Aishwarya Rai – Abandoned Prison in India

Aishwarya age 40 5′ 7″ is an Indian film actress and model. Rai has established herself as a leading contemporary actress of Indian cinema and has become one of Bollywood’s highest-paid actresses.

I’m in New Dehli India on business and pleasure, when I recieved a call telling me the first two women have arrived at my pleasure palace. Aishwarya knew she shouldn’t have tried to represent herself, when she walked into this large room this morning. The man sitting at the table attired in an expensive black suit, is tall and imposing. My graying hair gave me the appearance of a experienced member of the judiciary but the piercing look in my eyes as I look her up and down, sent shivers down her spine. Her hand shook as she brought her documents to me. She gives me a pitying look as she handed them to me. She watches me glance at it cursorily before whispering to her. ” Nice to see you, you will be here for five days.” I stood up from my seat. ” You will need to come with me to my office. On the way to my office, I tried to put my arm around her, she pulls away reminding me that she is married. When I try again, she pulls away and became silent annoyed by my advances – I told her I only wanted to talk.

When we reach my office, we went inside and I’m able to soften up her mood so that she is again willing to talk to me. I offered her a drink, pouring one for each of us. As we sat on the sofa talking, my eyes kept wandering over her body – and my cock begins to stiffen at the thought of what will be. By now the alcohol is beginning to catch up to her, and she is slurring her words. I put my arm around her kissing her on the lips. She protests but the alcohol has made her think everything is funny and she laughs saying that she can’t ” I’m married.” I laugh and told her I had to try. When I tried to kiss her again, she got up and tries to move away, but I grab her by the arm pulling her down onto my lap forcing my mouth onto hers clutching her tight.

She became angry and struck out at me, but I grab her arm and held her so that she can’t move. As she yells ” NO” I squeeze her arm tighter her and I saw the look on her face change from anger to fear. Reaching up, I grab her by the hair pulling her face towards me – ” It’s time to fucking dance!”…..I force her lips to mine. As she begs me to stop, I told her ” Shut the fuck up and open your mouth!” With this kiss I let my tongue probe hers. Then I pull her face back and as my eyes roam over her frightened body I grin and I told her, ” You know … and I know … that you’re not leaving here until you suck me off… and then, if I feel like it I’m going to fuck you!” She cries, begging me ” No don’t do this.” Still holding her by the hair, I told her ” Slide down and suck my cock!” As she struggles and begs me to let her go, I push her to the floor, dragging her face to my crotch ordering her ” SUCK IT!” Her hands shaking and tears in her eyes she slowly begins to undo the zipper on my jeans. As she sobs and begs me to stop, I again order her to ” SUCK IT” as she cries she pulls the head of my cock out of my pants. Her tears increasing my pleasure. As she sucks on the head of my cock, I told her how I liked it…and how good her lips feels wrapped around it. I told her when to suck and when to just lick the head. Aishwarya complies but her lack of enthusiasm is noticeable and begins to piss me off.

After a couple of minutes, her attitude improves and the whole experience became more pleasurable. As I enjoy Aishwarya’s tongue and lips on my cock I reach out fondling her tits. Feeling constrained and not very satisfied with the blow job, I told her to ” Take my pants off.” It is her first look at what is waiting for her –my monster 9″in length and 4″ thick cock, I see that she is scared at the potential of being ripped apart by my monster. I told her to ” Stand up” I made her strip in front of me – handing me each piece of her clothing which I toss onto the sofa beside me – all but her panties which I stuff under the sofa cushions. Seeing her standing there naked in front of me I admired her firm and fit body….. I stood up kissing her….again forcing my tongue into her mouth….then lowering my mouth to suck on her 34B tits….nibbling at the nipples while my fingers stroke her pussy. I push her onto her knees and I made her continue sucking my cock. She complains that I’m too big as she struggles to take more than the head of my cock into her mouth. Now I’m fully aroused and I begin to move my hips in sync with her mouth… pushing my cock further into her mouth gagging her, stretching her jaw open and her lips apart. Holding her head by the hair….I guide her mouth over my cock for a few strokes…..then I pull her mouth off of me and order her. ” Suck my balls” and then ” Open your mouth” again so I can shove my cock back into her warm saliva filled mouth.

After 10 minutes of Aishwarya struggling to suck my cock I feel my balls beginning to swell and I know I was going to cum. Holding her by the hair I force myself deeper into her mouth just as I erupt, I feel her trying to pull back…..I hold her head tight as I pull her deeper onto my cock. Aishwarya gags and momentarily manages to free her mouth from my cock trying to spit the load I just gave her out….. in the process, the last couple of blasts of my cum lands on her face…. making her close her eyes. I hand her blouse to her to use as a towel to wipe her face and spit my cum into…..which she did without realizing what I had handed to her. Before she can finish expelling and wiping off the load I had just given her, I pull her to her feet bending her over the arm of the sofa……Holding her down by the back of the neck, I press my cock against her tight pussy. As the head enters her, she groans, as I push the thicker part of my shaft into her …..she screams…..I push harder….she screams more. I slowly keep working my cock deeper into her tight hole….. pulling back slowly then pushing forward deeper into her ignoring her tears and screams– after all this is about my pleasure.

