An Ultra Woman and Mega Girl Adventure

“Damn, who could that be at this hour?” Abigail Stone
thought as the phone by her bed rang mercilessly.

Normally a phone call, even at this late hour,
wouldn’t have bothered her that much. The problem with
answering this particular call was that Abigail was
practically naked and spread face down on her bed,
weighed down by one hundred and ninety-two pounds of
manhood. Not counting, of course, the six inches of
which was buried deep between her legs.

As was her usual Friday night practice, Abigail, or
Abby as she normally went by, had met her boyfriend,
Sergeant Nick Hamilton for dinner and a movie.
Tonight, as had become a pattern the last few weeks,
the movie had been skipped in favor of a rumble under
the sheets.

There were times, this being one of them, when Abby
thought she might have acted a little too hastily when
she finally gave in to Nick and invited him to her
bed. The twenty-five year old hadn’t been a virgin the
night of that invite, but of course she didn’t tell
him that. Even in this new modern world of 1947, it
was still important for a man to think he’d been the
first. Still, it would’ve been nice if he’d come up
with a ring on her finger beforehand to at least make
it more respectable.

Those thoughts faded from her mind in an instant when
she realized the phone had stopped in mid-ring. The
caller had either given up or …

“Oh no, Nick!” Abby thought in a panic as she looked
back over her shoulder and saw her lover had answered
the phone. “I’m not that modern that I want to explain
what a man is doing in my apartment this late at
night, answering my phone!”

“Sergeant Hamilton,” Nick answered the phone, not even
bothering to pull out of Abby.

Unable to get out from under the large man, Abby could
only watch as Nick listened silently to the call,
nodding his head a few time and then finally saying
he’d be right there.

“That was the desk sergeant at the Twenty-eighth
Precinct,” Nick said as he finally climbed off Abby.
“The Black Cat has stolen the Star of China from the
Metro Museum. The Chief wants me down there right

Abby sat up and looked at Nick with a stunned
expression, barely hearing what he had said. All she
could think of at this moment was that the people
downtown had known exactly where to call him. He’d
told his fellow police officers in whose apartment he
was spending the night. They didn’t have to be
detectives to know what they were doing. Suddenly,
Abby didn’t feel so modern after all.

“Gotta go babe,” the six foot two blond said as he
zippered up his pants, “duty calls.”

“That’s it?” Abby said, now standing in the center of
the bedroom, her well-proportioned figure garbed in
only stockings and a black garter belt. “Duty calls?”

“Hey, what can I say?” Nick said as he checked his 38
special before putting it back into his holster.
“We’ll have to make it another night.”

Then, without another thought about her, Nick Hamilton
was out the door.

“Damn him!” Abby cursed as she stared at the back of
her apartment door.

The five foot seven brunette wasn’t sure if she was
angrier with Nick because he had left her unfulfilled
or that he treated their relationship so casually as
to make it an open secret. She had met Sergeant Nick
Hamilton almost a year ago, after she had been
assigned to the child welfare section of the
Policewomen’s Bureau. She had soon found herself taken
by his rugged good looks and charm.

The Sergeant, on the other hand, had been immediately
mesmerized by her impressive bust the first time he
had seen her. Remembering the day they met, Abby
cupped her breasts, thinking how men found them so
fascinating. She knew they had opened many doors in
her life, even the one which had led her to the
Policewomen’s Bureau.

Ever since she was a child, listening to the stories
her father told at his knees, Abby Stone had wanted to
follow in what was considered the family business. Her
great grandfather had been a Texas Ranger. His son,
the Marshal who tracked down Bad Billy Brown and the
Walton Brothers. After the family had moved to the
West Coast, her father and two of his brothers had
become members of the Coast City Police, all rising to
the rank of Lieutenant or better. Four of their sons
now also served on the Force in various positions. It
seemed only natural that she could do so as well. Or
so she thought.

When Abby had first broached the idea of applying for
a job on the Police Force, soon after her eighteenth
birthday, both her Father and her Uncles had regarded
the idea as laughable. She would be wasting her time,
they’d told her. The Police Department only hired a
small handful of women, usually old matrons to handle
those few tasks that would be inappropriate for a man.

“Better you find yourself a nice job as a secretary or
something,” her father has advised her. “Something to
keep you busy until the right man comes along. Just
leave the business of crime fighting to the men.”

After being turned down twice by the department, Abby
had reluctantly done just that. That was until a
manpower shortage during the war had forced the
department to open the way for the recruitment of more
women. Police officers carried a deferment from the
draft, but enough of them had enlisted to cause a
small shortage.

The Chief of Police decided to solve what he perceived
as a temporary problem by increasing the size and
scope of the Policewomen’s Bureau. This would prevent
a swelling of the ranks in the department when all
those police officers turned soldiers and sailors
eventually came home. A law put on the books after
Pearl Harbor guaranteed them their jobs back with no
loss of seniority or pay.

Members of the Policewomen’s Bureau were paid less
than Policemen and were only allowed to handle certain
clerical and non-operational tasks. Still they were
useful filling positions that would free up male
officers for the real job of keeping the streets safe.

Applying for one of the coveted positions as soon as
they were announced, Abby found that there was plenty
of competition. The odds of getting one of the limited
openings increased against her when her father,
displeased with her decision, refused to use his
influence on her behalf. He wouldn’t stand in her way,
he’d said, but neither would he use his influence to

On the day of her interview, Abby made a discovery
that she knew would help her. Almost to a woman, all
of the other applicants were what could only be
described as plain looking. At least as compared to
Abby. When she sat down for her interview with a
Captain and two Lieutenants, she knew they were more
interested in her chest than her office skills. They
reasoned, she figured, that if they now had to put up
with a woman in their previously all-male domains,
then it might as well be one who was nice to look at.

The newly hired Policewoman justified her use of her
sexual attraction to get on the Force by promising
herself that she would advance after that on the
quality of her merits rather than the size of her
boobs. It was a promise that she would find hard to

The main reason for that inability to advance was that
there didn’t seem to be any second level for
Policewomen. Issued a badge and even a gun, they had
absolutely no patrol duties. For the first two years,
Abby had been assigned as an assistant to the desk
sergeant at the First Precinct, Police Headquarters
itself. The work was hardly difficult, given the
secretarial skills she had developed on her prior job.
Still there was a certain fascination in being so
close to the action and playing what she believed was
a vital part.

That was until the war ended, and as the old song
said, Johnny came marching home. In her case, Johnny
turned out to be Officer Michael Patrick Mooney, a ten
year veteran who was quite anxious to get back to his
old job. A position that happened to be filled at the
moment by one Abigail Stone. Hardly unique in her
situation, Abby had been called into her Captain’s
office at the end of watch one Friday afternoon and
politely informed that Officer Mooney would be
returning to his old job come Monday morning.

“In fact, many of the women hired under the emergency
expansion are being let go,” he’d told her, “but
that’s not something you have to worry your pretty
head about. In appreciation for all your family has
given to the department, we’ve made sure a position
has been reserved for you in the child welfare

Abby had been crushed. In the blink of an eye, she had
gone from being a vital cog in the war on crime to
being responsible to changing dirty diapers and baby-
sitting kids passing under the responsibilities of the
child welfare agencies. When she got home, her father
had given her one of those “I told you so” looks, but
thankfully didn’t voice it as well.

One uneventful day seemed to just blend into another
after that. That was until the warm sunny afternoon
that she found herself standing in the same shoes that
had been worn by three generations of Stones before

Abby had decided to walk home as it was such a nice
day. She was headed down Lucas Boulevard when the
alarm of the First National Bank filled the air. Drawn
across the street by the disturbance, she saw two men
racing out of the bank, bags of money in their hands.
Without a second thought, she drew her firearm and
called out for them to stop.

