Ashley Benson x Emma Roberts

Friday afternoon, the familiar white Suburban pulled up and several young women piled out and, amidst shouting and peals of laughter, invaded the house.

I’d been on the beach, well, at the grassy edge, most of the day, like most of the week, drawing seascapes in pencils, charcoal, and sketching a canvas for an oil. Even with the Moretz windfall, after last month’s extravagance I hadn’t planned on travelling for Spring Break, but my sister had sprung for a cottage on a private beach on the Gulf Coast, near Tampa-St. Pete. Sheila had said she was thanking me for new business generated by my attendance at Victoria’s 19th Birthday party.

When I’d asked who; “Nope, can’t tell you. Remember we promised not to use each other’s talent for personal gain. I’m already in a grey area, accepting these new contracts.”

Only one stipulation had been put on using the beach; I had to share the sand with whoever was renting the house. Funny thing, it appeared I was staying in the former servant’s quarters for the manor. I figured it would be rich frat guys, trashing the place in a non-stop party for 6 days, but I hadn’t seen my neighbors during daylight, and they were mostly subdued in the evenings.

I was curious why the guys had waited all week to finally bring home a bunch of floozies when I realized the driver, moving with a physical confidence that meant he believed he was up to any challenge, was walking toward me, not the house. I started packing up, not wanting trouble and expecting to be evicted from my workplace, even if I had the right to be there, for 2 more days at any rate.

After he got close enough for me to see he looked to be 30 something I also recognized him, and damn isn’t he still intimidating in his mid-50s. I decided to act like I belonged there, left my stuff together and took a few steps toward him, extended my hand.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Summers, I didn’t expect to see you here.” I couldn’t help glancing at the house, as I could now hazard a guess at the identity of at least one of the young women I’d classed as bimbos earlier.

He shook my hand, firmly, and released it. “Hello, Matthew. No need to pack up on our account. I do however, have a request. The girls will probably be hitting the beach for awhile, today and tomorrow afternoon. I know you have a gem of a camera, but I’d consider it a personal favor if you refrained from taking any pictures.” He paused, “and call me George, they all do.”

“Then call me Matt.” I tried to play it cool, heh. “No photos, got it. Can I ask why?”

“After this week’s shooting, they’re all wound pretty tight. They’re going to let loose sometime, today or after the half day tomorrow. It’s easier to ask for a friend’s discretion than exercise damage control.”

“And I’m a friend?”

He shrugged. “You could be. She likes you, even if she doesn’t know anything about you. What you did with Miss Justice’s portrait shows character I can appreciate. It’s why I signed off on you having the cottage for the week.”

My mind reeled. How/why does he even know about the nude? That I gave it to her to avoid the temptation. He approved my occupancy of the cabin?

I tried to assert some control, “Would it be ok if I hung out with them when they hit the surf?” but blew it by blurting out, “What do you mean about Victoria’s painting?”

He just smiled, “I imagine the girls will have a whole lot more to say about your welcome than I do.” He paused, as if considering his next words, “Working with Selena is basically 24/7 for me, but I do have a small group of people who come to me with focused, specific concerns occasionally. Miss Justice consulted with me, to help her prepare a strategy for dealing with possible public exposure of the portrait.” I think he was trying not to laugh, “I think you’d have been pleasantly surprised with the solution she’d settled on.” He turned to walk back to the house, “See you round, Matt.”

Half an hour later I was leaning against a small boulder that I’d occasionally used as a backrest, waving my hand through the foot high wild grass, when they came spilling out the sliding patio door, hands full of bags and chairs, and ran pell-mell for the beach.

As they messed around, laying out blankets, setting up chairs, they were close enough to recognize: the striking, dark, exotic Vanessa Hudgens; the classic brunette beauty Emma Roberts; the buxom blonde bombshell Ashley Benson; and perhaps my second favorite Latina in the world, the stunning Selena Gomez.

I watched Ashley and Selena head hand in hand into the low rolling surf and almost missed Vanessa and Emma losing their bikini tops to avoid tan lines before lying down on their stomachs to sun themselves.
Almost missed seeing 2 pairs of firm young breasts, each crowned with perfect 1 inch round brown areolas, before they were pressed to blankets on the sand. Almost.

