Jennifer Aniston on the set of Friends

Jennifer Aniston sat in her dressing room as she removed
her make-up thinking of what she had done earlier on in
the day. During the shoot, she had to kiss Courtney Cox
as part of a storyline involving a lesbian kiss. Though
she didn’t say so to Courtney, she’d been totally wet
during the filming.

Jennifer sat there and thought of Courtney’s soft lips,
what she wouldn’t do to just experience it again.
Jennifer started to get wet again just thinking of it.

Before she could do anything about it though, her co-star
Lisa Kudrow entered the room. Now, Lisa was good looking
for a woman, but she had nothing on Courtney so Jennifer
was a little disappointed by the interruption.

Lisa was wearing a short skirt and a skimpy cardigan.
“Hey Jen, I saw you and Courtney kiss. Wow, that was hot.
I wish I could have a storyline like that!”

“Yeah, it was pretty cool,” said a disappointed Jennifer.
At the same time, she wished that Brad could come back
from the set of his next movie. God, she missed his cock.

“Wanna try it again? Just in case we ever have the
storyline?” Lisa said provocatively, with a devilish
smile on her face.


“Oh, come on Jen, I’ll be gentle with you.”

“W–what?” was Jennifer’s reply. She stood up and walked
towards Lisa. Lisa lifted her hand and stroked Jennifer’s
face softly. Jennifer felt a strangely erotic feeling
shiver down her body. The two girls leant closer towards
each other and let their lips touch. “Wow, how sensual
and luscious her lips are!” though Jennifer.

The lip embrace lasted a couple of seconds before
Jennifer thought she would be daring and put her tongue
into Lisa’s mouth. While Lisa was surprised, she also
enjoyed it as this was not her first lesbian experience.
Lisa returned the favor and the two started to play with
each other’s tongues in their passionate embrace.

Jennifer could feel her pussy starting to moisten as the
kissed each other and she was sure that Lisa felt the
same way. Slowly, Jennifer moved her hands down towards
Lisa’s chest and she brushed her hand over her nipples.

“Ooooh,” Lisa groaned with pleasure.

Then Jennifer started to un-button Lisa’s cardigan slowly
revealing a blue satin bra. “Oh, were you expecting
somebody special today?” Jennifer laughed.

Lisa smiled and reached round her back and undid the
clasp of her bra, and slowly let it drop to the ground.

Jennifer was amazed at the sight before her eyes. She was
in awe at Lisa’s amazing tits, they were small but
perfectly formed. Lisa’s nipples were standing to
attention. Jennifer took Lisa’s nipples between her
fingers and rubbed them gently.

“Mmmm, so nice…” moaned Lisa. Jennifer then started to
squeeze them gently and leant downwards and clasped her
mouth over one of Lisa’s nipples. Lisa groaned as
Jennifer sucked on her nipple before biting it.

Jennifer stood back from the blonde beauty in front of
her and slowly pulled off her top revealing her perfect
tits. It was well renowned that Jennifer rarely wore a
bra whilst on Friends as many of you may have noticed.
“Wow, they’re great,” Lisa said.

Jennifer smiled and gently cupped her 34D breasts to
display them. Lisa started to suck her friend’s breasts
frantically, which made Jennifer moan. Then suddenly
Jennifer gasped, “Stop! Stop!” And she pushed Lisa away.
“I wanna show you something.”

Jennifer walked back to her seat and removed her tight
trousers. She unbuttoned them slowly and pulled them down
slowly turning around and bending over showing her
panties and her great ass to Lisa. She then sat down and
lifted one of her legs up beside her. There was a visible
wet patch on her panties, and she started to rub the
outside of her cotton panties.

“Mmmm,” she let out a small gasp as she put her hands
down her panties. She seductively started to rub her
pussy under her panties trying to give Lisa a good show.
Jennifer stood on her feet and tore her panties off
wildly, revealing her neatly shaven pubic hair. She then
sat down again and got to work on her soaking wet pussy.

Jennifer rubbed up and down her slit slowly and then
quickly. She licked her finger and tasted her own juices.
“Mmm,” she moaned tasting her pussy juices. Lisa thought
this was too good an opportunity to pass over and she
walked over and grabbed Jennifer’s hand. She held it to
her mouth and slowly licked Jennifer’s fingers. “Mmm,
that’s so good!”

Lisa licked her own fingers, and got down on her knees
with her head directly in front of her friend’s pussy.
She smelt her sexual aroma and this encouraged her even
more. She took her moistened finger and started to rub it
against Jennifer’s slit teasing her.

“Ohhh, come on Lisa, don’t tease me, I need you!”

Lisa shoved her index finger as far as it could go up
Jennifer’s pussy. Jennifer moaned in pleasure as Lisa
swirled her finger around inside her. Lisa started to
finger fuck Jennifer and before she knew it a gush of
juices came from Jennifer’s pussy.

“Oooohh, mmm, FUCK YES!” Jennifer screamed as she

After her friend stopped shivering and quieted down, Lisa
pulled away and licked her fingers clean and then went to
Jennifer’s pussy where she cleaned away any of the excess
juices on her crotch and thigh.

Jennifer sat there in a state of shock, not believing
what had just happened. Lisa was now lying on the floor,
pulling her skirt up to reveal her panties. They were
soaking wet also.

“Come on Jen, my turn now,” Lisa ordered.

Jennifer looked up at her friend in momentary shock. She
knew that it was her turn to pleasure her friend, but
she’d never done anything like that before. This was so
weird. But never one to shirk her duties, Jennifer got up
and crawled along the floor towards Lisa. She pulled
Lisa’s panties to one side and licked along her friend’s

“Oh fuck yes!” moaned Lisa, moving her thighs wider to
encourage Jennifer to deeper penetration. Jennifer teased
her friend, licking her slit and flicking her tongue over
her swollen clit, before she thrust her tongue in.

“Oh, ho, God yes!” screamed Lisa, and her body jerked
with the intense pleasure her friend was causing her to

Jennifer lay on her front licking and fucking Lisa’s
pussy with her tongue. She couldn’t believe how much she
was getting into bringer her friend off. It was a most
unusual feeling to know that you were making a girlfriend
orgasm. “Oh Lisa, you taste so good.”

Lisa was orgasming as she played with her tits, rubbing
them together and playing with her hard nipples, which
had, became pretty sensitive by this stage. “Oh, oh, oh
yes, I’m cumming Jen! Mmmmm, oooooohhhh, YESSSSS, FUCK
YES!” Lisa screamed at the top of her voice as her juices
ran out of her pussy, which was then lapped up by
Jennifer’s welcoming tongue, just as her friend had done
for her.

Afterwards, both girls lay on the floor hugging each
other in a post-orgasmic state. They could not believe
what they had just done. Courtney was way out of
Jennifer’s head by now, so was Brad for that matter. She
had a new “friend” and she was so happy.

As they dressed, they didn’t say anything to each other.
But as Lisa walked out of the room she turned and said,
“We must do this again, don’t you think?”

Jennifer just smiled and winked at her.

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