XXX rated version of Cinderella

Cindy Ella was busily scrubbing the kitchen floor with a brush, on her knees, when one of her step-sisters, Vera, ran screaming and giggling through the room. She was naked, as usual, and the extra skin she had hanging off her flabby body jiggled and swayed as she ran. Following her, also as usual, was Roger, the son of the Butcher whose shop was down the street. He too was naked, and his stubby youthful erection bobbed and bounced as he chased Vera, the object of his desire. “Come on now Vera honey” he whined. “You know I love you and I need relief!” Vera just cackled and ran on toward her bedroom, where, Cindy Ella knew, Roger would soon find his “relief”. Vera was a dyed in the wool strumpet, just like her sister Maude and their mother, Gerda. That Gerda was also Cindy Ella’s step-mother was one of the things that routinely made Cindy Ella sigh with remorse….

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