I needed to move, change position, give myself some breathing space, expanding room, but I didn’t want to make any noise. They couldn’t possibly know I was here, a mere 25 feet away, and be flashing me, could they? What happens to me when they shout for help?

I wiggled my ass, straightened my legs, and shifted my growing hard-on to a more north-south facing, and found some relief.

Some little time later when the two returned from their frolic in the Gulf, Vanessa and Emma turned over.

Ashley said, “Hey, that looks like fun,” and promptly pulled the strings on her top, displaying the silver dollar sized pink circles on her bountiful mounds before joining the other two topless sunbathing babes on a blanket.

This was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up. I reached over to my bag and, as quietly as possible, pulled out my sketch pad and pencils, started drawing.

Selena lay down as well, but it wasn’t long before Vanessa told her, “You know you’re doing it wrong. That piece of cloth across your chest? It needs to come off.”

“Sorry, can’t do it”

Ashley piped up, “Come on, Selly, live a little. Where’s the harm?”

“You never know when someone could be watching,” she turned her head and I swear, looked right at me and smiled.

Emma then added, “Yeah, right. With your Marine around? He’d probably shoot anyone who got within 100 yards.”

Vanessa tried one more taunt, “I guess we need to give her a couple months. Maybe when she’s no longer a teenager, she’ll be able to enjoy herself.”

Sel just stuck her cute little tongue out.

They didn’t push, just basked in the ending of the day, and despite the call of the gulls, the crash of the waves, I feared they’d hear the scratching of my pencil. When the sun was sitting just above the horizon, and a little chill on the breeze was causing some very upright nipples, which in turn was keeping me stimulated, they seem to come to a silent accord; it was time to go.

I froze as I watched them redress and pack up, but when the others moved toward the house Selena walked straight toward me.

Pitched low, so the others couldn’t hear, “You should stop by the house, so we can treat that swelling. You know, work out the stiffness.”

She turned without waiting for a response, walked back to others, who stood watching: Emma red-faced in embarrassment, Ashley appeared to be struggling to contain her laughter, Vanessa said, “You little bitch, you knew he was there the whole time.”

“I guess you didn’t hear George mention it as we headed out?”

“No, you know damn well I didn’t,” but she was smiling, I’d guess not really angry.

Selena shrugged, “Sorry,” and kept walking. After she passed where the others waited, Vanessa dropped her load, reached out to unclip her friend’s top and flipped it into the air.

A chance gust caught it, floated it right to my feet. As I bent down to retrieve it, the WoWP alumna was walking back over to me. I watched as her tantalizing twins, nicely hand sized and brandishing half inch nubs protruding from her small, dusky areolas, bounced with each footstep. I was mesmerized, and then she was standing not farther than 2 feet away.

“I seem to be having some trouble with my swim suit. Do you think you could fix it for me?” and she turned her back to me, held her arms away from her sides, still carrying her beach bag in one hand and chair in the other.

If we’d been alone I might have pulled her bottoms down and taken my chances with pissing her off. As it was I reached around, caressed the soft skin of her mammaries and rubbed her stiff nipples. She was holding her breath, leaning into my pressure, but eventually I lined the cups up, and refastened her top.

“You need to reach inside and pull me up, otherwise it pinches. I’ll get sore.”

Was she really inviting me to grope her chest some more? I guessed so. I looked to the others, to see disbelief and a little envy, as I pawed my way under the Lycra, feeling her up again, getting her settled in properly.

She shifted back, trying to rub her butt against the bulge in my crotch, and it might have worked if she’d been wearing heels, like last time. I still had to stifle a gasp as I poked her in the back.

“Thank you.” She rejoined her friends and they resumed their trek to the house.

Emma said, shaking her head, “I can’t believe you just did that. A total stranger, in broad daylight… sober.”

“That’s my girl, a total slut,” offered Ashley.

“So tell us,” Vanessa prodded, “How’d you like being manhandled on the beach, Miss Gomez?”

“It certainly showed improvement, considering how passive he was the first time he had his hands on me.”

“WHAT?” the three near shouted in unison, but they were far enough away, and their voices fell low enough, I missed the rest of the conversation.

