations.” She got up and went back inside, closing the balcony door behind her.
“Alright then, more for me!” I shrugged and went back to my daydreaming and drinking.

The weather was too good to pass up, so I changed into my trunks and grabbed the snorkel gear. There was an old sunken barge that made a fantastic artificial reef not far off the beach. I figured I could get some pics for my kid and have a good swim before finding a barstool for the evening. The sun was damned hot, and with no cover around, it was easy to stay in the water the whole time. The tide shifted and started to come in, but there was still a while to go before I’d have to head in to the beach. Some of the kids and other guests from the resort had gathered near the barge on a sandbar, and they were using slushy bread crumbs and water bottles to tease the fish to come in closer. I was keeping an eye out, since the schools of little fish tended to attract some of the bigger less friendly fish. There had been a few barracuda around the last few days, and I didn’t want any of the kids getting freaked out. I had noticed a young woman in a dark bikini swimming around by herself, and I managed to get on a more or less parallel track with her, and then spotted the telltale silver glint of a hunting fish making a beeline for the barge. They are fast and skittish, so I didnt want to take my eyes off it. I reached out my arm to the side, thinking I would catch the girl on her arm and be able to point out the meany to her. I didn’t quite register the feel of fabric under my hand beyond a subconscious thought that she hadn’t been wearing sleeves… I motioned to her that we should head for the sandbar, finally looking over and figuring out that I had placed my hand squarely on her pleasingly full fabric covered ass… Whoops.

Emma didn’t say anything as we climbed aboard the sandbar, but she shot me sort of a confused look before the kids figured out who she was and freaked out for a different reason. I just smiled and waved as I started to make my way back to the beach, followed slowly by the gaggle riding the incoming tide.

Emma caught up to me on the trek back to our building… “Those fish were incredible! Did you see the barracuda?” She smiled…
“I sure did, that’s why I reached over to grab you”, I replied with a smirk. “Sorry about the butt grab, by the way, I didn’t look first”.
She giggled and gave me a bit of side eye, “that’s okay, it wasn’t my tit or anything, and nothing fell off, so I’ll forgive you”.
“In that case, I will have to pick my target next time”, I teased.
She whacked me lightly with her fins and said “definitely not in front of the children! I have a reputation to protect!”.

“Listen, I wanted to apologize for being so snappy earlier” she offered. “I did a bit of a runner from home, and I wasn’t really expecting that I’d be interacting with many people…”
“Well, being who you are, I suspect that’s a bit of a challenge all in itself, no?”
“It certainly can be. But I manage some solitude once in a while”.
“Well, tell you what, if you’d like to sit with me for dinner, then all will be forgiven. I’ll try not to grab any bits, and you can try not to hit me with anything, and we should be good. Yeah?”
It took her a couple minutes, which I didn’t expect, but she finally shrugged and said “Sure, why the hell not. There aren’t that many folks here, I can probably handle them if it gets mobbish”.
“I think we can deal with that, let me call over and get us a quiet table. Pick you up in half an hour? I know where you live, after all…”

I tell you, Emma Watson cleans up just fine in 30 minutes… A muted floral dress with spaghetti straps and comfy looking flats with her hair pulled back. I felt like a schlub with my khakis and linen shirt, but she just smiled and fell in alongside me as we strolled over to the restaurant. She barely hid her surprise as I shook hands with the maitre d and spoke quietly in Spanish, sharing a laugh as he guided us just past the wide open main room to a quiet alcove. A bottle of wine was waiting, and the glasses were quickly filled and we were left to each other briefly.
“Wow, you seem to be a big deal around here!”
“Nah, not so much. I’ve been here a few times, starting right after the hurricane a few years back. I made some friends, and the locals are very loyal friends indeed. It’s like a big family, and if you try to fit in, they will treat you like family too.”

She laughed as I proved this idea further when one of the ladies from the kitchen came out to say hello and insisted on a big hug and much cheek kissing. Of course I got the third degree, and some teasing about how I was supposed to be saving myself for someone’s daughter or other, but it was all in good fun. The rest of the dinner went by way too fast. The food was amazing, and we were spoiled with wine and dessert. The conversation flowed easily, lubricated by the wine and by zero expectations of anything else. Neither of us had anything to hide, so I got the whole story about the dumbass that had cheated on her, and how the whole public life thing made it so hard to try and keep that stuff in the background and out of the papers. Emma has been a busy young woman over the years, with her advocacy and public causes. It was nice to see her relax a bit and not seem to be in such a hurry. She was even genuinely interested in my story, my daughter, and how I was trying to keep the advancing years at bay.

Neither of us felt much pain as we strolled back toward the rooms, with a short detour down the boardwalk to see the moon on the beach.
“What is on the menu for tomorrow?” Emma asked as she padded along with her shoes in her hand.
“Well, I don’t know. I was thinking of a jeep safari or a trip into town to visit some buddies and their families, but I’m open to suggestions”.
“Would you be terribly upset if I asked to tag along?”
“Well, I wasn’t planning on fighting off autograph hunters all day, but I figure we can disguise you enough to get away with it…”
Emma looked concerned as she thought about this. “I didn’t realize… maybe I shouldn’t bother then?”
I laughed and gave her a gentle shoulder bump. “Em, it’s Cuba. I think you’ll be okay. TV and hollywood isn’t exactly at the top of most peoples’ lists here”.
“Oh, well that’s good then. But I’ll try to look a little more menacing anyway to be sure”.
“I don’t think that is a possibility. You’d have to do a lot of work to cover up that shine.” I didn’t even think about it before I said it.
She kind of blinked at me, finally saying “that’s very sweet, thank you”.
Fortunately, I was saved by our arrival at the rooms. “Do you need a hand getting the right door?” I teased with a smile.
“Ugh. I think I can manage it, thanks. See you tomorrow?”
“Absolutely. Thanks for hanging out with one of the little people, kid. Sweet dreams!” I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and left her with a surprised look on her face yet again at her door to go back to my own.

