Wwe literotica – Mandy Rose

Sometimes it’s a little tricker to get a gorgeous Superstar of the WWE or NXT tied down for a private, one on one interview. Believe it or not, bribing my way into security a timeslot isn’t always the simple way. However, I managed to find a way that more often than not helped me to get the attention of a target I wanted to ‘review’ — their endeavours outside of sports entertainment. Specifically for today, the DaMandyz Donutz brand which was run by two current WWE beauties. Although to be honest one of them likely would be an impossible ‘get’ for me, so I managed to bag myself some time with the other half of them with the fake promise of promotion for their brand of treats.

Leading to today’s setting of a small business kitchen in Florida, with a nice selection of shining silver counter tops and all the expected equipments and ovens. I’d even gone the extra mile and placed a few banners and posters in the background with the DaMandyz logo. On the counter itself, a generous amount of boxes packed with those delicious ring doughnuts in various flavours and bright, enticing colours. Of course, I had a few of my cameras already set up in different angles so I could get plenty of shots of the action to come.

Clad in a smart enough pants and shirt with jacket combo myself, I smiled as the door into the kitchen opened. The stunning blonde WWE and now returning to NXT Superstar herself, Mandy Rose. The Golden Goddess looking stunning in a tight purple dress, fitting perfectly to her tanned figure and showing off her ample curves nicely.

“Oh, nice! You’ve got the merchandise already set out.” Mandy smiled, looking over the open trays on the counter as she walked in. Her high heels clicking on the floor as she approached the ‘set’.

“Well I think it would be rude not to.” I replied with a friendly expression, masking my true intent as I took a moment to around and start the cameras filming. “I know that I had to jump through a couple hoops to get you here. Your bosses don’t seem to like their talent promoting their ‘third party’ activities.” I added to joke and lighten the mood.

“Oh, tell me about it. Probably why you were only able to get me for this interview and not Sonya too, right?” Rose assumed as she put a hand on her hip.

“Yeah, something like that.” I lied as I stepped back onto the set. “So, let’s get started, shall me Miss Rose?”

I paused for a few seconds, before I looked to the ‘hard’ camera I’d placed to get the full side on view of us both. “It gives me great pleasure to introduce my guest today. Entrepreneur, model and of course WWE Superstar alongside being half of the brains behind DaMandyz Donutz, Miss Mandy Rose!” I said to fake like this was a proper interview.

“Well, I suppose now it’s NXT Superstar, but I appreciate the introduction.” Mandy said with a smile. “And please, just Mandy well do.”

“Well then, Mandy. About that move to NXT… It seems like you’ve been eyeing up two NXT talents to manage already. Anything secrets you’d like to spill about that?” I asked cheekily.

“Well, all I can say about that? Is just watch this space… Something very ‘attractive’ is going to go down soon enough.” Rose vaguely replied with a sly smile. Not letting on that she had some plans of her own for the future in NXT.

“Oh, I’m sure we will! But that’s not why we’re here today. We’re talking about donuts!” I said, motioning to all the boxes. “So Mandy, why donuts? I mean, who doesn’t like a good treat, sure. But why specifically donuts?”

“Well you might like them. But I love donuts!” Rose said with a wide smile, showing off those bright white teeth of hers. “I just can’t get enough of them. I just love trying out new kinds, different flavours. Even just the glazes, you know? Any chance I get to review some new ones and chomp down? I’m gonna jump at the chance to.”

“I do love reviewing new things, that I can relate to.” I replied, meaning that with more than face value. “So, you love new treats and toppings, right?” I asked, getting a nod from the gorgeous blonde. “Well actually Mandy? You’re in luck, because I can provide you with a very special, different and unique kind of ‘glaze’ for any of these donuts that I’m sure you’ll love.” I said, and I wasn’t being too subtle with what I meant by that either.

“Ummmm… Glaze?” Mandy looked at me with curiosity but also confusion as she brushes her hair back. “I’m not quite sure I follow you.”

I let out a chuckle at her not picking up the innuendo. “Well, you’re a girl who loves working out, right? Getting hot and sweaty? Well, after a man gets all sweaty and puts some work in, he often has a very special ‘glaze’ that he can give a woman.” I said, being even more blunt than before.