“Police!” Abby yelled as she assumed a firing position
just beyond the curb. “Drop your weapons and put your
hands up!”

The closest thief brought up his own pistol and fired,
the bullet whizzing past Abby’s head. Standing her
ground, she returned fire, a single shot hitting her
assailant dead center.

The other thief had jerked his head around, taking in
the woman with a gun pointed at him and the body of
his partner on the pavement, a large pool of blood
spreading out beneath it. Not filled with a desire to
join him, he opened his hands and lifted them into the
air, letting both his weapon and the bag of money fall
to the ground.

The press had a field day with the Hero Lady Cop. The
Mayor himself had pinned the medal on her dress
uniform with all her relatives on the force standing
behind her on the platform. The Chief of Police said
in his own speech that she was a credit to the
traditions of her family. Beaming with pride, Abby
knew that things were going to be different from now

For the next few weeks, things were indeed different.
The hero of the hour found herself giving speeches to
one civic group after another. There was even some
talk of having her join the actual Police Force
itself. Abby was overjoyed as her dream seemed within
her grasp.

Then the winds of interest changed once more and all
such talk faded away. The requests for speeches
stopped, as did the instances she was asked her
opinion. The following week, less than two months
since the bank robbery, Abby found herself back at the
child welfare section. It was as if she had never

On that night, Abby Stone came to a life changing
decision. If the department wouldn’t let her fight
crime as her forefathers had, well then she’d do it
without their help. Aside from her Father’s stories of
family history, Abby had also grown up on tales of
other heroes. Zorro, the Scarlet Pimpernel and most
recently on the radio, the Lone Ranger. Masked heroes
who had wielded their own brand of justice. That all
of these adventurers had been men didn’t bother the
twenty-three year old in the least.

Abby took a quick shower, thankful that her renovated
apartment was one of the few in the building to have
one. It wouldn’t do for her to go out with the scent
of their aborted coupling still clinging to her.
Stepping back into her bedroom, her skin still damp,
she unlocked an old hand made closet that had once
belonged to her grandmother. From within it, she
pulled out a specially designed bra.

When she had first joined the department, Abby had
considered the idea that her own particular dimensions
might impair some physical activities that might be
demanded of her. That was in the days when she
foolishly thought the Department had any intention of
letting her actually fight crime on the front lines.
The well-endowed women had sought out the help of Tony
Pastore, the nice old man who ran a neighborhood shop
that specialized in bras and undergarments.

She explained her problem to the sixty-six year old
and he promised that he could solve it. After working
on it for almost a week, he came up with a support bra
that was almost as lightweight as it was supportive.

Next out of the closet came a red costume, the tunic
of which bore a passing resemblance to the navy blue
uniform Abby normally wore as a Policewoman. In fact,
the design for the costume had begun with one of her
old uniforms.

When she had first decided to fight crime on her own,
Abby had again sought out the help of the old man who
had come to think of her as an adopted granddaughter.
Tony Pastore’s still talented fingers had turned a
simple sketch Abby had made into reality.

The tunic was double breasted with gold and white
trim. A matching skirt was also red, with the same
trim, the boots that completed the outfit were red as

The last item out of the closet was a mask that was
sort of a half cowl. It covered her face but let her
hair hang free.

Abby stepped over to the large dressing mirror to
check her appearance. She smiled, happy at the result.
The image that looked back at her was not that of an
unappreciated and ill-used Policewoman, but rather the
adventurer the press had named Ultra Woman.

“Well, Black Cat,” she said to her reflection, “this
time you’ve gone too far.”

The fire escape out of Abby’s bedroom window led up to
the roof. Soon after she had taken the apartment, she
had discovered that she had the only apartment that
faced the sealed off alley between buildings. It made
for a perfect and private route out of her top floor
rooms. After a quick trip up the metal ladder, it was
a quick two rooftops to the Kirby and Lee Garage.
Hidden in a sealed off section of the garage was the
sleek black racer known as the Ultra-Glider. Less than
five minutes after leaving her apartment, Ultra Woman
was on the prowl.

Lifting the small microphone under the dash, Ultra
Woman sent a high frequency message letting her
partner Mega Girl knew she was in the field and her
destination. At the same time, she activated a small
electronic homing device in her belt buckle. Abby
didn’t pretend to understand half the gear Mega Girl
had set them up with, she only knew that they all
seemed to work flawlessly. The Ultra-Link, as it had
been christened, was a homing device, would allow each
of them to find the other, anywhere in a twenty mile

As the high powered Ultra-Glider raced through the
dark and for the most part empty streets, Ultra Woman
couldn’t help but think how much her life behind the
mask had changed over the last year. Originally, Ultra
Woman patrolled the city using an old 1938 Ford that
Abby had rescued from the police impound yard. The
Sergeant who ran the yard was more than willing to
lose the paperwork on a car headed for the scrap heap
in order to give much needed transportation for the
daughter of an old friend. Another friend, one who had
more ulterior motives, had volunteered to restore the
car to working condition. He’d succeeded in that, but
not in obtaining her thanks in the form he’d hoped

Her weapons of crime-fighting were simply those she
had been taught to use all of her life. Carl Stone
might not have wanted his daughter to live the life he
envisioned for her brothers, but he still saw to it
that she spent just as many hours learning self-
defense. In her early teens, it was obvious to all the
men in her family that Abby was growing into a body
that would draw men like moths to a flame. Not all of
these men would have honorable intentions and they
wouldn’t always be there to protect her.

Aside from that, there was little in the way of
specialized equipment. At least nothing that hadn’t
come her way in the form of misplaced or even
misappropriated police supplies. As a result, a year
into her career and all she had little to show for her
efforts were a few minor accomplishments and some good
press. Most of which had come from a cynical press
that was more curious than impressed.

It was at one of those press functions a year ago, a
carefully staged event to promote Coast City tourism,
that Ultra Woman had first met Priscilla Ann
Wellington. A month shy of her eighteenth birthday,
Priscilla was the daughter of John and Cynthia
Wellington and heir to the Wellington Electronics
fortune. Five six and a gifted athlete as well, she
was already a millionaires the day she was born. In
addition, the strawberry blond had also inherited her
grandfather’s genius with gadgets.

Fascinated by the mystery woman since the day Ultra
Woman had first appeared; Priscilla had used her
family name to arrange both an invitation to the event
as well as a personal introduction to her idol. Ultra
Woman was slightly embarrassed by the almost outright
adulation the young girl displayed. In fact, it took
all of her self-control not to laugh when Priscilla
stated her desire to help with the fight against

Before the Crime-fighter could politely turn her down
and give her the standard “you can best help by
growing up to be a good citizen” speech, the girl had
already started her own speech about all these
wonderful inventions she was working on and what a big
help they could be. Ultra Woman was actually relieved
when a reporter she normally detested interrupted and
pulled her away.

Ultra Woman might not have been so quick to dismiss
the girl if she’d known that Priscilla was a child
prodigy who held a college degree when most girls her
age were happy with a high school diploma. Or the fact
that Priscilla wasn’t the type who was used to taking
no for an answer. On her own, the teenager set out to
prove both her worth and that of her ideas.

Two weeks later, there was a highly publicized threat
on the life of Mayor Roger Browning following the
conviction of Boss Thorne, the head of the local crime
family. In an act designed more to sell newspapers
than insure the Mayor’s protection, the Coast City Sun
had called on Ultra Woman to safeguard the Mayor.
Despite having no idea on how to do it, Abby had
accepted the challenge.