Well, that was an interesting day, I mused… I cracked open the balcony door to enjoy the evening onshore breeze, but noticed that I wasn’t hearing anything from next door. No worries, if she’s as tired as me, she’s probably already asleep. I stripped off and laid on the bed, turned the TV on low and half watched the local newscast, filled with lots of patriotic rhetoric and stories about how good life is on the island. It didn’t take me long to doze off…

The commotion outside the doors seemed to be getting louder as more voices joined in the fray. I got up and stuck my face out the door to see what was going on. It was clear that someone had told someone who told someone that Emma was on the resort. Lots of big cameras and lights were clogging the balcony outside her room. Bugger. I felt sorry for the kind of crap she has to put up with. All she wanted was some down time. But then again, she knew what she was dealing with. I didn’t expect she would have any trouble clearing it up.
I crawled back into bed and had just covered up when I heard “Jay!! Pssst!! JAY!! Can I come across to your room?! Please!! They won’t go away!” I could just barely make out half of one Emma Watson as she shimmied around the divider on our shared balcony and crept towards the open door.
“Yeah, of course, come on in,” I managed, adjusting the sheets to make sure I was almost decent.
Emma was visibly shaken as she came in and perched on the side of the bed, rubbing her face with her hands and trying to smooth back her hair, which seems to have been reacting the way she was, becoming a bit of a mess… I could only stare, as this was not the Emma I ever thought I would see. An old college tanktop and sweatsuit shorts, barefoot as she tried to get her hair under control with a scrunchy.
“You okay?” I finally asked, as she took a deep breath and started absentmindedly chewing a fingernail.
“Yeah, I suppose. I just was hoping not to deal with this stuff here”.
“Okay, well, make yourself comfy, they’ll go away when they don’t get any response, right?” I said this hopefully, as she was clearly stressed out. “Grab a beer, let me make a call, okay?”
“Sure, thanks. I’m so sorry to be a pain like this.”
“Don’t worry, kid, mi casa es su casa”. I reached over and made a quick call to the reception, speaking low in Spanish as I explained rather firmly that I was pissed about the idea that someone had allowed papparazzi onto the resort that were now making an even bigger fuss outside. My friend the night manager swore and told me that he’d look after it. I wasn’t holding my breath, as it was pretty clear someone had made some pesos letting them in and pointing them the right way. The realities of life in Cuba…

“Well, Em, you might as well settle in. I think it’ll be a bit before they get cleared out. I suspect some money changed hands, as it does here”.
“Shit, I don’t want to be a bother for you…”
“Not to worry, just try to kick back and forget about them.” Emma sipped her beer quietly and tried to focus on what was on the tube. I slid the remote over to her and she absentmindedly started to flick through the channels until she found some mindless english entertainment. Meanwhile Emma shifted up on the bed, propping up the pillows to give her a backrest, and crossing her long legs underneath her. We sat in comfortable silence for a few minutes, with occasional chuckles at the sitcom on tv. But my bladder finally betrayed me…

“Um, Emma, do you mind terribly either closing your eyes or turning around for a second? I have to make a dash to the loo…”
Her eyes snapped over to mine as she suddenly put it together that I hadn’t moved from under the covers since she’d arrived…
“Wait, are you NAKED?!?” Her mouth hung open as she scanned my shape under the covers and then realizing she’d done so, she blushed and returned her gaze to my pained face. “Well, you did catch me with a commando raid over the balcony as I was going to bed, and yes, I do sleep in the buff, so, um, yeah…” The tension in the room evaporated as she burst out laughing… I couldn’t help but join in, as it was just such a release and she collapsed on the bed, rolling on her back and wiping the tears from her eyes… “Oh my GOD, I never expected that in a million years! But I guess yeah, I never thought about it, I was just trying to get away from those damned people!”
“Alright, well, I live to entertain, so I’m glad you’re amused… But do you mind?” The mischief was plain to see in her face now as she sat up on the bed again and faced me square on, sitting up on my own side of the bed…
“Well, I think you didn’t plan that out very well, did you? What is it worth to you?” She beamed and raised her eyebrows at me.
“Well, let’s see… What is is worth to me to not pee the bed? Eventually, I’m just going to give up and get up… I’m just trying to save your tender eyes the trauma of seeing me streak to the bathroom.”
“Well, I have seen naked people before, so I don’t think it would terrorize me or anything” she laughed, taking another sip from her beer.
It was my turn to poke, “Well, I have no way to know that for sure, but I am a gentleman, and I want to give you the chance to avert your gaze before I… go!” And with that I threw the sheet back and got up, turning away from her before moving around the foot of the bed towards the bathroom. Emma shrieked and giggled, and flopped down on the bed to hide her eyes as I breezed past…
Just as I got to the door, she managed a low wolf whistle which sent us both into fits of laughter. “Oh, very nice!” I groaned.
“You’re very cheeky, aren’t you?!” she barely managed before busting a gut once more…