As I continue to fuck her slowly her pussy begins to stretch as the pain mixes with pleasure, her growing wetness gives me access to the deepest areas of her warm moist pussy. I continue to fuck her – a little faster and deeper with each thrust– her screams turn to moans…… then her moans turn to grunts as I push my cock back and forth inside her …… rocking side to side, up and down and reaming her from behind – she is mine now! I fuck Aishwarya this way until her juices cover my cock and I’m able to bury all of it inside of her. Then pulling her to the floor, I raise her legs up onto my shoulders and begin pile driving my cock in and out of her with the full force of my body until I pummell her pussy into total submission – she makes the most guttural grunting sounds as I hold her ankles and spread her legs wide plunging my cock in and out of her ….. her grunts give way to moans then grunts again…… I know she is enjoying it when she starts shaking and then lets loose as her orgasm overwhelms her…… I keep fucking her……. brutally slamming her pussy …… stretching it ….. reaming and bottoming it out…….as she screams and orgasms again.

After about 30 minutes, her body went limp as she passes out…. I keep fucking her….when she awoke a few minutes later…..she went into another shaking orgasm…. screaming ….” OOOOOOOOOH GOD!” This sent me over the edge, and I unleash a torrent of cum into her. My cock throbbing as I deposit every drop of cum I had left deep inside her. I roll off Aishwarya’s freshly used and abused body, she slowly get up grabbing her clothes and dressing. I have her escorted to her room.

Prisoner 2 Freida age 29 5′ 5″ is an Indian actress and model.

I walk quietly into Freida’s room, seeing her sleeping and licking my lips, I take a deep breath. I paused for a moment to stare at her soft, black hair as it caresses her bronzed cheek. My eyes move down across her long, slender neck and then fix on her beautiful breasts as they gently rose and fell below her halter top. Her stomach is firm and tight and her slender waist curves in nicely, a view accentuated by the inverted vee of her halter and the shape of her thong. My eyes follow the contours of her luscious body as the shape of her thong draws my eyes to the soft vee of her pussy that it barely covers. My eyes continue to drink in her beauty as they gaze down to a pair of very long, bronzed legs. I’m looking forward to this.

Freida is about to get a rude awakening. With her arms lying at her sides, I sat down across her sleeping body, trapping her wrists under my legs as my thighs frame her magnificent chest. Freida woke with a start as she tries to figure out what is happening. I sat down hard across her body as she looks up at me and starts to thrash about. ” Be still,” I said as I gaze down at the terror that fills her beautiful face. She opens her mouth to scream and I shove the orange wedge between her teeth and watch as her soft lips slide over the edges of the orange. She continues to fight as she tries to spit out the wedge. As she turns her head I slap her and the fight went out of her.
I feel Freida trembling beneath me as I gaze down at her beautiful, young body. My hands come down to her halter as she begins to whimper as I fill my hands with her breasts. They feel firmer than they look. I feel and see her nipples harden as I tease her.

Freida bucks hard as she tries to throw me off of her body. She manages to force my upper body over her as she pulls her hands out from under my thighs, she tries to roll out from under me onto the floor. She succeeded and wound up face down next to the bed with my leg straddling her slender waist. Regaining my balance, I pick up one of the strips of material and shifting my weight, I brought my leg from the bed down to the floor and sat down across her body as she is trying to lift up. My weight sends her crashing back down onto the carpet as I straddled her back. Trapped on the floor next to the bed, she has little room to maneuver. I gaze down at her almost naked back and see how her narrow waist accentuates her beautiful, young ass. I reach for her slender wrists pulling her arms behind her back, tying her wrists with the strip of material.

Sliding down across her body, I sat on the backs of her thighs as I gaze down at the luscious globes of her ass. Freida begins to squirm as she feels my fingers begin to caress her ass cheeks. I reach up to her slender neck brushing her thick hair aside, pulling on the tie that held her halter in place. I hear her whimpering as the soft knot opens. Then reaching between her shoulder blades, I pull on the material until it unwound from her body, leaving her naked except for her thong. Grabbing her by her upper arms, I lift my body off of hers and then pull her to her feet. Naked except for her thong, she stood trembling before me. I walk her across the room to the director’s chair I’d prepared and then turn her body sideways.