Standing beside Mayor Browning at the opening of the
new Civic Center a day later was a highly visible, if
ineffective, bodyguard. Somewhat out of her league,
Ultra Woman gave no notice to the two men slowly
moving through the crowd. In her defense, neither did
the Police pay much attention to the pair who were
working their way closer and closer to the Mayor.

It was only at the last moment, just before the would-
be assassins could draw their weapons, that a young
girl in a homemade costume suddenly leapt from the
parapet of the Civic Center and caught everyone’s
attention. In her hand, the red and white clad girl
held a small, unknown electronic device.

“Stop those men,” she cried out as she hit the ground,
“they’re going to shoot the Mayor!”

Taking the beeping device in her hand to be a possible
bomb, the Police rushed the new arrival instead. Only
Ultra Woman followed the girl’s command and rushed the
two men, just as their guns came into view.

The hard impact of Ultra Woman’s reinforced baton off
the side of the closest gunman’s head sent him
tumbling to the ground. A hard right cross took care
of the other, but not before he got off one shot which
thankfully went wild.

The loud single gunshot split the air, grabbing
everyone’s immediate attention. In the deafening
silence that followed, a single voice was heard. The
voice of an unknown bystander who gave birth to a new

“Ultra Woman and her partner saved the Mayor!” he had

The sudden association of the girl in red and white
with the heroine of the moment caused the Police to
quickly release her. With unbridled enthusiasm, she
quickly explained that the magnetic anomaly detector
in her hand had allowed her to ‘see’ the gunmen’s
hidden weapons. Photographers clamored for pictures of
the two together, and it was only when they were a few
feet apart that Ultra Woman recognized the girl as
Priscilla Wellington.

“What’s your partner’s name, Ultra Woman?” one of the
reporters called out.

The older Adventurer was about to explain that first
of all, she wasn’t her partner, when Priscilla cut her
off and said, “Mega Girl, that’s Ultra Woman and Mega

The press ate it up, making it the banner headline in
almost every major daily. Once they were away from the
crowd, Abby made it clear in no uncertain terms to
Priscilla that there wasn’t now, or ever, going to be
a team of Ultra Woman and Mega Girl.

The younger woman just answered her with a knowing
smile. A smile that was still there three days later
when Abby opened the door to her apartment and found
Priscilla standing there.

“What, how?” Abby stammered when she saw the girl,
totally losing her self-control.

It had taken the girl less than seventy-two hours to
figure out Ultra Woman’s identity. Part of it had been
the result of deductive reasoning; part of it had been
simple luck. Going over her large collection of both
newspaper and magazine articles about Ultra Woman,
Priscilla had come across an older City Magazine with
the front-page story “Beauty With a Badge” The article
had been about a hero policewoman who had captured two
armed bank robbers.

There was enough of a similarity in both women’s
builds to catch Priscilla’s attention. That plus the
fact that both were brunettes with shoulder length
hair. Contrary to popular male belief, there weren’t
an insurmountable number of beautiful young women with
a build like Ultra Woman in Coast City. When you
narrowed that down to brunettes, although the idea of
a wig had to be considered, the number dropped even
lower. Given the admittedly superficial resemblance
between Officer Abigail Stone and Ultra Woman, it
seemed as good a place to start as any.

When you are rich, many doors open with the wave of a
twenty-dollar bill. It was a simple matter to get
better copies of the photos of Officer Stone than
those that appeared in the grainy newsprint. Making
blowups of each woman’s face, Priscilla compared them
under a magnifying glass and saw enough in common to
investigate further.

It only took a few more comparisons and inquiries for
her to decide that she had lucked out on her very
first try. The only thing that made it seem improbable
was that how could no one have not noticed it before.
Officer Stone and Ultra Woman had to have run into the
same people in their official lives. It was like
saying you could just put on a pair of glasses and
people would think you were someone else.

Then, looking again at the pictures of both women,
Priscilla thought she saw the answer to her question.
Whereas she was immediately drawn to each woman’s
face, most of the people they came into contact with
centered their gaze somewhat lower. Even so, Priscilla
wasn’t totally sure until Abby opened the door and she
saw her reaction.

Abby had finally given in to what seemed the
inevitable and never had cause to regret it. Aside
from the financing and technological marvels that Mega
Girl brought to the partnership, she also brought
something else that Abby hadn’t even realized was
missing. A friend with which she could share all
things. A trip to Mr. Pastore’s shop for a more
professional costume soon followed, and the team of
Ultra Woman and Mega Girl was truly born.

Part Two

Before Ultra Woman knew it, the Metro Museum was in
front of her. She smiled at the uniformed patrolmen
waiting by their cruisers outside. A smile from a
beautiful woman usually got a positive response. She
knew that the Police Commissioner had standing orders
that she be allowed to investigate crime in the city,
as long as she didn’t get in the way of real
policemen. There was only so much even he would put up
with, even if she had the gratitude of the Mayor.

Once in the hall where the Star had been displayed,
Ultra Woman saw Sergeant Hamilton talking with another
Detective. When she wore the mask, she tried to think
of him as a fellow Crime-fighter, and not the man who
shared her bed. Still, not willing to press the
effectiveness of her disguise too much, she kept a
safe difference from him, instead looking over the
display case.

The closest uniformed Officer stepped out of the way
to give her an unobstructed view of the case. Although
at the same time, she couldn’t help but notice that he
had moved into a position where he had a better view
of her as well. Ignoring eyes that she was sure were
peeling away her costume, layer by layer, Ultra Woman
carefully surveyed the scene of the crime.

To her surprise, the display case was still intact.
None of the glass had even been broken. All of the
alarm wires were also intact, just as they had been
when the guard had made his rounds before the theft.
The Star of China had simply vanished.

At the bottom of the small pedestal where the diamond
had once sat, Ultra Woman notice a small amount of
fine powder.

“Had anyone taken a sample of this for the lab?” she

“That’s already been taken care of,” she heard a
familiar voice say from behind her. “The lab boys say
it’s just silicone dust.”

The Lady in Red tuned around to Sergeant Hamilton,
suppressing a smile at the situation. At least he
wasn’t staring down at her chest. Then again, he
didn’t need to. Not when he had a more personal view
of Abby’s.

“Silicone dust,” Ultra Woman repeated. “Any idea where
it came from?”

“That, they’re not sure of,” Hamilton answered. “Just
as they’re not sure how the Black Cat managed to open
the case, deactivate the alarm, take the diamond and
then put the whole thing back together — all in
twenty seconds.”

“Twenty seconds?”

“That was the time between when the Museum Guard last
saw the diamond on his rounds and the main alarm went
off,” Hamilton went on. “It was as if he reached right
through the glass and took the diamond. As if he was a

Ultra Woman listened silently. Too many pieces didn’t
fit. If the Cat was skilled enough to disable the
pedestal alarm in so quick a time, why hadn’t he also
taken out the one on the upper window he had come in
through. Surely he had a lot more than twenty seconds
to do that. Then, why reconnect the pedestal alarm at
all if he had already tripped the other one.

“Any thoughts, Ultra Woman?” the Sergeant interrupted.

“I don’t suppose anyone got a look at the Black Cat
this time?” she asked. After more than a dozen big
thefts over the last year, no one had even gotten so
much as a description of the Black Cat.

“No such luck,” he replied.

“Then how can you be so sure it was the Black Cat?”

Nick held out a small calling card which simply said –
“You have been robbed by the very best – The Black

“You did check everyone in the building at the time?”
Ultra Woman asked.

“Of course we did,” he said with a touch of annoyance.
“You’re not dealing with amateurs here you know. No
one walked out of here with that diamond!”

