Katy Perry in a cage at a swinger’s party

I didn’t think places like this actually existed, or if
they did, I figured Berlin, San Francisco, Amsterdam,
some other den of sin, sodomy and vice… but
Melbourne? Well, there I was so there you go.

To be fair the ‘dungeon’ I was housed in was just a
converted brick garage on a half-acre block in the
inner eastern suburbs, not actually within the bowels
of some gothic castle. But it is quite surprising what
you can do with some velvet hangings, soft leather
couches/benches obviously taken from a home gym, mood
lighting and the like.

I was in a cage, covered with a dark blanket that
didn’t – a little bit to my astonishment – smell of
either sweat or dog. I could obviously see nothing, and
not feel much; if I reached out to the front, sides,
behind and even above me I could feel the metal bars
and beyond the rough cotton of the blanket. Beneath me
some kind of pillow was making things a little more
comfortable for my arse, which was welcome, given that
Mistress Cassandra had already given me a general ‘I’m
horny so you bleed’ beating this afternoon.

Not that I mind or even am I complaining, gosh no! My
cunt drips just at the thought of those afternoon
before a big night out torture sessions. However if I
was going to sit in the dark I preferred to relax and
meditate, all the better to keep my body in pristine
condition to please whoever required it tonight.

Perched cross-legged on my pillow I sat there, my hands
on my knees, my back straight, my head resting against
the bars behind me. The cage itself was resting on the
floor but the pillow insulated me from the cold.
Because I was approaching naked. Not quite of course,
but close enough.

I did have boots and black, elbow length latex gloves
on. A cheap latex zip-up corset was tightly enclosed
around my waist, ending just below my breasts, leaving
them on show for the whole world, or the invitees to
this party at any rate, to see. And of course I wore a
tight black leather collar with a d-ring attached
around my throat.

Mistress Cassandra had told me that we were going to a
swinger’s party some weeks ago but I wasn’t exactly
sure what the whole deal was. A slavecunt’s place is
not to question. I hadn’t actually seen much of the
venue, guests or our hosts. As soon as we’d got here
I’d been bustled into the dungeon-cum-garage, divested
of my coat and locked in the cage which was then
covered in its darkened shroud. From the sounds of it
there was a fairly excuse the pun swinging party
going on in the main house adjacent.

Mistress Cassandra had told me a little about it; she’d
come across these apparently regular parties via good
old internet dating, we’d both been invited, it sounded
fun and the couple organizing it were apparently well
off and both pretty attractive. Sounded good to me.
Although pretty much everything she says sounds good to
me. My Goddess could say ‘Katy eat this plate of cow
shit’ and it’d sound good to me, lolz!

I’m not sure how long I spent sitting in the dark,
breathing deeply, focusing on stretching my muscles and
generally enjoying the feeling of my body being awake
and warmed up. It was at least an hour, quite probably
more. But eventually I heard the door to the ‘dungeon’
opening and couple of male voices coming in. ‘Is she
here?’ ‘Yeah, under the blanket’, ‘Man, this is gonna
be sick’.

They sounded young. I allowed myself a small giggle
before I saw light filter in as hands gripped the cloth
from the outside and pulled it from over my cage. I
slipped on a sexy smile and looked up to…oh my! Two
boys, one in an oversized pair of boxers, looked about
my age (late teens) blonde, tanned, looked sporting a
decent sized hard-on beneath the silk and pictures of
Homer Simpson. Not bad. His companion, however… fuck!
Words like ‘greek god’ and ‘adonis’ come to mind.

I usually dismiss guys who oil their hair, shave their
bodies and spent fifty million hours a week in the gym
as kind of faggy, but well, kind of faggy is actually a
bit of a turn-on you know. He was tall, chiseled, olive
skin, dark hair, late 20s, piercing eyes. He was
wearing nothing but tight Leather Pants and a latex
chest harness. He looked like some guy from a gay
leather porn movie, or my fantasy of one anyway. And I
was hoping that wasn’t a cucumber stuck in his

It wasn’t. He flopped it straight out, a good thick,
semi hard 6 inches, nice and with growth potential. He
was obviously experienced and not shy too. Good. I like
it when someone takes charge of me. He stepped up to
the cage, poked his semi through the bars and said
‘what are you waiting for bitch? Suck!’

It was all I could do to hasten to oblige, giving him
my customary initial deep throat with slutty ‘I’m such
a bad girl’ eyes looking up and oooooh, he just stayed
impassive, his eyes saying ‘I’m not impressed, keep
blowing me you slut’. I was in love!

I reached up to fondle his balls and slipped back to
just keeping the head in my mouth, working my tongue in
a circular motion, my other hand risking a quick tug on
my freshly pierced right nipple before reaching out to
balance myself on the bars and draw myself closer.