I took care of business fairly quickly, and decided that discretion was the better choice, despite how much fun Emma appeared to be having with the naked host. I wrapped a towel around my waist and declared “here I come” before striding out into the room… Emma actually had her phone up, ready to take a picture!! “Oh, you’re a troublemaker, aren’t you?!” I laughed as she scowled at my semi-decent attire.
“Well, THAT’S just no fun whatsoever!” she grumped.
“Yeah, you know, gentleman and all. And imagine if you had taken a photo and imagine if it got out somehow from your phone… Those would be questions that I really wouldn’t want to have to answer!!”
I slid into bed where I had started, covered up, and then made a show of pulling the towel out from under the sheets.
“There we go, all better!” I tossed the towel at her, and she mostly dodged it, pulling it off her head and mussing up her hair even more…
“Hmph” she pouted. “Alright then, my turn for the loo”. Emma was up and out of sight into the bathroom before I could blink. I settled back to watch the show on tv, knowing she wouldn’t be long. After hearing the flush, she seemed to be taking her time.
“You alright in there?” I asked.
“Why, are you going to come and save me?” came her retort, with a giggle.
“Well, I would certainly sacrifice my dignity if you were in troub..” I had to stop because I suddenly couldn’t breathe…
A long very nicely shaped leg suddenly angled out of the doorway, toe pointed. She bent her leg back to rest her foot on the door frame and leaned her shoulder, now enticingly bare, out of the door to look at me with barely concealed glee… A bath towel was wrapped around her chest, barely falling below where I knew her hips to be… Emma strolled casually back to the foot of the bed and looked down at me as I fidgeted to hide what was quickly becoming an obvious discomfort. She had let her hair down as well, and the image of Emma Watson with bedhead was etched forever in my mind…
“So, I figured that two could play the towel game… What do you think?” She raised an eyebrow and cocked a hip, the motion making a strand of hair fall across her forehead and over her face.
“I think I have never wanted to be a bath towel so much in my entire life…” I said quietly.

And so Emma reached up to release the towel, and I nearly passed out on the spot. She was punking me, badly. The towel came off, and she started to giggle as her shorts and tank top came back into view once more… She had pulled the shoulder straps down far enough to hide them under the towel…
“Oooooohhhh, that is just cruel and unusual punishment!!” I groaned, falling back on the bed and throwing an arm over my face while Emma continued to enjoy my reaction.
“That was just mean, young lady… If I were in any condition to roll over, I’d be putting you over my knee for that!!”
“Oh, so that is a good look for me, then?”
“If I move around too much,you’ll be able to plainly see the answer to that!” Her eyes darted down to my covered body again, and just as quickly back to my face.
Emma smiled and said “Well then, I guess we’re even for you grabbing my ass”.
I finally relented and smiled, “yep, you got me. A bit of overkill, but you got me”.

Emma quickly reset her top, helped herself to another beer, and climbed back on the bed, shifting the pillows over a little closer to my side before settling down again to watch the telly.
“I can still hear the photogs outside, but I guess I should probably head back to my room and try to ignore them”.
“Don’t be silly, Em. There’s more than enough room for you right here, if you want to stay. They’ll give up overnight, and you can do your ninja trick on the balcony to get back in the morning and pretend you were there the whole time if they’re still around. You aren’t bothering me at all, and I enjoy the company of an impish young lady as much as the next red blooded man.”
Emma just stared at me. “You are probably the sweetest guy I have spent time with in a long time. Thanks for being so nice to me”.
“My pleasure, my lady…”

“But I do have to say, if you are done torturing me for the time being, I am starting to fade out. I’m a bit sun-fucked from the beach today, and as much as I don’t want to fall asleep on you, I’m afraid it will be a distinct possibility before much longer.” I rolled on my side and propped my head on my hand to look at her more directly.
“I’m serious, Emma. Stay. You have that side, I have this side, there’s beer and snacks, and you have the run of the place.”
She thought about it for a bit, sort of watching the tube, and then seemed to make up her mind.
“Okay, that’s amazing. Thank you. I’ll try not to trash the place on you. But if you’re tired, you should sleep”. She reached over and rested her hand on my shoulder, giving me a light squeeze.
“Alright, done deal. I will try not to drive you away with my snoring. I’m gonna close my eyes and just lay here, should be asleep in no time. Thanks for a fun extension to our evening, you shameless tease…” I smiled and she giggled. I laid back down and closed my eyes. “Sweet dreams, Emma Watson”.
I made an air kiss noise and felt her lean towards me. She kissed me gently on the corner of my mouth and said “see you in the morning.”

There is no way that my brain was registering what was going on through the night, but at one point, I opened my eyes and noted that the lights had been shut off. I rolled onto my side and immediately bumped into a very soft and very warm form that reacted by shuffling back into me, fitting in as a perfect little spoon. Emma rested her head on my outstretched arm and laid her hand gently on my own. I meshed our fingers and gave a light squeeze, which she returned unconsciously. Her hair was down, all over the place, and smelled amazing. She was quite obviously asleep as well, as there was no reaction to my dick resting between us, nestled comfortably in the top of her butt crack. She murmured quietly and stretched her long legs out, intertwining them with mine. My free hand instinctively came to rest on her thigh as she adjusted some more and got even closer, if it was possible… She reached down and took my hand, pulling my arm around her so our hands lay joined together between her tits. “Mmmsbetter…” she mumbled, and then fell back into deep even breathing. By now I was mostly awake, and freaking the fuck out… “Holy shit, I am laying naked in bed with Emma fucking Watson…” My brain started to go at about a thousand miles an hour, but I finally calmed down and realized that she was sound asleep, and obviously very comfortable. I should be fucking amazed at how lucky I am and not do anything stupid to mess it up. So I forced myself to relax, pulled her into me as close as I could, buried my face in her hair at the back of her neck, gave her a soft kiss right there and drifted back off to sleep.