“I didn’t mean to suggest that any of your men were,”
Ultra Woman apologized.

Deciding that she wasn’t going to learn anything more
here, Ultra Woman thanked Sergeant Hamilton for his
help and headed back to the Glider. It was just as
well that she knew Nick wouldn’t be back tonight to
finish what they’d started, the woman behind the mask
told herself. When he was in this kind of mood, Nick
was a truly lousy fuck.

Ultra Woman started down the long steps of the museum,
passing the two patrolmen she had passed on the way
in. Thinking she was out of earshot, one of the
officers made a comment she wished she hadn’t

“Did you get a load of the bazookas on that broad,” he
said to his partner. “I’d like to frisk her for hidden
weapons,” he laughed.

“Not bad,” his partner, an older officer replied. “But
if you really want to see a set, then check out the
knockers on that policewoman that Hamilton is doing.
“I hear she’s dumb as a log but one mighty fuck in the

At that, both men laughed loudly, leaving Ultra Woman
to ask, “Good God, does everyone in the department

As she neared the Glider, Ultra Woman noticed a piece
of white paper sticking out from under the windshield
wiper. Could one of the patrolmen have actually
written her a ticket?

Taking the paper from under the wiper blade, Ultra
Woman saw that it wasn’t a ticket but rather a page
from an old telephone directory. Circled in red was a
restaurant down by the docks.

McKenzie’s Seafood had once been the jewel of the
area. One of the in spots to be seen during the prewar
years. It had closed during the war and as far as
Ultra Woman knew, had never reopened. It didn’t take a
Sherlock Holmes to know the advertisement smelled

Holding the advertisement in her hand as she climbed
back into her car, Ultra Woman reached for the small
microphone under the dash. It was time to check in
with Mega Girl.

“Obviously it’s some kind of set up,” the voice of
Mega Girl said over the car radio.

“Of course,” Ultra Woman agreed, “the question is,
what should she do about it?”

“I guess that depends,” Mega Girl said.

“On what?”

“On who we think left the advertisement,” the radio
voice explained.

“What do you mean?” Ultra Woman asked.

“Well, was it left by the Black Cat, which seems
unlikely,” Mega Girl said. “Or was it planted by the
Police to send us on a wild goose chase. You know
we’re not the favorite people around some of them.”

Ultra Woman had to agree with that statement. There
were a good number of men on the Force who didn’t like
being upstaged by a couple of costumed women. Abby
knew they’d be even angrier if they knew one of them
was also part of the Policewomen’s Bureau.

“Or, it could’ve been left by just anyone for whatever
reason,” Mega Girl concluded.

“Still, I think it’s something worth checking out,”
the brunette said after considering all three options.
“It’s not like we have anything else to go on right

“The charity dinner I’m at will be breaking up in an
hour,” Mega Girl said. “I can meet you right after
that and we can take a look.”

“That might be too late,” Ultra Woman considered. “I
think I’ll head over there now and scope the place

“Give me twenty minutes and I’ll be out of here,” Mega
Girl quickly said.

“No need for that, I’m just going to take a little
look,” Ultra Woman replied. “I’m sure it’ll turn out
to be nothing I can’t handle.”

“Still I wish you …”

“Hey, whose the senior partner here,” the older woman
cut her off. “I’ll be fine. You take care of what you
have there. Those kids you are raising money for are
important too.”

“Abby, be careful.”

Ultra Woman assured her she would and broke the
transmission before her partner could argue further.
There were times when she did wonder which of them was
the senior partner.

McKenzie’s had indeed been closed years before, and
from the looks of it, would not be opening without a
major renovation. In fact, the entire dockside could
do with some work. It was hard to believe that this
had once been such a popular area.

Leaving the Glider where it couldn’t be seen, Ultra
Woman approached the restaurant, staying among the
shadows as she moved. A glance through a broken window
showed the interior of the once famous spot to be as
dilapidated as the shell.

“Not exactly my first choice for a romantic dinner,”
she thought as she quietly moved around for a closer
look, “but anyone using it as a hideout wouldn’t
exactly be looking for a standing room crowd at the

Finding a small padlock on the back door, Ultra Woman
was able to use one of Mega Girl’s handy electronic
gadgets to pop it open without trouble. The shattered
skylight in the roof admitted enough exterior lighting
to allow the Crime-fighter to move around inside
without using a flashlight.

After ten minutes of useless search, Ultra Woman
decided that it had been a wild goose chase after all.
Exiting the way she came, putting back the lock she
had opened, Ultra Woman headed back to the Glider.

“What’s this?” Ultra Woman asked as she climbed back
into the Glider and noticed a small plain brown
wrapped package on the dash board. “Another wild goose

She reached over and picked up the tiny package, only
to drop it just as quickly as it suddenly grew hot in
her fingers. Her free hand started to turn the handle
to open to door of the Glider, but it was too late.

Already the interior of the car had filled with a
dense yellow-green fog. Abby cursed herself for her
carelessness, even as she felt herself losing
consciousness. In seconds, she was as helpless as a

Ultra Woman’s first impression when she returned to
consciousness was that she had been somehow
transported to a medieval prison. The walls were all
stone and covered with chains and various other
instruments of confinement. Some of them unpleasant
just to look at. One set of chains, bolted to a damp
wall were of particular interest to the masked
adventurer, mainly due to the fact that they were
clamped tight around her wrists.

“Well at least I’m still in costume, that’s
something,” Ultra Woman said silently to herself,
wondering why she hadn’t been unmasked.

Once more she tried her strength against the iron
shackles, but to no avail. Old as they might look,
they were still solid as the rock they were hammered
into. A glance downward revealed that her gadget belt
was gone as well.

“I hope I’m still in range of Priscilla’s tracer,” the
captive heroine thought as she accepted the fact that
she wasn’t going to be getting out of this one on her

Once more her eyes surveyed the dismal surroundings.
There were no windows and the only light came from two
braziers on opposite walls. Unsure as to how long
she’d even been unconscious, Ultra Woman had no idea
if it was day or night, or even what day it might be.

That brought a more discouraging idea. Not knowing how
long it was between her capture and her awakening, it
was impossible to guess where she might be. She could
even be out of the country.

An hour passed as she waited in silence. The semi
darkness and quiet solitude began to play on her mind.
What if no one was ever going to come back for her?
What if she had been left here to die of thirst and

The thought of food had made her aware of her last
meal. As Abby, she had barely eaten half of the dinner
she and Nick had gone out for. She now felt hungry,
but not overwhelmingly so. How long would it be before
that changed?

A few minutes into the start of the second hour, Ultra
Woman’s attention was drawn to the sound of footsteps
in the hall beyond the chamber. From where she was
bolted to the wall, Ultra Woman couldn’t see through
the small window of the thick wooden door a few feet
away from her, but she was sure the steps were getting
louder and closer.

Suddenly they stopped, followed by a long period of
deafening silence. Silence that was shattered when the
heavy door abruptly swung open, the sound of its
equally rusted joints howling in protest.

As if to heighten the sense of expectation, whoever
had opened the door waited just out of view for a more
long moments. Ultra Woman could feel her heart racing
as a sense of foreboding filled her.

That feeling of apprehension abruptly turned to one of
surprise. Whatever mental image she might have formed
of her captor over the last hours or so, abruptly
shattered as a figure stepped into the room.

“I understand you’ve been looking for me,” a quiet
voice said. “I’m the Black Cat.”

Ultra Woman was totally speechless. She had no idea
what to say. The best theory about the identity of the
Black Cat had been that he was a European master thief
who had shifted his operations to the States after the
war. All of the various agencies hunting the master
criminal would be shocked to find just how far off the
mark they had been.

