A man enjoys a site devoted to supposed sexual encounters with Selena Gomez

I sit down at my computer in my
bedroom and turn it on. You are looking over my
shoulder. “You have got to see this site I found,” I
say. “I tried to track down its location – you know
I’m a world class hacker – but somehow they hid their
IP address and nothing I tried worked. All I can tell
you for a certainty is this site is outside the

You watch me open my bookmarks and click on Have You
Fucked Selena Gomez? Momentarily a cheesy site pops
up. Have You Fucked Selena Gomez? it reads at the top
in huge letters. Below, at half the size it says Post
your sexual experiences with sex Miss Gomez here for
all the read! And in even smaller writing [Disclaimer:
We have no way to verify or deny the authenticity of
the stories that follow or the photos included. But
who cares? It’s Selena Gomez we’re talkin’ about here!
You decide which stories are real and which are
fake…] I had read most of the stories already, which
featured Selena at different ages. Screen names and
postdates fill the screen.

I click on one of my favorites. [Gramps007 24 NOV 07]
“I’m a 74 year old man and 4 years ago my
granddaughter came to spend the night and she brought
with her Selena. Of course at the time I didn’t know
who Selena was, it wasn’t until my granddaughter was
watching Witches Of Waverly Place recently that I
found out. I looked her up on Google and accidently
found your site so I thought I’d tell my story.

My wife died 10 years ago and we’d always been
sexually active. I’ve missed the sex and I’m
embarrassed to admit that the last few years I’d been
turned on by my own granddaughter! I never got a hard
on, though, or tried anything on her.

But Selena, that girl gave me my first hard on in
years! I was afraid of what I might do so I took a
cold shower. I was sleeping fitfully when I began to
dream of my deceased wife; she was alive and riding my
penis! It felt good. So good that I woke up and found
it wasn’t my wife but Selena riding me! She was buck
naked and smiling down at me. All I could do was go
with the flow.

I put my hands on her small butt and groped. Selena
moaned and rode me faster. She came a few times before
I blew my pent up load inside of her, my best orgasm
every. As I went soft Selena slid off of me and sucked
my penis clean. Then she kissed me and left my room
buck naked. And that’s my story.

I clicked back to the main page of chose [MakeupMike 6
DEC ’08] I graduated from college this year but
couldn’t find work in my field so I had to flip
burgers. My mom’s a makeup artist and growing up I
picked up that ‘skill’.

A few months back she was going to be doing the makeup
for a teen awards show. One of her associates quit on
her and as a last resort she asked for my help. I said
no way, but she told me the pay and that I’d get to do
the makeup of celebrities and I was sold. It turned
out I was doing the makeup for Selena Gomez. She was
even hotter in person. I was a nervous wreck but it
turned out so was Selena. We got to making small talk
and hit it off. She asked what I was doing there.

I told her. Then she got to talking about how nervous
she was. I told her she had nothing to be nervous
about. Her fans would go crazy when she took the
stage. She was talented, beautiful, and her dress made
her even more so. She smiled at me and asked ‘Really?’
and I said really. That’s when she noticed my hard on.
I was embarrassed but the sparkle in her eye… She
hugged me and thanked me.

Selena asked if I wait for her until after the show.
Mom had said we’d only have to work until the awards
show started and then we could leave. I told Selena
I’d wait for her [I came in my own car anyway]. She
thanked me again and left. I watched the awards show
on the monitor up on the wall in the small room I was
given to do Selena’s makeup.

Finally the awards show mercifully came to an end and
the screen went blank. A few minutes later Selena
slipped in smiling. She shut and locked the door
behind her. ‘You did great!’ I told her. ‘Only because
of your words of encouragement,’ Selena said and
hugged me again.

She put her arms around me, I followed her lead and
put my arms around her. Her cool cheek pressed against
my warm one. Before I knew it, Selena’s hand had slid
between us and was massaging my cock, making it hard
again. She kissed me on the lips as she slid my cock
out of my pants. She backed away and a moment later
her dress was in a pool around her feet. All she had
on was red thong panties. Her dark nipples were hard
as marble. She slid to her knees and slid my cock into
her mouth. I moaned. Her mouth flew up and down my

I only lasted a few minutes; I was soon pumping my cum
into Selena’s greedy mouth. I was still hard when she
slid her mouth off my cock and stood up. Selena told
me to sit on the stool I’d done her makeup on and hold
on tight. I sat down and clamped my hands under it.
Selena slid off her thong and straddled my lap. One
hand gripped my shoulder while the other gripped my
cock as she slid her pussy down on it. Then Selena put
both hands on my shoulders and bounced up and down on
my cock.

