My date with fantasy: Kitty and Will

Kitty grew up in a poor family. Somehow they always had gotten by. These days, Kitty couldn’t believe her luck as being able to land a job as a electrician on movie sets on and off location. She had always been a sort of tom boy but still very much interested in men. She worked her way up in the trades until one day, some hollywood highroller offered her a job in the movie industry. She couldn’t believe her luck. Working with the celebs. Often times, the tradesmen didn’t consort with the actors and actresses but there were a few occasions when luck would have it that she got to meet some of them. Among the people Kitty had met included Jim Carrey, Nicole Kidman, and Whoopi Goldberg along with the cast of Star Trek: Voyager (they were having trouble wiring up the “warp core.”). But she always was hoping for the day where she would get to meet the man of her dreams, Will Ferrell. She knew that Will wasn’t viewed as the most handsome guy in the world, but he made her laugh and she loved his movies and to her, he was the sexiest man alive. She couldn’t stop thinking about him, imagining running her hands through his curly hair, staring into those baby blues, laying next to him. She also knew that he was a good 15 years older then her, but that thought just turned her on more. She remembered seeing a recent picture of him, his hair touched with gray. She recalled sitting in a dark movie theatre for the showing of Stranger Than Fiction and the part where he as Harold Crick and Maggie Gyllenhaal as Ms. Paschal were about to get it on and they started kissing, Kitty nearly lost it there, imagining that was herself in his arms and practically had an orgasm right there in the theatre. Luckily it had been a later showing and the theatre wasn’t that full that day but she had to walk out of the theatre with her sweatshirt around her waist.

Well today had started out to be another day. Kitty had a job lined up at Sony Pictures in Culver City, where her mom grew up. They had a burn out of circuits and were going to need everything up to code because several movies were getting ready to film. She hurried out and made it there just in time after battling with terrible traffic for nearly an hour. After getting past the guards, she drove her truck to the parking lot designated to behind the scenes workers. No fancy trailers for them, that was only for the celebs. Kitty hurried in to find the one in charge when she stopped short. Standing near the bay door was none other than…”Will Ferrell” she murmured to herself. One of the movies that was getting ready to film was Step Brothers Of course! She stayed rooted to her spot unable to move. He was looking the other way, talking to some director. He finally turned around and stared at Kitty and said “Well there she is, Finally.” and threw an exasperated hand in the air. ” Hey where’s the friggin’ take out. And could you please grab me a non-fat latte” Kitty just stood there “Huh?” Will rolled his eyes and said “You heard me, come on we’re starving.” Kitty couldn’t believe that first) Will Ferrell was actually talking to her but second) that he was talking to her like she was a second class citizen. She had hoped that Will wasn’t one of those stuck up “I’m better then you because I’m famous” sort of guy. But after this incident she saw that wasn’t the case. Luckily, she was saved by Ron Harper, her boss. “Hey there she is. How are you? Let me show you what needs to be done”. Kitty replied “Let me get my gear”. She went to her truck and came back, now with nothing but loathing for the man she once admired. Cables draped over her arm, she brusquely walked past Will and the unknown director and threw them a look of contempt before moving on. Will called after her “hey, I was only kidding about all that.” and to the other man he said barely above a whisper “How the fuck was I supposed to know that was the electrician?”

Kitty worked hard and tried to keep her mind off Will, but it was hard to do. She had admired him up to this point but then he turned around and proved what a jerk-off celebs could be. “I should have guessed”, she told herself. But it wasn’t like she was expecting a run in with him like this. She was taking a break outside and sipping on some Dasani water when she felt a presence to her left. She quickly stole a look to her left only to find Will standing there. He smiled at her. Her heart immediately skipped a beat. He still had that gorgeous smile she thought with a half smile on her face. But she shook her self out of the daze as quickly as it started. He handed her a pink carnation. “Peace offering” he said holding it out. “Thanks but no thanks” Kitty said and got up to walk away. “I deal with stuck up people all the time and what thanks do I get for my hard work?” she said “Nothing but bitch bitch bitch! Sorry but I ain’t accepting your lame ass apology just to save your stupid rep, blah blah.” She walked away to her truck leaving Will there still holding the carnation. His thoughts went back to the evening before in his trailer.