Standing before the helpless Ultra Woman was a five
foot six black woman with short curly black hair. Her
skin was almost as dark as the black formfitting
outfit she wore. She had a lithe, athletic body and
appeared to be in her early to mid-twenties.

“You’re the Black Cat?” Ultra Woman finally managed to

“Surprise, surprise,” the master criminal laughed as
she walked over to her prisoner, coming to a stop only
a few inches away from her.

“I don’t know what to say,” Ultra Woman replied.

“Cat got your tongue huh,” the woman in black
chuckled. “Or is it that you couldn’t have imagined a
woman, or more precisely a Negro woman capable of
doing all the things the Black Cat has done.
Misleading so many people, for so long.”

Ultra Woman had to admit, she’d never considered the
idea that the Black Cat could ever have been a woman.
She also had to admit, the fact that she was a Negro
took her by surprise as well.

“I bet you and all your little cop friends never
imagined that you could all be outsmarted by a coon,”
she went on, using the term she found so distasteful.
“I bet if you passed me on the street, you’d think I
was just another nigger whore, wouldn’t you?”

“No, that’s not true,” Ultra Woman said, knowing
inside that for most of her fellow officers, it was
all too true.

“Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret, Missy,” the
Black Cat said. “In my case at least, it’s true. I was
a whore. That’s right, I let rich men and in some
cases women use my body in exchange for money. You’d
be surprised at how many proper white folk crave dark

The captive Ultra Woman wondered why she was being
told all of this, but was afraid to ask. She hope it
wasn’t because the Cat planned to make sure that she
would never be able to hear her repeat it.

“That was until I had a small problem with one of my
clients,” she continued. “It seems this quite
upstanding member of his community had a thing for
shoving his little cock up a black woman’s ass. But
that’s one game this girl doesn’t play and I told him
that right up front. When I tried to leave, he turned
two of his hired goons on me and they held me down
while he forced his miserable little thing into my
ass. All the while going on about how nigger bitches
loved it that way.”

Ultra Woman actually felt an affinity for her captor,
at least in that situation. She could never imagine
letting a man take her in that way.

“When he finally finished, and his thugs let go of me,
I guess he expected me to be too afraid to do anything
about it. I think it was the surprise of his life when
I pulled out a knife and practically cut his balls
off. I can tell you that he’s never done that to
another woman.”

Ultra Woman was now totally enthralled by the story,
putting aside for the moment her fears as to why she
was being told it.

“His goons were back on me in a minute and I figured I
was dead. The only thing that saved me was that the
cops showed up a few minutes later and arrested me. It
seems one of Mister Upstanding Citizen’s neighbors
heard his screams and called the police. If you live
in the right area, they do come right quick.”

The Black Cat paused for a moment and seemed to be
considering something. Then she surprised Ultra Woman
by asking if she’d like a drink of water.

“Yes, please,” she replied, reminded of her thirst and
surprised by the sudden concern.

The Black Cat produced a glass bottle from a small bag
she had carried in with her. Holding it to Ultra
Woman’s lips, she let her prisoner drink her fill. The
water tasted a little funny, but she was glad to have
it. Drinking her fill, she emptied almost half the

“Now where was I?” the Black Cat said as she put the
bottle back into the bag. “Oh yes, I was found guilty
of course, there was little doubt of that. No way some
colored whore was going to get away with cutting an
important white man, regardless of what he’d done to

As a member of the police, Ultra Woman knew that was
also true. She felt ashamed for her chosen profession.

“They threw me into a lousy stinkhole of a prison, the
kind where you were abused both by the other women and
the guards as well. I’d have probably died in there if
it didn’t turn out that Uncle Sam had a need for women
with, how should I say, my particular talents. I was
turned over to the O.S.S. for special training. In
short, they turned me into both their whore and their
spy. I have to say, I was good at both.”

She paused for a moment, then went on.

“Of course because of my skin color, they weren’t
going to drop me into Germany or any place like that,
but I managed to make my mark in France, Belgium, and
even in a few cases England. When I was in the
occupied countries, I always found it funny how so
many officers of the so-called master race couldn’t
wait to jump into bed with a schwarzes whore.”

The Office of Strategic Services had been America’s
spy network during the war. It was rumored that they
did a lot of things that no one wanted to talk about,
not at long as they got the job done.

“Then the war ended and they got around to passing out
the medals and other rewards,” she said as she began
to finish her story. “Then they realized that I and a
few others like me were more of an embarrassment at
this point than anything else. I heard some talk that
they might just toss me back into that hole they had
found me in, or worse, just make me disappear like I’d
never existed. They can do things like that, believe

Ultra Woman did.

“Well my Mama didn’t raise a totally stupid girl, so I
disappeared on my own terms before they could make up
their minds,” she added. “Then I realized that I had
learned a great many things while I was with the
O.S.S., a lot more than they thought I had. There had
been a good number of instructors willing to trade a
roll in the sheets for a little extra classroom time.
Without really knowing it, they created the Black

As fascinating as the story had been, Ultra Woman
forced her mind back to more immediate concerns. She
found the courage to asked what she’d been thinking.

“Why are you telling me all of this?” she asked.

“What you mean is,” the Black Cat said as she reached
up and stroked Ultra Woman’s cheek with an
outstretched finger, “am I planning to kill you now
that I told you all my secrets?”

The bound heroine’s silence confirmed the question.

“No, killings not my thing,” she answered as she
pulled away from Ultra Woman. “Not unless the person
really deserves it.”

Behind her mask, Abby let out a large sigh of relief.
The next question came from her lips before she could
even think about it. “But why…”

“But why did I go to all this trouble to capture you,”
the dark skinned woman completed the question. “Why
did I reveal myself and tell you my story?”

The Black Cat waited a few moments before answering
the question. It almost seemed as if she wasn’t sure
of the answer herself.

“Well let’s just say that I’m about to go into
retirement and I wanted to leave the story of the
Black Cat behind. I know that someone like you would
be honor bound to tell reporters and such my story. If
I told it to some cop, they might be tempted to bury

Ultra Woman grinned at the irony of that statement.
The expression on the Black Cat’s face told her that
there was more to it all.

“And there was one other reason,” she said, confirming
the masked adventurer’s suspicion as she moved back to
her prisoner. “I have to admit, I’ve found myself
quite taken with you when I saw you at the museum
earlier tonight.”

“I don’t understand,” Ultra Woman said, hoping she
really didn’t.

“Oh I think you do,” the Black Cat said as she ran her
hand across the tunic of her uniform, feeling the
softness of Abby’s beasts beneath the material.

“I’m not like that,” Ultra Woman quickly said. “Women
don’t interest me at all.”

“Really?” the Black Cat said in disbelief as she
continued to caress Ultra Woman’s body. “I’ve seen
pictures of you and that sidekick of yours. Are you
telling me that you and she have never …”

“Never!” Ultra Woman quickly said.

“A pity, she’s almost as attractive as you are.”

“I told you I’m not into other women,” Ultra Woman

“All women are into other women,” the dark haired
woman corrected her. “It’s just a matter of to what
degree. To some it might be just friendship, to others
a platonic love, and to even others physical love as
well. Sometimes, a woman just needs a little taste of
what’s possible to make up her mind. Maybe just a
little touch of something to nudge her along the way.”

The Cat’s words made Abby think of how she’d gotten
almost half drunk to get up the courage the first time
she’d gone to bed with a man. Sometimes it was a

“Are you feeling a little warm?” she asked Ultra

The truth was, she was feeling more than a little
warm. Warm, and surprisingly horny.