That made Mandy’s jaw drop as she figured out what I hinting at. “Oh my God! Are you fucking serious??” She exclaimed, looking me over. “I’m not just… Wait a minute…” She paused, looking me over. “Say… A good looking guy, dressed nice… Acting like he’s some sort of journalist…” Rose locked eyes with me. “You wouldn’t happen to have a ‘Big Book’ on you, would you?”

Then it was my turn to be taken aback by being caught out. “As it so happens…” I said, reaching into my inside pocket and pulling out that ever faithful Big Book of Wrestling Babes to show her the cover.

“…You know, my old tag team partner Dana Brooke told me about a shady looking guy pretending to be a pool boy, who showed her a good time in exchange for an ‘autograph’…” Mandy remarked as she put both hands on her shapely hips.

“Sounds like I should have just showed you the Book from the start then!” I said, smiling and now being relieved that I’d gotten a good review of my own from a past encounter.

“Well, seeing is believing… And if there’s one thing other than donuts and working out that I love?” Rose said, boldly stepping forward towards me. “It’s that I love to fuck…” She shamelessly said as she lowered herself down to her knees in front of me, already reaching for my belt.

“Lucky fucking me then…” I stated the obvious as I watched the blonde beauty easily unloop me and slide my pants and boxers down, leaving her eyes widening again but this time with approval at the sight of my thick, long and hardening cock. “Actually, Mandy? Before you do that…” I stopped her from reaching for my shaft, making her arch an eyebrow at the delay. I leaned over against the counter, and scooped out a couple of donuts from a box. Putting one down but bringing the other, one with a thick chocolate glaze with some sprinkles on it, down to my crotch. Making Rose let out a sexy laugh as she watched me slide the treat down onto my cock. Even with a little resistance fitting my shaft in through the hole and bringing it down as crumbs were left onto my skin as I left the donut looking like an oversized cock ring at the base of my rod to hide most of my balls as well.

“Now that’s a new one…” The New York born beauty remarked, sounding impressed by the kinky display of food play as she looked over my rock hard prick now sticking out from one of her own DaMandyz Donutz. “Now lets see if Dana’s review of you was all it was cracked up to be…” She added as she leaned in. Sticking her tongue out as she ran it along the head of my dick to make me moan. A slow swirl around my fat bell-end while she stared up at me with an already lusty gaze. Having to carefully use a few fingers to just hold me and give a slight stroke on the shaft since with the donut at my crotch she couldn’t perform a proper pump on me. Not stopping her from lapping at my crown as she teased over the slit at the top before sliding all the way around and back to circle over the top again. Not looking like anything of a novice sort of technique on me either as she licked over me and left a light coating of her saliva onto me.

Taking her hand off, she brought her tongue down the length of me, dragging it along my skin to leave me groaning. Just reaching the treat on me before she pulled back up and did the same to the other side of my cock. Ensuring that this time my filming camera got to see more of her face running along me with my prick in front of those gorgeous features as she kept gazing up with more than just a hint of desire for this lewd act. “Mmmmm…” She moaned as she couldn’t help but lean in further. Running her tongue over the glaze topping of the donut to taste it and scoop a tiny bit off. “Tastes real fucking good…” Mandy said before she shifted up a bit and brought her face in. Using a hand to brush that long blonde hair back as she sinfully took a bite out from the top. “Mmmmmphh…” Groaning at the delicious taste as her nose rubbed into my skin as she couldn’t help but chomp away. Carefully eating the donut from off my cock without her teeth coming close to actually biting me. Even rotating the treat around my prick as she nibbled. Caring not for getting flakes off it onto her chin and chocolate on her lip, let alone dropping scraps and sprinkles onto her tits into her cleavage.

“Mmmmphhh…” She greedily broke the rest of it from off my cock, munching it down while stroking my dick with her free hand. “Shhhrrr ghhhddd…” She spoke with her mouth full as she swallowed it down, before shifting back around the front to once again lick across my bell-end. “I think I’ll make this cheat day…” The Golden Goddess smiled as she motioned and I handed her a strawberry glazed donut. She promptly slid it down my cock as well, placing it at the base of my rock hard cock. This time however, she opened her mouth up and stuck her tongue out as she pushed down. Letting me feel that soft tongue sliding over my underside as she sucked me off. Showing off impressive oral skill already as slowly pressed down without even gagging. Making me moan with how warm and wet her mouth was, and likely she wasn’t just watering in her mouth from the tasty treats either.

