Anna Kournikova, Capriati romantic lesbian relationship

Jennifer Capriati walks down the tunnel to the locker
room, her head hung dejectedly after yet another loss.
She mumbles to herself over and over again, “What’s
happened to me?” Jen can’t seem to figure out why she
seems to have lost the edge over the other players she
had just a year ago.

She reaches her locker and dejectedly flops down on the
bench in front of the row of lockers provided for the
player’s equipment. Tears begin to well up in her eyes
as she begins to undress. “I can’t let this get to me,”
she repeats to herself, over and over. Wrapping a towel
around herself, she heads for the shower room, replaying
point after point in her mind, looking for a reason for
her untimely loss.

Jen turns the water on, adjusting the temperature,
removes her towel and steps under the stream of hot
water. As she begins to lather herself, the tears burst
forth like a dam had broken. She leans against the
shower room wall and begins to slide down the wall until
she ends up sitting on the floor, head in hands, crying

She is startled out of her sorrow by a voice asking, “My
goodness, what’s the matter Jen?” She looks up, through
tear-clouded eyes, to see a figure standing at the
entrance to the shower room. “Is everything alright?”
the figure asks.

Wiping the streams of water and tears from her eyes,
Jennifer focuses on the figure to determine exactly who
is speaking to her.

In the shower entrance, with a sincere look of concern
on her face, stood former lover, Anna Kournikova. Jen
and Anna had a brief but intense love affair that
introduced Jen to the wonderful world of lesbian lovers
on the woman’s tennis tour.

Love, Hate, Joy, Sadness, Desire, Embarrassment. Just
some of the feelings that raced through Jennifer’s head
as she sat on that shower floor, physically and
emotionally naked in front of Anna.

Anna enters the shower, kneels down beside Jen, gently
cradles her face in her hands, kisses both eyes, and
then lays Jennifer’s head against her breast, cooing to
her, “My poor love. My darling girl, Anna’s here.” This
opens an emotional floodgate from deep inside that had
been awaiting release for a long, long time.

“Why? Why did you go? Why did you leave like you did?
You said… you said you loved me.”

Anna was now becoming aware of their surroundings again
and realized that if some one were to walk into the
outer locker room area, their private lives would no
longer be private. “Jennifer, I have so much to tell
you, to explain to you, but I can’t do it here, out in
the open like this. We need to get to somewhere private
so we can talk. Come with me.”

Jennifer offered no resistance as she felt herself being
gently helped to her feet and led down the trainer’s
hallway. “In here,” Anna said, “No one will bother us in
here,” as she steered Jen into one of the trainers
massage rooms, out of the way, private, and well
insulated from prying ears and eyes. Before closing the
door behind them, Anna flips the ‘Therapy Session In
Progress-Do Not Disturb’ sign down, then locks the door.

Anna turns to begin speaking to Jen and finds her on the
trainer’s table, curled into a fetal position, still
sobbing almost uncontrollably. Anna walks to Jens side,
and begins to stoke her hair. “My darling, I am so sorry
for the hurt I have caused you,” she begins. “A hundred
times I have written you letters, a thousand times I
picked up a telephone to call, but could never seem
to…” Anna left the sentence unfinished as she moved
her hands from Jen’s hair down to her neck and
shoulders, kneading the soft skin she has longed for.

As if of one mind, Jennifer began to regain some of her
composure, only to get lost in the feeling of Anna’s
strong yet ever so light caresses on her body. “But you
left with no warning, No goodbye, no nothing. What did I
do ? Did I say something to drive you away?” she asked.

“You did nothing to make me leave. We were getting a bit
careless and I feared that someone would find out our
secrets, our times together, and with the others,” Anna
explained. “I knew if I tried to talk to you, you would
ask me to stay, and I was afraid I would, and jeopardize

Unconsciously, Jennifer had turned herself onto her
stomach, becoming more relaxed under Anna’s wonderful
touch, as her hands were now moving down between her
shoulders and outward to her sides.

“But the way I had to find out you were gone is what
hurts the most,” Jen continued. “I look up one day and
there you are, on the television, with… with HIM!”

Anna flinched at the reference to her appearance in a
music video with a certain singer she had made.

“Not only are you in HIS video, but while it’s playing
on the screen, a voice is reporting that rumor had it
that you were romantically involved with HIM! A beating
from a heavyweight boxer could not have hurt me half as
much as that did,” she sobbed.