Reaching up behind her, I take a handful of her thick, black hair pulling her head backwards, revealing her sensual and slender neck. Towering over her, I lean down and begin to nibble on her neck, sending chills through her body. I bit gently at the soft curves of her neck sucking some of her skin into my mouth. The young beauty stood very still as I tease her vulnerable neck. Holding her head back with one hand, I place my hand firmly on her naked breast. Freida gasps as she feels my fingers knead her firm tit and then begin to whimper as my fingers close around her hardening nipple. I watch with satisfaction as her young body squirms beneath me as I played with her tit. Leaning over her bound body, I begin to kiss and lick her soft cheeks and lips. The almost naked beauty squirms as she tries to get away from my assault. As I lean forward my hand slides down from her naked tit moving between her sculptured thighs.
The young beauty continues to squirm as I caress her almost naked body. It isn’t hard to work my hand between her soft thighs as I tease her sheathed pussy. As she squirms before me, I stop licking her face and lean further down, bite her taut nipple gently as I suck it into my hungry mouth.

I release her nipple then stood up as my fingers slide from between her soft thighs. Stepping around in front of the almost naked beauty I reach out pinching both of her erect nipples. Pulling gently on her tender nubs, I turn her body so that she stood with her back to the back of the director’s chair. I ease her body back over the round cushion and then pull her bound arms back over the edge of the canvas seat. Her hands came to rest on the footrest on the front of the chair as her arms strained a bit and her head hung back, once again exposing her throat. Her back has a beautiful arch to it as her legs splay out on the other side of the chair. I tied her bound wrists to the footrest with another length of material. I then pick up a slightly wider strip and covering her eyes, tied her blindfold in place.

Coming around the chair, I reach down to her slender ankles lifting her legs, I hold them together as I pull on her feet until her sweet ass slides to the very edge of the canvas seat. Freida feels the added strain on her arms. Then, lifting her legs up into the air, I hold them vertical as I enjoy the sculptured look of her tapering thighs. Then before she realizes what is happening, I pull her legs wide apart and wrap them around the wooden posts that once held the canvas back of the chair. My captive virgin is now spread wide open and ready for my pleasure. Moving between Freida’s open thighs, I look down at her virgin pussy. Her satiny thighs are firm and very smooth. I sat down on the coffee table and then bend forward pressing my face between her open thighs. I nip at the smooth flat spots peeking out of the sides of her thong. Freida begins to thrash about, trying to get away from my advances. I hold her hips firmly and continue to tease her barely covered pussy. I smell the sweet scent of womanhood as I nuzzle her pussy.

Reaching into my pocket, I retrieve my pocket knife opening it, sliding it under the thin strap of her thong. A slight tug and the knife slices through the soft material. In another moment I’d slit the other side. The soft material falls away revealing her beautiful, young pussy. Her mons rose beautifully from between her raised thighs and it is covered with soft, black hair. I buried my face in her sweet pussy. Freida screams softly. No one has ever touched her there. Pointing my tongue, I slide it between Freida’s swollen pussy lips. The young virgin squirms as I begin to eat her oozing pussy. Her thighs begin to shake violently as I lick her tender pussy. Her pussy begins to ooze sweet wetness and I hear her moan loudly as I tongue her pussy. My lips close around her erect clit sucking it into my mouth, I tease it with the tip of my tongue. Freida’s insides let go with a flood of hot cum. As I’ve said countless times, cum is always sweet, but virgin cum is the sweetest of all.

I continue tonguing her gushing pussy as my mouth descends into the crack of her beautiful ass. I press my tongue into her tight ass as she starts to buck violently as I probe her asshole but she cannot escape. I move my tongue back and forth between her two open holes as I brought the young beauty to several powerful orgasms. Finally, my tongue begins to tire and it is time for other pleasures. Lifting my face from between her open thighs, I stood up opening my pants. Freida hears the unmistakable sound of a zipper and she begins to shake in terror. She screams softly as I let them slide to the floor with a thud and she hears the keys and change in my pockets hit the floor. She knows what comes next as I step up to her open thighs. I lay my hard cock across the soft carpet of her pubic hair. My balls lay heavily on her mons and I see her body stiffen in fear. I rub my cock head across her clit and along the length of her wet pussy lips. Freida strains at her bonds as she tries to escape my cock. Running my cock head along the length of her engorged labia, I let the tip slip between the wet folds of her pussy. I lean forward gently, slipping my cock into the tight entrance to her virginity. She feels her tight pussy stretch as my hard shaft presses into her tightness. As I slide in, my cock hits her taut cherry. Freida froze.