I lasted much longer this time, at least 20 minutes.
Selena came at least a dozen times before I filled her
pussy with my load. And that’s how I fucked Selena
Gomez. Or at least how she fucked me… Wink.

Going back to the main page again I clicked on
[DirtyDadInDenver 11 AUG ’07]

I’ve been fucking my daughter for years. Last year I
talked her into letting me fuck her friend Selena,
whom is the Selena of this site. It was summer and
they were having a sleepover. My room was next to my
daughter’s and I watched them through the 2-way mirror
I had installed; I could see in but Selena couldn’t
see me.

My daughter had no trouble talking Selena into taking
off her nightgown. She was naked under it, with large
tits with brown nipples and a pussy covered with black
hair. I was naked with my cock in my hand. The girls
started a tickle game, which escalated into something
more. When Selena visibly became turned on my daughter
made an excuse to have to leave the room. It wasn’t
long before the turned on girl spread her legs.

Selena was rubbing her clit when I ran from my room
and into the open door of my daughter’s room. Selena
barely had time to react as I threw myself on her and
shoved my cock up her pussy busting her cherry. She
yelled and screamed, beating at my chest but to no
avail. I kept fucking her hard and shot a load of cum
in her and kept on fucking her. Selena started to get
into it and enjoy it. My daughter came in the room and
climbed up over Selena’s face.

Selena, without hesitation lifted her head and ate my
daughter’s pussy. I came in Selena twice more before I
left the girls to the lesbian loving. I next picked
[Jake2.0 15 JAN 08] My friend told me about this site
and I want to tell you about last summer. I was
tanning on a small secluded beach last summer when I
must’ve fallen asleep.

When I woke up I was disorientated and forgot where I
was. I stood up and shook my head. I noticed the beach
was deserted. Except for this girl walking up to me. I
now know it was Selena Gomez. She was smiling and said

My mouth fell open but nothing came out. She was hot,
dressed in a blue floral bikini that showed off her
full tits. I immediately got hard. And Selena noticed.
I felt my face get hot. She stopped smiling and looked
embarrassed, too. ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make
you hard. Let me help you with it. I’ll do anything
you want.’

‘Anything?’ I asked when I was finally able to speak.

Selena nodded.

‘Take off your bikini and suck me off?’

She shrugged and reached back and untied her top and
lifted it off. I gasped. She had brown nipples
surrounded by medium-sized areolae. Selena let her top
flutter to the sand. She was pushing down her bikini
bottom and when she stood to step out of it I saw her
pussy was shaved bare. She dropped to her knees and
tugged down my trunks.

My young cock bounded out. Selena took it in her hand
and began to lick the head. Then she began to suck on
it. I moaned. She began stroking it as she slid her
mouth down taking more and more. I’d never been sucked
before so I couldn’t take much more.

Selena wasn’t able to get any more of my cock into her
mouth before I blew my load. She swallowed it all down
and kept sucking me until I went limp. She pulled my
trunks back up and stood up. She put her bikini back
on. She said bye, waved and walked off. Like a dumby I
just stood there watching Selena leave…

I remembered seeing another beach story. Here it is,
[Numb3r1Stud 25 JUL 07] I was chilling on the beach,
looking for my next conquest. I never have any trouble
getting a piece of pussy whenever I want it even if by
force. I’ve forced a few girls, I enjoy the rush. All
of a sudden there she was; Disney slut Selena Gomez.
Her tits were busting out of a teeny purple and white
striped bikini.

I was surprised to see her here. This was a small
secluded beach, I looked around, she had no security
around. And I know when they’re around. I was going to
have her and it would be force. Selena headed into the
water. I got up and went farther down and slipped in
myself. I kept an eye on her. She was heading out
pretty far.

