Special Guest Star – Kat Dennings

“I missed this,” I thought I heard. With my face buried in Kat Denning’s bursting cleavage, I could be forgiven for not hearing her right. Nevertheless, I chose to believe I heard her right and said, “Me too,” although I probably made it hard for her to hear me. “Well, doy,” I heard a little better. At that point, I finally lifted my head out of her chest, and she used her lips to cover mine instead of talking some more. I relaxed onto the ratty fake TV couch of Kat’s ratty, fake TV apartment set, while Kat laid on top of me. She was still in her yellow, red striped TV waitress uniform from 2 Broke Girls, the show we both worked on – although she did much more than me. For this first day back on the set for Season Four, we were doing what we did after the first day of shooting in Seasons Two and Three….

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