“As I said earlier, I was afraid that we were on the
verge of being found out,” Anna explained. “The
opportunity for the video presented itself and I thought
that it would be a good way to draw any attention away
from that possibly happening. As for my being
romantically involved, I have to laugh at that.”

A little giggle escaped Anna’s throat. “He was so
smitten with me, following me everywhere, leaving notes
and flowers and chocolates in my trailer. Leaving long
sexy messages on my answering machine. I knew I had
found the perfect patsy for keeping my secrets safe.”

Jennifer suddenly flipped onto her back, looking Anna in
those beautiful eyes, “Then you really don’t love HIM?”
she asked with a new found hope in her voice.

“Love? Him?” Anna quipped. As a result of her sudden
flip, Jennifer’s towel had been thrown to the floor and
Anna’s hands were now resting on Jennifer’s breasts.
With a subtle squeeze, Anna’s voice lowering, “This is
who I Love. The woman who’s breasts I now hold in my
hands. The woman who I’ve ached day and night to be
near. The woman who’s very name, when I hear it, sounds
like the most beautiful song that has ever been

Their first kiss was so explosive, so intense. Hungry
mouths and tongues, each one trying to engulf the other.
Jennifer laid back, pulling Anna down on top of her as
they continued their frantic kissing of one another.
After several minutes of this, Anna broke their embrace
and stood up next to the table, where Jennifer lay,
naked and inviting.

Jen looked into Anna’s face and saw a look of smoldering
desire. Shivers ran throughout her body. Anna began to
caress Jennifer’s breasts, bending to kiss each one,
sucking each nipple into her mouth, flicking her tongue,
bringing moans and squeals of pleasure from Jennifer’s
throat. Her nipples had never felt this hard or this
sensitive before. The immediate effect this was having
was that her pussy began tingling, aching, longing to be
touched and made love to.

Anna continued her kissing of Jen’s breasts, working
herself to the undersides of the breasts and down to her
ribcage. Her hands replaced where her mouth had been,
taking the nipples between her fingers and gently
pulling and pinching them. Anna’s kissing continued
downward, now reaching Jen’s taut, well-muscled stomach.

Finding Jen’s bellybutton, Anna’s tongue draws circles
around it, occasionally darting her tongue in and out,
remembering the affect this has on Jen, since it is one
of the most sensitive parts of her body. The
unforgettable scent of Jennifer is now rising to Anna’s

Jennifer’s hands are gripping Anna’s head, guiding her,
with an increasing urgency, to the lower region of her
aching body, which is now screaming to be loved .

Anna continued her kissing and licking, with Jennifer’s
musky perfume getting stronger and stronger as she
inched closer to its source. Anna now feels a slight
tickle in her chin as it makes first contact with
Jennifer’s neatly trimmed, thin strip of brown pubic
hairs. Anna’s hands trail their way down Jennifer’s
body, reaching under and grabbing two handfuls of
Jennifer’s ass, squeezing and caressing the magnificent
globes. Electrical shocks of anticipation run through
Jennifer’s body.

When Anna’s tongue makes first contact with Jennifer’s
clit at the top of her pussy, Jennifer thought she was
going to faint. Jennifer hunched her pussy forward and
started humping up and down on Anna’s tongue. Anna
reached one of her hands around to Jennifer’s slit and
parted her lips, giving her better access. Anna dipped
her tongue into Jennifer’s volcanic center and tasted
her now pouring nectar. The taste was both intense and
delicious to Anna, which only drove her to become more
focused on pleasing Jennifer.

Anna slowly inserts a finger into Jen and begins to
manipulate it back and forth, up and around, bringing
Jen even closer to her point of no return. Jennifer’s
body is now starting to erupt is small spasms as Anna
now sucks Jen’s clit into her mouth, pushing back the
hood and exposing Jen’s ultra sensitive clithead.

Anna knew that Jen was only moments away from exploding.
Anna removed her finger from Jennifer’s burning center
and replaced it with her thumb and trailed the freed
finger down to Jen’s bottom. As Jennifer’s spasms turn
into convulsions of pleasure, Anna’s freed finger finds
what it’s been searching for.