When I woke up again, I was on my back. Emma was tucked under my right arm, snuggled up against my chest. Her right leg was thrown over mine, and her thigh was just brushing my increasingly painful morning wood… Her right hand was slowly tracing up and down my chest to my belly, just above my dick. I was gloriously surrounded. I reached up with my own right hand and started running my fingers through her hair at her temple. I caught her right hand with my left and interlocked our fingers, keeping them down low on my belly. She inhaled deeply and let out a long breath.
“Good morning, how did you sleep?” I asked quietly.
“That was the best sleep I have had in such a long time” she replied, equally quietly. “I am so comfortable right now that I don’t want to move.”
“Well then it’s a good thing we are in no hurry” I smiled. I could feel her answering grin against my chest.
“How did you sleep?” She looked up at me with her little smile.
“I did pretty good, although I had this crazy dream in the middle of the night that there was a beautiful famous young woman laying naked in my bed with me”. Emma giggled and nestled her head into my shoulder again.
“Yes, well, we established that you sleep nude, but we never got around to what my preferences are. Is it safe to assume that you don’t mind?”
“That is a safe assumption, yes”.

“I was actually expecting to be woken up in the middle of the night, considering how you reacted when you rolled over…” she began.
“Em, I would be lying if I said I didn’t consider it. But you were so sleepy, and seemed so comfortable, and that whole damned gentleman thing came in again, and…”
“Alright, well, for future reference, we can sleep anytime. Don’t be so shy from now on, okay? My comfort with you is exactly why I’m still here, and why we are clothed the same way right now”. Emma kissed my chest lightly and snuggled down even more.
Holy crap, this whole scenario has just gone to the next level, I thought.
My wildest dream was confirmed when Emma said quietly ” I think we both need a shower and a good shag, don’t you?”

I slid my hand up Emma’s neck and slowly took a handful of hair in my right hand. I lifted her head up and kissed her gently on the forehead as she sighed. “You’re on! I call first shot for the bathroom and to brush this dragon breath away!” With that I threw the covers back and slid out of bed while she laughed and gathered up the covers in a flase display of modesty… I stalked to the loo to take care of my morning needs.
Emma threw another wolf whistle, and this time I turned around to face her with my dick at half mast and gave her an exagerrated low bow. “Thank you miss, I will be with you very shortly. If you wish, there is another toothbrush at the sink, and I believe the shower will be more than roomy enough for two”.
Emma giggled out at me from where she had the covers pulled up to cover half her face, with her eyes wide at my display. One of her fantastic legs was sticking out, and the flash of thigh as she moved to get out of the bed was just more motivation for me to get moving…

I brushed my teeth and took care of business in the bathroom, and stepped out to see the amazing view of Emma’s rear profile standing in the shower stall. The rainshower setups at the resort were fantastic, and easily had room for three or four people. But in my shower was the vision of the beautiful woman I was about to share it with… Emma was running her hands through her hair, which was smoothed down her back, with her head tilted up into the spray. The shape of her was amazing, and I stopped to admire her back and the flare of her hips down to her incredible ass. She stood more on one leg, with the other cocked so that she had one foot flat on the floor and the other just resting her toes there. The curve of her calf and the smoothness of her thighs had my cock reacting immediately… The steam was frosting the glass, and I had to force myself to move, thinking that it all had to be a dream…

“What’s taking you so long?” The sight of Emma Watson looking back over her bare shoulder at me is something I will never forget…
“I’m just admiring the beautiful scenery”, I smiled.
“Well get in here and admire it more closely, would you? We’ve waited long enough!”
I couldn’t argue with that, as I opened the door and stepped in behind her. As the door closed, I wrapped her in my arms and pressed myself up against her back. My cock was now a rather obvious obstacle to molding ourselves together as it was pressed between us into the small of her back. Emma spun slowly in my arms and wrapped her own around me in return. Our first real kiss was soft and tentative, and the electricity as we looked into each others’ eyes was undeniable.
“Wow, we’ve been missing out on kisses like that too?? Terrible…” The kisses became more passionate, as our tongues sought each other out and wrestled for position. Our hands started to roam as well, with mine wandering between her amazing plump little ass cheeks and her strong shoulders and neck. Emma’s moved to grab my own butt, causing us to giggle in the middle of a deep kiss, and then she wrapped her arms around me tightly as we pressed together.
Now we had her perfect B cups as well as my cock between us. I could feel her nipples burning holes in my chest, and I am certain she could feel what she was doing to me as she moved her hips side to side, dragging my cock back and forth across her belly with a delightful friction.

I reluctantly stepped back from her, as she looked at me quizzicaly with one eyebrow raised. I started to soap up a washcloth and told Emma to “spread ’em!”
She laughed and stood with her arms out and her legs spread while I moved around her and soaped her skin liberally with the cloth. She started to coo and moan as I worked the muscles in her neck and shoulders, and slowly moved down her back to that amazing ass. She jumped and shrieked as I slapped first one cheek and then the other with a resounding SMACK!, but settled down as I massaged the sting away and worked further down her legs. I moved around in front of her, looking up to see her eyes closed and her bottom lip caught in her teeth. I picked up her left leg behind the knee and placed her foot on my thigh, as she wiggled to keep her balance. Using both hands, I worked the soapy cloth around her foot and up her calf to her thigh, and then just to below her centre.
I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she had shaved her pussy, which isn’t something I had thought about until just then. But I knew it would be to both our benefits later. As I put her foot down and reached for her other leg to repeat the process, I felt her hands move to my shoulders to balance herself.
“You know you’re killing me, don’t you?” Emma asked with her eyes closed and a broad smile…
“Well, maybe, but what a way to go!” I teased as I finished up with her legs and moved my attention to her smooth flat belly and up to her glorious tits. Her nipples were rock hard as I washed her tits gently. I resisted the urge to suck them, as tough as that was. All in good time. I wanted to spoil her first.
Emma shrieked and jumped from foot to foot as I rubbed the washcloth along her ribs and into her armpits. “Oh, a bit ticklish, hmm? I might have to use that information later” I said as she settled down and grabbed on to me once more.
“Oh, you’d better not, that’s not nice!” she giggled…