“Mmmmm… Mmmmmphh!!” One hand rested on my thigh as she started to bob along my cock. Making herself let out muffled moans around my pole while I groaned out with a smile as she properly blew me. Working up and down my meaty rod with a smooth and steady pace to easily handle my size between those pouty, full and now slightly stained with chocolate lips of hers. Using her free hand to brush her long blonde hair back over her shoulder as it swayed from the rocking motion to slide her mouth along my inches. Which in turn gave my cameras a nice clear view of her sucking my dick and the sinful sight alone of one of her business’ donuts on my manhood. Slurping away on me, making a couple of sprinkles fall off from the confection as she worked over my length and getting her saliva dripping down me.

“Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmm!! Hmmmmmphhhh…” She moaned around my rod as she pumped her mouth smoothly up and down, fully showing off skills more suited for a porn star than a pro wrestler. Pushing down so deep onto my cock that her beautiful features were pressing lightly into the donut around my dock. Smearing pink glaze onto her nose, lips and chin as she bobbed away onto me. Making the colour drag back for a slight ring around my shaft right at that now smudged topping to go with the flakes and sprinkles now left around her mouth. Stuck in place from her spit that was coating me and despite her efforts to keep those golden locks of hers brushed back there was a sprinkle and crumb or two on her hair as well from her messy, gluttonous action.

No complains from me though as I smiled down and moaned, watching her suck me off and seeing that her nipples were rock hard, poking through her tight dress as she took me smoothly in and out of her talented, experienced mouth. Still not gagging even with my vast size and coming close to deep throating me, just denied by one of her own DaMandyz Donutz stuck onto my cock to prevent her reaching my base. She was clearly happy enough to slurp away on what she could reach here. Still making her full lips grind into the donut when she pushed down, leaving her coated with a sticky glaze from the repeated contact to go with the mess over her chin and the tip of her nose. Leaving her own saliva onto that donut too from all the times pushing down firmly, leaving the slight indent of her features onto the treat that’s been used as a makeshift sex toy instead of the tasty food product it’s supposed to be.

Eventually, she pulled off with a lusty groan. Reaching down to slide the donut up by cock and leaving it just on the bell-end half-way up it. Allowing her to lean in and stare up at me as she slowly munched on it. Using a hand to keep it in place to basically hold it around me when her careful bites, still not even brushing against my flesh, made the shape of the donut begin to fall apart. Swallowing down mouthfuls to eat up the treat from my cock and caring little for the further crumbs, sprinkles and flakes of colour over her mouth and falling onto her chest. “Mmmmm…” She purred as she eventually pulled the remains off of me, stuffing it into her mouth and guzzle the rest down. “Fhhhkkknnn bhhhsssttt dhhhhnnnntt ehhhhvvvvrrr…” She again shamelessly spoke with her mouthful before gulping it down, opening her mouth with a gasp and sticking her tongue out. Acting like she’d been swallowing something else down as she looked proud of that munching alone.

“So, Mandy… Since we’re both pretty clear here about what we both want?” I said, watching her stand up. “How about I show you what else your former tag partner was bragging about?” I offered.

“Fuck yes you will!” Rose grinned, and I watched as she pulled the top of her dress down. Exposing her nicely rounded and sized breasts in all their tanned glory. Even if they had a few sprinkles left onto them. “You’re gonna fuck me real good after that kinky shit.”

“Glad to know I’m living up to the hype.” I chuckled, clearing a space on the counter top as I pushed the donut boxes to the sides.

“You’d better do more than that…” Mandy teased me as she hopped up eagerly onto the kitchen top. Spreading her legs as she eased her dress up, showing off that she didn’t have any underwear on downstairs either with her clean shaven, and already moist looking, pussy on full display for me and my recording cameras. “Lets see if that big fucking cock of yours is good for more than just being a donut stand.”

I gave a nod as I spread one of her legs to the side to hang off the counter edge, while putting the other around me and holding it up so I could keep a nice angle not just for my own body to get up close into her. But for all my filming cameras as I got some nice shots as I guided my cock, bareback no less, into that wet and waiting pussy. Soon making us both groan out as I pushed in and felt how tight the former Tough Enough runner up’s snatch was I entered her wetness. Drawing back as I began to establish the rhythm and keep her sultry groans escaping those stained with glaze lips of hers as she stared down. Watching my thick man-meat pumping in and out of her slot as she leaned back on the counter. Her chest sticking out and beginning to bounce as I worked my cock in, making her walls spread out to take this willing invasion.