He had just gotten off for the day and was walking to his trailer when he spotted a book on the ground. He bent over to pick it up and noticed it was a diary of some sort. He took it to his trailer with the idea of finding its owner tomorrow but now he just wanted to relax and have some tea before turning in. Curiosity got the best of him when he saw that the diary had belonged to the electrician, Kitty. He flipped over some of the pages and couldn’t believe his eyes. Nearly every page was laced with a sexual fantasy about her and…..him! “Wow”, he thought, “she really is into me”. He read through some of the entries and found himself getting hard. It had been awhile since he had had a woman and just reading these got him hot and horny. Kitty looked like a tough person, but when he thought back to her, he just realized the softness of her face, the firmness of her large breasts, her curvy body, her brown hair that cascaded over her back like a wave in the ocean. He realized how attractive she was and how he was finding himself attracted to her, especially after reading these randy entries about him. He was awed at her description of him as a Casanova, her knight in shining armor, the sexiest man alive! Will knew he wasn’t ugly or anything, but he also knew he wasn’t in the same category as George Clooney or Matthew McConnaughy. But he felt flattered anyway. Will was so turned on that he undid his fly and took out his throbbing cock and began to stroke it slowly while reading these steamy stories about him and her. Faster and faster he stroked until he came all over his hand. Sighing, he leaned back in his chair, dick in hand and imagined her between his legs, sucking him off Eyes closed, Will thought of a plan. He decided that the next day, he would make her wildest fantasy come true!

Kitty was approached by her boss the next day. “Guess what?” he said. “I am giving you a mini vacation to Acapulco, Mexico. You deserve it” Kitty was shocked. “Are you fuckin’ serious? I mean, that would be awesome!” She quickly packed her bags and found herself on a plane headed for paradise. Once she got there, she decided that she wanted to get a full body massage. She slipped into comfortable clothes and called for an in room full body massage. She laid down and waited; her masseuse would be with her shortly. Kitty had requested a guy because she almost always got off when a guy sensually massaged her. She closed her eyes, breathing deeply.She heard the door open then shut. “I’m over here” she called. Suddenly she felt a pair of hands lightly caress her back. She shivered slightly. The hands slicked with oil started to deeply massage her starting at the shoulders and slowly working their way down. It felt so good, these pair of strong male hands, it was making her pussy tingle with excitement. If she wasn’t enjoying the moment so much, she would turn over to look at the man providing her this pleasure. But, she thought, it could be some ugly old guy. Best just enjoy this for what it is. She let her mind drift off to one of her fantasies where she was in a situation like this but when the masseuse started to eat her out, she turned around only to find Will between her legs and he had made love to her all night long. “Well”, she thought bitterly, “he’s a big fat asshole!” and she continued to enjoy the massage. Suddenly the man’s hands made way between her legs, playfully. “hey” she said. “watch it. Not that I don’t like that but I’m not here for that.” The man didn’t reply. “Oh don’t talk much eh” she chuckled. She suddenly felt hot breath in her ear whisper I’ll say whatever you want me to say, do whatever you want me to do!” and the man handed her a pink carnation. Kitty whirled around, the towel falling from her body. Leaning over her was Will Ferrell!. She gasped while hugging her arms to her chest. She started to speak. “Sshhhh” Will said placing a finger to her lips. “I’m all yours tonight.” Kitty couldn’t decide if this was a dream or not. Her head was spinning. “Look I am sorry about the other day, really. I guess I get over zealous at times. But I can’t stop thinking about you. And I know that you want me” he said while softly stroking her face. “Who do you think got you this vacation anyway” Will winked at her. Kitty’s heart was hammering so fast. Will leaned forward and kissed her tentatively on the lips. Kitty found her arms surrounding his neck, her naked tits pressed against his chest. She returned the kiss fervently slipping her tongue into his mouth. After a minute of kissing, she pulled back enough to say against his lips, “I forgive you”.