“You know, I would never be one to complain about such royal treatment, but I think you have missed a spot” Emma said as she looked at me with half-lidded eyes…
“Oh, don’t you worry, I saved the best bits for last” I smiled, as I slowly walked her backwards to the built in seat in the shower. As I held her hands while she sat, I said “Move that cute little butt of yours to the front, but don’t fall off!” “She giggled and did as I asked, spreading her long legs wide around me as I knelt in front of her again. I reached up and pulled her to me for a deep kiss as my hands slowly traced down her chest to her nipples. I circled them gently with my fingers, and tweaked them each once as Emma gasped at the touch.
I held each breast in my hand and felt their firmness as I rubbed gently back and forth across her nipples. My lips trailed along her jawline to her incredible neck where I spent as much time as I dared nibbling and kissing. Emma was starting to moan again as I slowly worked my way down and took each nipple into my mouth in turn. I rolled them between my lips and ran my tongue over each one, daring them to get harder, which I don’t think was possible.
Emma’s head was leaned back against the wall of the shower and her mouth lay open as she ran her hands through my hair and pressed insistently on my head to move lower.

I finally left her tits behind and trailed my tongue down across her rib cage to her belly button. She gasped and flinched when I dipped my tongue in, and I laughed softly “Have to remember that too” I said. She just moaned softly in response.

I was now pretty much laid out on the floor of the shower in front of her. I took my time, kissing around her thighs and across the top of her mound. I kissed down her legs and ran my hands up and down, almost to her sex, but not quite. Finally I moved my head back and admired my goal. Her arousal was clear, as her lips had spread of their own volition, and the wetness was fairly dripping out of her.
Frankly, her pussy was beautiful, with slender lips surrounding her opening, and a prominent hood at the top from where her clitoris was peeking in expectation…
“So gorgeous” I breathed on her skin, as I finally move forward and ran my tongue once slowly from her taint to her clit.
Emma fairly climbed the wall backwards as her hands grasped at my head. Her groan was intoxicating as her body shook from the feelings she was having. I gently sucked in each lip and ran my tongue around it, tasting her amazing flavour as she continued to leak her excitement. Emma now had one leg up over my shoulder and had her calf curled around my back to try and keep me from backing away. As if I had any intention of leaving this amazing sight and taste.

It was time for Emma to cum for me. I started to make long strokes with my tongue between her lips, ending with a circle around her clit, which was throbbing and bright red now at the top of her pussy… My hands were now holding her ass up off the seat as if I was holding a bowl to my lips. Emma was gasping, alternating her arms between holding herself up off the seat and pressing my head into her pussy. She was flowing freely and tasted amazing. I sucked up as much as I could, but my face was still getting soaked, and not from the shower that was still beating down on us both.
“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod…” she panted… “I’m going to cum, Jay, don’t you dare stop now…” I brought one hand forward from her butt and ran two fingers between her lips to lube them, then slowly and smoothly entered her and curled my fingertips up to press against the inside wall of her pussy behind her clit… My other hand had to reposition to keep a hold of her,and I ended up with a finger just pressing against the bud between her cheeks which was clenching and unclenching as she squirmed.
“Ohhhh, fuckkkkk…..” Emma finally lost it, and she nearly drowned me with her juices as she came long and hard against my tongue and fingers. Her leg tightened around my neck and shoulders so that I could barely move, and she threw her head back and panted like a wild animal. I was pretty sure she’d end up with a handful of my hair from holding my head so hard.

Emma collapsed back against the seat, shuddering with little gasps and moans, finally releasing me from her legs and hands to sit back with satisfaction and watch the flush spread from her face to her chest, tits heaving as she gathered her wits and some breath. I moved up to kneel in front of her again, reaching to take her into my arms and hold her close. She draped her arms around my neck and wrapped her legs around my waist while staying perched on the seat.
“I might not survive the rest of our time here if that is what you’re going to do to me”, she whispered.
I kissed her tenderly, letting her taste herself on my lips and tongue.
“And now I regret even more not waking you up last night! We could have been on round three or four by now” I smiled at her, looking deeply into her brown eyes…
“Good lord, I can’t imagine…” She smiled. We rested our foreheads together and soaked in the hot spray. Another great thing about the resort- endless hot water.

“Well, now that I am done being entirely selfish, I think I need to pay you some attention, mister.” Emma smiled and reached down to grasp my dick, which had been at full mast since I first saw her in the shower… It was the first time she had touched my cock with her hands through all of this, and her touch was electric. She stroked me gently with her fingertips, and then leaned in to my ear “But I’m not going to hurry, either”, and gave it a quick nip. “Stand up, boy, it’s my turn”.

We both stood, holding each other for a bit more as Emma regained her strength. Her legs were still a bit shaky, but I didn’t mind hanging on to her one bit. Our kisses were deep and luxurious, as I held her head to mine with one hand, and cupped her incredible ass with the other.