I got my stuff together and headed to the cottage.

I ate a quick dinner, shaved and showered, put on my last fresh clothing, and was about to head over to the house to test the veracity of her invitation when a couple big black Benz’s pulled up. I thought I recognized Butler and Bieber among the guys who got out.

If I was going to fight that battle, I’d really prefer it be on familiar ground. I waited to see if they were staying in or going out, but eventually just went to bed.

When I headed out at dawn for my run, looking forward to getting back to the weight room in a couple days, I was mildly surprised and irrationally pleased to see the visitors’ cars gone. An hour later, passing by on the beach, my legs burning at the end the workout, I spied Vanessa sitting in a robe on the patio eating breakfast, and she waved me up.

Nothing to lose, I walked over, and Emma, similarly covered up, slid out the door and joined her at the table as I set my water bottle down and started stretching out.

The pale brunette mumbled something about enjoying the show and Vanessa replied, “Only fair after the one we gave yesterday.”

“If we’re talking fair, he should take the shirt off.”

I stripped my tank off and dropped it on the cement. I was almost distracted from my cool down when I noticed V’s free hand had fallen to her lap, was inside her robe, as she watched me.

“How was the party last night?” I asked.

“Just dinner, not much of a party,” the recently turned 21 Emma groused.

“They can’t be, with HER chaperone making sure SHE doesn’t do something that would impact HER work.” She smiled to take the sting out of the emphasis. “With tomorrow off, tonight will be better,” and she gave Emma a nudge. “Oh, hi George.” She tried to look innocent.

Mr. Summers stepped out, but didn’t take the bait, “30 minutes, ladies. Good morning, Matt,” and he retreated.

The petite Filipina/AmerIndian gave a theatrical sigh, “Back to the grind,” as she got up to go inside.

“Another day, another dollar,” as the brunette followed her.

“So, I’ll see you tonight, then,” I fished for an overt invitation. Vanessa shrugged without pausing, but Emma turned to flash a wink and a smile.

“You’re an artist?”

“I’m trying”

“Are you going to paint what you saw yesterday?” She looked nervous.

“Only if all four of you agreed to it”

“But you had no problem drawing us?”

“That was, more or less, an exercise, like running lines or blocking a scene, I suspect. It’s unlikely anyone will ever see them, and certainly not publicly.”

“Oh. Ok then, I guess,” and she disappeared inside.

Time to plan ahead; I’d be on a plane back to LA the next day. If I really was welcomed at the house that evening I might be pressed for time Sunday morning, so I spent the bulk of my day doing laundry, cleaning house, packing most my clothes and all the art related stuff.

Sitting out back, waiting for them to return, I drifted off.

So much for half days, it was dusk when their high spirits while jumping out of their ‘bus’ jarred me out of my doze.

I grabbed a quick sandwich, freshened up, and was headed to the house when my heart sank. One of the shiny black sedans pulled up, but thankfully only Ashley came out to greet the scruffy guy who’d been at the house last night.

The tail lights were just a memory as I pressed the bell.


The hokey gong rhythm of the door pull rang through the first floor. Vanessa, dressed in an oversized white graphic T “Weed be good together” and simple cotton panties glanced at her castmate, “Are you expecting anyone?”

Emma, wearing a blue, loose fitting Hooters half shirt and neon yellow short shorts looked up from the bowl of popcorn and fifth of Jack she’d just set on the coffee table next to the Twizzlers and Wild Turkey, “No, maybe it’s Austin”

V rolled her eyes, “He left town this morning. Maybe it’s Chord-”

“That’s over and done-”

“- and he’s here to win you back.”

They just stared at each other until it sounded again.

“Well, are you going to answer it?” the recently single brunette asked.

“Dressed like this? You’re coming with me.”

Emma stood back and to the side as Vanessa pulled open the wide heavy door, remaining half behind it, to reveal Sel’s artist friend in board shorts and a plain green t-shirt.

“Do you need something?” V challenged him.

He looked unsure, “Selena invited me over.”

“She’s busy,” Emma countered.

He dared to move into the space they’d left open by standing back from the doorway, “Perhaps you’d keep me company while I wait.”