“MMMMMM… Oh fuck, baby! MMMMM… That’s a nice, big fucking cock alright…” The NXT Superstar who has been on both Raw and Smackdown brand of WWE in her career groaned out her approval. Her lusty gaze darting up from her crotch to stare at me with that encouraging, sinful stare before snapping back down to watch with an almost hypnotic nod as she followed the thrusts I was sending into her snug box. “Oooooooooh… MMMMM… Yeah, come on babe… MMMMM FUCK… Give me that fucking dick…” She moaned out with need as she rocked her hips towards my pumps. Helping my thick inches get that little extra deeper past her slick lower lips as I pumped her and made that gorgeous, tanned body of hers jolt slightly on the counter top she was sitting on. Watching her moan and run a hand over her chest to sneak in a squeeze of the lightly bouncing flesh for an added boost of pleasure as I fucked her for an interview gone quickly, and shamelessly, sexual.

I was about to make a remark about her enjoying my cock more than her own DaMandyz Donutz but as I was ploughing into her she reached over, grabbing another treat of out of a box. Putting it up to my mouth as I took the invitation and took a couple bites, leaving half of the ring in her hand as I scoffed it down. Having to multitask as I ate while working my cock with a slow and steady piston-like pace into her twat to keep up both moaning out. Or at least I was until her other hand came down and actually pulled my cock out of her slit for a moment. Making my eyes widen in surprise as she sinfully dragged the rest of the donut up her folds, smearing her own pussy juices onto the underside of the treat before promptly guiding my pole back into her snatch to resume its pumping duties. Filling her up nice and deep to keep her titties bouncing as her staring with desire at me, despite not even knowing my name let alone us only having met barely half an hour ago.

“MMMMMM… You said something about a ‘special glaze’, right?” The Golden Goddess smirked at me as brought the donut to her lips that were already coated with loose glaze toppings and sprinkles. Now taking in the treat that had been basically dipped into her own erotic juices as she tasted herself off the donut before even getting to the snack itself. Moaning at her own flavour, and it looked like she wasn’t unfamiliar with the taste either as she slowly chomped it down bite by bit to put on a filthy show for me (and all the recording cameras). A little trail of her pussy fluids trickling from her bottom lip down her chin as she finished the latest, lewd treat and resumed moaning out from my stiff, deep pumps. “AHHHHH… Now fuck me, stud! MMMMMM!! Give it to me real fucking good, babe… MMMMM FUCK!!” She groaned out with another intense stare that made me wonder if the sports entertainer who has yet to actually win any titles would be better off making a killing in the porn industry instead.

I wasn’t going to turn down a lusty demand from a stunning blonde, so I continued on but with a quickened pace. Getting so deep into her folds now that the slap of my crotch now hitting off of hers was starting to ring out as I plunged in deeply. Keeping her gorgeous breasts jiggling as she leaned back a bit from the sensations. Tossing her hair back out of the way as she kept switching her stare from up at me to confirm her clear approval for how I was banging her, and down at her pussy to watch my rod vanish up inside of her before a few inches reappeared from out of her as I pulled back. Just to thrust back in with a perfect stiffness to make her rock back in moaning delight. Drilling her with a smooth motion that was starting to leave a sexy shine of sweat across that almost naked frame, with just her dress pulled around her toned waist and heels on her feet as she took my cock balls deep again and again.

“MMMMM… OH FUCK! MMMMM… I can see you ain’t just fucking hype!” Mandy admitted with a moan as I pulled out of her pussy. “Dana was fucking right about you…”

“Good to know… But you know something? When I was with your former tag partner, I never got the chance to tap her ass…” I said with a far from subtle tone as I looked over her.

“Oh? Think you can handle mine?” Rose just smirked back as she moved forward off the counter. “Because I think my ass is a lot hotter than hers is anyway…” She boasted as she turned around. Bending over onto the kitchen counter to present that rounded, juicy backside of hers to me.

“We’re about to find out…” I remarked as I reached into a pocket and pulled out, as I always conveniently had on me for such an encounter, a bottle of sex lubricant as I popped the lid off.