Will picked her up and carried her to the bed in the other room. He laid her down and started to undress. She reached out to undo his jeans, she wanted him badly! He slipped his shirt over his head and slid out of his jeans. Only wearing his boxers, he slid on top of her and began to fervently kiss her some more. She bucked her hips against him, her pussy on fire with the deep rooted desire she had felt for him for a long time. He slipped two fingers into her waiting hotness and began to slowly fuck her with his fingers. She squirmed and humped at his hand. Her moans increased with his thrusts and intensity. Will kissed her neck and licked her nipples, lightly sucking on each one, her hands in his hair. He licked his way down between her legs, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake. He passed her waiting pussy and ran his tongue along the side of each of her legs and stopped to suck on her toes. Kitty couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted Will’s tongue inside of her. “Please” she begged, “suck my pussy” But Will continued to slowly lick her legs and he lightly nibbled at her thighs. Slowly, slowly, he traced his tongue to her wet lips. Up and down her slit he went, his mouth finding her clit. His tongue rubbed and sucked on her engorged clit, round and round. Kitty’s hand swept through his hair, holding his head in place, not wanting him to move at all. He slipped to fingers into her waiting hole and slowly started to fuck her pussy with his fingers. She bucked harder and harder against him.

He looked up at her and their eyes locked. “I want your cock in me. Fuck me with your big cock, now!” She reached down between Will’s legs and tugged his meaty member out of his boxers. Holding her leg up with the other leg draped over his shoulder, Will began to frantically thrust into Kitty’s dripping cunt. In and out he slid and her moans got louder and louder. “Oh gawd, fuck me! Fuck me with your big cock. Oh, that’s it. Oh, OOoohhh!” She was nearing climax, she grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples. Will was murmuring “oh, fuck. fuck. I’m gonna cummm!” Faster they humped, their bodies slamming together. Their moans increased with the rhythm and suddenly Will shuddered and pulled out just to cum all over Kitty’s pussy and tits. “Oh that felt wonderful.” she said stroking his hair as he collapsed on top of her. He rolled onto his side and they laid there face to face. Kitty looked into Will’s baby blue eyes and felt that adrenaline rush jolt through her. He was stroking her face gently. She was playing with his nipples. She sighed contentedly and said “You wouldn’t happen to know what happened to my diary, would you?” Will shook his head, “I have no idea what you’re talking about” Kitty chuckled “I saw you in your trailer the other night. One of the windows was ajar. There was no mistaken the sounds of you pleasuring yourself. I saw you with it!’ Will just smiled. “Guilty as charged” She snuggled up to him, her arm draped across his chest, his hand lightly stroking her arm. She really wanted to tell Will how much she was in love with him, but she decided against it. For all she knew, this was just a fling but she wanted to savor every moment of it as she could, being nestled in his warmth. Soon thereafter, they were both sound asleep, arms around each other and legs entwined.

