A Rock singer is crazy about Adalind Schade from Grimm

For maybe as long as a year now, I’ve
harbored the desire to write an Adalind Schade or Claire
Coffee [the actress who plays Adalind on the hit NBC
series Grimm] story. The thought has percolated [heehee,
pun intended] in the back of my brain but I kept putting
it off, mostly because I had no specific story ideas for
my blonde bombshell.

For some time now, I’ve been something with a favorite
song of mine in connection with Adalind, and about four,
five days ago and idea occurred that also allowed me to
re-introduce a character from another RU story that
received no attention when I posted it. It was called
“Reach For My Fly…”:
http://ravishu.com/forums/index.php?topic=31226.0 A
twenty-four year old guy had his own Rock cover band and
shares one of his sexual experiences.

And being that Winger is one of the Rock bands his band
covers, I thought it was fitting since the song I
mentioned earlier is a Winger song.

Feel free to read “Reach For My Fly…” first if you
want to get background on the lead character of this
story, I’m pretty much going to jump right in to the
action here ~ G


Damn, her ass was tight.

The Goth babe had told me she was seventeen – fitting,
considering the cover show for tonight – but I had the
feeling she was more like fifteen.

What gave me that feeling was the tightness of her ass –
and I’ve fucked more than a few – but also the way she
looked. She was very petite – except for those tits –
and despite the Goth look she had going she also had an
innocence to her, I was sure if you stripped away all
the black makeup you find a scared, almost innocent

But she willingly and eagerly took my cock up her ass
like a true groupie.

Groupies will do anything for their favorite Rock band.
And my Rock cover band had LOTS of those.

But when they look as young as her, I always play the
assfuck card, to see if they’re not just poseurs. If
they back out, well, better off for both of us.

But Goth girl didn’t back down. She didn’t hesitate to
offer her ass willingly. And those are the kinds of
girls I like to fuck.

I let the rest of the band have the van tonight, I
decided to break out my hog and head to the venue early.
It’d been a while since I last road my motorcycle.

I parked it around back like we park the van. And there
she was waiting at the back door.

Of course I lead her to our dressing room, we talked
some, and one thing led to another…

And now I was deep inside the girl’s hot ass. She was
gasping and groaning, whimpering and screaming. Good
thing the music was so loud out front. Not that anyone
would bother us if they heard a girl screaming in our
dressing room.

I was sawing in and out of the Goth girl’s hot ass hard
and fast, making her cum like crazy. And I could tell
she wasn’t used to it but she loved it just the same.

Her anal walls rippled like crazy along my shaft as her
young body writhed and convulsed wildly. She was one hot
fuck, I’ll tell you that!

I lost track of how many time my little Goth girl
orgasmed, but I can tell you that tight little ass got
to me. I hardly lasted twenty-five minutes before I
grunted and spewed a heavy load deep inside her. She was
breathing heavy and cooing as I spurt my jizz into her
seven or eight times.

Drained, I finally pulled out. She giggled and
straightened up. Finding her panties, she slipped them
back on and pulled her skirt back down over her sweet

She leaned down and kissed me.

“Thanks,” She said. “See you out front later!” The Goth
girl waved as she left the dressing room.

I lay there for a few more minutes before I cleaned up
and got ready for the show. Hey, that’s the life of a

My grandfather indoctrinated me into the life early on.
He’s in a famous Rock band himself. And I’m glad he got
me into the Rock scene, I love everything about it.

So as I said we’re a cover band, covering several
’80s/’90s hair bands, and tonight was our Winger cover
night, my favorite.

It’s a crowd favorite as well. They go crazy, the guys
and the girls.

The rest of the band arrived and we set up for our show.
Then the time came to Rock the house.

It was packed as usual as we started out with “Can’t Get
Enuff”, moved into “Time To Surrender”, “Hungry”, “Easy
Come Easy Go”, “Headed For A Heartbreak” and “Purple

After a short break we came back with “Seventeen”,
“Rainbow In The Rose”, “State Of Emergency”, followed by
a little dedication to someone special to me. I added it
to a previous show and intended to do it again and

“All right, you guys are a great crowd, thank you!” I
screamed. The audience cheered. “So who here loves
watching Grimm?” Another cheer from the audience.

“Awesome! There are a lot of ladies on the show, but
there’s only one that really does it for me. I know this
next one is a favorite of many, and I want to dedicate
it to my favorite – and yours! – Hexenbiest!”

The crowd went wild.

We started playing “Madalaine” but I’d sing it Adalind
instead. After we moved to “Without The Night” – got
some lighters lifted on that one – then “Poison Angel”
and ended with “Hangin On”.

The crowd began to disperse as we left the stage. We
helped break down the drum kit and headed backstage. We
loaded it into the van than went back to the dressing
room to retrieve our guitar cases, stowed our guitars in
the them and loaded them into the van as well. Then the
guys took off.

It’d been a good night. I stood there breathing in the
night air as I stared up at the Jersey night sky. I love
the nightlife.

I was about to get on my motorcycle when I hear the
click-click of heels coming around the side of the
building in the dark.

Then a figure stepped out of the shadows, like some kind
of apparition, moving towards me.

“You put on quite a show tonight,” She said, smiling.

“Claire Coffee?!?” I said in shock.

The older woman’s eyes seemed to twinkle.

“A friend had called me and told me about the dedication
you made to me at a previous show,” She said. “I’m glad
I was able to make it out to the East Coast to hear you
play it again. Thank you.”

She seemed so sweet and nice, unlike Adalind Schade.

