Cosplay with Jessica Nigri

It was late in the afternoon as Jessica Nigri completed the last of her cosplay appearances and wandered out of the Tokyo convention center, eager to get back to her hotel.

Still scantily clad in nothing more than her “Juliet Starling” outfit (of Lollipop Chainsaw fame) she approached Harajuku station and was relieved to see that she wasn’t the only commuter dressed up in such outrageous garb.

In fact the station was located between the suburbs of Shinjuku and Shibuya via the Yamanote Line, which was considered the hub of Japan’s most extreme teen culture and fashion styles, where people of all ages regularly engaged in cosplay.

Jessica fiddled with her phone as she waited for the train to arrive. Almost as if answering her command, it appeared a minute later and to her surprise it was rather crowded, which was to be expected for that time of the day (peak hour).

Inside she found the carriage packed to the gills. Not an empty seat in sight. When the train finally nudged into motion, she lurched forward and grasped desperately for a hold on the overhead bar to stabilize herself.

As the train moved along from stop to stop a surprising number of people boarded, making the car even more crowded. In fact keeping one’s feet from getting stepped upon was becoming complicated, not to mention keeping one’s hands to one’s self.

More than once Jess stumbled trying to get out of someone’s way, reached out for a hand rail, only to find herself grabbing onto a fellow passenger instead. Surprisingly enough all of the commuters were quite courteous, helping her gain her balance with a smile and a light touch.

Naturally none of them could speak a lick of English so she responded by smiling back and nodding her head in gratitude. Of course most of this kindness could be attributed to the fact that in her current state of dress her huge round tits literally poured out her top.

“Ari-gatou.” she mumbled politely, the extent of her Japanese vocabulary.

Since only a few of them could reach the hand rails, the Arizonian native noticed that many people were holding onto each other for support. In fact every so often she would feel a light hand on her arm or shoulder, sometimes to hold themselves up, sometimes to hold her up.

Absently she wondered how much longer this trip would take, as the added contact felt a little confronting—particularly since she was dressed in such a provocative way.

Nevertheless Jess bit her bottom lip as she felt someone place their hand on her bare naked hip and shift behind her, standing rather close.

Unfortunately for her moving forward wasn’t an option, as she quickly realized that when she leaned forward her breasts would brush against the man in front of her, but if she leaned back too far her tush would grind against the passenger behind her.

Both seemed oblivious to her plight as she fought to keep her balance while the train sped along.

At the next couple of stops, more and more people entered the train than left. Just when she thought there was no more room, even more passengers were jammed into the packed train car, leaving her almost sandwiched in the far back corner of the small carriage.

Jesus. Enough already. she mused. Thank god I’m not claustrophobia because I can barely move right now.

Nigri gritted her teeth as elbows, hands, and bodies ultimately rubbed against her half-naked body. In fact things got so close in the train that Jess could swear she was now being touched on purpose.

She noticed the touches were lasting longer too, and they seemed to be focused more on her ass and the sides of her breasts. Amusingly enough, the other passengers seemed to be in similar predicaments, although they weren’t nearly as undressed as she was.

Curiously, Jess noticed that the men who surrounded her had all focused their gazes up ahead, as if waiting for something. That was until it finally happened…and the train entered the tunnel and everything became dark.

“Shit.” was her immediate thought.

There was an awful lot of shuffling in the dark around her. As Jess looked around trying to see what was going on, she soon discovered that the people nearest to her had moved even closer. Then came the first touch that was more than a simple bump.

Instead of feeling a brush from the back of someone’s hand, Jessica felt it linger around her hips before it snaked its way down and squeezed her ass. She didn’t recognize it for what it was at first, but she knew something was different.

When the moment brought another squeeze to her other cheek, she realized she was being felt up. Damn it. she thought. I’d love tell this creep off if I thought he’d understand a word I said.

She used her free hand try to fend off her molester, but was rewarded by even more touching from multiple directions. Hands and fingers now stroked, squeezed, and pinched various parts of her body including her ass and bare naked midriff.