Finally she broke away and retrieved the wash cloth from where it had landed. She built up a big lather snd said “What was it you said? Spread ’em?”
I laughed and assumed the position she had, with my arms out and legs slightly parted.
But instead of starting to wash my body, she put the cloth in my hand and said “You can wash, I’m busy…” with a mischeviuos smile, and sank to her knees in front of me. “What was all that about not being in a hurry?” I laughed.
“That was bullshit, Jay, I need to suck your cock right now”, she smiled up at me with an impish grin, and licked her lips. I laughed and deposited a big dollop of soap suds on the top of her head, which made her giggle, but she was focused on one thing only…

She gently grasped my cock with one hand, cupping my balls with the other. As she moved it side to side, she examined me as if trying to memorize the shape. She started up a slow stroking motion with her hand, leaning in to kiss around my thighs and along my belly above my cock. I was leaking precum in a fairly steady stream, and her pretty little tongue darted out just once to sweep the tip of my dick and taste what she was causing… I couldn’t look away as she leaned in and started with little kisses along one side as she stroked me.
Emma looked up at me and smiled, and said “I should have investigated this earlier last night too, clearly”.
I cupped her face with a hand and said “You will be up to speed in no time, I am sure…”
We both laughed and she went back to focusing on her work. She kept a steady pace with one hand as she dipped her head to take my balls in her mouth gently,one at a time. It didn’t seem that Miss Watson was a stranger to having a cock in her hands, but I didn’t care about anything that had happened before, I was focused on what she was doing to me right now. Finally she ran her tongue around the head of my cock, and slowly took it into her mouth. I nearly passed out on the spot from the sensation. As Emma started up a rythm, she began to moan around my dick. The feeling was indescribable, especially as she was working her tongue along the underside as she sucked.

I finally reached down and gathered up her hair into a ponytail, which I held firmly and followed her pace. She moaned again and looked up at me with wide eyes.
She took my cock out of her mouth, “If you want to guide me, please do, I’m not all that practiced at this”, and then popped the head back in her mouth and gave a long suck. “Oh, Emma, you are doing just fine, believe me… I’m just holding your hair out of your face so I can see you with my cock moving in and out of your lips”
She closed her eyes and tried to take the whole length of my cock into her mouth, but her gag reflex wasn’t having it… She coughed and had to take her mouth off for a breath.
“Don’t hurt yourself in trying to make me feel good. The evidence that you’re doing it right is in your hands. In fact, if you keep going like that, we’re going to need to stay in the shower for a bit to clean up!”
She looked up at me and smiled, saying “Well what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to cum for me?” She started to lick along the sides of my cock again, stroking firmly with her hand.
I could feel the pressure building, and guided her mouth to take me in again with her ponytail. Emma was watching me as I started to counter her rythm, pumping gently into her mouth.
“Are you ready for my cum?” I asked breathlessly.
“Mmhmm” she moaned around my cock, with her eyes locked on mine. I could feel the pressure build as I guided Emma with her ponytail.
Finally I couldn’t hold back any more, and she caught the first blast in her mouth, eyes wide and locked on me. I continued to pump, and Emma took my cock out of her mouth to watch the cum shoot from the tip. She ended up wearing three or four thick ropes that coated her from her chin to the top of her forehead.
“Ohhhhh, shit, that was amazing” I gasped, I had to put a hand out to the shower wall to hold myself up as I was lightheaded for a few seconds.

Emma continued to stroke my cock to make sure she got every drop. She stuck her tongue out once more to clean the head and licked around the sides for any errant drops… Finally I released her hair and pulled her to her feet to kiss her. She balked and pushed me back.
“Wait! I want to see it on my face! I’ve never done that before!” She burst out of the shower and nearly ended up on her ass as she slipped on wet feet over to the mirror to examine our handiwork.
“Oh wow, it’s so thick, it isn’t even dripping!” she mused, as she played with the sticky lotion on her cheeks and around her mouth. She used her fingers to scoop some of it into her mouth and swallowed with gusto.
“I’m more used to swallowing it all, I’ve never taken it on my face like that! That was amazing, I think I’m hooked!”
I laughed and said “well, get your butt back in here and let me thank you properly for being in a hurry after all!”
Emma strode back and rejoined me. We embraced once more under the hot spray, and we both used our fingers to help her scoop my cum from her face into her mouth. I gave her a long passionate kiss,and she looked at me in surprise.
“Doesn’t that bug you?”
“What? It’s just cum… I just drank a gallon of yours, a bit of my own isn’t going to kill me, I’m sure. I think you got most of it anyway. You like to swallow it, huh?”
“I guess I’ve always swallowed just to avoid the mess. It’s pretty sticky stuff…”
“Yup, it can be. Depends how long it’s been since the last time. In this case, it’s been a long while.”

“Do you think I’m weird for not being used to seeing a guy’s cum?”
“Nah, everyone has their thing. You’ve chosen in the past to swallow, for whatever reason, and that’s your thing. I’ve been with women that could only cum in one position, and a couple that didn’t like me to eat their pussy. Everyone has their thing.”
“Oh, well you have a big fan of your pussy eating right here”
“Why thank you miss, nice of you to say. I enjoyed it at least as much as you did!”
We held on to each other in the hot spray, regaining our senses a bit, and enjoying the feeling of each others’ bodies pressed up close.

Finally, Emma pulled back and looked at me “Do you think we could go back to bed now? I really want to feel you inside me…”
As she said this, she gently took hold of my cock once more. I was still tender, but there was no denying the reaction to her touch.
“I think that’s a brilliant idea”, I said, as I twisted the taps and stopped the hot cascade. It chilled off quickly, but I wasted no time in grabbing one of the jumbo towels and wrapping Emma in it as I rubbed and massaged her gently to get as much of the water off as I could. She stood there patiently, until I threw the towel over her head and started to fluff out her hair.
“Oi!! I’m going to look like one of those troll dolls! Let me do that, would you?” I couldn’t help but laugh at the image as I dried myself off and headed out to the bed, where I climbed on and laid back with my arms and legs akimbo.
“Take me, fair lady, I’m yours!”
“What a doofus” Emma declared as she strode to the foot of the bed with her hair wrapped, but not another stitch covering her amazing frame.