“Actually, all I did was insert you name into the

“Still, it was sweet of you to do,” Claire said. She had
on a short sleeve button-down blouse and a semi-tight
skirt that ended above her knees.

“Hey, I love Adalind,” I grinned. “Why do you think I
messaged you on Twitter to tell you how much I loved
your performance as her?”

Her eyes widened.

“That was you???” She smiled wider.

“Yeah…” I said, feeling my face grow hot.

“You know, you look a lot like Kip Winger too…” Claire
said, moving closer to me. I get that a lot.

“I… I’ve never been attracted to a bad boy before…
I’ve always played it safe, and been a good girl…”

Was Claire coming on to me? Not that I was complaining,
but I knew she was married…

“But I can’t resist…”

Claire slid her hand along the side of my face slowly,
then around the back of my head, pulling my head down to
hers. And she kissed me.

After like ten seconds, Claire broke the kiss. Her blue
eyes looked into mine deeply.

“Wow… That curled my toes,” She smiled.

“You didn’t exactly curl my toes, but you got the
attention of another part of my body…”

“You mean, this?”

Claire’s hand slid down and opened my jeans, pulling out
my cock.

“Damn, that’s big,” She cooed. “I can’t believe I did
that! I’m not this kind of girl…”

“I like whatever kind of girl you are, Claire,” I
replied as I pulled her to me and kissed her again.

Her hand was around my cock, jacking it as we kissed
more passionately. I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed up
her bra. Her large tits tumbled out into my hands.

I started to knead them.

Soon she broke the kiss, looking nervous. Claire bit her
lower lip.

“I’m sure by this time a girl would be taking you in her
mouth,” She said. “I’ve never done that before.”

“Claire, I like what you’re already doing,” I assured

“Thank you,” She smiled.

I kneaded her tits more roughly. Claire looked down,
chuckling huskily.

“Not many men have seen this much of me either.”

“Well, thank you for letting me expose you like this,” I

“In public no less,” Claire grinned. “Speaking of
public…” She reached down with her free hand and
lifted her skirt. She had no panties on.

“I felt so naughty, planning to come see another man,”
Claire said, smiling mischievously. “It made me feel
even naughtier to skip the underwear. You are such a bad
influence on me!”

“Who, me?” I feigned innocence. “You’re the one who
pulled out my cock and are flashing your gorgeous

“And you exposed my breasts,” She reminded me. “But I
plan to do a lot more…”

Claire bit her lower lip again, tugging my cock harder.

“Why don’t you climb up on your big, bad motorcycle for
me?” She said sexily.

Who was I to argue with her request?

Claire never let go of my cock as I moved to straddle my
hog. She knelt beside the motorcycle, now at face level
with my cock.

Taking a firmer grip on my cock, Claire jerked me off
faster. If I hadn’t cum in that girl’s ass before the
show I’d have jizzed all over Claire’s hand by now.

Her eyes were locked on my throbbing cock, seemingly
hypnotized by it.

Claire never slowed her pace, silently stroking my cock.
My cock finally started to swell up and I groaned.
Biting her lip, Claire ducked her head forward and
slipped her lips over the head as she continued to jerk

I grunted and began to jizz in Claire’s mouth! She
moaned and quickly swallowed down my first blast of jizz
before the second one spewed out.

She jerked me faster as she swallowed down bolt after
thick bolt of hot jizz. I shot eight or nine times.

I was surprised I was still rock hard.

Claire finally pulled her mouth off of my cock, and just
stared at it for what seemed like a long time. Then she
bit her lip.

“I was going to ask you to take me somewhere to do
this,” She said as she rose. “But I want it so bad right

Straddling me, Claire grabbed my cock and sank down on
it with a groan.

Her pussy was so wet and tight. She was gritting her
teeth as she forced herself down around my cock. I was
surprised when Claire had me in her fully. Leaning
forward, she kissed me again lustfully.

Her skirt had slipped back down over her ass as I
reached around to cup her round cheeks. Claire moaned
and started to move up and down on my cock. I still
couldn’t believe how tight she was! Her pussy was as
tight as that Goth girl’s ass…

Claire gasped and groaned as she rode me faster and
harder, her head thrashing from side-to-side wildly. And
she started to cum.

Claire screamed as her body convulsed atop me, her pussy
spasming intensely around my cock.

Her tits bounced around like crazy, one having escaped
from her blouse. Her dark areolae were large and oval-
shaped, her nipple very thick.

Claire maintained her speed through another three
orgasms. As her body started to falter I started pumping
her pussy up and down my cock with my well-muscled arms.
Claire sagged against me as I brought her to even more

Even though I’d cum already and normally last an
extremely long time after that, her super tight pussy
had me on edge thirty minutes later.

“I’m going to jizz again,” I warned her.

Her body suddenly stiffened and she became more alert.

“I want you to shoot inside me!” Claire gushed

By that time is was too late to stop it anyway. I cried
out as I cut loose my load into her, another seven or
eight blasts of jizz. Then she collapsed against me.

We sat there in each other arms for a long time, sweaty
and catching our breaths. Finally she asked me to take
her back to her motel.

Where we fucked the rest of the night.

A few months went by.

Claire somehow got my number and called me.

“I just wanted you to know, before you heard it from the
media,” She started, “that I’m pregnant.”

“Pregnant?” I repeated. “Is it…”

“Oh, yes. It certainly is yours.”

“Damn, I’m so sorry, Claire.”

“Don’t be,” She said. “I’m glad I’m pregnant. My husband
thinks the baby is his.”

“What about Grimm?”

“Eh, they decided to write the pregnancy into the show.”

“And I know who the father of Adalind’s second baby is!”


Can’t wait to see how that plays out…

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