“It’s gonna be awhile-”

“We were just going to watch a movie-”

Taking his cue from the Nancy Drew star he asked, “Really? What movie? I don’t want to upset your plans. Maybe I could join you?”

“Sorority Sisters X”

“10, Roman Numeral 10, Ems,” then looking to him, “either come all the way in, or leave. I’d like to shut the door.”

Of course, he stepped further into the foyer, but then waited for a hint as to his next move.

After locking them in, Vanessa took an arm to guide him to the play room. “Park your butt in the middle of the couch. How this works is: each time a guy shoots his load you have to remove an item of clothing, any time a girl squirts, we do. Got it?”

“Have you seen this movie before?”

“No, it’s from Ashley’s library. Why?”

“Just wondering if you’re stacking the deck is all.”

“Hey, you come barging in here, without even the courtesy of your own bottle, you’ll take whatever scraps I throw you and like it.”

Emma came in with 3 glasses, sat down on the couch, cuddling up to him. “Are you going to press play, or talk all night?”

“Just putting the upstart in his place”


Even with the debate over whether the chick in the shower squirted or not, the dominant theme of girl on girl meant it only took about half the movie, and half each bottle, for Emma to be reduced to her thong while Vanessa and I were starkers.

I had a raging hard-on, and not just from the action on the 54″ screen. The girls were leaning into me, maybe feeling their drink a bit, and I had an arm around each, my hand draped down off the shoulders to their chests, idly playing with their sun-kissed breasts.

Suddenly the hand Emma had been caressing my thigh with clenched tight, her body jerked a couple times, and she started gasping for breath. Vanessa started laughing drunkenly.

When her mini-orgasm had run its course, I took her hand from her panties, licked her fingers. She asked, “What’s so funny?”

“I win. I was sure he’d break first, but I win.”

“And what’s the prize?”

“I get to ride his cock now”

“Well that’s unfair”

I just kept my mouth shut and listened.

“How so?”

“You never explained the rules. I didn’t see your hands doing anything”

Not entirely true. She’d had a hand on my other thigh, sometimes gliding up to brush against my erection. Vanessa leaned across me, reached and guided Emma’s face toward her, “It’s ok. You’ll get a turn. I just get the first,” and then she kissed her.

And Emma kissed back. And they kept on kissing.

In the new position, the reach around their bodies, to fondle their tits, was awkward, so I gave up. I sat back, ran my hands over their backs, traced their spines.

When they finally broke off, reclined back into the sofa, “Thanks Nessa, but do me a favor. Leave a piece for me.”

“Sure thing, my dear”

I bent forward, fumbled in my shorts pocket, found the box.

“What’s that?”

When I showed the former HSM star, she grabbed the condoms out of my hand, tossed them on the table. “You don’t need those. We’re all smart here.”

Don’t know what it is with Hollywood girls and unprotected sex, but I was in no condition to object, especially as she was moving to straddle my thighs. She leaned forward, I thought for a kiss, but instead she went for my ear. She bit down softly and whispered, “Guide yourself in, big boy”

I reached down between us, caressed her smooth shaven mound, probed apart her moist puffy lower lips. With the other hand I aimed my cock right for her hole, my mushroom tip right at her entrance, “All set here”

I expected her to slowly slide us together, but she sucker punched me with a sudden lunge that buried me almost to the root, the fingers of one hand wedged between us.

“Uhn fuck, a little warning would have been nice.”

She was gripping me tight in her hot wet canal, “Where’s the fun in that?” and she began bouncing up and down in my lap, arms around my neck, mischievous smile on her face.

Now freed from the trap, I had both hands available to grab her unrestrained breasts, cup the bountiful mounds, rub the nipples erect, and finally pinch the protruding flesh points.

Her love canal gave an odd spasm, breaking the squeeze and release rhythm of her pussy walls as she bobbed up and down, to and fro.

“That’s just fucking evil …. Do it again,” she panted out, taunting me.

I locked my mouth over hers and gave her nips another pinch.

Her cunt clenched again and she groaned, mixing our exhalations.

Not sure when I’d closed my eyes, but when I felt small soft hands trying to dislodge mine, and Vanessa’s were still locked on my neck, I opened them to see Emma crouched over my knee reaching around her costar’s body.