“Mmmmmm… Fuck…” She groaned, looking back at me as I poured out some lube down onto her ass. Letting it trickle down the crack before I brought a finger in. Meeting the expected resistance as I forced my digit in and began to slowly pump. Sliding the fluid in as I thrust my finger back and forth to ready her back passage. “I think… Ahhhhhh FUCK!! I think we’re going to fucking find out alright…” She hissed, still staring back with desire as I finger banged her more than ample backside. Making the beauty who would later on go on, with a changed look, to lead the Toxic Attraction stable in NXT, groan out as I lubed up her ass with a steady round of pumps in to the knuckle courtesy of my finger. Eventually pulling out as I took a moment to spread lube out onto my own cock to be extra sure.

“Come on stud… Let’s see what… Hey!” Mandy started to speak seductively, before she gave me a glare when I picked up a box of her DaMandyz Donutz and placed it over the small of her back, just above her ass like she was just property. “Don’t you even think about… OOOOOOOH FUUCK!!” I then made her moan and get that lusty look back in her eyes when I pushed my fat, long cock into the tightness of her asshole. By far the most snug of her pleasurable holes and already in under an hour, I’d tapped her ass along with her snatch and mouth. Now fucking her from the back as I worked my dick into her rump. Groaning myself as I felt the resistance of her walls clamping around me. Only gradually parting as I slowly thrust between those smooth, rounded and completely tanned butt cheeks of hers. And once again, making sure my body was at a slight angle so the cameras I had filming us captured the sight of the NXT Superstar getting her stunning ass fucked.

“MMMMMM FUCK!! OH FUCK!! AHHHHH FUCK YOU’RE SO BIG!! MMMMM!! DEEP IN MY FUCKING ASS!! AHHHHHH!!” She gasped out between moans as she stayed bent over to take my prick. Her legs spread apart eagerly with high heels planted on the floor, making this look like a sleazy porno than any sort of advertisement for a business venture. Matters not helped on her end by the fact I was all too casually reaching down, plucking a donut out from the box over her back to enjoy another mid-sex snack while I kept drilling my prick in and out of that super snug asshole of hers. “UHHHHHH!! AHHHHH FUCK!! SO FUCKING GOOD!! MMMMMM!! FUCK ME, BABE!! AHHHHH!! FUCK THAT FUCKING ASS!! AHHHHHH FUCK!!” She panted as sweat rolled down her stunning face from taking the kind of action her and her Golden Goddess body were clearly built to take. The drips tricking off of her doing nothing however to dislodge the crumps and messy flakes of toppings from her previous munching earlier on during this encounter. Her more than sizeable bust pressing into the counter top for a bonus sensation as her mounds rubbed back and forth as her body jolted in time with my stiffening thrusts.

The New York-born stunner reached out herself, dragging a box towards herself and reaching to grab a donut. Stuffing it into her oral hole but not this time to eat. Using one of her own products as a makeshift gag as she let out muffled groans into the treat. Coming at the expense of smearing more sweet tasting toppings and loose sprinkles onto her pouty lips as was almost instantly drooling from the pleasure onto the donut. “MMMMMPHHH!! HHHMMMMPHHH!! HHHHRRRRR GGGHHHDDD!! FFFFHHHKKK MMMHHHHEEEE!!” She groaned into the treat, unable to help herself from biting into her and further smearing pastry flakes and colourful glaze around her mouth and onto her chin. The donut bobbing in her mouth as her head rocked forward as her body continued to shift forward whenever I pumped in deep into her booty from behind. Eventually forcing her to bite through the donut fully as it fell out of her mouth and rather than just turn it around to the side not yet cut through, she scrambled back into the box and stuffer her mouth again with a fresh one to gag her cries of delight once again.

“MMMMM… Guess this is a new one… AHHHHH FUCK… For us both, Mandy!” I said with a grin. Sweating myself in my clothing as I just had my pants around my ankles as I pumped away into the stunning sports entertainment Superstar who has been on Raw, Smackdown and now back to NXT over her career. Making her sexily plump cheeks clap into me now as I pumped in deep. Finally fitting all of my fat cock into that tight hole of hers as I groaned out and watched her booty jiggle when I connected into her from the back with a fresh, stiff pump. Her back passage still intensely tight around my shaft like she hasn’t take a vast size like mine inside of her in a long time, if even ever before.

I hadn’t even noticed when she’d shifted herself as I kept my focus on both drilling her fine and fleshy ass along with making sure I was pounding her at a slight angle so the cameras still recording this sex tape got the full view, from different angles no less, of my tapping the ass of the woman nicknamed the Golden Goddess. It was only when I reached for another donut from off of her back, making the display sinful by using her as a table even when she was on a suitable enough surface already, that I noticed one of her arms was underneath her. A telling sound of feverish rubbing going on as she self pleasured, working over her dripping wet pussy as the feeling of being fucked up the ass by someone she’d only just met was clearly a mega turn on for her. No doubt by all the food play we’ve been engaged in along the way.