“There was something in that water you gave me!” Ultra
Woman said as the realization suddenly hit her.

“I’m afraid there was,” the Black Cat confirmed, “a
little something I borrowed when I left the O.S.S.
last year. A sort of love potion, if you want to call
it that. It helps you lower a subject’s inhibitions. I
like to call it my own special brand of catnip.”

Ultra Woman could tell it was having a more than
subtle effect on her. Her entire body was beginning to
tingle, the mound between her legs growing moist and
her nipples turning hard.

“This is no different than what that man did to you,”
she said, trying to use logic to dissuade this woman
who meant to have her.

“In a way, I guess you’re right,” the Cat answered,
“but I’ve found that it’s the people with the power
who make the rules.”

“The museum, the diamond, how did you do that?” Ultra
Woman asked, trying to ignore the rising lust within

“Sure, why not?” the Black Cat laughed. “It was
actually very easy. The diamond was never in the case
to begin with. I switched the stone with my special
copy the night before during the private cocktail the
museum had for the board of directors. I walked right
out with it, dressed as one of the servants. The color
of my skin made me all but invisible in most of their
eyes. Then I simply broke into the museum the next
night, tripped the alarm and used a special radio
remote to explode my Star of China. All was left after
that was a small bit of dust.”

“Incredible,” Ultra Woman said, her interest in the
crime quickly fading before her rising desires.

“But I don’t think you really care about the diamond
anymore,” the Black Cat said. “I think you’re more
interested in this.”

Part Three

Ultra Woman was caught off guard as she felt the
thief’s lips pressing against hers. There was a
softness there that she found enticing. A warmth
lacking in the kisses she had shared with Nick such a
short time ago.

“Mega Girl, help me,” Ultra Woman said softly as she
felt the fire in the Black Cat’s kisses spreading
through her body.

“She’s not going to be showing up in the nick of
time,” the Cat said as she withdrew her tongue from
Ultra Woman’s mouth. “We’re a long way from where
she’d be searching for you. An island off the coast of
Mexico to be precise. This used to be an old prison,
but now it makes a very nice base of operations. It’s
just you and me, love, with no interruptions.”

The Black Cat kissed her again, and this time found
Ultra Woman responding to the kiss. Their tongues met
once more, playing a duet as they moved in and out of
each other’s mouths.

“My name is Dorothy,” the Black Cat said as their lips

“Abby,” Ultra Woman heard herself saying.

“Such a lovely name,” Dorothy smiled as she began to
undo the buttons of Abby’s tunic.

Abby’s tunic fell open, revealing her specially
designed bra. Rather than fumble with what seemed to
be a complex series of straps, Dorothy produced a
small switchblade and cut them away. The soft,
flexible material fell to the floor, leaving her
unrestricted access to the large mounds it had held in

“So very pretty,” Dorothy said as she cradled each
breast and rubbed her fingers across Abby’s bright
pink nipples.

Try as she could, the woman behind the mask couldn’t
resist the feelings of pleasure filling her body. As
Dorothy’s lips closed around one of her nipples and
her tongue plied some the skills the O.S.S. had
recruited her for, Abby knew she was helpless. She had
sometimes imagined facing torture, or even death if
she fell into the hands of criminal elements, but
never thought she’d face pleasures too powerful to

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Dorothy said as
she turned her attention to Abby’s other breast.

“Yes,” the crime fighter heard herself admitting.

“Well just relax and you’re going to enjoy it even
more,” Dorothy replied.

True to her word, Abby did enjoy herself even more as
the Black Cat performed the same magic on her other
breast. The black woman’s touch was unlike any man’s
who had been there before her. Softer, more giving.
Abby could tell there was a desire to give as well as
take pleasure from her breasts.

“Why don’t I get a little more comfortable as well,”
Dorothy said as she grabbed the bottom of her shirt
and pulled it up over her head, revealing her naked
breasts beneath.

Abby had never seen a black woman in the nude before
and she looked down at Dorothy’s breasts with some
curiosity. She found mounds smaller than her own but
ones which seemed perfectly suited for the Black Cat’s
frame. They were a rich chocolate in color, with small
charcoal nipples near the center.

“They look yummy, don’t they?” the now topless
criminal said as she rubbed her own breasts, feeling
their softness. “Well why don’t I let you find out for

Before Abby could say a word, Dorothy had climbed up
on a large building stone that had been resting by
Ultra Woman’s feet and pressed her smaller dark
breasts into the brunette’s face. When she opened her
mouth to protest, she found a hard nipple shoved
between her lips.

“Suck it baby,” Dorothy commanded, “you know you want

The honest truth was, Abby did want to. She had never
before admitted it to anyone, least of all herself,
but she was curious about what it might be like to be
with another woman. Ever since she was younger and she
heard some of the other girls in school talk about
Donna Reynolds and Carol Delvecchio. The two girls had
been caught doing something with each other in the
girls’ bathroom at Saint Mark’s High School for Girls.
They had immediately been expelled, but all the rumors
and curiosities had lasted long after that.

Even now, long after leaving Saint Mark’s, she never
would’ve considered satisfying those curiosities on
her own. Now, in her mind at least, she could tell
herself it was the drug coursing through her veins
that was making her act this way. That, and the expert
touch of the woman who held her captive.

With girlish enthusiasm, Abby rolled her tongue over
the small thick nubs that capped Dorothy’s breasts,
using her teeth and lips as the dark skinned woman had
earlier done to her. It was, she had to admit, an
intoxicating experience.

“That’s it baby,” the Black Cat purred as she held
Abby’s face against her dark mounds, “you suck those
sweet Hershey kisses.”

After this had gone on for a short while, Dorothy
pulled her breasts away and kissed the helpless
heroine again. She could feel the lust flowing in the
white woman’s veins, a lust reflected in her own.

“Oh there’s one other little thing I should’ve
mentioned about that compound you drank,” Dorothy said
as she continued to cover Abby’s neck and chest with
soft, wet kisses. “Under certain conditions, it can be
quite lethal. In fact, death usually occurs less than
an hour after ingesting it. I saw its effects once,
quite nasty I have to say. Delusions, convulsions,

That statement immediately got Ultra Woman’s
attention, even through the dense fog of desire that
filled her mind.

“But there is an antidote,” she added as she now
kissed Abby’s belly. “A quite simple one really. All
you have to do is have an orgasm. There’s something
about the chemicals a body produces during an orgasm
neutralizes the compound. Even a climax through self-
love would be enough to do it.”

The Black Cat paused and looked up at the old chains
that securely held Ultra Woman’s hands in place. It
was obvious that self-love as she put it wasn’t an

“Hmm, that would be somewhat difficult in your case,
wouldn’t it,” the Cat said. “I’m very tempted to free
your hands so you could help yourself, but you do-
gooder types are always doing the noble thing. I’m
afraid that if I were to free you, then you might be
tempted to capture me instead. But not to worry love,
I’m going to be sure that you have an orgasm. One that
you’re not going to forget for a long, long time.”

With that, the Black Cat undid the clasp of Ultra
Woman’s skirt and slid it down her long legs. Now
revealed were the heroine’s cotton panties, a large
damp stain visible over her mound. Dorothy ran her
fingers up along Abby’s legs, then under the bottom
elastic of her undergarment. Her dark fingers met
against the moist hair, rubbing it slightly as they
produced a soft moan from Abby’s lips.

Dorothy’s hands closed around the thin material and
with an unexpected force, ripped the panties off
Abby’s body. With thrusts just as forceful, the Black
Cat pulled Ultra Woman’s legs apart and lifted them
over her shoulder, bringing Abby’s pussy right up to
her face. Holding on to the white woman’s ass for
support, Dorothy attacked her prize in a frenzy of
Sapphic desire.