A few hours later, she woke with a start. For a brief moment, she was disoriented. Where am I? That’s right. Mexico. I was with Will Ferrell, fucking with him! She sat up only to look over at Will’s sleeping form, his arm draped over his head, eyes closed sleeping peacefully. Kitty decided to act out on another fantasy she had harbored for a long time. She had always wanted to wake a guy up by sucking him off. She quietly positioned herself between Will’s legs and began to softly kiss his cock through his boxers. He stirred slightly, letting out a soft moan but remained asleep. She gently slipped his cock out and wrapped her warm, hungry mouth around his already growing member. Soft sucks at first, she savored the head of his penis, licking around and down the shaft and around the head again. Will moaned again, this time louder. Kitty increased the intensity of her sucking, using her hand to stroke his cock before impaling her hot mouth on it. “What the-” Will was awake now and Kitty looked up and found him gazing down at her, half asleep -half awake. She continued to go down at him while intently staring at his eyes. She moaned against his cock, obviously enjoying every lick. She slapped his cock against her face while purring, “what a nice big cock. mmmm, I love sucking on this big juicy cock” and she continued faster and faster. Her hands on him gripped tighter and she began to deep-throat Will, taking all of his 8 1/2 inches in. She nearly gagged because it was so thick and juicy, but it was worth it. She wanted to enjoy every bit of her dream lover’s cock while she could. “oooh, ooh that’s it. oohh baby girl” Will moaned while gripping her hair. He began to buck his hips and let out a cry right before shooting a hot load down Kitty’s throat. She drank up every last bit of his cum, not wanting to waste any of his sweet honey. Then she leaned up and kissed Will hard on the lips, letting him taste himself on her mouth.

While kissing, she got up and straddled Will’s aching cock. Gripping his shoulders, she began to move her hips around and up and down, bouncing wildly on his cock. “yeah” she moaned, “oh, yeah fuck me Will fuck me. oh, yeah” She knew that this man was going to make her cum, experience one of the best orgasms she had ever experienced. She felt the sensation of his cock sliding in and out and the pleasure was rippling through her body like a typhoon. It was coming closer and closer, she felt it. Gripping him hard, she screamed as the rip tides tore through her like a burning inferno. “OH GAWD, I’M CUMMINGG! OOOooOOhhhhhhh!” Will responded with another blast of hot jizz inside her ravaged pussy. She collapsed on to him, sweating and breathing like she had just run a marathon. She looked into Will’s eyes and asked “Have you ever fucked a woman in the ass before?” “Will closed his eyes and shook his head. “No one’s ever wanted to try it. But I always have.” Kitty turned around and put her ass close to his face and said, “I’ve never done it either, but my ass wants your cock to fuck it.” She got off him and leaned over the side of the bed, shaking her ass. She made a ‘come here’ motion with her fingers. Will got up and stood behind her. His hands fondled her ass, squeezing the cheeks and exploring her crack with his fingers. He positioned his cock between her cheeks and rubbed it between them while nuzzling her neck. “Nice and slow though, baby” she whispered to him. He kissed her ear and replied, “Anything for your sweet ass, baby girl”.

He slipped one of his fingers into her waiting asshole, slowly at first and gently rammed it in. Kitty moaned out. “Oh yeah” she murmured. Will said “Are you ready for the real deal, baby girl?” She nodded and replied, “Fill me up with your cock. I wanna feel you inside!” He put his cock at the edge of her hole, guiding it in with one hand, the other hand around her, holding her tight against him. Nice and easy, he put the head of his cock in her slowly and eased it in further. She cried out, in pain or pleasure? he didn’t know. He stopped but she reached around and grabbed at him. “Don’t stop that, please. it feels, oh, it feels good!” Will didn’t need any further prodding, he rammed his cock harder pushing it nearly all the way. Kitty yelled, the initial pain gone as soon as it started. Now having Will’s big cock in her ass was so pleasurable that cum started running down her legs in steady streams. He fucked her for several minutes, getting off on this as much as she was and before he came, he pulled out spraying cum all over her backside. Kitty’s hole felt ravaged, but at the same time could not believe how good it felt to have Will’s big cock in her like that. Will spun her around and kissed her full on the lips, his tongue probing her mouth. They were pressed together and they fell on the bed, him on top. They continued to kiss and fondle and explore each other all through the night, until the early morning. Then they fell asleep in a spoon position, him behind her and they soundly slept until well into the afternoon. Kitty didn’t want this to end, and to tell the truth, Will didn’t either, but they knew they had to move on with their lives. But who knows, they were both single, not seeing anyone else. And they both knew that the sex was beyond awesome. Maybe there would be another get together, who knows???????