We fought for awhile, but finally I yielded to her determination and as a reward for her wet steaming sex rubbing on my knee, I grabbed the sultry brunette’s tits instead.

She leaned forward, trapping my hands between their bodies. She began whispering in Nessa’s ear as she molested her chest, and the result were gloriously erratic muscle spasms crushing my dick.

Vanessa screamed, “Oh fuck yes give it to me Eric,” and her body jerked, eyes fluttered and rolled back, she flooded my crotch with her juices while Emma and I were holding on for dear life as she lost motor control.

When V’s limbs stopped shaking, her breathing settled down, the little brunette minx let go her friend and hopped off my knee. My erection slid out as Vanessa shakily stood up, said, “I need a short breather,” and she left the room.

“What did you say to her?”

“If you can’t guess, you’ll have to torture it out of me,” and then she was face planted between my legs and voraciously sucking up her costar’s cum. She licked my inner thighs, my balls, my shaft, even the leather cushion. I was really waiting for the clean-up to turn into a blow job, but she looked up, “I suggest you start the process with doggie style.”

She snagged the box and tossed it to me, pushed the coffee table out of the way and, now on her hands and knees, wiggled her ass at me.

It took some concentration to crack the seal on the box and tear open the foil, but my hands steadied as I unrolled the latex and soon enough I was rubbing my plastic covered head over her glistening slit.

“Don’t tease me”

“Why not?” my length slid along her slick lips as I smacked my pelvis into her ass.

” ‘Cause I’m burning up. I need relief.”

I pulled back, “Beg”

I wasn’t expecting her to reach between her legs, line me up, and lurch backwards, but she buried me in her tight little furnace and the game changed.

I gave her a couple hard thrusts, eliciting groans each time, then reached for a handful of hair and pulled, arching her back. “You’ve been a bad girl”

“So punish me”

With my free hand I slapped her ass. She yelped, “Eeeiiya,” but her pussy clenched.

“What was that for?”

“You asked for punishment”

I pumped in and out of her cunt; her breathing getting louder, her moaning deeper. I tugged her hair and slapped her ass again.

“Oh fuck yes” as she squeezed my cock again.

Vanessa returned with a six pack of chilled? Dasani and a makeup case. Suddenly I was embarrassed by what I was doing.

I let go Emma’s hair and reached around to grab a tit, while continuing to pound into her snatch.

My eyes followed V as she separated a bottle, opened it and brought it over.

“Here’s the water you’ve been whining for”

I guess when we’d started drinking I’d mentioned half the reason hangovers hurt is dehydration, and that counted as whining.

I slowed my pace, to be sure not to choke as I drank, and my little bitch started mewling. I let the last mouthful dribble on her ass and she jumped.

“Shit that’s cold”

“I’ll warm you up” I tossed the bottle aside and rubbed her butt, working my thumb to the puckered little hole.

“Oh yeah, do it!”

I was about to push in when I heard the prolonged snort. From her bag Vanessa had set up a couple lines and was now taking care of them. After the second she shook her head, wiped her nose, said, “Ah much better”

She walked over, to stand by Emma’s head, “OK, big boy, hold her up a minute.”


“Need a picture? Grab her tits, lift her body back to your chest. Got it?”

Yeah, I got it and did it. She laid down, positioned herself with her head below our joined crotches, and when I lowered Emma she buried her face in V’s.

I resumed banging away, and now I had a tongue and teeth on my thighs periodically. I could feel myself getting close, the unpredictable sensations of Vanessa’s mouth, currently closed around my balls, combining with Emma’s moans muffled in her friend’s crotch, spurring me to climax when suddenly-

“What the fuck! Seriously? A raincoat? How am I supposed to suck your jizz out of her if you do that?” and she was pushing us apart and I popped out.

My lovely brunette fucktoy groaned in heartbreak as fingers worked the rubber off my dick.

“Now get back to it” she lined us up and I thrust back in. Direct contact with the walls of the burning love furnace drove me to pound away.

I was moving with renewed energy, Emma was really getting into rocking with me, and I remembered to go back to her butt. I probed around her muscled ring with a finger and then pushed it in.