Feeling a mounting panic, Jess squirmed in place and readied to face the culprit who had grabbed her butt originally.

The fit was tight, as people were packed in around her like human sardines, but she made the turn anyway, inadvertently rubbing her chest into an innocent bystander as another hand darted under her miniskirt to make an attempt at her sex.

This bold and sudden action caused her to gasp with surprise.

“Whoa.” she let out.

Even in the dark cramped space of the train it was an extremely daring move. As her eyes fell on the initial assailant, a middle-aged businessman dressed in a suit, there was no emotion on his face as another hand slipped under her skirt and proceeded to rub her pussy.

Nigri wanted to scream. She wanted to slap the little Jap into next week and make an example of him, but she quickly realized he was now the least of her problems. She was now entirely surrounded and completely outnumbered by at least four or five opportunists.

One of her hands slipped under her own skirt to push his hand away, while her other hand fended off another.

“Wait. What the fuck.” she hissed under her breath. “What is wrong with you?”

Jess struggled against their superior strength, with some success, hoping she could hang on until the next stop. But as she grappled with the stranger at the front of her skirt, another set of hands dipped beneath the back and blatantly massaged her naked buttocks.

Jessica bit her bottom lip as another set of hands brushed against her silk panties, tracing along the groove-outline of her pussy lips. While up top her hands were having little success, as she felt someone glide their fingers along her rib cage and close in around her magnificent breasts.

Fortunately for her the train suddenly lurched to a stop and before she could look up her mysterious admirers quickly withdrew their hands—leaving her to stand there panting heavily.

“Jesus. Thank god.” she sweated profusely. “That was close.”

But for all her whining the blonde cos-player did not attempt to break free or try to get off at the station. Instead she just stood there adjusting her clothes as though merely vexed by the erotic encounter.

Strangely enough in the darkest corners of her mind Jess found herself getting off on it all. After all she’d always loved the attention she received when she dressed up, and having these strangers feel her up like this kind of turned her on.

In her mind she convinced herself that these men were really just “fans” who were unable to keep their hands off her body. In a weird, twisted way it actually made her feel proud to be so irresistible to the opposite sex.

In fact. Despite her initial reluctance to the excessive touching, Jess felt her panties get wet as the doors to the carriage closed and they continued on their journey. To her delight it only took all of a minute for several hands to touch and grope her again.

This time however Nigri didn’t struggle as she had before. Instead she rolled her eyes as their fingers caressed her bare naked hips and belly.

Up until this point Jess was still under the impression that she was in FULL control of the situation. But a minute later a strange surge of adrenaline shot up her spine when the hands behind her managed to peel her panties down her thighs, leaving them suspended just above her knees.

“Whoa. Okay—Okay.” she giggled nervously. “That’s far enough.”

But before she could reach down and pull them back up, another set of hands forced her bra and “KNIGHTS” tank top up above her breasts to hang uselessly around her neck.

For all intense and purposes Jessica was now left to stand there totally exposed, her large round breasts dangling freely as they were groped and fondled aggressively.

“ohmigod.” she sighed inwardly. “…this is insane.”

But as “gratifying” as this entire incident was, she suddenly yelped with surprise when a hand behind her slipped between her smooth legs and made direct contact with her pussy.

At this point Jess couldn’t stop what was about to happen even if she wanted to. Instead she concentrated on defending her boobs, and fought to keep her bra up over her tits, but strength and persistence won out over fierce determination.

When her bra was finally tugged away, she surrendered completely and now stood there as her proud body became the plaything of the surrounding passengers—several Japanese businessmen.

With her mind no longer occupied with defending itself, Nigri had time to notice a few things: the fact that their touching wasn’t particularly rough or violent, and how the men appeared to go out of their way to be gentle and considerate.

Even the guy who was stroking her hairless pussy had a surprisingly gentle touch—carefully gliding his fingertips along the length of her slimy wet taco.

Jessica hoped that the men would have their fun and finish with her soon. While her brain screamed for her to make it stop, her body seemed to be on autopilot and she felt her legs tremble with excitement.