“You are really amazing, Em. I should have paid more attention to the bikini yesterday. It was hiding some very tasty bits indeed…”
Emma blushed slightly and crawled up the bed to lay on top of me. We began to kiss slowly, then more passionately as the heat built between us. I rolled us over abruptly, and reached down to gently part her legs so I could fit between them. My cock had fully recovered by now, and I could feel the heat from Emma’s center as we grasped at each other. “Please”,she murmured against my lips. She reached down and took hold of my cock to guide me to her pussy. A few short strokes up and down between her very wet lips to provide some lubrication was about all either of us could take. The first long stroke as I entered her caused us both to inhale sharply… The shared heat and feeling of filling her up kept us still for a few seconds, as we looked at each other.
“Ohhhh, that is sooo good” she finally managed, as I started out a slow rythm of long strokes, from the very tip to the feeling of my balls against her ass. I held myself up above her to watch her face and see her chest rising and falling. Her nipples brushed my chest as I leaned down to kiss her, and moved to her neck and ears. Emma wrapped her arms around me and raised her legs so that her little feet were resting on my ass, riding along to the rythm.

After a few minutes of slow stroking, with our breathing in sync, I levered myself up to sit on my heels, pulling Emma’s hips with me so that I stayed inside her. Her feet came down to the bed, and she was able to rock her hips back and forth to keep up some in and out motion. I like this position because it puts the pressure from my cock along the front wall of her pussy. I’m also able to see my cock going in and out, and there’s room for me to reach down and gently rub her clit and around her pussy lips. Emma got the idea right away and used one of her hands to help me with her clit, after holding her fingers up to me to lick and suck, making them as wet as I could. I was able to reach her fine little B cup tits and tweak her nipples into hard points.
I offered my fingers for Emma to lick, and she did so, which I then used to circle her nipples and keep them firmly at attention.
“Yess, that feels so nice…” Emma’s eyes were screwed shut, and her breathing was starting to speed up. I reached down and raised her left leg up in front of me, resting her heel on my shoulder, and kissing and licking along her calf as she moaned her approval. A little change to the pressure of my cock inside her, and our tempo started to speed up a bit. I kept my hands roaming her body, and hers moved to my belly just above where we were joined. Finally I took hold of her other leg and raised it to my shoulder as well, and rocked forward, which raised her hips up to line us up perfectly. I leaned forward, which drew her knees back towards her chest and allowed my strokes to go deeper than we had so far. Emma’s hands flopped out to her sides, where she started clenching the sheets.
“Oh, shit, Jay, that’s the feeling, keep going like that, you’re going to make me cum again”
“Well, that is exactly what I like to hear”, I said, as I stopped and pulled back until just the head of my cock was inside her.
Emma groaned and clutched at me “Don’t stop, you bastard, fuck me, make meohhhh!” Before she could finish, I slammed my cock home and ground against her mound, then pulled back and did it again. Two, three, four times… Emma was chirping with every stroke now, teetering on the edge. I sped up the pace, and the now familiar flush started to spread across Emma’s face and chest as her breaths came in short bursts.
“Oh, fuck, yeeeessss…” She grasped at me with her hands now, as her legs started to shudder and she lost all sense of rythm. I could feel her pussy soaking my balls as I stroked deep and held it there, watching her face screwed up and her head thrown back while she rode out her orgasm. Slow strokes caused her to shudder all over, and her legs slid outward so that I was holding them up in the crooks of my elbows, her calves and feet dangling and shaking with our motion.
“Oh my god, that was even more intense than in the shower. I don’t think I can move” Emma gasped finally as we rearranged ourselves to the basic missionary style, with my cock still deep inside her.

“I could watch you do that all day” I said with a smile. “The way you scrunch up your little nose and make that O face with your mouth, with your gasping and shaking, it’s so fantastic”.
“I need to just breath for a minute, then I’ll have my revenge” she said, with an arm thrown across her eyes…
“Sounds delciious” I laughed, as I started up a slow stroke to keep us moving.

“I want you to take me from behind” Emma suggested as she recovered and started to move along with me again.
“Perfect, but I’ll warn you that I might not last so long in doggy, it rubs my cock just the right way to make me pop…”
“That’s okay, I think it’s your turn, right?” she smiled at me as she disengaged and spun around to take my cock in her mouth for a few quick strokes.
“Don’t you taste fantastic?” I asked as she moved up to kiss me, sharing her juices from my cock.
“I suppose so, that was a lot of cumming for me in a short time. I don’t usually get to taste myself that way. I taste myself on my fingers when I get a wank in, but it’s not like that was at all.”
“Well, flattery will get you many more orgasms, so you just keep that up, Em.” I kissed her back and helped her turn around to lay out in front of my with her chest on the bed and her perfect plump ass up in the air.
“You’ve got those long legs, beautiful, so you’ll have to help me out and spread them a bit for me so I can reach the good bits”.
I was running my hands up and down Emma’s flanks and over the perfect globes of her ass cheeks. She obliged me by spreading her legs to lower her rear a bit, just enough to let me rub my cock between her pussy lips once more.