“Oh fuck yeah … fuck yeah”

I felt around the walls of her rear passage and it was too much, “Shit Emma I’m gunna blow”

“Do it. Fill me EEEIIYA” she screeched, stiffened, jerked and spasmed, her walls clenching around finger and cock as I painted her womb white.

4, 5, 6 blasts as she squeezed, bucked, lost her mind.

I don’t know how long it was before I realized there was someone else underneath the heaving body I was no longer supporting. “Are you all right?”

“I will be as soon as you pull out”

She was serious. I shifted Emma, slid out of her plundered pussy and I heard Vanessa go to it.

After sighing contentedly from the clean-up effort the Wild Child actress asked, “Did you leave any blow for me?”

“Certainly, knock yourself out,” and then Bandslam babe rolled over, the better to feast on me.

Roberts was finishing her lines and Hudgens just resting her head in my lap when it registered that the movie was over, but what I thought was a poorly dubbed soundtrack was continuing to play. I mean there were some serious exhalations being produced, and I suspected the headboard hitting the wall. I blurted out, “I gotta be honest. I didn’t think Justin had that in him.”

Vanessa burst into serious giggles and Emma just smiled and said, “You’re the only guest in the house tonight, but you’re right, she isn’t alone up there.”

Now I understood Victoria’s comment, mumbled to myself, “Flattered or offended”

After gaining control of her giggles, “A week after it was public we were done, Selena came to me, asked if I’d be ok with it if she took Zac for a test drive. I told her I had no problem with it, as long as I could borrow the Biebs for a day. She said sure, but warned me it wasn’t fair because if she were waiting for him to learn control, she’d still be a virgin… and she was right.” And the giggles started back up, but did manage to add, “Who’s bearding for who?”

“Oh fuck … right there …. Right there …” came drifting down through the ceiling.

Emma asked, “How about we start the next movie?”

I reached for the bottle of Jack and Vanessa cautioned, “Don’t get too plastered, neither of us is satisfied yet.”


Ashley hoped the asshole got the message, and understood he should never call her again. She shook her head. Running his mouth like a jerk, taking his shirt off in the restaurant parking lot, what a tool.

Well, damn, the cabbie hadn’t recognized her, but his reaction at dropping her at ‘the house’ meant he guessed she was a ‘somebody’. Now she’d have to hear a lecture from Mr. Summers about giving away information.

The soft glow from the TV room drew her attention and, thinking of the devil, there he was, in just a pair of denim shorts. The sight reminded her, he was a quality ride, even if generally unavailable.

“What’s shaking, George?”

“Seems our friends have partied themselves into unconsciousness,” and he lifted a nude Vanessa’s limp form from the floor in front of the couch.

A strange male voice slurred, “I’m not unconscious, just had too much to drink.”

She walked around to see Emma, also undressed and out cold, wrapped in the arms of their rental neighbor, apparently also unclothed.

George was carrying V toward the stairs, probably to take her up to her room. Ashley acted on impulse.

“Why don’t you let go, let me help you find somewhere more comfortable to sleep it off?”

“OK,” but as he rose to his knees he picked Emma up, placed her on the sofa.

The tenderness in the gesture sent a thrill through Ashley. He got to his feet and staggered a bit.

“Here, wrap your arm around my shoulders.”

Her original intent had been to guide him to one of the unoccupied downstairs rooms, but when his hand slid down, and he managed a soft caress of her breast, not a meat hook grope and squeeze, she headed for the stairs.

George was chuckling as he passed her on his way back down.

“What’s so funny?”

“Nothing, really. She’s just going to be pissed at herself for missing all the fun”

“Nobody has to tell her”

“If you say so”

At her room, “Wait here a minute”

She had him lean against the wall as she pulled off the bedspread, turned down the blanket, fluffed the pillows of her queen size bed. She then quickly stripped down to her birthday suit, leaving the night’s outfit in a pile on the floor.

“Okay, bed’s all ready,” and she led him over, guided him to lie down on his back, and crawled in with him.

She ran her hands over his chiseled chest and washboard abs. No response.

She took his hand and placed it on her smoothly waxed pubic mound. It just lay there.

“Aw Christ, you can’t pass out on me. I need this.”