I slid my cock out of the leg of my trunks. I ducked
under the water and swam the distance to her quickly
being an excellent swimmer. Quickly I spun her around
so she was facing the beach. Before she could react I
had her bottoms pulled to the side and my cock up her
butt. Selena was too shocked to cry for help, not that
anyone would do anything. I grabbed her hips and
fucked in and out of her tight ass. She actually
started to moan and grind against me. I fucked her
hard and fast and dumped my jizz up in her within 5
minutes. She might’ve cum but I doubt it. I pulled out
of her ass and slipped back under the water and was
quickly away, temporarily sated until my next piece…

I was pretty turned on by now as I clicked the next
story. [CamPro6000 18 JAN 08] I’m a professional
photographer. I have this steady gig photographing
Selena Gomez. She hadn’t read the fine print of her
Disney contract very well. She had to pose naked [even
though she was only 15] about every 3 weeks, so Disney
can flood the internet with ‘fake’ nudes.

When Selena first had realized she’d have to do this
she was shocked; she didn’t wanted to tell anyone
especially her parents so she just did it. After a
while she got used to it, later she began to get
turned on. The brown nipples of her medium-large tits
poked out hard and her pussy glistened with her
juices. It was admittedly a turn on to take photos of
this underage hottie but it wasn’t until the most
recent photo shoot that I acted on said desires.

We were doing the shoot at one of the Disney’s exec’s
mansions while he and his family were away. Selena was
posing at the foot of a huge spiral staircase. Her
body was firm and tone, glistening. She was stretched
out, butt to me, upturned and enticing… I acted.

I put down my camera and pulled out my hard cock. I
spread Selena’s legs a bit and entered her wet pussy
from behind. She gasped then moaned. As I fucked her I
fingered her butt hole vigorously. After her first
orgasm I pulled out and slid my cock up her butt. She
moaned ‘Oh, yeah’ and ground her butt up against me.

I began fucking her butt faster and she began to cum
again. Selena came 3 more times before I shot my load
up her butt. I was still hard so I kept on fucking
her. 20 minutes later she shrieked as I shot my second
load up her butt. That was the best sex ever… I
wonder what will happen at our next photo session?

I was really horny now as I picked another story.
[JustMe82 5 SEPT 08] This story took place 4 years
ago. I had just started my senior year of college. I
came home for the weekend. Mom and dad were away and
my little sister was up in her room. I brought my bag
upstairs to my room when the doorbell rang. Sis was
blasting music so I doubt she heard it. I went down to
answer it.

A black-haired girl my sister’s age, stood there. She
seemed to look me over half a second then said, ‘Hi,
you must be Demi’s brother. I’m her friend, Selena. Is
Demi home?’

‘Hi, yeah, come on in, she’s upstairs.’

Selena thanked me and came in. She went upstairs while
I headed to the kitchen to get a bite.

I noticed Selena would stare back at me now and then.
I went in the kitchen and made a sandwich, ate it and
washed it down with a Coke. I headed up to my room. I
opened the door and my eyes nearly popped out of my
head. Selena was lying on my bed, wearing only her red
top and a smile on her face. Her legs were spread and
she was rubbing her hairy pussy.

‘Fuck me…’ She moaned. ‘Fuck me please… Make me a

I knew better, but that didn’t stop me from locking my
door and tearing off my clothes. Selena’s eyes lit up
when she saw my long, thick cock. I stroked it as I
moved toward her. Selena lay back as I mounted her. I
slid my cock in and she moaned. The head butted her
hymen. I was about to pull back when before I could
react Selena grabbed my hips and planned my cock
through her virginity.

She only bit her lip and told me not to stop. So I
started sliding in and out of Selena and she began to
cum. I fucked her faster and she came a second and
third time.

I hadn’t fucked in a few weeks so it didn’t take long
for me to cum myself, spurting long and deep in
Selena’s tight pussy, triggering a fourth orgasm in
her. As we caught our breaths she smiled and asked,
‘Can we do it again?’

I asked her what about Demi. Selena said Demi wasn’t
expecting her. I just grinned and proceeded to fuck
her the rest of the afternoon… I didn’t think I
could take any more.

‘Well?’ I ask. I wait for you to reply. All I hear is
you breathing heavy. I turn around. Your skirt is up
to your waist, your black thong down to your knees, as
you finger your black haired pussy. ‘So which of those
stories are true, Selena?’

‘Just shut up and fuck me,’ you moan. I pull out my
cock for you to see for the first time. I’m not about
to argue with a celeb who wants me to fuck her.

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