The gentle, purposeful probing of her pussy had already made her pussy drip-fucking-wet, while the somewhat rougher use of her breasts made her nipples swell with arousal.

Before she knew it the guy in front of her was suckling one of her teats while another keenly pinched and twisted her other free nipple.

It wasn’t until the first excited moan escaped her lips that she realized what she was allowing to happen: willingly permitting a group of random strangers to openly molest her on the train!

Jessica was now powerless to do anything but succumb to the overwhelming pleasure surging through her body, as an unseen leg kicked her feet farther apart. Then, two fingers were abruptly plunged into her sopping cunt and began to rhythmically fuck her where she stood.

“Ugh-Fuck.” she grunted audibly as her breasts continued to be alternately abused.

Her moans grew louder, despite herself, and her breathing slowly became shallow and erratic.

It wasn’t long before the back of her skirt was raised and she felt a pair of cloth-covered legs press up against her bare thighs and a thick, hard cock brush against her waiting sex.

In that moment, Jess wanted to tell the guy behind her to quit screwing around and just slam it home, but dialogue in this case wasn’t an option. Instead she was suddenly bent over at the waist and felt the other man’s cock rub against her chin, until she opened her mouth and accepted it.

With her breasts dangling beneath her, Jessica Nigri went to work eagerly swirling her hot tongue around the fat Jap-cock in her mouth. She was in mid-swirl when the other penis behind her finally rammed into her cunt, forcing her to yelp around the meat-stick between her lips.

Being boned from both ends, Jess was on sensory overload and reeled out of control, openly mauling her own teats as they swung freely, putting on a show for anyone who cared to look.

She was abusing her own flesh harder than her molesters ever had, and gagged on the cock like a woman possessed.

It was at this point that a third assailant reached over and impatiently fingered her asshole. The New Zealand born cos-player hadn’t been a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but her asshole had always been off limits! …even to her long term boyfriends.

She didn’t really want anything in there as a matter of principle, but she was too far gone now to even care. At that moment, the finger was just another delicious sensation, as a second cock suddenly dangled in front of her face which she eagerly devoured.

“Ugh. Fuck-Yeah.” Jess moaned with a mouthful of cock. “Goddamnit. Fuck me!”

Jessica’s breaths were small and infrequent. She’d never come close to deep-throating anybody before, but with her currently stooped over and her head bent back, she had been positioned perfectly for the task.

Meanwhile, the finger in her ass was suddenly replaced with a dick. Unaware that their aidoru (idol) was quickly nearing an orgasm, the man fucking her ass proceeded to jab her with quick, short strokes as he neared his own orgasm.

“Oh. Shit. Oh. Shit.” Jess hissed over her shoulder. “ohmigod. right there. I can’t believe you’re fucking my ass.”

Noting this the cock lodged in her mouth suddenly exploded, showering her throat with blast after blast of hot stick semen. Jessica swallowed reflexively, as the rapid constrictions of her throat only served to intensify the man’s orgasm.

But just as he pulled away, a second cock suddenly ejaculated all over her moaning face—striking the “Juliet Starling” look-a-like square in the forehead.

Jess yelped with surprise and then climaxed herself, shrieking for everyone in the car to hear as the cock in her ass withdrew and spurted several ropes of jism all over the small of her back.

By the time Jess recovered from her own orgasm, she felt the train gradually slow down to a stop and heard the doors open. Panic suddenly set in as she tried to struggle with her clothes and attempted to put herself in some semblance of decency.

Nigri was busy brushing out her hair when she straightened herself up and looked around to try to identify whom had just fucked her, but oddly enough everyone just began ambling towards the exit like nothing had happened.

As the American cos-player stepped out onto the platform on shaky legs (her body smeared in semen) she turned and watched the train disappear from sight and realized she had missed her stop.

“Aw. Damn it.” she pouted. “I guess I’ll just have to catch another train back the other way.”

The mere notion of experiencing such another intense encounter sent a thrill up her spine. She grinned evilly as she felt one of the strangers loads seep out of her well fucked ass and trickle down the inside of her leg.

Taking to her phone, she posted the following message on her social media account.