“Not passed out. Need this,” came the mumbled agreement.

She laid half on him, thigh on his flaccid member, mouth on his. She kissed him, tried to get some tongue action going, but he still wasn’t actively cooperating, and he tasted of bourbon, just about her least favorite booze.

Ashley flexed her quad, then moved her whole leg up and down. Nothing.

“Dammit, what did they do to you?” she whispered in exasperation.

“Got me drunk, fucked me silly,” was the totally unexpected reply.

She reached down to his limp flesh and lightly traced her fingertips over it. No? How about stroking? Still no effect? Wrapped her hand around and tugged. She squeezed and yanked, and just didn’t want to believe the tank was empty.

Finally in desperation, the PLL star sat on his chest facing his feet and leaned forward. She took the soft lump into her mouth and started sucking. And then it happened; a twitch of life.

She twirled her tongue around the spongy tip and fondled his ballsack. Soon his organ was growing, stiffening, and before she could really get going the pressure on her uvula had half his length uncovered, her lips stretched wide around his girth.

Through all her work, she herself had become wet, so when she released his prick from her mouth, moved her hips forward, she was ready to slide his erect cock into her moist furnace.

“Uhn fuck” His size stretched her tight little snatch as she rode him reverse cowgirl.

She bounced herself up and down, feeling him reach deep inside.

“Shit yeah …. Shit yeah” She’d done something like this with a dildo before, but thought, damn there’s really nothing like feeling the body heat of your partners legs spreading yours. She reached her hand down, sliding over her baby smooth skin, to twiddle her clit.

“Oh fuck ….Oh fuck” She was getting close. “Serves that … bastard … right …Such an … asshole.” I don’t need him, she thought.

She was getting fucked deeper than ever on top, and it felt like maybe he was thrusting back up into her, when she felt hands on her hips, and just that simple affirmation of his participation pushed her over the edge.

She must have blacked out momentarily, because she was pitched forward, laying on his legs, panting, sweating, and gloriously euphoric. His rock hard rod was still fully penetrating her with slow piston action.

Ashley pushed herself back up into a sitting position, but then took his hands off her hips so she could spin herself around. Now ready to ride in standard cowgirl she started to lift and lower in rhythm with his thrusts.

He was getting even more into it, bouncing her up and down, and she was almost missing, almost wishing for the support of a bra when he grabbed both her breasts.

“Such beautiful boobs”

“How do you know? You’re eyes are closed.”

“Don’t need eyes to see such glorious tits”

He was supporting her bountiful flesh, squeezing the mounds, tweaking her erect nipples, making her gasp in delight. She had one hand planted on his sculpted chest, the other found its way to her sopping wet sex. She spread the juices around her legs, his stomach, and then couldn’t resist going after her love button again.

“Oh yeah … oh shit …pound me harder,” she panted out.

He released her chest, seized her waist and did just that. Controlling her motion, synchronized with his own, he almost split her in two.

She stiffened, jerked, howled in ecstasy, but he held on and continued to punish her hole.

She was quivering on his chest when she came to her senses this time, with his iron rod still buried in her now burning passage. She waited to catch her breath, but the slow strokes he was using just highlighted that her sensitivity had moved past pleasure to discomfort.

She slithered up his body, to kiss him on the mouth and shift her hips to allow his steel shaft to pop out.

She rolled to the side, off of him, “Thank you, I really needed that.”

He rolled toward her, flung an arm over her, “My pleasure Selena, my pleasure,” and passed out.

Ordinarily that would have pissed her off to no end, but a) she was feeling really good, b) she had stolen a great fuck from a friend, and c) he probably wouldn’t remember it anyway.


At first I was thinking I had a really bizarre dream last night. First Emma Roberts and Vanessa Hudgens ‘party’ with me, and do their best to fuck me up and wear me out. Then Selena Gomez rides me like a rented mule, only when I wake up at 4 am my cock is sore as shit as I relieve my about to explode bladder, and her hair has turned blonde when I crawl back into bed.

Thing was, at 7:30, when I woke up, naked, I was in bed with Ashley Benson, also naked, and had painfully hard morning wood, begging the question: how much of that wasn’t a dream?