Bruce now had his cock out and was wanking it. I took
my leather boy’s cock out of my mouth for a second to
say ‘come here and poke that through honey’ before
returning to the job at hand. My hand enclosed leather
boy’s shaft and I worked my mouth up and down, swirling
my tongue around the shaft, coating it with saliva.
Once he was in range I gripped Bruce with my spare
hand and started vigorously pulling him off.

I’ve never understood before in porno movies how girls
can have a few cocks in front of them and swap back and
forth between them, using hands and mouth, going from
one to the other and maybe a third. When I have a cock
in front of me I like to give it my full attention,
pleasure it until it shoots its cream then do it again,
and if I’m lucky a third time.

I’m a dick-milker by heart really. And this isn’t the
first time I’ve sucked off a few guys at the same time,
but it was the first time I got the whole smorgasbord-
appeal of swapping back and forth, getting these shafts
nice and wet and hard.

Bruce was a fucking monster. I could now see why a
kid like this – seemingly a dime a dozen on the
‘dating’ site we used – got invited to this apparently
‘select’ event. Not every eighteen year old possessed
something almost as long as a 30-centimeter ruler and
cut like a rock. Leather Pants wasn’t quite as big, but
boy was he fucking thick. I’d have lips like that freak
dude from Aerosmith by the end of this!

We continued like that for a while, me using every
dick-pleasuring trick I knew or could remember from the
vast amount of porn I’ve watched. Their dicks were
coated with my saliva, strands of which hung from their
tools to my lips, hands, and dripped to the floor. Wet
is better. And the cool leather of my heels was
certainly helping my cunt stay wet in the same way as I
knelt before them. The boys responded in kind, fucking
my throat till I gagged, choking me, grunting,
groaning, calling me names.

Leather Pants was the rougher but Bruce followed his
lead, and so all it took was one slap in the face from
Leather Pants to get them both violently pulling my
hair, pinching my breasts and pulling on my nipple
rings, even grabbing my throat and using my collar to
pull me face first into the bars, leaving what I’m sure
were sexy dents in my forehead.

I could feel these boys’ balls tightening, they were
needing some sexing. Once again Leather Pants took the
lead. Slipping the latch on the cage he lifted the lid
and pulled me bodily out – strong, I like that. He
lowered me to the ground, letting me go about a foot
from the carpet so I landed painfully. Gripping me by
the collar, I was then dragged, well, I helped a lot,
over to a leather-covered bench that I’m pretty sure
was part of a home gym at some point. Shoving me in the
direction of the bench, he commanded ‘on there, on your
back, now’ and I eagerly obeyed.

Bruce came around the front of me, saying ‘I’m going
first’ and with that he finally stepped out of those
ridiculous boxers and spread my legs. Grabbing a condom
from a pile on a side table he slipped it on but it
only made it halfway up the shaft. I should’ve made him
wear a second one in case of breakage but was too horny
by this point. Naughty, naughty. Don’t do this kids.
Straddling the bench and gripping my knees, Bruce
slipped his long, rock hard shaft right up into my
dripping wet cunt, balls deep right away.

‘Oh HOLY FUCKKK! YEEESSS!!’ I cried. I didn’t know I
went that deep! And he was so fucking hard! It was like
he had a fucking dildo under the skin there or
something! He started thrusting in me eagerly, long,
slow, deep strokes. It felt fucking wonderful and my
booted feet entwined about his butt, encouraging him in

I suddenly felt strong hands grip my ears and tilt my
head back, forcing it over the lip of the bench so I
was in effect looking up, although from my horizontal
position it was more, I guess, backwards? Who knows, my
view was soon obstructed by a thick cock protruding
from Leather Pants, which pushed past my lips and
slipped down my throat. I didn’t have any time to relax
and choked a bit before accepting it properly and
trying to work him with my throat muscles by swallowing
around him.

Bruce built up his thrusts, seemingly getting – if it
was even possible – deeper into me. I was well and
truly being spit-roasted now. This wasn’t all occurring
in silence, with the various grunts, groans, ‘yeahs’,
heavy breathing and my choking noises, but if you’ve
seen a porno movie you know what slightly self-
conscious group sex sounds like.

Leather Pants would’ve made this little scene into a
great addition to any movie though. He removed his cock
from my mouth, trailing saliva that he wiped off on my
face, then stepped over to me, lowering his balls to my
mouth. I knew what to do and within seconds I was
tonguing and sucking, being careful not to do it too
sharp but leaving a nice consistent suction on his
balls, even as it felt like my face was being
suffocated by leather.