“Oh God!” Abby called out as she felt the Black Cat’s
tongue slide inside of her, triggering a burst of pre-
orgasmic fury.

Faster and faster her tongue moved, as if she were
truly her namesake and Abby were a saucer of milk. Her
assault was unrelenting, growing more so with each
passing heartbeat. Abby could feel the tiny tremors
building deep within her, vibrations that would lead
to a lifesaving climax.

Despite the circumstances, Abby couldn’t help but
think that this was something that she had been
missing. On those few times when her duties as Officer
Stone had called for her to conduct a body search of
ladies of the evening, some of them had taunted her
with an offer to teach her a few sex acts her mama
never told her about. Their offers were so graphic
that there was no mistaking what they had been

When she had brought the subject up one night during
their lovemaking, Nick had said that it was something
that decent people just didn’t do. It quickly became
obvious to her that what he really meant was that he
only considered it wrong for a woman to expect it to
be done to her. On more than a few occasions, Nick had
expressed a desire for Abby to perform a similar act
on his manhood. It seemed he had developed a certain
affection for oral sex during his military service in
Europe. So far, Abby hadn’t complied with his request.
Now aware of how good it felt, she quickly promised
herself that the only way he was going to get his wish
was if he was willing to reciprocate.

However, all of that was in the future. In the here
and now, all she was concerned with was the nearness
of her climax. Even if her life didn’t depend on it,
it would be all she cared about. It no longer mattered
that the Black Cat was a master criminal, wanted on
two continents, or that Abby had sworn twice over to
uphold the law. All that mattered where the pleasures
of the flesh and a gratification she had never before
imagined. A gratification, which suddenly stopped.

Ultra Woman suddenly felt her legs fall free as the
Black Cat released her hold on her. A loud buzzing,
like that of an alarm clock, was coming from what Abby
now realized was a speaker hidden among the stone

“Damn it, not now!” the Black Cat cursed as she picked
up her shirt from the floor and pulled it back on. Her
voice a hard mixture of anger and disappointment.

“What’s happening?” a confused Ultra Woman asked.

“Someone’s tripped the photoelectric eye in the outer
corridors,” the woman in black said as she hurriedly
straightened her clothing. “I’m afraid we’re going to
have to make it another time. A pity really, I was
really looking forward to giving you a taste of my
blackberry treat.”

“But the compound …” Ultra Woman started to say,
realizing that she hadn’t yet reached the climax that
would counteract the toxins in her body.

Abby never got the chance to finish as her words were
cut off by the crush of Dorothy’s dark lips. For the
merest instant, she felt her tongue invade her mouth
one last time.

“Too bad,” the master thief said as she jumped back
and pressed against a small stone in the wall, causing
an eight foot by four foot section to open. “You have
one really fine body, I’ll think of it often.”

With that she was gone, leaving Ultra Woman to wonder
how soon the poison in her body would take effect.

A few minutes later, the door through which the Black
Cat had originally appeared opened once more. When she
saw the figure that stepped out of the corridor, Ultra
Woman was sure she had entered the delusion phase of
her condition. Standing not five feet away, was Mega

“Ultra Woman…?” Mega Girl gasped as she say the
nearly naked woman chained to the wall. “Abby?”

“Priscilla?” Abby said, realizing that this was no
drug-induced fantasy. “How did you get here?”

“My God, what happened to you?” Mega Girl asked as she
quickly examined the chains that held her partner
captive. Her eyes kept shifting from the cold, rusted
iron and Abby’s soft, naked body.

As briefly as she could, Ultra Woman told her story,
centering on the deadly compound now in her body.
According to her best calculations, there were less
than ten minutes left in the hour.

“It’ll take a lot longer for me to cut you out of here
and get you to a hospital,” the younger woman decided
out loud .

“Then what do we do?” a dejected Abby asked.

“My field is electronics, not biochemistry, Mega Girl
said, her voice containing a strange mixture of
concern and excitement, “so I think there’s only one
thing we can do. Finish what the Black Cat started.”

Ultra Woman watched in disbelief as Mega Girl dropped
down to her knees and spread the older woman’s legs.
Her hand pressed against Abby’s very wet mound,
parting her vaginal lips with her fingers. Then,
without another moment’s hesitation, Priscilla pressed
her head tightly between Ultra Woman’s legs. For the
second time in the last hour, Abby felt the sweet
touch of a woman’s tongue inside of her. Whereas the
Black Cat had been hard and forceful, Mega Girl was
soft and gentle. Both methods, however, seemed to have
the same result.

With a skill that seemed impossible for a novice,
Priscilla’s tongue moved up and down the length of
Abby’s womanhood. There was little time for her to
wonder about that, as Mega Girl quickly brought Ultra
Woman back to the level at which the Black Cat had
abandoned her.

Priscilla’s index finger joined her tongue, adding
another source to the cascading waves spreading
outward from Abby’s center. In what seemed at the same
time, hours and no time at all, the costumed
adventurers surpassed that level.

Ultra Woman felt her heart racing like it had never
done before and her breaths now came in short measured
gasps. The fear that the poison was finally taking its
described effect filled her mind for the briefest of
moments. Then that worry as well was washed away by
the crashing tide that now shattered across her.

With a cry that could very well have been her death
scream, Abby finally reached her twice postponed
orgasm. Just as the Black Cat had promised, it was a
climax that she would always remember. An orgasm that
brought her to the brink of unconsciousness.

After a few long moments, the pounding in her chest
began to calm as Abby came down from the high of her
orgasm. Suddenly, she felt very naked. Far more than
simply the absence of clothing, it was having been
exposed to her young partner in a way she never
would’ve imagined. How could she ever thank Priscilla
for the sacrifice she had made? Even more so, how
could Abby ever face her again knowing how much she
had enjoyed what Priscilla had done to her.

“Almost there,” Mega Girl said as she worked on the
wrist irons with a small tool from her gadget belt.

With a professional detachment, her partner had gone
to work on her restraints the moment the danger from
the drugs within her had passed.

Just before the lock gave way, Priscilla suddenly
leaned forward and kissed Abby on the lips. That
simple gesture surprised the older woman more than
anything else that had happened this evening.

“Why did you do that?” Abby said as she rubbed her now
freed wrists, sore after hanging there for hours.

“I don’t know,” Mega Girl answered unconvincingly. “I
guess I got caught up in the moment. Being so relieved
that you were okay and all.”

“I guess so,” Abby said, not wanting to dwell on all
of this too much right now. “Give me a hand with my

Mega Girl made a point of not looking at Ultra Woman
as she dressed. Instead she looked around the small
dungeon. It only took Abby a minute to redress. Aside
from her ruined bra and panties, her costume was still
in good shape.

“They certainly made this look realistic,” Mega Girl
said as she examined a more nasty set of restraints
than those that had been used on Ultra Woman. “Must’ve
been a little unnerving until you figured out where
you were.”

“What are you talking about?” Ultra Woman asked as she
adjusted her tunic. “Where are we?”

“You didn’t know?”

Almost fearing the answer, the senior Crime-fighter
explained where the Black Cat said they were.

Mega Girl laughed. She knew she shouldn’t, but it did
seem funny to her at the moment.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, “but an old prison off
the coast of Mexico? It’s sounds like something out of
those old movie serials I used to watch as a kid.”

Abby thought about it and realized that Priscilla was
right. The Black Cat might’ve been a highly successful
thief, but no way did she have the resources for a
base like that. It was only the stress of the
situation that made Abby accept her explanation
without question.