I look down at her spread virginity with my cock stuck into it. I lik the sight. I prode her cherry with my cock as she screams into her gag as she tries to squirm away. I take hold of her hips sliding back and forth in her unviolated pussy. I feel the fear and trembling in her beautiful young body. Gripping the armrests of the chair my forearms press across her open thighs, pinning her tightly to the chair. I slide my cock in and out of the entrance to her virgin pussy as the head prods her taut cherry. Then I thrust hard into her virginity. Freida’s head flew up as she screams into her gag. The pain of my cock ripping through her virginity is unbearable. I stood still, balls deep in her bound, young body flexing my cock deep inside her virgin pussy. I watch as her breasts heave and her breathing becomes ragged.

As I start to thrust into Freida’s virginity, I reach out to her naked breasts beginning to play with her pert nipples as her head fell backwards. Her pussy begins to juice as I feel her tightness wrap around my cock. I pull on her hips, her body slides forward on the chair, spreading her thighs further. I begin to slap her panting tits as I continue to ravage her violated pussy. Freida’s body went rigid as she gasps. I feel her loins flood my cock with her cum. I’m ready to do the same. I continue thrusting into her tightness as I feel my own load cut loose. The young beauty gasps as she feels the power of my cum shooting deep into her virgin pussy. Then leaning forward, I suck her nipple into my mouth teasing it with my teeth and tongue. I suck on her other nipple as I wait for my cock to soften in her ravaged pussy.

When my cock finally slides out of her abused body, I walk around the chair and sat down on the coffee table. Freida smells the powerful scent of sex near her face. I look down at her luscious, young body as she lay arched over the chair, her long, black hair reaching down to the floor as her breasts stood straight out. I press my cock to her lips. I smear cum over her lips and nose as my fingers part soft lips and pull the orange wedge from between her teeth. I pull her lips up to my cum-covered cock. At first she resists but quickly gives up, opening her warm mouth to receive my cock. Once between her lips, I raise my body slightly as my shaft moves into her mouth. I feel her tongue teasing my cock as I feel it start to grow in her mouth. With her head tilted back this way, I see my shaft as it grew and presses into her throat. I press forward until my balls rest on her soft nose. In moments I feel my cock head press against her tonsils and I begin to pump my cock into her mouth. She is gasping for air as I fuck her mouth. My hands came down to her upturned breasts and I begin to pinch and pull on her nipples. Her body squirms as she grunts as my hands maul her tits and my cock ravages her mouth.

She is exhausted as she lay draped across the canvas chair. I untied her bound wrists from the footrest and then lift her body up to a standing position. With her wrists still bound behind her back, her breasts thrust out nicely. I tease them as she moans softly. Then pinching her nipple, I pull her across the room to stand alongside of the bed where I found her earlier. The naked beauty has no idea where she is as I reach down grabbing her around the knees, lifting her body up and she falls forward onto the bed with no way of protecting herself from the fall. She lands flat on the bed, her lower legs dangling off the edge her feet touching the carpet.

Her ass is raised up before me looking delicious. I kick her feet apart, giving me unrestricted access to her open ass. Moving between her open thighs, I place my hands on the sculptured globes of her ass press her cheeks apart. I see her pink, puckered rosebud and kneel down to enjoy my next project. Freida begins to shudder and squirm as she feels my tongue descend deep into the cleft of her ass. She moans and bucks as my tongue caresses her sweet asshole and she feels my fingers enter her still wet pussy. The double assault is overwhelming to her. Debbie’s body continued to buck and thrash as my tongue assaulted her virgin asshole. My fingers continued to probe her tight pussy and I smeared her wet flow into the crack of her magnificent ass. Slowly her tight sphincter begins to yield as my tongue probes deeper and deeper into her luscious, young body.

Rising up, I placed my foot on the bed beside her slender waist and then maneuver my cock between her open thighs and sliding it deep into her oozing pussy. She is unbelievably tight and unbelievably wet. I take several thrusts into her tight pussy, coating my cock with her wetness. Then withdrawing my cock from her body, I lean forward aiming it at the slightly open ring of her puckered asshole. Freida froze as she feels the tip press against her tight sphincter. I wait a moment as she relaxes as she realize that I’m not going to just ram it into her. With my cock head firmly wedged into her virgin asshole, I press down on her sculptured globes and slowly lower my cock all the way into her ass.

Freida screams through her gag as I fill her tight ass. I move my foot forward slightly and then I start thrusting into her and she grunts every time I fill her. Her legs flailing about as I reach under her body mauling her tits. Taking a firm grip on her tits, I lift her whole body off of the bed as I’m still buried deep in her ass. Holding her by her aching tits, I walk her around to the center of the room, her entire weight supported by her ass as it is skewered on my cock. Sliding my hands down to her hips, Freida feels her upper body bend over. Releasing my grip on her hips her body slides off of my cock as she falls to the floor. Reaching down, I grab a handful of her hair and turning her head, I thrust my cock into her mouth. I pumped into her face until I felt my balls about to explode. I pulled her face back and held it firmly as I filled her mouth with cum. I waited for her to swallow my load before releasing her head.