After a few minutes of this he stepped off and again
gave me his cock to lick. I was thinking, or the inner
porno director in my head was at any rate, that they’d
probably try and do one in the pink, one in the stink
now. But god no was I wrong, and I was in for one of
the hottest surprises I’ve had so far! Walking around
behind Bruce, Leather Pants rolled on a condom and
picked up some lube from the same side table. He
lightly tapped Bruce on the arse, and Bruce lifted
himself off me, edging me forward and pushing my knees
up to my chest, so my arse rolled up at more of an

I got the hint and braced my knees with my hands,
shifting my center of gravity on the bench so Bruce
could then fuck me in a hunched-over standing position.
I saw Leather Pants rubbing some lube on his finger
before Bruce’s cock re-entering me sent everything a
bit grey at the edges for a few seconds, the next thing
I know the thrusting had stopped however, and Bruce’s
cock was kind of just twisting and pulsing inside me. I
looked up to see what was going on and it only took me
a second to work it all out. Leather Pants had one hand
on Bruce’s shoulder and from my perspective the other
disappeared behind his back. From the look of bliss on
Bruce’s face and the way he was gyrating his hips, I
figured that those lubed up fingers were exploring his

This was getting fucking hot and I didn’t dare hope it
was going where I suspected, and where it looked like,
it was going next. I tried to stay as still as possible
and concentrated on manipulating Bruce’s cock with
the muscles in my pussy. ‘You ready?’ Leather Pants
asked, and Bruce bit his lip and nodded, pushing
deeper into me…here it was, oh fucking god… I felt
it from inside me as Bruce pushed forward! At the
same time, he groaned and Leather Pants cried out ‘oh
yeah, take it, you faggot!’, at which point I assumed
his cock was slipping into Bruce’s tight man-hole.

I’m no stranger to anal, or even DP’s, so I knew some
of the pleasure Bruce must be feeling right now. And
I can imagine what having a tight arse on your dick
must have been feeling like to Leather Pants.

The fucking resumed in earnest. Bruce’s thrusts took
on a hard, rapid pistoning action into me, I felt like
I was gradually going to be bounced off the end of the
bench! I gripped tight with my arse, and the
contractions in my cunt caused Bruce to thrust

Bouncing as he was back and forth on leather pant’s rod
he was now groaning loudly, and Leather Pants had his
hands gripping him by the shoulders, thrusting in
perfect rhythm. My suspicions about him being faggy
were right and this leather god obviously knew how to
fuck, perfectly balancing out Bruce’s inexpert

I was somewhat quiet, biting my lip, watching my tits,
squashed flat by my boots, bounce as Bruce’s and, by
the transmission through our joined flesh, Leather
Pants’ thrust rippled through my body. I was trying to
stay balanced but working my way to one absolute
motherfucker of an orgasm.

Between Bruce’s massive cock pounding me, my own
horniness at the situation of being fucked by total
strangers, hopefully only the first of many for that
night, and the unbelievable horniness of seeing a guy
take a dick in the arse, something I’d fantasized about
often but never actually seen in the flesh, so to
speak, my cunt was pulsing in an out rapidly, beating
faster almost than my heart.

I couldn’t take it any longer and with a great cry I
bucked and came, rolling slightly to the side, I upset
everybody’s rhythm as I threw out my right arm and leg
to stop myself falling from the bench. The boys stopped
but Bruce left his cock in me as I bucked and came,
my orgasms going all multiple and passing from on to
another in quick succession.

Almost before I got my breath back Leather Pants was at
the top of the bench again, and dragging me upright by
my hair, he practically hurled me across the room where
I tripped and bounced off a couch, falling to my hands
and knees in front of it. A hand gripped my collar and
pulled me upright, and I only needed one glance at both
my boys jerking their cocks in their tightly enclosed
fists to know what was going on. I sat on my haunches,
tilted my hair back, opened my mouth, and lifted my
breasts up with my hands.

Almost before I’d assumed the position their cum
started landing in warm, sticky spurts, flooding out of
the ends of their cocks in an almost constant stream
and dripping onto my face and upright tits. It made the
perfect ending to our little porno-scene here in the
‘dungeon’. Leather Pants reached over and started
milking Bruce, and I came a little all over my feet.
The way he had to control the situation was so goddamn

Before I knew it, before I even had time to catch my
breath and properly thank them, Bruce was shoving his
cock gingerly back into his shorts. Leather Pants was
happy to let his deflating dick hang free, but he
reached down, roughly hauled me to my feet by my collar
and hair, and pushed me across the room to my cage. I
was practically tipped into it and the lid was slammed
closed, the latch snapping home. The cloth was pushed
back into position and I heard their retreating
footsteps as I got comfortable again.

Sitting in the darkness I had time to get comfortable
again and stretch out. Touching the cum and licking
some off my fingers, rubbing the rest on my corset (I
find stains so sexy). I then lay back in the darkness
and listened to the sounds of the party going on
outside, which showed no signs of having even
progressed to the ‘hot tub’ stage.

The night was yet young and I looked forward to being
used during a good part of it. Shifting a little to get
comfortable in the darkness, I lay back, resumed my
deep breathing and began to play idly with my still
super wet cunt. Well, nothing to do but lean back and
enjoy it then…