“MMMMMPHHH!! HHHHHRRR GGHHHDDD!! FHHHKKK!! FFFHHHRRRKKKK!!” It was obviously a lot more intense on her side of things as her eyes were starting to roll upward. About a dozen chomped through doughnuts, dripping in drool that was pooling slightly on the counter surface, now laying around her head with a chunk caught in her long blonde hair for good measure after using her own products as attempted ball gags. Making herself gasp out once she’d chewed through another treat and gulped down the mouthful, before reaching for another. “OH YESSSSS!! FUCK MY ASS!! FUCK IT!! FUCK ME!! MMMMMMPHHHH!!” She roared out before stuffing her oral hole again with a new donut. All around her mouth now and across her chin was the smearing of several bright colours and tasty flavours with a few different varieties of sprinkles as well clinging to her. A sticky mess on her gorgeous, tanned face from up to the cheeks, the tip and underside of her nose, along the jaw and specially over the mouth, lips and chin as her drooling saliva was acting like glue instead of washing the mess off.

I was starting to wonder if I would need to slide her over a fresh box of DaMandyz Donuts as it was looking like she was going to munch through the entire pack she had closest to her from her using the snacks like gags. With the exception of the one I had still on her back to naughtily degrade her as a piece of living furniture as I helped myself to another treat. It was a struggle for me to keep things under control myself as I moaned out, drilling that fantastic, rounded rear of the sports entertainment beauty from behind. Her back passage still wonderfully snug around my lengthy, thick man-meat even with the repeated, balls deep ramming I’ve been giving her. Leaving her butt cheeks jiggling from the stiff impact of my crotch connecting off her tanned flesh as I had to use more than enough effort and energy myself to give her and that better than pornstar body of hers the kind of fucking she can clearly handle. Even if her own repeated face stuffing and furious pussy rubbing might indicate this was wilder, more intense than even she could take.

Thankfully it wouldn’t come to tearing though another box of goodies as Mandy Rose tilted her blonde haired head back, letting out a deep groan into her last donut as she came hard over her own fingers. Her eyes half-closed but staring blankly ahead, not even registering that her shameful expression of pleasure was captured directly by one of my cameras, as she mumbled into the treat between her teeth as she drooled into it. Juices dripping down her tanned thighs as her pussy bucked onto her digits as she kept rubbing away. Helped along through the waves of her orgasm by my cock pumping away for a last round into her asshole. Leaving me groaning as I had to endure her back passage being vice-like around me with a fresh snugness triggered by her peak. By the time she was coming back down to Earth and I’d pulled my cock out from her gapping hole, she was panting as she shamefully let the half-munched donut drop with a splat from her lips like she was an eating contest participant hitting the limit their stomach could take.

“Guess I’m not gonna need dinner tonight after all of these…” I joked, picking the box off from her back and setting it aside.

“Oooooooh fuck… Y-You and me both, stud…” Mandy purred out, stroking back her messy hair, making fragments of donuts be knocked loose, as she looked back at me. “I hope you paid for all of these too.”

“Well, if you want me to make up for all the mess here? I could give you that ‘glaze’ I talked about before.” I said with a chuckle, teasing her about the line that got me into this sexy mess, along with into each of her holes.

Hearing that, her eyes narrowed with another sinful stare. “Oh, you think I fucking won’t?” Rose took it as a challenge as she moved off from the counter. Grabbing the nearest still whole donut from out of the pack I’d just had resting on her back before getting down onto her knees again in front of me. “See if you’re aim is good or not.” She said, holding it up across her face with the chocolate topping and coloured sprinkles close to her grinning smile.

“No fucking way…” Even I was a little shocked by the lusty challenge as I scrambled, getting the hard camera to hold it and aim down for a quick POV-style shot as I held my cock and started to rapidly stroke off. Before the beauty in front of me got so hungry she just munched the treat in her hands before I could give her that special topping.