I could feel the muscles in her back working as she turned her head to the side and said firmly “Stick that cock back in my pussy, Jay. I want to feel it slide into me”.
Never one to deny such a request, I slowly stroked into her until I could feel her pussy lips against my balls. The heat and wet were incredible. We both sighed again with the first stroke. This time Emma started to move her hips back and forth, basically doing all the fucking as I knelt there. She was making little grunting sounds as she moved, and I couldn’t help but push down on her back slightly with my hands, to change the angle of her pussy. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum like this, but I wanted her to feel every bit of my cock before I did. Her amazing firm ass cheeks shook ever so slightly as she bumped back against my thighs. I couldn’t help myself, and I took a swat at her right cheek SMACK!
“Oh my god, yes…” she mumbled, and I repeated the treatemnt with her other cheek SMACK!
“Oh, shit…” I then massaged each cheek with my hand to ease the redness. Emma was keeping up a great rythm, and I could feel that it wouldn’t be long until it was all over for me. We were groaning and moaning in unison, not saying much at all, just enjoying the sensations. I tried to distract myself to hold off as long as I could. I leaned forward over Emma’s ass and reached down to play with her tits, pulling gently at her nipples, still as hard as ever. Her moans were encouraging, and her tempo started to increase. I finally started to fuck her back,so that each stroke went from my cock just clearing her pussy lips to being fully inside her with each movement. I was fixed on her ass, giving each cheek another slap to keep her moving, which she acknowledged with a sharp cry and “Fuck, yes…”

I suddenly locked onto something from when I ate her in the shower… I had almost had a finger in her ass when she came, and it was clear she was appreciative of the attention. I looked down between us to see her little rosebud winking in and out with each stroke. I placed my hands on her ass with my thumbs between her cheeks and started to slide them up and down as she moved. I leaned forward and let a long line of spit drip from my tongue down between her cheeks. Emma groaned with the new sensation and sped up even more. I held her cheeks apart with one hand and slowly ran my thumb from the top of my cock across her taint and then onto her little hole. It was like I had shocked her.
“Oh fuck, yes, play with my ass, please…” Well then, Emma Watson wanted me to play with her ass. Who was I to say no? I now had my mission, as I sucked on my finger and made it as wet as I could before sliding it down and applying gentle pressure to her tight hole. With each stroke she was now arching her ass up at my hands. Emma was starting to moan continuously now, and I hoped that meant that she would be able to come again, with me this time. I leaned forward, with my finger still pressed against her ass, and stretched my other hand out to grab a handfull of her hair at the back of her head.
I lifted her head by the hair and growled “I’m ready to fill your pretty pussy with my cum, Emma, will you cum with me?”
She arched her neck back to ease the pull of her hair and grunted, “Oh god yes, I want to cum so bad. I want to feel you fill my pussy up, please, Jay, cum inside me…”

I released her hair and straightened up. As I did so, I plunged my finger past her sphincter into her ass. A single finger… Emma went wild, and started bucking back against me.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck fuuuuuck!” Her pussy started to spasm around me, and I knew I was done. I came for what seemed like minutes, filling Emma to the brim and beyond, as our combined juices dripped out of her with each stroke.
Emma rode the wave as long as she could before she finally collapsed down on the bed, taking me with her. My finger came out of her grasping ass and she sighed contentedly. “Holy shit, Emma, that was incredible”. I gathered her into my arms and held her against me, with her arms laying loosely between us. Her breathing was ragged and her eyes were glassy, but the smile she beamed at me was magnificent.
“I don’t usually like doggy, but holy fuck, that was amazing” she murmured into my chest as I kissed her gently around her ears and neck and rubbed my hands over her face, clearing her hair out of the way so I could see her.
“Okay, I’m thinking that the ass play was something unusual for you?”
“I have never done anything like that before, not even to msyelf. I think you’re creating a monster! I have learned a bunch of new things in the last couple hours with you… You’re corrupting me!”
“Anything I can do to make you react like that, I will gladly continue to corrupt you at every opportunity!” Emma kissed me deeply and cuddled in as close as she could get.

We rested for a few minutes, as close together as we could get, until finally Emma got up slowly and staggered to the bathroom for a pee and to clean up a bit. She climbed back onto the bed and rolled into her little spoon spot as if she was made to be there. This time though, I tucked my cock under her ass to lay along her pussy lips, while she wiggled her ass back and forth in appreciation. And my hand went around her and directly on to one of her beautiful tits. It filled my hand perfectly and the little nipple rubbed my palm as I squeezed gently and then relaxed. I kissed Emma’s neck and shoulder as we lay there.

“So we need to explore your reaction to my playing with and spanking your ass, Miss Watson” I offered quietly.
“We most certainly do. And I think we will both enjoy what we discover. I am certain I will.”
We talked about nonsense mostly for the next little while, but I did manage to find out that she was surprisingly inexperienced with sex, despite what we’d just spent the last few hours doing. She’d only had a couple serious boyfriends, had given a few blowjobs, swallowing every time as she described earlier, and hadn’t really been very experimental when fucking. She’d played with a couple girls in college, but didn’t think she’d go out of her way to look for a female lover. Fortunately, she was pretty orgasmic, and wasn’t afraid to talk about how she liked to masturbate and please herself. As for me, well, I’m a guy. Rub or suck my cock and it’ll cum. Sometimes quickly, sometimes not as fast. I had considerably more experience than Emma, but I had to admit to being very happy with how we had done together this morning. She seemed surprised that I was so excited about seeing and feeling her cum for me and with me. Her other lovers hadn’t been as “generous” as she described it. I explained that the sights and sounds of a beautiful woman having an orgasm were about the sexiest thing I could ever think of.

Slowly our conversation faded out as we each started to breath deeper and slide off towards sleep. This time we knew exactly what would happen when we woke up again. And I know we were both looking forward to it.