A groan of intense pleasure and a gasp of wild
anticipation escape Jen’s throat as Anna’s finger finds
Jen’s anal pucker and starts to rub and push past the
clenching muscles. The combination of the masterful
licking, the thumb in her grasping pussy, and now the
finger sliding into her anus hit Jennifer all at once.

“On my god! Oh my god! Oh! Oh!” Jennifer begins
screaming as her body pushes and grinds urgently on
Anna’s tongue and fingers.

“Ahhhhh!” Jen screams as her body is racked with wave
upon wave of incredible sensations that she had never
known possible.

Anna is working Jen feverishly as this massive orgasm
has Jen coating Anna’s mouth, chin, and hands with
copious amounts of her steaming love. Anna struggles to
keep her mouth and hands in contact with Jen’s body as
she bucks wildly, thrashing and humping out of control,
her body greedy for every ounce of pleasure it could

Anna could almost feel the hair on her head being ripped
out as Jen pulled Anna’s mouth and tongue in and pushed
her hips out, driving her pussy harder and deeper onto
her fingers and mouth. Jennifer’s body goes stiff as one
last tremendous shockwave of pleasure rocks her. A few
more involuntary humps of her pussy on Anna’s mouth and
Jen falls back to the table, her body now a sweaty,
quivering mass of spent sexual tension.

Releasing her mouth from Jen’s spasming pussy, Anna
looks down at the quivering body of Jen. Anna feels a
swell of inner excitement as she begins to hear Jen
lightly sobbing her name, “Oh Anna! I Love You! I love
you so much! I love you…” her voice trailing off.

Jennifer finally opens her eyes and gazes up, searching
for Anna. Their eyes meet. “My darling,” Anna says, “I
hope you now know that you are most important to me.”

Jennifer partially sits up and grabs Anna around the
waist and hugs her head into Anna’s breasts. “My god,”
Jen says. “That was the single most incredible feeling I
have ever experienced.” Jen’s hands begin to caress Anna
through her clothing, starting at the small of her back
and skillfully working their way down to her magnificent
ass globes.

“I see that you are feeling a bit better,” Anna says as
she relishes the feel of Jens hands. “As badly as I want
to continue feeling your hands exploring my body, it is
time to go now. We have spent to much time in here and
are chancing being discovered.” Anna continued, “Go and
finish that shower you started. I will let myself out
once it is safe not to be seen.”

Jen looked longingly into Anna’s eyes, “But, I want to
make Love to you. To make you feel what you made me
feel. Let’s not go just yet,” she pleaded.

“I want this as much as you, but here and now is not the
time or place. As I was saying, go and finish your
shower and go back to your hotel. I’ll call you there
shortly. I know a way into the hotel that is far from
all those prying eyes. I will come to see you.”

“Are you sure you’ll be there?” Jen said. “I have to get
ready to leave for Wimbledon in the morning.”

“I promise, my love. I won’t let you leave for England
before we see each other again After this ‘massage’ I
just gave you, I am in need of some serious ‘massaging’
myself,” Anna smiled and licked her lips, already
anticipating what was yet to come.

Jennifer picked up her towel and wrapped herself
snuggly. She gathered Anna into her arms one more time
and kissed her passionately, pushing her tongue past
Anna’s teeth. Their tongues wrestled with one another
for a few moments. Jen pulled away and licked her lips,
tasting the remains of herself that were still on Anna’s
lips. “Please call as soon as you can. I’ll wait right
next to the telephone.”

That kiss from Jennifer made Anna feel again, the
urgency in her own body. The need of her own release.
“Hurry now,” Anna told Jen, “The more time we waste here
is less time we will have for each other later.” With
that, Anna reached around and gave Jen a playful pinch
on her ass, spun her around and gently pushed her
towards the door.

Jennifer giggled as she reached the door, turned towards
Anna, brought her hand to her lips and blew Anna a kiss.
She then slipped out into the hallway. Making sure she
left the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the doorknob, Jen
practically ran to the shower room.

Anna listened and smiled as she heard what she thought
to be Jennifer humming a song as she went. “Tonight will
be my turn to hum a happy song” she thought to herself.
Hearing no one after a few minutes, Anna quietly exited
the trainer’s room and headed for the back entrance,
where she had earlier secreted her rental car.

As she reached the car, she realized that she had been
absently rubbing her pussy as she walked. Looking around
quickly to be sure no one had seen her, she playfully
patted herself one more time, “Soon little one… very

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