It wouldn’t be too long of pumping myself before I let out a deep groan. Shooting out thick shots of spunk that instead of hitting the usual target of a pretty face or rounded tits, instead sent the hot ropes over the top of the DaMandyz Donut that Mandy Rose was holding. More than giving an extra topping over the existing topping and sprinkles on the top of it as I aimed around so it was already dripping down the sides and back into the hole as she kept it up. With how close the treat was to her pretty face, despite my efforts to keep my aim in check I did end up sending a couple of loose shots onto her cheeks and by her mouth in the process of giving the dirty glaze. Just adding to the mess of discarded crumbs, flakes and smudged toppings already all over her mouth and face.

“Mmmmmm…” Rose purred after I’d stroked the last drips down onto the now cum-coated donut with my seed already dripping off it down onto her fingers. I kept filming her, watching with wide eyes as she surprised me again. Taking it to her lips and giving a big, shameless bit as her teeth sunk through it and the cum at it smeared all over her pouty lips. Groaning at the enhanced taste as her eyes rolled up show how delicious it was. “Shhhhhh fhhhhkkknnnn ghhhhddd!!” She spoke with her mouth full as a bit of spunk dripped down her chin as she chewed and swallowed down my jizz along with one of her own donuts. “So fucking good… God I wish I could market this fucking flavour!” She added with a grin before she greedily chomped in again to guzzle down more of my spunk. Even as it was trickling off her sticky fingers now onto her tits and getting rubbed over her cheeks from bringing the goodie in to bite into. She’d soon scoffed down the entire donut, and doing so far quicker than she’s eaten up any of the treats leading up to this wicked sight. Leaving her just cleaning up her fingers of my load. Popping one into her mouth to slurp it clean with her lips before doing he same to the rest of her digits.

“I’d offer to give you the ‘recipe’ so to speak, but I don’t think your business partner would approve of how you got that new glaze.” I said after snapping myself out from watching a stunning blonde scoff down a cum-soaked treat.

Mandy let out a sexy laugh at my remark. “Oh, I think we can keep this a secret between you and me, don’t you?” She said as she licked her lips. Finding herself having to reach a finger up and seeing what a coating she’s got over them, and not just from my load either.

“Well, since you’ve heard about me from your former tag partner I think you know I don’t leak out my interviews.” I stated with a smile.

“That is true… And I suppose that means you actually want that autograph now, right?” Rose said, lifting herself up from the floor as she pulled the bottom of her dress down to cover up her well fucked holes. About to do the same for her bust before she noticed more stick mess to brush up of drips of my spunk along with scraps of countless donuts and sprinkles on her.

“If you wouldn’t mind…” I said. Sliding along the Big Book towards her and popping a pen down on top of the cover. “And I’ll get to work clearing up my cameras… And cleaning up the mess we’ve made here before the owners come back.”

* * *

Later on in the day, and I was finishing loading my last tripod into my rented van for today’s mission. Closing the door up as I walked around and took a seat on the driver’s side. Looking to the passenger’s and seeing the short stack of DaMandyz Donutz there that were still full, unopened boxes. Right on the top however was my trusty Big Book, opened up at a two page spread with one page already adorned with not just the autograph of Mandy Rose, but a few telephone numbers and other contact details too and not any sort of business ones either. Going nicely with a signed promo photo of her that I’d brought along, and with a similarly autographed logo of her treats enterprise that I’d taken from off of one of the boxes we’d emptied. Thankfully it all a lot more cleaner than the messy state I’d left her face in over the course of our sinful, but in terms of lust and gluttony, encounter.

After all the cleaning up I’d done when Rose was long gone, all that was left was for me to score down a review that had nothing to do with any sort of food critique: ‘When you’re going up against a woman calling herself The Golden Goddess, you know you’re in for a challenge and then some. Thankfully, this beauty has quite the sweet tooth as a weakness, but she’s got an even bigger craving for something far more tastier — long, fat cock! So if you can keep your eyes on the ‘goodies’ that she’s packing, and not the kind that’s delivered in boxes, you can get yourself nice and sticky without even needing to chew once! 10 out of 10!’

Giving myself a smile as I closed the Book up and set it down, I buckled up and started up the van. Pausing as my stomach made a little growl to leave me chuckling. I think I’d better find some food of perhaps a healthier variety for dinner tonight to balance out all the sugar in me from that sham of an interview. Besides, with all these boxes I would be going through these for a few days. Fuel enough before my next trip out to trick or otherwise convince another stunner from the world of pro wrestling to let me show them a good time!

Mandy Rose sexpics