“This is part of the old Castle of Horrors up on the
abandoned Amusement Pier on Griffith’s Point,” Mega
Girl explained. “It’s about fifty miles from
McKenzie’s. That’s why it took me so long to track you
down. This was the third direction I tried.”

“Griffith’s Point,” Ultra Woman repeated, remembering
that the Amusement Park closed a few years back after
Wally World had opened just south of Coast City.

Exiting the building the way Mega Girl had entered,
Ultra Woman was surprised to find the Ultra-Glider
parked out in front. Priscilla must’ve found it in
back of McKenzie’s. The morning sun was just beginning
to appear on the horizon. All of this had happened in
only a few hours.

“Well, at least we won’t have to walk home,” Abby said
as they reached the car.

Priscilla forced herself to laugh. Now, with the
danger behind them, the awkwardness of what had passed
between them now hung in the air.

“Do we call it a night or do you want to try and pick
up the Black Cat’s trail?” Mega Girl said as she
slipped into the driver’s seat and Ultra Woman the

“I don’t think I’m quite dressed for the chase,” Ultra
Woman replied, feeling quite aware of the way her
unrestrained breasts were moving of their own accord
under her tunic. “I think a hot shower and a few hours
sleep is what I really need.”

Mega Girl paused, seeming to want to say something in
response as she hesitated turning the key in the
ignition. Her mouth opened but before she could get
out the words, the radio under the dash suddenly
crackled to life. Both of them looked at it in
surprise. From the dial next to the microphone, they
could see it was still set to the private frequency
that only the two of them used.

“Hello?” Ultra Woman said as she picked up the mike.

“Hello lover,” a now familiar voice said over the
speaker. The voice of the Black Cat, speaking over the
belt radio she had taken from Abby’s belt.

“What do you want, Dorothy?” Abby said, using the name
she had shared with her during her captivity. The use
of which surprised Mega Girl greatly.

“I just wanted to say how much fun I had during our
little visit,” the Black Cat said, “and how sorry I
was that we didn’t get to finish what we started.”

The memory of what she had felt with first the Cat,
and then Priscilla between her legs flashed to the
forefront of Abby’s mind. It was a memory part of her
wished she could forget, but also one that part wanted
to remember.

“You left me there to die from that insidious compound
that you tricked me into drinking,” Ultra Woman said
in her most official voice, letting her anger and the
fact that all of what happened was the result of her
being drugged push back those memories.

“Oh that,” the Black Cat laughed, “I’m afraid that I
have some bad news for you.”

Ultra Woman’s body tensed up for a moment, afraid that
she was going to say that the poison was still in her

“There never was anything in that water.” said the
voice over the speaker, “Just some flavoring to give
it a little aftertaste.”

“But you said …”

“Sugar, I’m a thief, what makes you think I wouldn’t
be a liar as well,” the Black Cat laughed. “After all,
looked around you. This is hardly a small island off
the coast of Mexico.”

“Oh no,” Abby said, not realizing that she had
depressed the talk button on her mike.

“That’s right baby,” the Cat said, “You have no one to
blame for what happened except yourself. I may have
gotten you going a little, but after that it was all

“That’s not true,” Abby protested, yet wondering at
the same time if indeed it was.

“Oh yes it is, and I’ll let you in on another little
secret,” she went on. “After your little partner there
showed up, I really didn’t take for the hills like a
bad little felon should. I was still there, watching
the two of you from a spyhole in the wall.”

Ultra Woman suddenly looked up and out the window of
the Glider. Was the Black Cat still somewhere around,
watching them as they spoke.

“Even if I’m somehow wrong about you, although I don’t
think I am,” she concluded, “I’m definitely not wrong
about your friend there. I saw the look on her face
when she walked in on you, and the look she had when
she was taking care of you. That wasn’t her first
time, honey, not by a long shot. She was too good at
what she was doing.”

The signal began to break up, telling them that they
were reaching the limit of the portable radios. That
answered the question of if she was still somewhere

“Well it looks like I have to go now,” a static filled
voice said. “Thanks for a fun night.”

Silence filled the Ultra-Glider after the radio
speaker went dead. Neither of them wanted to be the
first to say anything about what the Black Cat had
insinuated. Finally, Abby knew she had to say
something, anything.

“I don’t believe anything she said,” Abby told her
partner. “There was a drug in that water, and you did
what you had to do to save my life.”

Priscilla looked deep into her partner’s eyes, her
silence seemingly giving her agreement with the
statement. Abby waiting another few heartbeats to see
if Priscilla wanted to add anything, then said. “We’ll
just put tonight behind us as if it never happened.”

“No,” Priscilla abruptly said, lifting her hands up to
the side of her mask and removing it. “I’m tired of
hiding behind a mask. Of hiding the person who’s
really behind it.”

“I don’t understand,” Abby said.

“Oh yes you do,” Priscilla answered. “The Black Cat
wasn’t lying and you know it. About you, or about me.”

“About you?” Abby repeated, still ignoring what had
been said about her.

“I’ve been in love with you since before I even met
you,” Priscilla confessed.

“I-I… don’t know how to answer that,” Abby said. “I
never imagined that you…”

“Come on, don’t give me that,” Priscilla cut her off.
“Why else would you think I’d put on a costume like
this and follow you. Why else would I spend a small
fortune to give you the best in equipment, if not to
help keep you safe. It’s not like I had some great
wrong to avenge on the underworld. That sort of thing
only happens in the comics.”

“Priscilla, I swear, I really didn’t know.”

“Okay, maybe you really didn’t want to know,”
Priscilla went on, “but now you do. So what are you
going to do about it.”

What are you going to do about it? The question echoed
repeatedly in Abby’s mind. A small part of her
admitted that she suspected there was more to
Priscilla’s desire to be with her than a simple desire
to fight crime. The clues were there all along, she
had just turned a blind eye to them. Some great
detective she was turning out to be.

Then there was Nick. How did she really feel about
him? How did Nick really feel about her? What was she
to him other than that big boobed policewoman that
everyone seemed to know he was fucking.

“I guess silence speaks volumes,” Mega Girl said as
she turned from Abby and started the engine.

She reached down to put the car in gear and was
surprised to have Abby’s hand come to rest on top of
hers. It stayed there for a moment, just long enough
for her to feel its strength and warmth. Then Abby
removed it as both of her hands moved up to her cowl
and undid the small clasps that held it in place.

“I’m not sure where this is going to lead,” Abby said
as she pulled off the covering, “but I do love you, I
know that much. No more masks, at least not between

“Oh Abby!” Priscilla cried as she threw her arms
around Abby and pulled them together, their lips
meeting in a loving kiss.

“I guess we should find a quiet place where we can
talk about this,” Abby said as they broke their kiss.

“What about the Black Cat?” Priscilla asked.

“Why don’t we let Nick and the CCPD worry about the
Black Cat,” Abby smiled. “I think he’s going to find
he has a lot more free time on his hands that he
thought he did. Especially a lot of free nights.”

Mega Girl laughed as she finally put the car in gear
and heading back towards the city. At the speeds the
Ultra-Glider was capable of, she figured they could
get to the apartment/lab that she kept in the
Wellington Building in less than an hour.

“What are you thinking?” Abby asked as she saw the
mischievous grin on her partner’s face.

“I was just thinking,” Priscilla smiled back, “that
I’m finally going to get to show you a few of the more
interesting gadgets that I’ve come up with. The kind
you can use for something a lot more fun than fighting

Aware of what Priscilla was capable of when she put
her mind to it, Abby wasn’t sure if she should feel
excited or apprehensive. One thing she was sure of,
her life had taken yet another interesting, if
unexpected, turn.